30 DIY Crafts and Projects for Moms with Kids

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Whether you are a stay at home mom, a homeschooling mom or just a mom who wants to do something fun with her kids on the weekend, we have a collection of the best DIY​ projects for you to try. ​From arts and crafts to jewelry to gardening and woodworking, there is a ​fun project here for everyone. 

Check out these great DIY projects for moms to do with their kids.

DIY Projects for Moms with Kids 0-5 Years

Little kids may not be the most responsible when it comes to making big projects, so we kept it simple for them. Most crafts and projects for little ones are great little ways for them to explore different textures and let them figure out how to make something from simple materials, such as basic glue and paint.

Young girl with paint on her hands

1. Finger Print Photo Frames

These are super cute and easy to do photo frames for kids that are any age. You can pick different colors to add variation or if you have more that three kids, then each kid can pick a color to be.

Finger picture frames

When you are finished ​painting the photo frames, then you can keep the paint out and make a matching table runner for the dining room.

Take a look at this picture frame here: www.hgtv.com

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2. Cork Boats

If you need a simple to make and fun idea for little ones then these cork boats are perfect to play with in the summer sun. You can put them in the kiddie pool or race them across a local pond.

Cork boats

These little boats are cheap to make as well, that way if a few float away, you can just make a few more.

Set Sail with these: www.redtedart.com

3. Hand and Footprint Art

Canvas painting

This is a really great sentimental craft that you can do with your tiny little ones, because they will not keep those sweet little hands and toes forever.

These hand and foot art prints are really cute for ​picture frames and putting up around the house to remind you of the tiny features they had.

Check out these cute print ideas: www.thefrugalgirls.com

4. Cardboard Box Car

Cardboard box car

It may be a large project, but it is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours playing in and driving the car.

While some of the cutting may be a little too much for young kids, you can encourage them to help by letting them color the box with crayons while you are putting it all together.

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You can also change the design a little and set up a table next to the boxcar to create a box food truck.

Get building with these plans: www.littleredwindow.com

5. PB & J Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeder

Teach your kids how to give back and feed the birds with this really easy to make PB&J bird feeder.

​Kids love outdoor projects in the yard, and this is a great one for those that have a particular love for animals.

Little ones will love sharing their favorite lunch with the birds in the backyard while also learning more about what birds like to eat and where they live.

It’s a two for one learning and fun craft that little ones will be begging to make again and again.

Learn the basic recipe here: www.simpleasthatblog.com

6. Fizzy Sherbet

DIY sherbet

Sometimes it is great to have a project for little ones that won’t have you diving to save them when they try to put it in their mouth.

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​Creating and letting them try fizzy sherbet is a great win-win for picky eaters and little explorers.

Try this simple concoction here: www.laughingkidslearn.com

7. Grass Seed Heads

Grass head

Little kids plus scissors may not be the best combination.

However, if you have a budding hairstylist or a kid who just loves cutting hair, you can give them these adorable and easy to make grass seed heads.

Just like real hair, the grass will grow back after a bad haircut, so you can give them practice as well as keep them from cutting their own hair.

Make these cute little heads here: www.retedart.com

8. DIY Play Mat

Love those fun play rugs but don’t want to put out a lot of money for them? Or maybe you just don’t like the lack of variety. With this easy to follow tutorial you can create a fun town, a farm or even a fairytale kingdom play mat for your little one.

DIY play mat

Find your inspiration here: www.diynetwork.com

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9. Turtle Herb Gardens

Turtle herb planter

Get your little one interested in gardening by creating these adorable little planter pots.

We love the little turtle herb gardens because they can brighten up a stone wall, sit happily on a windowsill or be the family focal point on the outdoor table.

Gardening is a great activity to teach your children. It teaches them to work with their hands, and it also shows them how plants grow.

If you want to go one step further, try building your own DIY compost bin, and growing your own vegetables. This process will show them the A-Z of growing food, with the reward at the end being able to eat their creation!

Make your own turtle garden here: www.readingconfetti.com

10. Puppet Theatre

Pupper theater

Some kids like to play alone, while others demand an audience.

Help build up your little one’s imagination and confidence by creating a puppet theatre with them.

The easy to follow instructions are great for little ones who are just old enough to start helping out.

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Bonus craft is to create these two cute little spoon characters for opening night at the Puppet Theatre.

Get started with this fun project here: www.mamapapabubba.com

DIY Projects for Moms with Kids 6-12 Years

With older kids you can try out a few more advanced crafts as well as use this project time to talk with your kids and stay in their loop as they get older.

Two kids and mom pumpkin carving

11. Can Walkie Talkies

This craft allows you show your kids your first cell phone that you made with your siblings and friends back in the day. These easy to use and fun to make can walkie talkies are a great project not just for fun, but also to teach your little ones about the science behind how it really works.

Can telephones

Get talking here: www.sciencing.com

12. Polka Dot Coasters

These are the type of family crafts that you will want to display and use everyday because they are functional with a pop of color. This is a pretty easy craft for young kids and is a great way to teach them how to use spray paint for projects since it is a simple point and shoot spray paint project.

Decorated plates

Get started on this fun project here: www.cremedelacraft.com

13. Lemonade Stand

While your kids may not quite be old enough to get a summer job, they can still rake in a little pocket change by opening a lemonade stand.

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Lemonade stand

Whether you make a DIY stand out of pallets or plain old cardboard, you should definitely get your kids involved in the stand making process to begin teaching them how to personalize their jobs as well as how to have pride in their work. Before considering to take on this project, you might want to get your own pin nailer for this task.

Try this fun lemonade stand for boys here: www.fantabulosity.com

Tickle them pink with this lemonade stand for girls: www.mysimpleobsession.blogspot.com

14. Newspaper Fort

Every kid loves creating a fort or a hideaway spot, but sometimes a blanket over two chairs just doesn’t hold up as well as it should.

Newspaper fort

With this newspaper fort, you can build a sturdy frame for your fort and then place a fun blanket or sheet over the structure to create your own little hideaway.

Start building this with your kids now: www.modernparentsmessykids.com

15. Summer Jello Snacks

Cover image for 30 amazing simple DIY crafts and projects for moms to do with their kids

After trying out a few of these fun crafts, you made need to take a few minutes to grab a quick snack before you dive back into another project.

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​These fun little whipped jello cups are a great project to take you and your kids into the kitchen to create a fun snack that they can share with others.

Start snacking here: www.madincrafts.com

16. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sidewalk paint

Looking for a fun summer day craft, or need a low cost party idea for the kids?

Creating sidewalk paint is a great way to bring out kids creativity as well as give them something that will occupy them for a few hours, just as long as you make enough paint.

Plus, you can even use it to paint your lampshades like we did in our tutorial here!

If you run short, don’t worry it is super easy to make another batch and even easier to wash away after you are done playing.

Start mixing up some paint here: www.thesuburbanmom.com

17. Painting with Bubbles

All kids love bubbles, whether you are blowing bubble with your toddlers, chasing them with your little ones or learning how to make fun crafts with your pre-teens.

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Bubble paintng

You can make fun cards to send out, make your own colorful wrapping paper or even make a colorful canvas painting to hang in the laundry room. Just make sure you let the paint dry first before doing anything with them.

Start blowing bubbles here: www.thechocolatemuffintree.blogspot.com

18. Froggy Hat

Frog cap

Create a custom hat with your little froggy one to wear while they are out in the sun.

​This is such a cute hat that will be sure to get you and your little one plenty of compliments as well as a few inquiries of how they can get one too.

Make this cute hat here: www.craftsbyamanda.com

19. Monogrammed Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are a staple of any home. Whether you use them for that morning cup of coffee, some hot tea or just as a great mug for late night ice cream.

Monogram mugs

Create these really cute monogrammed mugs with your kids, who can follow the design without having to need any artistic skills.

Make your mark with this easy tutorial: www.designmom.com

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20. Stenciled Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jar light

These mason jar lanterns are so enchanting and super easy to make.

You can print out and use the stencils on this website or if you have a talented kid, let them create a few stencils or even freehand the design for these lanterns.

This craft is specifically fun to do around the holidays, as you can theme the decorations specifically for you decor.

More on mason jar light projects here. And, if you want to get creative, drill holes in the mason jar and hang it

Try out this craft here: www.adventure-in-a-box.com

DIY Projects for Moms with Teens

It can sometimes feels like a hassle to get your teens interested in making something with mom, but we have a feeling that these crafts will be just cool enough to get your teens interested in trying out a few. Plus, they’re all still really easy to make and suitable for beginners.

21. Jeweled Stem Glasses

Embellished glasses

These stem glasses are gorgeous.

You can create these for that special sweet sixteen party, make them as a gift for someone else or just treat yourself to this beautiful stemware for a “just because it’s Thursday” fancy drinking ware.

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Check out this great craft here: www.centsationalstyle.com

22. Photo Coasters

Do your teens love to take and post pictures of themselves or beautiful scenery? Help them ditch some of the screen time by making a tangible craft with some of their favorite photos.

Photo coasters

These coasters can be used to set drinks on, or your teens can use them to make a fun photo tile decor on their bedroom wall. If you want to take these up a notch, you can also design your coaster with some scroll saw templates you can find here.

​Photos make fantastic gifts to give at Christmas time, and with this project, you’ll be adding the homemade theme.

Take a look at this fun craft: www.modgepodgerocksblog.com

23. Lace Lined Shorts

Help your daughter refresh her tired shorts by adding a really great lace trim to the bottom. This fun project can help you both learn about finding new ways to wear your clothes or how to take pieces that you don’t wear as much and create a really great new piece of clothing that you will love to wear.

DIY laced shorts

Start refreshing your wardrobe with these tips: www.alittlecraftinyourday.com

24. 2-in-1 Necklace and Headband

Giving accessories dual functions is a great way to do more with less. We love this really neat trick of making necklaces convert into jeweled headbands that you can switch between.

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Headband and ponytail combo

Because sometimes you feel like a necklace, and sometimes you don’t, so move it up into a trendy headband for the day.

Get functional jewelry with this tutorial: www.cremedelacraft.com

25. Cute Bow Keychains

These keychains are so fun that you will probably want one for yourself. This easy to do and really great craft for teens will give you something to set keyrings apart in the community bowl.

Leather bowtie

The bow keychains are also a great idea for bridesmaids, as gifts at a sleepover as well as a fun way to set off multiple keyrings by giving each one a custom color.

Make your own bow at: www.happygirlycrafty.blogspot.com

26. Elbow Patches

Not just for professors, these super cute heart shaped elbow patches are a great way to add color to a simple sweater or cover up any holes that could be forming in your favorite sweater.

Heart elbow patch

 You could also create a little breast pocket patch to tie it all together as well.

Get patching with this fun craft: www.honestlywtf.com

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27. Coffee Mug Art

Painted mugs

This is a little bit more of a challenge than the simple monogrammed coffee mugs that we thought would be great for big kids without providing too much of a challenge.

However, if you have a artsy teen, then you can put their designing skill to the test with these fun coffee mugs.

​Create something similar to a store mug or get really creative and make some one of a kind mugs for your morning coffee.

Get painting here: www.homeheartcraft.com

28. DIY Book Covers

In high school, it is sometimes the trend to make your own book covers, not just to protect the books but to also show off a little bit of your kids creativity and individuality.

Repurposed books

We love the little metal bits and decor that go on the sides of these DIY book covers that really set them apart from the duct tape and construction paper atrocious book covers we made back in the day.

Get inspiration here: www.gorgfabgoodies.blogspot.com

29. Figurine Lamp

Instead of putting away childhood toys or selling them, create something with your older kids to give them something from their beloved youth to take into their adult life. Teenagers love to hang string lighting all over the bedroom, but this project will give them a different (and more nostalgic) source of light. 

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Figurine lamp

While this tutorial focuses on action figures and GI-Joes, you could also do animal figurines, princesses or any other toys that your teen no longer plays with but once loved.

Light up their room with this neat craft: www.instructables.com

30. DIY Hammock Chair

Hanging hammock

What is cooler than a DIY hanging hammock chair in your teens room?

This is a little bit more of an advanced task but with you and your teen’s help, you can create a really fun seating element for their room.

You might need a really good drill for this one ​if you want to hang it from the ceiling, but if you’re hesitant, you can create your own seat holding floor mount from wood with some tools and a good jigsaw or you can purchase a hammock chair floor stand.

Go one step further and customize your teenagers wall decor by adding some simple and trendy hexagon shelving to the walls.

Get crafting with this step by step tutorial: www.designertrapped.com

Working Together

These crafts are a great way for you to spend time with your kids while also making fun craft and projects to put around your home. Crafting in your home help turn your house into a family space that everyone has contributed to as well as gives you some one on one time with your kids so that you can talk, laugh and build a good communicating relationship.

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