15 Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting Ideas

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If you’re searching for ways to add to your backyard’s ambiance, then look no further! Transform your fire pit area into a beautiful sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy. There are various ways to add lights to increase the ambient lighting by your outdoor fire pit.

The ideas range from simple weekend DIY projects to more involved additions to your back patio area. You’ll be able to find inspiration that suits your tastes and preferences.

1. String Lights

String lights are all the rage these days and they can be set up within a day or two. This is a great do-it-yourself project that can add to the character of your fire pit area. You can choose to string the lights around the pit to add light as well as create a more welcoming atmosphere.

String lights fire pit lighting ideas
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You can opt to use stabilized poles to string the lights back and forth or you can use existing structures to attach and hang them. Depending on what you have available to you, you can even string them in a circle around your fire pit. Here is a helpful guide to use when you’re determining how best to hang your lights.

There are quite a few varieties of lights you can choose from and most are readily available at your nearest home improvement store. This is one of the most accessible and convenient methods for adding outdoor lighting to your backyard fire pit.

2. Lanterns

Another relatively easy DIY project to add light to your outdoor space is to include some lanterns. You can opt for hanging lanterns that would have a similar effect as the string lights or you can choose larger ones that sit on the ground.

Lantern fire pit lighting ideas
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You can even choose to create your own lanterns! This allows you to design ones that suit your backyard area perfectly. Depending on what type of mood you’re trying to set for your space, you can choose to use fake candles or real ones. These are sure to bring the perfect amount of extra lighting to the surrounding area around your fire pit.

3. Fence Lighting

An easy solution for creating additional lighting would be to hang LED solar lights on your fence line. This is a great idea when you want to add some extra ambiance to your yard that you can enjoy while you’re sitting by the fire.

Fence lighting ideas
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When you opt for the solar options, you don’t have to worry about wiring or trying to install complicated light fixtures. This makes for a great DIY project you can complete on a weekend.

These lights add to the overall landscaping of your yard and help to bring everything together. They offer the perfect amount of illumination for when you want to relax outdoors in the evening.

4. Gazebo Lighting

If your fire pit is placed underneath a gazebo, then this makes your job much easier when it comes to stringing lights. Simply use the existing structure of the gazebo to hang your light fixtures.

Gazebo lighting ideas

This creates a beautiful area to relax and to invite guests to spend time under. This project could be completed in a matter of hours, making it one of the fastest solutions to your lighting woes. You don’t even have to be a skilled DIY expert to succeed in completing this task — this is accessible for everyone.

Your gazebo will become the focal point of your backyard and you’re sure to be sending many nights enjoying the comfortable and well-lit environment you’ve created. Here are more examples of what your outdoor gazebo area could look like

5. Tiki Torches

If you are looking for a different lighting solution than the popular string lights, tiki torches are a great option! They’re an economical solution and incredibly easy to install around your fire pit. You can purchase them from most home improvement stores as well.

Tiki torches fire pit lighting ideas
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They are also easy to move around if you decide you’d like to change up the lighting design. They can also deter unwanted pests to your yard so that mosquitos aren’t biting you while you’re enjoying your fire pit in the evening.

While most people envision the bamboo versions of tiki torches, you can also purchase metal rods for a more sophisticated look if that’s what you’re going for. They can suit a variety of backyard styles, making them a great choice for many people.

6. Paver Lights

This project will be a bit more intense than simply stringing some lights up. However, the results are stunning and look professional.

Paver light ideas
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Installing paver lights to the ground around your fire pit area can be a great way to illuminate your patio. They make for a beautiful addition and create a very minimal look once they’re installed.

This is a great option for adding security to your backyard, as they can be motion-activated as well. They can also be purchased in a variety of colors, depending on whether you want a warmer or cooler tone. You can even choose from primary colors if you want to add a fun vibe to the fire pit area such as blue or red lighting.

Here is an additional example of how paver lights can add to the ambiance around your fire pit. If you’re willing to spend the extra time, you can certainly DIY this project. However, you can also opt to bring in a professional who can complete this project quickly and efficiently with no hassle.

7. LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights are a great solution to your outdoor lighting needs. You can place them nearly anywhere and they come in a variety of colors. You can place them under your patio furniture or around your deck if you have one.

LED strip lighting ideas
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The LED lights are hidden away so they won’t detract from the main focus of the fire pit. You’ll barely even notice that they’re there — making them a popular choice of consumers.

They don’t have to be overly bright, but they can add a gentle light for when you’re spending time outside. Depending on which color of light you choose, you could have a warmer or colder hue.

8. Candles

A simple and quick way to solve your fire pit lighting woes would be to place candles around the area. You can choose to do a quick DIY project to make some hanging candles or you can simply purchase them from any home improvement or home goods store near you.

Candles hanging on wooden wall
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If you find yourself constantly swatting away bugs when you’re hanging out around your fire pit, then simply pick up some candles with Citronella. This will double as great ambient lighting and as a mosquito repellant.

You can place the candles around your patio furniture and on side tables or you can simply nestle them into some pots filled with gravel. Of course, always practice fire safety, and don’t forget to blow them out when you’re putting your fire pit out.

9. Tree Lights

Tree lights don’t have to just be saved for Christmastime and the holidays. You can wrap some trees around your fire pit to add a beautiful lighting touch to your backyard. Instead of opting for colorful Christmas lights, you can go with white lights for a more neutral finish.

String lights on an outdoor tree

This is a unique year-round lighting idea and one that you’re sure to enjoy every time you gather around your fire pit. If you don’t enjoy the look of hanging string lights, perhaps you’d enjoy them better when they’re wrapped up in a tree instead.

10. Illuminated Planters

A unique and simple solution to lighting your fire pit area would be to use illuminated planters. If you already have plants around your backyard, then these planters would be a great way to add some ambient lighting. The lights don’t come off as too harsh and cast a gentle glow across your yard.

Illuminated planters in backyard
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These planters are sure to spark curiosity in your guests when they ask you where you purchased them. They’re a beautiful solution for when you want to bring more light into your yard during the evenings.

If you’re interested in a DIY project, you can make these planters with a clear planting pot, a white planting pot, and a roll of light rope. This will end up saving you some money if you want to invest the extra time. This could be a great project with children and can be done on a weekend.

11. Rope Light

If you purchase a spool’s worth of rope light, you can have your fire pit illuminated in no time. This is an incredibly simple and straightforward project and it doesn’t require any special skills to pull it together.

Rope lights in backyard
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You can find a multitude of ways to arrange rope lights around your yard, it just depends on how you want everything to look in the end. The rope can create natural-looking borders around the edge of your yard or you can choose to wrap some around a tree trunk.

You can also choose to secure some around the railing of your outdoor deck if you have one. Anywhere you want some extra lighting, you can place a section of rope light there.

Bonus: get some inspiration for maximizing the space under your deck.

12. Moonlighting

If you want a gentle lighting effect for your surrounding fire pit area, you can try moonlighting. Moonlighting requires that the light fixtures be placed high in the trees so that they’re cast down towards the ground.

Moonlighting effect ideas

This can be a great choice for many outdoor spaces, as the light fixtures are out of sight and the lighting is gentle and not harsh on the eyes. If you’re looking for soothing ambient lighting, this is a great choice that should be at the top of your list.

13. Path Lighting

Path lighting is a popular choice when it comes to adding light to your fire pit area and your backyard in general. There are tons of options for lighting fixtures, which will suit any number of backyard styles and decor.

Path lighting ideas

You can gently illuminate your walkway towards your fire pit, to add ambiance to your backyard. No one wants to worry about tripping in the dark on the way to the fire or on the way back inside. This provides a great solution to that problem.

14. Motion Activated Lights

If you’re less concerned with ambient lighting than you are with lighting for security purposes, you may want to look into motion-activated floodlights. These will provide light for when you’re walking to and from your fire pit, to ensure you don’t trip in the dark.

They also double as great security measures if that’s something that you’re looking for. They won’t provide gentle continuous ambient lighting, however.

15. Try a Variety of Lights

Some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces include a variety of different lighting solutions. You could add a few strings of lights as well as some Citronella candles strategically placed around your patio.

Variety of light ideas
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You may also want to insert some LED paver lights around any steps that you may have. This can help to ensure no one trips when they’re walking up and down in the evening.

You don’t have to box yourself into just one fire pit lighting suggestion, as you have the freedom to take pieces of several ideas and combine them. Your backyard is your oasis, so create one in which you can’t wait to sit around a fire and enjoy some outdoor time in the evenings.

This is an example of combining string lights, lanterns, and tiki torches. The atmosphere that the variety creates is beautiful and couldn’t have been achieved by just choosing one option.

Choose Any Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting Idea for Inspiration!

There are plenty of inspirational ideas for fire pit lighting. Whether you want gentle ambient lighting or brighter lights that double as a security measure, you’ll find plenty of inspiration above. Most of the lighting can be done over a weekend and requires no special skills or tools.

If you want to transform your backyard into an oasis with a beautiful lighting design, then you only have to spend minimal effort to gain maximum results. While the fire pit is the central focus, extra lighting can significantly improve the time you spend around it.

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