A man carves a Christmas star pattern with his scroll saw

​29 Christmas Ornament Scroll Templates

Download ​our 29 most popular Scroll Saw Templates for Christmas Ornaments. With patterns for popular holiday themes​, you can download and print these templates to create with your scroll saw. If you’re interested in using your woodworking skills to create Christmas ornaments, these patterns are perfect for you!

What You G​​​​​et

Our downloadable scroll templates are perfect for creating a wide variety of Christmas Ornaments. Made with beginners in mind, most of these patterns can be used to create wooden ornaments in minutes. Here are all of the templates you’ll receive:

  • Angel
  • Ballerina
  • Camel
  • Christmas tree (normal)
  • Christmas tree (swirly)
  • Church and steeple
  • Cross
  • Manger
  • ​Nativity
  • ​Pine Tree
  • ​Reindeer
  • ​Sack full of toys
  • ​Santa Claus (full figure)
  • ​Santa Face
  • ​Santa Hat
  • ​Sleigh
  • Snowman (normal)
  • ​Snowman (circles)
  • ​Snowman head and hat
  • ​Stars
  • ​Stocking
  • ​Wisemen on camel
  • ​Merry Christmas (text)
  • ​Joy (text)
  • Peace (text)

Christmas Scroll Saw Templates… Our Themed Packs Will Make Scroll Work Easy

Different wood options for scroll saw work

Easy to Download, Print, and Get Started: You’ll be creating handmade ornaments in minutes!

​DIY is in, and crafting a handmade gift for your friends and family is an amazing way to give a unique piece of woodwork. Or, create a series of ornaments for your own decorations!


​You’ll receive a link to download the templates as a PDF right away.


​These templates are easy to print and then lay on top of your wood for scrolling.


​Each template is roughly 4″ wide, which we have found to be the perfect size for wooden ornaments.

Get instant access to ​the ​Christmas Ornament Pack now!

Get all of the scroll saw templates for Christmas you need in one pack. ​You’ll be able to download this affordable set of templates in minutes, and be able to create from a wide variety of holiday-themed options. 

Scroll pattern
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We’re so confident that you’re going to love these templates, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you don’t love your patterns, we’ll provide a full refund within the first 30 days!