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Best Table Saw Fence [2020 Review]

A table saw fence sits by the blade ready to guide the wood for a rip cut

Have you ever wondered how professional woodworkers end up with perfect cuts and angles? Or how hobbyist wood lovers manage to produce such accurate rips so quickly? Well, the answer lies in using a fence. If you’re a passionate woodworker, chances are you already own a trusty table saw​. However, even the most reputable table …

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What is a Dado Blade Used For?

A piece of wood is cut by a dado blade on a table saw

Have you ever seen pieces of wood that had wide grooves or that were interlocked? Well, these grooves and inter-lockable patterns are the result of a dado blade, also known as a dado set.​ We’ll ​define what a dado blade is, outline the various types, and point out the benefits you can gain from using …

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Best Cabinet Table Saw [2020 Review]

the best table saw on the market

When it comes to woodworking and cabinetry, enthusiastic hobbyists and professional carpenters know the importance of having a quality cabinet table saw. The ability to cut and shape pieces of hardwood precisely into beautiful finished products makes a cabinet saw invaluable. Cabinet table saws come with vital features like accident prevention, fencing systems, and dust …

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