15 Wood Fence Design Ideas [Front/Backyard]

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While many fences serve as dividers and privacy barriers for homes, they can also be designed in such a way that they add value to a home. Instead of a standard wooden fence to match all of your neighbor’s, why not stand out and update your fence?

Along with privacy and protection, fences can offer a design element to a home. You’ll be the admiration of any neighborhood when you opt for one of these wood fence design ideas.

1. Contrasting Colors

In this design, the vertical rails are black while the horizontal wooden panels are brown. This little bit of added contrchast provides a great deal of style to any fence and is in line with modern trends. You can opt for white and black as well, as that would be an even more striking contrast of color.

Contrasting color wood fence ideas

Check the actual wood fence design here: pinterest.com

A bit of paint refreshed your fence and gives your yard a whole new look. The color of your fence has a large impact on your overall curb appeal.

This is another example of a contrasting fence, in a slightly different design. If you want your fence to seamlessly add on to your modern and minimalistic home, then this wooden fence style would suit your needs.

2. Diagonal Beams

In this design, there are horizontal and vertical bars but there are also layers of diagonal wooden panels. This adds a great deal of visual appeal to an otherwise boring fence design.

Diagonal beams wood fence ideas
(c) 1001pallets.com

Learn how to make this DIY wood fence: 1001pallets.com

This would be a great option for people looking for more privacy in their homes. You can minimize the gaps between the vertical panels and have near-total privacy. No snooping neighbors will be able to peek into your backyard!

You could also play around with contrasting beams for this design. The vertical and horizontal bars could be black while the diagonal wooden pieces stay a natural wood color. There are many ways to personalize this fence to your liking.

3. Raised Wooden Beams

This design opts for some of the wooden fence beings being raised in contrast to the remaining slats. This adds a bit of overall texture and creates a unique look that differentiates itself from standard wooden fences.

Raised beams wood fence ideas
(c) a-better-fence-construction.com

Check out more ideas here: a-better-fence-construction.com

If you want to upgrade your fence from those around you without going too crazy, this would be a great choice for you. It’s simple and sleek in design and doesn’t stand out in comparison to the contrasting fence colors found above.

4. Wood and Chain Link

If privacy isn’t the main deciding factor in how you’d like to design your wooden fence, this could be an intriguing option for you. If you have a home that backs up to a beautiful view or some empty land, perhaps you want a fence that you can see through.

Chain link wood fence ideas

Check out this article for the project: pinterest.com

The goal of a fence isn’t always to block out your surrounding area. Sometimes you simply want a divider that marks where your property starts and ends.

Wood and chain link fence wouldn’t be the most ideal option if you’re living close to neighbors. Everyone needs a bit of privacy when other people can peer right over at you. However, if you have a view that you don’t want to be blocked by a tall and solid wooden fence, this option could be of interest to you.

5. Horizontal Wooden Beams

Instead of the standard vertical fence designs, this horizontal design adds some extra style to any home. The design is simple and clean and allows you to enjoy plenty of privacy in your yard. It’s unique from the vertical fence competitors and offers great visual and curb appeal.

Horizontal beams wood fence ideas
(c) abetterfencecompany.com

Check out for other ideas here: abetterfencecompany.com

Another example of this style of fence can be found here. This fence has narrower slats of wood with larger gaps in between. If you’re living directly next door to a neighbor, this may not be the best choice in terms of privacy and seclusion. However, it could be a good option if you don’t have people so close to you.

6. Asymmetrical Wooden Beams

While this may not be for everyone, this wooden fence design could be especially intriguing to people who have an eye for something different. The wooden slats sit asymmetrically from each other, creating an incredibly unique design unlike any other.

Asymmetrical beams wood fence ideas
(c) anestwithayard.com

Check out the wood fence design here: anestwithayard.com

If you live in a more secluded wooded area, this could be a great design for you. This fence has more of a rustic look to it, making it unsuitable for a suburban neighborhood. If you don’t have to deal with any HOA rules, this could be an interesting fence design to build around your yard.

Another example of an asymmetrical fence can be found here. You could have a standard fence and then add this as your doorway. You may be able to get around your HOA this way, as it’s a minimal addition but adds some character to your property.

7. Wooden Log Fence

If you want to make an old-school fence, you can opt to use whole pieces of logs to create one. While this may not be acceptable by many HOA standards, you can build a similar fence to this if you live on personal land.

Wooden log fence ideas
(c) woodz.co

For more detailed view, you can check it here: woodz.co

Instead of cutting up the logs into thin and consistent wooden slats, you’d simply leave the logs whole and construct your fence from them. While this doesn’t offer complete privacy, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about that if you have your property away from curious pedestrians.

This isn’t the most traditional design by any means, but if you enjoy rustic styles, then this may be perfect for you. The wood is kept in a natural state with a rough surface and unstained color.

8. Woven Wooden Design

If you’re searching for something more unique and striking, you can build a woven wooden fence. This wooden fence design is sure to impress all of your guests and even those just driving by.

Wooden woven fence ideas
(c) hoselink.com.au

Check out for more woven wooden design here: hoselink.com.au

This isn’t a great fence is privacy is your main concern, but it does offer a significant amount of visual value to your home. The intricate work is stunning and your fence will become the statement piece of your entire yard.

This type of fence may be a bit costly, but if you have the budget it’s certainly a stunning option. There is a great deal of craftsmanship that goes into a fence such as this.

9. Corrugated Wooden Fence

If you want to experiment with mixing materials, such as metal and wood, this is a great design for you to follow. The corrugated metal offers you complete privacy from nosey neighbors while also providing you with a visually appealing fence.

Corrugated wooden fence ideas
(c) noelleodesigns.com

Check out the wooden fence idea here: noelleodesigns.com

Mixing metal and wood for a fence isn’t the most common practice, but it can certainly be done. If you’re someone who likes to stand out, this is going to be one of the best options for you. The fence also offers a good deal of shade for any flowers you want to plant around the base.

Other options can be found for mixing metal and wood to create a fence. If this design intrigues you but you aren’t quite sure, you’re likely to find another design that is a better fit for you with a quick search. This is another example of such a fence.

10. Slanted Wooden Slats

This fence offers nearly complete privacy while also offering a visually appealing component to your home and yard. The wooden slats are slanted downward, so nobody can see into your yard.

Slanted slats wooden fence ideas
(c) doehet-zelver.nl

Check out the fence project here: doehet-zelver.nl

If you value your privacy while you’re enjoying your backyard, this type of fence is a great choice for you. It offers a bit of visual appeal while also providing the privacy and security of a standard fence. A perfect fence offers privacy, security, and a bit of stylish curb appeal.

11. Wooden Pickets on a Chain Link Fence

If you want the look of a wooden fence but the durability of a metal chain link fence, look no further. This design is exactly what you’re looking for. Chain link fences can be unsightly all by themselves and they don’t offer much in the way of privacy.

However, if you simply attach wooden pickets to a preexisting chain link fence, you can have an entirely refreshed fence. This is a great option for people who already have chain link fences but want to add a bit of visual appeal.

You could easily complete this project yourself, as it’s easier than building a brand new wooden fence from scratch. Using the chain fence as a base for your pickets makes this project beginner-friendly if you’re looking for a DIY project.

12. Wooden Lattice Design

If you want to create a wooden fence to divide one section of your yard from another, this could be an ideal solution for you. The lattice design doesn’t offer much privacy, but it’s great when it’s just being used to visually divide a space.

Wooden lattice fence design
(c) overstock.com

You can check more of the wooden lattice design here: overstock.com

As seen in the photo, you can hang planters off of the fence for a charming decorative finish. You could also string lights through the gaps in the fence to add some ambient lighting to your backyard area. There are many possibilities with this wooden fence design in terms of adding character to your yard.

If you want privacy but you also enjoy the lattice design, you could combine some lattice fencing over a preexisting wooden fence. This way, you enjoy the privacy from the original fence but also have a beautiful lattice design over top. Here is an example of a regular fence with a bit of latticework on the top.

13. Wooden Beams and Chicken Wire Fencing

If you have some land with animals roaming about, you could opt for this type of fence. The chicken wire offers the ability to see through the fence to look at your herds of cows or horses. The fence is sturdy enough to contain your animals into a predetermined section of the property.

Wooden pickets fence ideas

Check out more details of this type of fence: pinterest.com

Privacy isn’t the main goal here. The purpose of such a fence is to form a dividing line that animals can’t pass through and that defines where your property starts and ends.

Here is a slightly different take on this design of the wooden fence. It looks a bit more sophisticated and could easily be seen in any suburban neighborhood. It’s inviting and welcoming to your guests and you can see the front of your property through it.

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14. Wooden Fence with Metal Accents

If you’re looking for a fence to spice up your home, mixing some metal accents with a wooden fence is a great option. This fence is incredibly sturdy and offers you complete privacy. Security and privacy are most people’s main requirements of a fence.

Wooden beams with metal accents
(c) perimtec.com

Another example of this style of fence can be found here: perimtec.com

This style can fit in very well with modern homes and look great in many suburban neighborhoods as well as more rural ones. The metal accents are usually black, which combines the previous idea of mixing contrasting colors on your fence.

15. Wooden Fence with Metal Wire Design

If you don’t want to get too crazy with your fence design but want something extra, this would be something for you to look at. The simple addition of a small design near the top of your fence door makes it stand out from that of your neighbor’s fences.

Wooden fence with metal wire design

Check out this type of wood fence project: pinterest.com

It’s a small addition but it makes a big impact. You still have all of the privacy that a standard fence offers you as well. You don’t have to sacrifice your privacy and security to have a bit of decor on your fence.

Your Turn to Choose a Wooden Fence Design Idea

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a wooden fence to suit your style and the atmosphere you’re trying to create in your yard. You can opt for a more untraditional design with latticework or with corrugated metal. You could stick to a more traditional design as well, but design it in a slightly more modern tone.

The fence is the entryway to your property, so it must show who you are and what’s important to you. You can choose complete privacy or you can beautifully adorn your fence with various plants and decor.

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