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How To Treat Wood - post thumbnail

How To Treat Wood

Rot, insects, and moisture threaten the integrity of wood. Lumber yards regularly treat wood to protect it from these vulnerabilities, but you can also treat wood at home.  In this article, you’ll learn the best methods for protecting wood, no matter how you’re using it or what you need to protect against. We’ll teach you…

Shellac vs Polyurethane - post thumbnail

Shellac vs Polyurethane

When it comes to finishing woods, the options can be overwhelming. If you’re trying to decide whether to use shellac or polyurethane on your next project, you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, we’ll introduce you to these two finishes and compare their qualities. We’ll review both similarities and differences, and define the…

Shellac vs Lacquer - post thumbnail

Shellac vs Lacquer

Shellac and lacquer are common wood finishes that can be applied by any DIYer with the right technique. But how do you decide between them?  In this article, we’ll explain the properties, history, and applications of each finish. Then, we’ll review the similarities and differences before revealing the major differentiating factor. Finally, you’ll learn when…

Varnish vs Polyurethane - post thumbnail

Varnish vs Polyurethane

In this article, learn more about varnish and polyurethane, including their similarities and differences. We’ll also share the major differentiating factor between varnish and polyurethane, when to use each kind of finish, and which is best overall.  What Is Varnish? From a purely technical standpoint, a varnish is any finish that contains a resin and…

How To Remove Solid Stain From a Wood Deck - post thumbnail

How To Remove Solid Stain From a Wood Deck

Solid stains are used on wood decks to protect them, while also adding color to the wood. With time and exposure to the elements, these stains inevitably degrade. When it’s time to refinish your wooden deck, read this article to learn how to remove every trace of solid stain. Removing Solid Stain From Wood Decking…

How To Thin Polyurethane - post thumbnail

How To Thin Polyurethane

Polyurethane that is too thick won’t spread well. It also takes a long time to cure and leaves behind unsightly bubbles and wrinkles. We’ll explain when you should thin polyurethane, and when it’s better to leave it as is. You’ll also learn what can be used to thin polyurethane, and get step by step instructions…

How To Sand Polyurethane - post thumbnail

How To Sand Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a layered finish that is applied in multiple coats. Sanding between coats promotes adhesion and a smooth finish. In this article, learn how to sand polyurethane between coats, how to prepare wood to receive polyurethane through sanding, and whether or not to sand your final coat of poly.  Sanding Wood to Prepare for…

Shellac vs Varnish - post thumbnail

Shellac vs Varnish

Finishes are used to seal, protect, and beautify wood. Two popular finishes are shellac and varnish. In this article, we’ll review the qualities and properties of both shellac and varnish. We’ll also explain the similarities, differences, and the major distinguishing factor between these finishes. Finally, we’ll tell you when to use shellac, when to use…

How To Varnish Wood - post thumbnail

How To Varnish Wood

Varnish is a liquid finish that cures to a hard gloss. It is naturally transparent, though some varieties have an amber glow. Varnish is used to protect and seal wood furniture, objects, and constructions, and to enhance the natural grain of the wood. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right varnish…

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