Best Electric Staple Gun [2020 Review]

A man uses a cordless staple gun on upholstery

When it comes to staple guns, many people prefer electric over pneumatic and manual models. There are many good reasons for this. With the best electric staple gun, you enjoy versatility, save time, and get great results with minimal effort. This can handle small scale DIY tasks to huge professional projects like carpet installation, upholstery, …

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How Does a Nail Gun Work

Man using a nail gun in his woodworking

A trusty hammer is an important part of the workman’s tool kit, but when you have a large job to do, a nail gun will save time and energy. With the press of a trigger, a nail is rapidly inserted into wood. No need to worry about hammering the top at an odd angle or …

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Best Pin Nailer [2020 Review]

nails best pin nailer on the market

High quality, accurate pin nailers bring a world of convenience to your woodworking projects. You’ll be able to quickly fasten pieces together, holding them in place until your glue dries. This makes it so that you can move quicker, but also have more precision in the finished product. The top pin nailers combine power and …

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