38 DIY Pallet Wood Signs to Make and Create

A rustic love pallet sign

Creating a wooden pallet sign is a great way to introduce a chic and rustic hanging into your home. While there are simple designs you can make, such as an inspirational quote on a wood-stained background, there are also so many other ways you can create fantastic homemade pallet signs. Keep reading to see some …

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How to Build a Wood Table for Your Dining Room

pinterest how to build farmhouse dining room table

The project was to build a DIY dining room table. We had just moved to a new home, and so we didn’t have any money to buy furniture. With this newer, larger home, we had a huge dining space, and our dining room table was tiny. Not only did the old dining room table look …

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50 Small Wood Projects That Are Simple and Easy

50 beginner home DIY woodworking projects

​We’ve put together 50 different simple home wood projects ​for you to tackle today. These small wood projects plans might surprise you with how easy to follow they are, even for beginners. Small Wood Projects 1. Wooden Cup Holder Sofa Sleeve This wood cup holder goes perfectly on your sofa’s arm. Check out the small …

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22 Different Types of Saws and their Uses for DIYers

chainsaw for cutting and sawwing

If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. When it comes to equipping your home workshop with an assortment of cutting tools, it is best to understand what the different types of saws are and how they can be beneficial to your woodworking jobs. …

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25 Awesome, Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids of all Ages

Mom and kid working on an easy project

Introducing children to ​wood projects ​is a fantastic idea, no matter what age they are. Your kids will learn how to build and create while working with their hands, boosting confidence while simultaneously making something of use. Enjoy our top 25 easy wood projects for kids. List of Children Woodworking Projects Dive into our favorite …

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5 DIY Ways for How to Repurpose a Dresser Mirror

Woman looking at her reflection in a mirror that is leaning against the wall on top of a table

Mirrors create a sort of magic in any room. They add appeal and style. They’re also great at making any room look bigger and brighter. Do you have a mirror that’s begging for a new look? It could be an old mirror that you’re fond of, but don’t use any longer. Or maybe it’s something …

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4 DIY Dog Fence Ideas [How to Build]

A dog sits with his paws on a pallet wood fence

If you are a dog owner, chances are you are looking for pawsome DIY dog fence ideas to contain your dogs. This is probably because you want your dogs to have their off-leash time, stay close, and be active, healthy, and safe. If these are some of your goals related to your dogs, you may …

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20 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Complete candle making kit

With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure is definitely on when thinking about how we can make our loved ones feel extra-special this holiday season. When dealing with a long Christmas shopping gift list, the hassle of going to malls to shop can be exhausting.  But don’t fret. With every problem, there is a …

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How to Paint Metal File Cabinets and Lockers

newly painted metal cabinet for decor how to paint metal cabinets

Re-purposing or sprucing up metal cabinets is a trendy way to add unique pieces to your home. Want to try out this cool trend? Keep reading to find out how to paint metal cabinets, file cabinets, and even lockers. The ​Best Paint for Metal Cabinets You have your project, but now you need paint. What …

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How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed for Cheap with these Budget Tips

A raised garden bed filled with dirt and planted lettuce

There are many reasons why a raised garden should be your landscape’s next modern upgrade. It’s easier to work with. It eliminates the often problematic back pain experienced with gardening on the floor level. It can be built so your plants require less water to survive. Building a raised garden bed can be expensive to …

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20 Simple DIY End Table Projects to Build

Re purposed clock end table

An end table is an expression from the 1850s referring to a small table placed either beside a chair or at the end of a sofa. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having something you made yourself.  Do it yourself projects let you make use of all available materials you have and create something purposeful. Here …

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15 DIY Christmas Decorations For Outside

Festive standing joy door letters decor

For most of us, Christmas is one of the most-awaited times of the year. There’s always so much to do before the holidays. One of the best ways to enjoy and celebrate the festive season is to dress the exterior of your home for Christmas. Here are some collections you will surely love if you …

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