What is a Jointer Used For

A freshly used jointer with remnants of sawdust on its body

Picking up wood from the hardware store or lumber depot for a project can often cause disappointment. Unless you are paying extra for wood that has already been milled, you are bound to come home with wood that is slightly (or sometimes even extremely) bent, twisted, cupped, or otherwise warped. The short answer to the …

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Best Biscuit Joiner [2020 Review]

A biscuit joiner is an essential tool that will help you join two pieces of wood accurately and quickly. The best biscuit joiner will enable you to join the pieces using less effort and time than it would take you to join them manually. It’s also the perfect tool for professionals and hobbyists that want …

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Best Benchtop Jointer [2020 Review]

A jointer sits in a garage, ready to be used

A quality benchtop jointer will enable you to create polished or even edges on wood. It also helps straighten pieces of wood. However, there are several aspects you have to consider when choosing the right model from the many units available on the market. The type of cutter head and jointer, cutting depth, power, and …

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Best Jointer [2020 Review]

A jointer covered in sawdust sits in a workshop

A jointer is a must-have tool in your woodshop, especially if you are a seasoned woodworker or hobbyist who values saving time by making uneven pieces of wood straight. However, with various options, it can be challenging to pick the right jointer. If you are searching for a quality jointer, our in-depth reviews and guide …

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