16 Stunning Deck Paint Ideas for Your Upcoming Project

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When constructing your deck, it can be easy to forget about the color. However, the final color of your deck is one of the most important design elements. It can have a drastic effect on your home’s curb appeal and it’s essential that the color coordinates with the rest of the property.

With so many deck paint colors on the market, it can feel overwhelming to narrow it down to one or two. If you’ve been looking for some inspiration to help you along your way to making a final decision, then look no further. Below are some of the best deck paint colors.

1. Charcoal Painted Deck

If you’re going for a more modern twist on a deck, then charcoal could be a great option for you and your deck space. The combination of the dark wood and the metal rings succeed in tying this whole area together. There is a very minimalistic and modern edge to this design and it couldn’t have been achieved with a warm deck color.

Charcoal deck paint
(c) olympic.com

Check out the project here: olympic.com

Here is a great example of a before and after shot of what your deck could potentially look like. The finished product looks incredibly professional and the color is sure to wow your guests. Adding a few plants to the deck could bring out the contrast as well, making it all the more impressive and striking.

2. Multi-Toned Wood Deck

Having multiple tones of wood can be a great way to bring out the natural color of the wood. While there is some contrast in the colors, it’s minimal. The finished product is not outlandish and it blends in nicely with the rest of the home and yard.

(c) decksdirect.com

Check the DIY project idea here: decksdirect.com

If you don’t feel like painting the deck a solid color, such as black or white, then keeping the natural brown color can be a safe option while still looking stylish and professional.

Here is another example of this type of deck color. The brick accent wall and the beige patio furniture and the outdoor kitchen set blend in nicely with the overall atmosphere. It’s important to take color samples with you when you’re looking to purchase patio furniture. You want the colors to compliment each other in such a way that they become unnoticeable.

Moreover, it might also be affected by a solid stain that you have to remove in your wood deck as soon as possible.

3. Solid Brown Painted Deck

If keeping your deck color muted is important to you, then this is a great option and best deck paint for you. The addition of the black metal accents on the railings adds a nice contrast and keeps the deck from appearing boring.

DIY solid brown deck idea
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Check the DIY project idea here: lowes.com

You’ll want to ensure that your patio furniture goes along nicely with the brown finish. For instance, you wouldn’t want pastel-colored chairs or a red table. There would be too many competing colors for this type of deck color.

4. Red-Toned Wood Deck

This deck color is especially beautiful with the addition of a red brick fireplace or even a pizza oven. The patio furniture in this example blends in nicely. You could also opt for black furniture with this type of deck color.

DIY red toned wood deck idea
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Check the project idea here: decksdirect.com

If you don’t have access to a red brick accent piece, then no worries. You could opt for a black metal fireplace and the overall design would still blend nicely and be well suited together.

Here is another reddish-toned deck color. It stands in contrast to the grey exterior of the home. However, the contrasting colors work quite well together. The deck becomes more of a statement piece in this case, rather than an unnoticeable addition to the home.

5. Unstained Wood Deck

If you enjoy the more natural look of unstained wood, then this could suit you perfectly. Instead of worrying so much about what color to paint your deck or which stain to choose, just leave it alone.

DIY unstained wood deck idea
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Check the DIY plan idea here: familyhomeplans.com

While this may not suit all homes, depending on what color the exterior is, this could certainly be an option if you have a lighter-colored house. You could add darker patio furniture to add a nice contrast of colors and to bring some life to the deck area.

Unstained wood color can also work well with white accents, such as in this case. It all depends on your preference and personal taste, but you have options.

6. Brown Deck with Black Accents

This is a great color for when you want a darker color on your deck but you also want to keep the wood looking natural as well. A uniform brown deck with black streaks running through it can be suitable for many yards.

(c) decksdirect.com

Check the deck paint idea here: decksdirect.com

In this case, the deck becomes the standout piece of the house as it’s darker in color and the patio furniture stands out nicely on it. When you have a darker deck such as this, adding white patio chairs can be a great style choice.

The railing encasing the deck is white with black rings, which compliments the black streaking in the boards of the deck while also complimenting the white furniture. Overall, this deck is beautifully put together and the color complements the atmosphere of the yard.

7. Nautical Blue Painted Deck

If you live close to the beach and want to compliment your home’s nautical theme, painting your deck blue can be a unique choice. It’s important that the railing and any patio furniture that you add aren’t dark in color. You don’t want a blue deck with black furniture — as that would be too many dark elements.

DIY nautical blue deck painted idea
(c) rozellpainting.com

Check out more DIY deck project ideas here: rozellpainting.com

However, adding white or even a light brown can both be spectacular choices. Adding smaller gold accents to decorate the porch could be an interesting design element as well.

8. Sage Green Painted Deck

The color of sage green is all the rage these days and for good reason. It’s a calming color to look at and it complements the surrounding greenery of the yard nicely. Painting your deck this color gives you quite a few options when it comes to decorating.

DIY sage green deck paint idea
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Darker brown elements could work well on this color, such as a dark stained wooden table. If you choose to add plants to your deck, dark brown planters could be a beautiful addition. Due to sage green being on the lighter side, it can work well with darker touches without becoming enveloped in them.

In contrast, you can have a darker brown deck with a sage green home. These colors compliment each other wonderfully. You would have the most unique deck area in your neighborhood.

9. Ferndale Green Painted Deck

If you liked the idea of a green deck but weren’t quite sold on the sage, this is an example of mixing Ferndale green with an imperial grey. The result is a bit more muted than the sage green but has the same effect.

DIY fernadel green deck paint idea
(c) benjaminmoore.com

Check out more ideas here: benjaminmoore.com

This would be a unique combination, but your guests would likely be impressed by your creativity and daringness to try an unusual color combination. There’s nothing wrong with being a little out there! It’s your home and your deck, so get creative with it.

This deck color benefits from lighter touches, such as the white chairs. Adding a darker green element could be interesting as well. You certainly don’t want any harsh colors or they would interfere with the preexisting neutral colors.

10. Whimsical Teal Painted Deck

If you’re looking to get creative and want to add some character to your home, consider painting your deck teal or any other bright color. This is certainly not on the top of many people’s lists — however, it can work in certain situations.

DIY whimsical teal deck paint idea
(c) echoesoflaughter.com

For a detailed project, check it here: echoesoflaughter.com

Ideally, the exterior of your house will be a lighter and brighter color — such as white or maybe even a pale yellow. A teal deck goes well with floral accents, so use plenty of colorful flowers as decor.

If you choose to go this route with your deck, people will take notice when they walk by. The standard deck is brown and usually fairly boring. Yours will stand out and look whimsical and fun in comparison.

11. Darker Stained Wood Deck

A popular option for a deck color is to stain the wood with a relatively dark stain. When you go this route, it’s important to be careful as to what you’re placing on top of the deck. Too many dark elements can quickly become an eyesore.

DIY dark stained wood deck paint idea
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Check out the DIY project idea here: lowes.com

Try adding some metal elements, such as railings. Furniture with white cushions can be added for the mix of light and dark colors. Overall, this is a very modern color for a deck and you can’t go wrong with it.

12. All White Painted Deck

An all-white deck is a common color choice for coastal houses. You have a great deal of freedom when you have a white deck. You can add an assortment of plants and greenery to the deck to add a pop of color and life.

DIY all white paint deck idea

Check out the project idea here: pinterest.com

You can have any patio furniture that you want, as they will all look nice on a white deck. The white isn’t in competition with any other color, so it compliments them all beautifully.

13. Slate Grey Painted Deck

Choosing a slate grey or other dark shade of grey for your deck can be a smart choice. This is because you have the freedom to add pops of color to your deck without it becoming too visually busy to look at.

DIY slate grey deck paint idea
(c) decksdirect.com

Check out the detailed project here: decksdirect.com

In the example above, there are pops of teal and yellow around the deck and overall, the color still looks great and very appealing. If you find yourself wanting to decorate your table and patio furniture with brighter colors, it’s important to find a deck color that works well with them.

14. Honey Stained Deck

If you’re looking for a lighter option and would prefer to stain your deck overpainting it, this beautiful honey hue stain would be beautiful. It also includes a waterproof finish for your deck, making it durable for all kinds of elements, such as rain or snow.

DIY honey stained deck paint idea
(c) olympic.com

Check out the DIY project idea here: olympic.com

This is a great DIY weekend project, as you can stain and finish your deck by yourself. The process is a bit time-consuming, but not difficult. This color of the deck would be able to handle darker furniture or even some white accents, depending on what your preference is and what is going to best match the exterior of your home.

Additionally, this can be good to combine with shelves like honeycomb to match the concept.

15. Black Painted Deck

If you want to go completely dark, then black will be your best option next to a slightly lighter charcoal color. Depending on the exterior of your home, you may be able to pull off a completely black deck.

DIY black paint deck idea
(c) lowes.com

Check the details here: lowes.com

It’s recommended that you place some lighter furniture and accent pieces on the deck, to add a pop of color to brighten up the place. You can apply this black resurfacing coating to your deck over a weekend and have it done by Sunday evening. The finish even inhibits future mildew growth, making it incredibly durable.

16. Greige Stained Deck

This color of stain, known as “greige” is becoming increasingly popular. Not all wood stains are brown, as shown by these examples. If you’re looking for a more trendy option and don’t want to follow the standard route, this could be perfect for your needs.

DIY greige stained deck paint idea
(c) olympicstains.ca

Check out more DIY project ideas here: olympicstains.ca

There is a wide variety of greige shades, so you’re sure to find one that suits your home and style perfectly. Even if you’re new to DIY projects, you can easily learn how to stain your deck in a few easy steps. There are many resources for how to do so found with a quick Google search.

Find the Color That’s Right for You

Choosing a deck color that will suit your home can sound stressful. What if you make the wrong decision? Luckily, paint is easy to cover. Look at plenty of photos for inspiration, as this will be most helpful in showing you what your deck could potentially look like.

The number one consideration when choosing a deck color is what the exterior of your home looks like. Most decks are attached to the house, so the two must complement each other. You don’t want to end up with a contrasting deck and house — as this won’t be visually appealing to most people.

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