16 Best Under Deck Ideas to Make Use of Empty Space

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If you’re asking yourself the question of, “What should I do under my deck?” then look no further! There are many ideas for what you should do under your deck – such as adding a children’s play space or creating a convenient at-home spa area.

You’ll find a multitude of ideas below to inspire you to get started on your under-deck area. It’s a great space to add something fun and unique. What you don’t want to do is waste the space by doing nothing with it.

1. Sitting Area with a Fireplace

If you live somewhere cooler and like to enjoy a fire during the cold weather, this could be a great idea for you. Even when it rains outside, you can still enjoy your fireplace and stay dry at the same time.

Under deck ideas with fireplace and sitting area
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After painting your deck, tap into a few deck paint ideas for under your deck. Adding a few pieces of furniture to sit back and relax on ties this space together. You could potentially add some ambient lighting as well, such as a string of lights or a few lanterns to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Here is another example of this type of under-deck area. This space includes a small dining table, which makes for a great option when you want to enjoy a meal outdoors.

2. TV Area with Comfortable Seating

Whether you want to hang out and watch the game or watch the new Hallmark movie, this space gives you the ability to watch your television outdoors. You’re protected from the elements due to being under your deck.

Under deck ideas with tv area
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When the weather is pleasant, it’s a great option to be able to sit outside and enjoy your entertainment. You can add a fan to the ceiling to keep you cool even when the summer months roll around.

If you find yourself in a colder climate, you could opt to add a heating element to this space to keep it comfortable during the winter as well.

3. Grilling Station

If you enjoy firing up your grill and making some steaks or hamburgers for dinner, then turn your under deck space into a grilling station.

Under deck ideas with grilling station
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The benefit to this setup is that you’ll be able to grill rain or shine. You have the built-in protection of the deck above you, making it easy to pop outside and grill even in bad weather.

You’ll quickly get plenty of use out of this area if you live in a particularly rainy area and continuously find yourself unable to grill in an open backyard space with no overhead protection.

If you want to opt for an outdoor kitchen and grill, here is a great example of what it could potentially look like. You can add a sink and some extra storage and counter space. You’ll be able to enjoy all of your meals outside if you choose this route.

4. Quiet Area for Relaxation

You don’t necessarily have to have a focal point to enjoy a welcoming space to hang out in. No fireplace or grill is necessary for this under-deck design idea. Simply set up a few chairs or couches or even some patio furniture to your under deck area. This immediately creates a welcoming environment for people to congregate together.

Under deck ideas with relaxation area

You can view the detailed design here: pinterest.com

If your property is on the edge of the water, this makes for a great view and you don’t even need a television to stay entertained.

5. Storage Space

Depending on how large your deck is, you can potentially store a car or a smaller tractor under your deck. This makes great use of the previously unoccupied space while giving you an area to hide away any unused vehicles if you don’t have room in the garage.

Under deck ideas with storage space
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More storage space ideas here: cravingsomecreativity.com

You could also use the space to store bicycles or any other number of items. You can consider building walls around the under-deck space if you want more privacy for your storage.

This is a great option for people who find themselves without enough storage. If you don’t want to erect a standalone shed, then transforming your under deck into a shed of sorts is a great option that will solve your problem.

6. Hang Up a Hammock

If you enjoy kicking back and relaxing in a hammock, you can do just that under your deck. You’re shaded from the sun and protected from the rain, making this a perfect spot to have an afternoon nap.

Under deck ideas with hammock

You can check it the detailed design here: pinterest.com

You can add a small outdoor fridge to the space as well so you can enjoy a refreshing drink while you’re rocking in your hammock. There is a great deal of potential for this area and you just have to decide what your priorities are. A small drawer of books could be added as well if you like to read while sitting in your hammock.

If you need more hammock inspiration, look here. It’s a straightforward process for setting up your hammock underneath your deck. There are already built-in beams to attach it to, so you can take it down and set it up quickly and easily.

7. Add Some Gravel

If you don’t feel that you’d get a lot of use out of revamping your under deck space into an area for entertaining, you can simply add in some gravel to make it look finished.

Under deck ideas with gravel stones
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More under deck ideas here: thelandscapedesigncenter.com

The addition of gravel gives the area a cleaner, more polished look. Later on, if you decide you want to renovate it, the gravel will be easy enough to remove and replace with something else.

This is another example of how some additional rocks can allow for the space to look finished instead of unkempt and abandoned. This also helps to prevent the dirt from getting muddy when it rains.

8. Hang Curtains

Building a full wooden wall to surround your under-deck can be a large task. If you want some privacy but don’t want to erect full walls, then try draping some curtains instead.

Under deck ideas with curtains
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More inspirational under deck ideas here: cradiori.co

The curtains provide you with a sense of privacy while you’re out enjoying the space. This is especially useful if you find yourself close to neighbors and you don’t want them peering over at you while you’re outside.

If you’re looking for more curtain inspiration and how they can transform your under-deck, then here’s another example. They tie the space together beautifully and if you find weatherproof curtains, they can also offer protection from rainy weather.

9. Swings for the Kids

If you have little ones running around, perhaps you’d like to hang up some swings for them underneath the deck. This is a quick and simple project to make use of the area.

Under deck ideas with swings
(c) heleadethk.blogspot.com

Check the detailed swing idea here: heleadethk.blogspot.com

The kids will love it and they’ll be able to swing while being protected from the heat of the sun during the day. The simple addition of gravel on the ground makes the area child-friendly and will be softer for a potential fall than concrete would.

Here is a second example of how you could hang swings under your deck. Planting some grass on the ground gives the kids a soft area to play on and is a great option if you have the budget.

10. Add Some Latticework

If you want to add a point of interest to your under deck, then consider adding some wooden lattice down the side. This makes for a beautiful place to grow ivy since it will have a place to climb. If you have a green thumb, this can be a great spot to start a flower garden.

Under deck ideas with latticework
(c) flickr.com

You can view the detailed design here: flickr.com

This is a unique addition to your space and is sure to get many compliments when guests visit. The shade offered by the above deck can be ideal for certain varieties of plants. This is more of a decorative feature, but it can be used in the functional sense as well.

11. Build a Water Feature

If you want your under-deck to become a focal point of your property, consider adding a water feature to the space. You can also include other landscaping around the area — such as a small garden or an assortment of plants and vegetation.

Under deck ideas with water feature
(c) stevebottolandscaping.com

For more water feature ideas, you can check it here: stevebottolandscaping.com

Adding a small koi pond could also be a great inclusion to the area. A small waterfall or running water feature can do wonders for the overall atmosphere and people will naturally congregate around the beauty of the waterfall.

This type of feature will take some upkeep to keep the water clean and running and to feed the koi fish if that’s the route you opt for. However, the results are well worth it and bring a lot of value to your yard area.

12. Wooden Planks

Not all under deck spaces are large enough to create an outdoor living area. If that’s the case for you and you simply want to hide the space, you can erect short wooden planks around the section you want to cover.

Under deck ideas with wooden planks

Check the process how to achieve this project: turtlesandtails.blogspot.com

This cleans up the landscape and you won’t have an eyesore to look at any longer. This can also make your deck area look more professional and put together. It gives a finishing touch to the deck and also prevents any stray animals from creating a home under your deck.

13. Relax in a Jacuzzi

If you’re a fan of relaxing in a Jacuzzi or hot tub after a long week, then consider adding one to this space. Underneath the deck is the perfect area to create an at-home spa to relax and refresh yourself in.

Under deck ideas with jacuzzi

Check the detailed design here: pinterest.com

This space also includes an outdoor grilling area and a table for eating all of the delicious grilled food. You’ll have plenty of outdoor entertainment when you combine food and a spa area. Who says you can’t have it all?

14. Become Your Own Bartender

If you find yourself regularly entertaining and mixing drinks for your guests, then setting up a bar area underneath your deck seems like a great idea.

Under deck ideas with bar station

Check the detailed idea here: pinterest.com

Keep the party going outside and give your guests a comfortable sitting area and perhaps a stereo speaker system to play music in the outdoor area. This will be a natural place your guests will flock to if you decide to build it.

Throwing parties with a personal built-in bar can save a lot of money. You don’t have to hire a bar to set up in your yard this way, as you can mix the drinks under your deck instead. You’ll be the most popular neighbor in the subdivision.

15. Enclosed Play Area

If you’d like to transform your under deck into a playhouse for the children, here is some great inspiration. This gives the kids a safe enclosed space to play in while the adults are using the deck.

Under deck ideas with play area
(c) playtivities.com

You can for other ideas here: playtivities.com

There are many ways to transform the under-deck space into an area fit for kids to play in. This is a popular option for people with young children. If you don’t have the extra yard space for a playground set, this is the next best thing.

Instead of gravel or concrete, you may want to consider planting some grass so it’s softer for young children. You could also lay play mats across the concrete to offer some padding to protect against any accidental falls.

16. Garden Area

If you want to create a flower or vegetable garden but don’t have space elsewhere in your yard, you can add one under your deck. Now, it’s important to research which varieties of plants do well with shade before you begin.

Under deck ideas with garden area
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Check for more under deck ideas here: hometalk.com

You can add some fresh herbs so you can conveniently go downstairs and cut some basil for your Friday pizza night. This is an exciting option for amateur home cooks who want to upgrade their cooking game.

This is a simple addition to the under-deck area and wouldn’t take a large budget to successfully build. You’ll need to visit your local home improvement or garden center to collect the necessary supplies. This can be a great DIY project.

Now It’s Your Turn to Revamp Your Under Deck

It’s relatively easy to give your under-deck space a polished and finished feel. If you love to entertain guests, you can revamp the area into a place people can congregate and enjoy each other’s company. If you don’t enjoy having guests over, you can always create a storage area for your belongings.

The under-deck is wasted space if nothing is being done with it. There are many possibilities of what you can do and the ideas above are meant to inspire you to create something new with the area.

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