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Best Arborist Chainsaw [2020 Review]

Arborist on top of a tree using a chainsaw to prune branches

Arborist chainsaws are essential power tools to climb a tree and prune overgrown branches, or even cut damaged ones due to their lightweight design. The best arborist chainsaw goes beyond this, they’re also easy to maneuver with only one hand.  Our Top Arborist Chainsaw Reviews We understand that finding the right arborist chainsaw can be …

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How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade

Circular saw blades in need of sharpening lying on saw dust

We often find ourselves in situations where our tools aren’t in tip-top shape. Whether it’s from overuse, poor storage, or accidental drops, sometimes our tools don’t perform as well as they should. Dull saw blades are a perfect example of that. When a circular saw blade doesn’t cut in the same way as it used …

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What is a Track Saw

A close up image of a track saw

Common saws sporting a rotary blade are the table saw and circular saw, but have you ever used a track saw? This specialty saw bridges the gap between the two and in many cases even surpasses them. You could say a track saw is a portable table saw. The track saw is also called a …

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Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw

A reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a powerful tool that will help you with demolition. While a jigsaw is a tool that’s easier to handle and mainly used for fine crafts. In this article, we’re going to explore the uses and features of a reciprocating saw vs jigsaw. Reciprocating Saw A reciprocating saw is a remodeling tool, …

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