Best Electric Staple Gun [2020 Review]

A man uses a cordless staple gun on upholstery

When it comes to staple guns, many people prefer electric over pneumatic and manual models. There are many good reasons for this. With the best electric staple gun, you enjoy versatility, save time, and get great results with minimal effort. This can handle small scale DIY tasks to huge professional projects like carpet installation, upholstery, …

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Best Multimeter for Electronics Technician [2020 Review]

A small multi-meter for use by an electronics technician

A multimeter is a must-have device for electricians. The device helps measure circuit continuity, temperature, capacitance, inductance, and conductance. Rather than purchasing separate measuring devices, professional electricians consider it convenient to look for a multimeter with different features which suits their needs. With a multimeter, you can keep an eye on your electronic appliances to …

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What is a Jointer Used For

A freshly used jointer with remnants of sawdust on its body

Picking up wood from the hardware store or lumber depot for a project can often cause disappointment. Unless you are paying extra for wood that has already been milled, you are bound to come home with wood that is slightly (or sometimes even extremely) bent, twisted, cupped, or otherwise warped. The short answer to the …

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How Does an Impact Wrench Work

An impact wrench with screws and bolts laid on the table

When presented with a situation where you need more force and torque than you can get from a standard wrench, an impact wrench is a good alternative. This power tool is especially useful in removing bolts that are too hard to remove with a hand wrench. How does an impact wrench work? Knowing this can …

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How Does a Nail Gun Work

Man using a nail gun in his woodworking

A trusty hammer is an important part of the workman’s tool kit, but when you have a large job to do, a nail gun will save time and energy. With the press of a trigger, a nail is rapidly inserted into wood. No need to worry about hammering the top at an odd angle or …

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Cut Off Tool vs Angle Grinder

An angle grinder cutting through metal

Cutting and sharpening metals is certainly a challenge, but it’s the kind of challenge we like. However, for it to be efficient and enjoyable, it needs the right tools. Here’s where it gets tricky; the market is saturated with tools. The abundance of options makes it extra hard to find the one suited for your …

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Best Torpedo Level [2020 Review]

Yellow torpedo level

A torpedo level is a must-have tool for professionals, enthusiastic DIYers, and homeowners. Whether you want to hang a picture or install a conduit correctly, this tool will get the job done precisely. However, if you are not using a high-quality level, you may be selling yourself short and making your projects more difficult than …

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Best Biscuit Joiner [2020 Review]

A biscuit joiner is an essential tool that will help you join two pieces of wood accurately and quickly. The best biscuit joiner will enable you to join the pieces using less effort and time than it would take you to join them manually. It’s also the perfect tool for professionals and hobbyists that want …

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