33 Inspiring and Amazing DIY Backyard Projects for Summer

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If you’re one with a knack for DIY and you’re looking for some great project ideas to work on for summer, then continue reading and check out our various tutorials from decorating and designing, building your own custom furniture and more!

Continue reading and see 33 of our backyard projects for the summer.

Best DIY Outdoor Projects for Summer


DIY Farmhouse Table

If you’re looking for a rustic dining table that will serve as a stellar accent piece for your kitchen, then making one yourself will probably ensure you you get all the features you want!

From sanding the wood to creating the matching benches to the table, this article from our site provides you the complete walk through of the project from beginning to end, including some photos and tips to serve as a guide.

Farmhouse dining table

Not only will you be walking away from this project with knowledge on how to sand, build, and finish woodworking projects, but you will also be gaining a grand dining table for your family and friends.

​Because of the sanding step included in building out this table, you might want to consider using your makeshift dust collector project.

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See the project details here: sawshub.com

Vintage Tractor Seat Bucket for Gardening

Vintrage seat chair

Whether you’re after a quirky backyard seat or just a practical solution to rest when gardening, this Vintage Tractor Seat is an eclectic piece that can easily fit in the backyard to give it a unique look and feel.

This DIY chair is also comfortable, and all it needs is a gardening bucket, a tractor seat, and a drill and screw to put them all together.

Say goodbye to all those expensive gardening chairs you find on the market, and spark your space up with some character.

For the full view of the project, visit: adventuresofmel.com

Outdoor Table Centerpieces

Sometimes, the easiest way to spruce up your outdoor table is not to build a new one, but to just focus on adding some DIY centerpiece decor items. If that’s the situation you find yourself in this summer, then you’ll love these outdoor table centerpiece ideas.

Succulent centerpiece

Succulents are really easy, low maintenance plants that are super simple to grow (and keep alive), and those easygoing plants are what’s mainly highlighted in this tutorial. This DIY project teaches us that even the most ordinary household items can come alive with just a little bit of creativity.

Recreate this at home: mamalatinatips.com

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DIY Toy Storage Shed

​Have a bunch of outdoor children’s toys you don’t have storage for? Fret not, because here is a great DIY solution.

Storage shed

If you’re looking for a versatile, multi-purpose storage shed you can make at home, then this tutorial is the one for you!

Mainly made up of wood, screws, glue, and some shingles for rain or sun protection, this project only requires that you have a simple saw like a jigsaw, a drill, and a​ highly reviewed hammer to ensure quality. For all the easy parts, you can even ask your kids to join in the woodworking project with you!

Not only will you end up with a great storage unit you can store all your toy and real lawn mowers in, but you’ll also have spent quality time with the kids.

More information on this DIY: wereparents.com

Outdoor Pallet Couch

Outdoor pallet couch

Being able to hang out outdoors and entertain guests is a dream for almost every homeowner. Making sure everyone is comfortable and having a great time is another.

That’s why if you’re looking for a new pallet furniture piece that can jazz up your backyard, consider this Outdoor Pallet Couch DIY! Made out of scrap pallet wood, this project is not only a resourceful one, but its living proof that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

This project is really easy to put together, and when you’re done, you can add cushions to the top (if you want to hide the pallet wood look) or finish the wood with a stain or finisher.

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Create this project today: amber-oliver.com


DIY Compost Bin

Compost bin

Do your part for the environment, create your own organic soil, and help your garden explode – these are all benefits that come from composting at your house.

This eco-friendly compost bin is very simple and rudimentary, and perfect if you’re just getting started in composting (or for those who aren’t sure how long you’ll keep it up).

Not only will this project be easy to make, but the bin itself is also very low maintenance and can last you for years!

Check out the full tutorial here: sawshub.com

Pallet Wood Planter Box

Pallets are such versatile items that it can literally be transformed into anything. In this DIY, Jenny from Cook Eat Go shared her detailed plans on building her own Pallet Wood Planter Box in her backyard.

Pink pallet planter

Composed of pallets, nails, and some paint or varnish, this DIY project is incredibly easy and is best suited for beginner woodworkers. If you opt to paint the pallet planter box, make sure you are careful with what paint you chose for the inside, since it will come into contact with the soil you’ll be growing plants with.

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Check out the full plans on: cookeatgo.com

Garden Art

Garden art

Add some design to your potted plants by covering them in colorful fabric!

​This DIY Garden Art masterpiece is something we find really ingenious and innovative. 

By using seat cushion fabric, they were able to transform those basic terracotta pots into great conversation starters for their guests.

Plus, this project it adds a nice touch to the walkway where the potted plants are place.

​What a simple and easy way to level up a potted plant.

Read more about it: mamalatinatips.com

Cheap Raised Gardening Beds

Unless you have a large area outdoors you can fully commit to gardening, raised beds can be a wonderful way to garden without all the space sacrifice. In addition, you can fully control the soil, while keeping everything off the ground (and harder for critters to reach). It’s also great for urban areas where there really isn’t a space for the backyard, so you can build a small one of these on the roof or balcony.

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Raised gardening beds

This tutorial outlines a very simple and inexpensive way to build a DIY raised gardening bed. Not only will she be sharing her instructions on how to make these gardening beds, but she also teaches you how to source your wood for the project! Incredibly resourceful!

Start your gardening journey here: littlesproutslearning.co

Newspaper Seedling Pots

Newspaper seedling cans

Want to start growing your own produce but don’t have all the outdoor space to start growing them?

Here’s a great alternative — growing your own Indoor Newspaper Seedling Pots!

The main takeaway from this is that they’re all small and easy to transport from one place to another, yet it still allows you to take what you need for your cooking.

All you will need for this plan are some cans and newspaper for the pots, and preferably a tray to hold them together in one place.

There won’t be a need to go to the farmer’s market with these!

Make this at home: adventuresofmel.com

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Tomato Plant Trellis

A cross between the previous DIY Garden Arch Lattice and the Wire Trellis tutorial is this breathtaking Tomato Plant Trellis that will make you love gardening and harvesting tomatoes even more.

The structure itself may look complex, but the details provided in the article make it a lot easier to comprehend.

Tomato trellis

It is made up of mostly cedar wood and supportive materials that when combined, create this mystical garden trellis that makes harvesting the fruit cool and calming even on a hot summer day.

Learn more about how this project is made: learningandyearning.com

DIY Potting Bench with Sink

​De-potting plants and transporting them to a new location or pot can get really messy– especially if you don’t have a specified place to do all the transferring and cleaning.

Potting bench with sink

If this is something you want to find a better plan for, then this DIY Potting Bench with a Sink is perfect!

Say goodbye to the loose soil that is scattered all over your yard and garage, you can do it all in one place with this desk, along with all the tools you will ever need for the job.

The tutorial goes into full detail (including an infographic) about the plans so you won’t make a mistake!

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Read more about the project: thehandmansdaughter.com

DIY Greenhouse

Has a greenhouse always been apart of your gardening hopes and dreams? For many, this can make a huge difference in growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Greenhouse’s trap the sun’s ultraviolet rays to keep the greehouse warm, which allows the plants to grow much quicker.

Greenhouse’s also work well to keep insects and rats away from your plants.

DIY greenhouse

This tutorial breaks down this seemingly massive project into something less intimidating and more friendly to the amateur builder. Mainly composed of polycarbonate material, some wood, screws, and a good quality drill you have on hand, you can start growing your plants and vegetables all your round with this DIY.

Check out the full plans on: bootsandhooveshomestead.com

Wooden Garden Arch

A garden arch can be the perfect addition to any yard. Whether you choose to let crawling vines or roses grow up and around it, or you paint the outdoor wood and let it serve as an accent piece, this addition will serve you well.

With the choice to build it on your front yard or as an accent piece in your backyard slash garden, this piece of wood has so much potential and can eventually contribute to the aesthetic of a your zen vibed home.

Wooden garden arch

All it takes are some wood and screws to put this together and you’re done! Watch your plants grow before your eyes, turning this basic wooden lattice into the entrance to your own enchanted forest.

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Visit this site for more information: diydanielle.com

Wire Trellis

A fan of gardening? Similar to the flower garden arch we featured a while ago, this one is a simpler wall-like structure that can either act as a divider or an accent wall in your backyard.

Instead of roses however, this DIY project is focused on building a grapevine in your backyard, and creating the wire trellis to support it.

Complete with photos and detailed instructions on how to do this project, all you will need are some wood, hooks, wire, and a drill for creating the holes.

DIY wire trellis

Whether you chose to use this trellis to add to the visual appeal of your yard, or you prefer to grow grapes with this project, you’ll love how simple this is to build.

Take a look at the project here: earthfoodandfire.com

Simple Privacy Planters and Lattice

The classic lattice design is a timeless piece that will always put guests and family in awe. Whether you want one to serve as your garden’s background wall, or you want one to give you a little more privacy like they did here, you can always build one yourself.

Privacy lattice

She mainly used some 2×4 wood pieces and a plastic lattice she bought off of a local hardware store. In the tutorial, she mentioned needing nails and some strong wood glue to put the massive project together. In the end, the time they spent on this project is worth it!

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This is also a great project to use your miter saw for!

​Know more about this project: diydanielle.com

Patio and Yard

DIY Backyard Splash Pad

Looking for neat ways to beat the summer heat? Here is a DIY Backyard Splash Pad that may be inexpensive, but definitely doesn’t cheap out on the fun!

All you will need is some PVC pipe to act as the sprinklers, as well as the slip and slide mat you can get off of Amazon.

Backyard splash pad

What’s great about this project is that the kids won’t be the only ones enjoying this DIY, but adults can join in the fun too!

Take a look at the project plans: gingercasa.com

Build a Complete Shed

Similar to the Lean-To Shed we brought up a while ago, we have here our own version of building out a fully functional shed that’s segmented into different parts of the project.

We provide you here a comprehensive look in to each and every single part of the process, from materials needed to tools, to measurements, as well as photos and tips on how to make a sturdy structure for your home or backyard.

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If you want, step it up a notch and make your shed look fresh and clean with some new vinyl sidings.

Shed in the middle of nowhere

Visit the guides here:

DIY Backyard Chalkboard

Add a stylish and trendy Backyard Chalkboard to your outdoor space this summer. Whether you use it as a great way to play outdoors with your kids, or you add it as a accent piece (and menu board) for all of your summer time festivity entertaining, this DIY project won’t require a lot of time or materials to construct.

Blackboard DIY

Aside from simply purchasing blackboard paint from the store, this tutorial teaches you how to mix your own durable-through-all-weather chalk paint to cover your wood! After you let the paint dry, it’s as easy as busting out your chalk and getting ready to start drawing!

Read more about this DIY: thequietgrove.com

DIY Tire Swing

Back in the olden days when technology wasn’t huge and kids used to play for hours under the sun, a tire swing was one of the most common attractions you can find at any park, swimming pool, or lake, and people of all ages loved it.

Tire swing

If you’re wanting to build this DIY outdoor activity for nostalgia or for the neighborhood kids to enjoy, then this is a great tutorial! Not only is this project inexpensive, but it’s also really easy to assemble. All you will need is a tire, a sharp knife, a rope, a garden hose, and a strong tree branch that can carry the weight of the swing.

See the project here: schneiderpeeps.com

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Add a Curved Deck

If extending your patio is something you’ve always wanted to do, but not sure how to do it, then this is the tutorial for you. Adding a curved deck isn’t as difficult as it seems, once it’s broken down into steps. Just make sure you’ve got a couple of hands with you so you’re ready to take on this project.

Curved deck

Aside from the basic measurements and tools you will be needing for this task, the tutorial also provides step-by-step photos and videos to make it simpler for you. It may seem like a lot at first but not only will this deck provide a bigger space for entertaining, it could also potentially add value to your home.

Check this out now: plasticinehouse.com

DIY Pallet Dog House

If your furry friend doesn’t have one already, building a custom doghouse for them might just be what they need. In this tutorial, we featured a DIY Dog House made out of pallets! Not only will it be easier, it also means you won’t be building everything from scratch!

A puppy inside his DIY crafted dog house

This tutorial goes into full detail on how to assemble and cut the pieces together, as well as some cool new features you can optionally add in to your pet’s home.​ We also suggest adding a scroll saw wood piece for the Christmas time so your pup’s home is always ​attuned to th holidays.

You may need to spend a couple hours or days in total to build this one, but if it’s what’s going to make your dog’s life happier, then it’s totally worth it.

Take a look at the plans here: sawshub.com

Build a Lean-To Shed

Finding the perfect storage unit for all your outdoor and garage equipment isn’t the easiest job to do. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect fitting space to house all your tools and other items. If you’re one with an intermediate to advanced knowledge in woodworking, then this Lean-To Shed might be the one for you.

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From the shed foundation to the shed door to floor plan and roof trusses, to the various material considerations you’re going to use, this tutorial breaks it all down into simplified steps that’ll make it easy to follow.


Aside from the step-by-step photos, it also has a instructional video that will allow you to simply watch and follow the guide, so you won’t find yourself stuck or confused in the middle of the project.

For the complete details on the project, visit: plasticinehouse.com

Outdoor End Table with Built-in Planter

Built in planter box table

If entertaining guests or lounging with friends and family on your outdoor patio is a hobby of yours, then this DIY end table will not only be useful for you, but your friends and family will love it too.

Featuring an end table project with a built-in side cooler for your drinks and beers, this tutorial goes into full detail, complete with tables, images, and videos of the process so you won’t miss out on anything.

While requiring cedar wood, brackets, planter boxes and some screws, the only tools you will be needing for this one are a drill, a miter or circular saw, and a kreg jig.

Learn more about how to make this DIY: thehandymansdaughter.com

Backyard Patio Pavers

Depending on the size and layout of your backyard, finding creative ways to utilize the space can be difficult. Patio space comes at a premium, because it is so multi-purposeful. But, adding more patio space is expensive and laborious – this project takes advantage of utilizing pavers to extend your patio area.

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Patio pavers

In this tutorial, they completely transformed a section of their grassy yard into a paved stone walkway that serves as an extension of their patio. In addition, this tool-less DIY also helps drain water from rainstorms, which helps your backyard from erosion.

Take a look at it here: amber-oliver.com

Cheap Dog Fence

Being a dog owner isn’t easy. Aside from all the care and maintenance your furry friend needs, there also is the risk of them running away or getting lost if you haven’t got any physical boundaries set in your home.

And yet, installing and cutting fencing for your entire yard can be time-consuming and expensive.

Dog fence

If you’re looking for some pawsome ideas on how to build one for cheap, then this DIY article is for you! From basic pallet fences to high-tech invisible ones, you’ll definitely find one in this article that’ll suit you and your pet’s fancy.

Read more about this project: sawshub.com

Citronella Jelly Candle for Bugs

During the summer heat, it’s almost unavoidable to encounter mosquitoes and bug bites when enjoying the outdoors. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep those pesky insects away and at bay, then a Citronella Jelly Candle is the great solution!

Made of the simplest of ingredients, all this project needs are some jelly candle wax, the citronella essential oil, a jar to hold the candle, and the wick for lighting it up and you’re done.

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Mason jar candle

To make things easier for you, she also put together all the ingredients together in a link over at Amazon so there isn’t any searching required either! Bonus points for using a trendy, stylish, and super cheap mason jar for holding the citronella candle! Try it out now.

For the full details, visit: downredbuddrive.com

Refinished Patio Bench for Summer

If basking in the sun and enjoying the warm summer air is how you prefer to spend your lazy afternoons, then this is the perfect DIY project for you.

Black patio bench

While this tutorial may not give you the details on how to build a patio bench from scratch, it teaches you how to refinish one that you can purchase for cheap! In this DIY, she uses spray paint to finish her bench, but you can also turn to spraying a polyurethane over it to give it a clear, smooth finish.

More on this DIY: gingercasa.com

DIY Backyard Playground

​Have a large backyard but have nothing to put in it? If you’re a homeowner looking to give you kids something that’ll keep them busy in the summer months, then this DIY backyard playground is perfect for the job!

Playground for kids

Mostly made up of some heavy-duty lumber wood and screws, this project may need a couple of hours and some help building, but the result is truly worth it!

In the tutorial, photos are provided to walk you through the process, as well as some tips that could help you change up the project into something more custom.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

So what are you waiting for? Begin building your child’s dream playhouse.

Read more over at: kenarry.com

Decor and Design

DIY Mason Jar Lights

A hanging blue mason jar light

Trying to find a way to spruce up your space with fun and quirky lighting?

Whether you’re after a more classic, ethereal design, or if you’re searching for an eclectic take on a chandelier, this DIY is perfect for you!

Providing you with over 15 different ideas and concepts of DIY Mason Jar Lights, you are bound to find the type and style you like in this tutorial.

All of these are really simple to make, but they can vary depending on how you wish to incorporate the mason jar in to your light fixture!

More details on this site: sawshub.com

Paint and Makeover Old Patio Furniture

Have the patio space and time to build,  but not you’re not quite sure how to build it out? Whether you have a new and empty patio that needs filling or an old and outdated outdoor living area that needs refreshing, this guide from TidyMom can surely help!

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Colorful patio chairs

Aside from just teaching you how to repaint old furniture, this tutorial actually provides you the lowdown of things to consider when updating an old or empty space. Adding in plants, specified decor pieces and rugs, while basing it off of a certain color palette is something not all of us know how to do, but it’s all laid out here for our pleasure.

Revamp your patio now: tidymom.net

Patio Decor Ideas

Patio decor ideas

Do your patio furniture pieces feel like they look too old already? ​

Do you feel like they need to be refreshed into the current century? If you do, then this DIY is perfect for you!

While this tutorial may not teach you how to make these chairs from scratch, it does provide some good inspiration on how you can turn any old patio bench into a stunning accent piece in your backyard.

With good quality paint and creative styling, you can transform your old, boring patio into a lively space for lounging and entertaining.

Check out the details on: joyfulderivatives.com

Upcycle Patio Furniture

Similar to the patio decor project we mentioned earlier, if you’re craving for a new look to your otherwise drab backyard space, then Upcycling your Patio Furniture is the way to go!

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

Revamping old furniture pieces is so much better than throwing them out and buying new ones. In this guide, she renewed her outdoor dining set with some bright blue spray paint that really did the job, turning her space from drab to fab!

Bright patio dining set

The best part of this project is that you don’t need to know a lot about woodworking, or take on a large DIY project. With nothing more than some paint, you can completely transform your outdoor living space this summer.

View the DIY here: cookeatgo.com

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