Every woodworking job requires the right tools. We will help you find the perfect saw that will make any job look easy and it will also give you the satisfaction of the job well done.

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Scroll Saw from

​Scroll Saw Guide

​Scroll saws allow you to perform intricate cuts, navigating tight angles and curves. Without the best option, you're stuck redoing your work. We highlight the top models in our buying guide review...

Band saw for

​Bandsaw Guide

​Band saws are particularly useful for helping you with big projects, and allow you to make technical cuts like resawing. We go through and highlight the highest performers and safest options for your selection...

Jigsaw for

​Jigsaw Guide

Jigsaws create ​both straight and curved cuts so you can finish a wide variety of DIY tasks. If you’re planning on purchasing a jigsaw, ​we highlight the best brands and models to help you get your job done quick and easy...

Table Saw for

​Table Saw Guide

​Every serious woodworker and DIYer needs a table saw to make complicated cuts like ripping wood. However, it is vital to consider all of the attributes of these saws, including their safety features. We review the details here...

Tile Saw for

​Tile Saw Guide

​If you have a home project that involves cutting tile, chances are you're looking to pick up a tile saw. Our reviews will ensure you pick up a tile saw that is all together accurate, easy to use, and fits in your budget...

Pin Nailer for

​Brad Nailer Guide

​No one ever needs a brad nailer when you are just getting started, but they fast become an essential tool as you progress. We highlight what to consider when you're looking to pick up this highly proficient tool...


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chainsaw for cutting and sawwing

​11 Different Saws (And Their Uses)

​If you're just getting started in the DIY world, you need to learn about the most popular saws and when to use each one. We go through the 11 most popular and important saws, ranging from the simple coping saw and hacksaw, to the easy-to-use jigsaw and mitre saw, all the way up to the complicated bandsaw and table saw...

​Come get an overview on all of the different saws you'll want to add to your repertoire...

​28 Free Scroll Saw Patterns 

​The scroll saw is one of the easiest saws to pick up and start using. If you're looking for some free patterns to practice your scroll work on, we've collected 28 scroll saw patterns. These plans spread in difficulty from beginner to advanced, ensuring you have plenty of opportunity to grow your scrolling skills. 

​Come browse and find your favorite scroll saw pattern to try out...

The history of a scroll saw dates back four to five centuries
picture frames diy band saw projects

​27 Fun DIY Bandsaw Projects

​While typically thought of as a tool just for resawing, the band saw can actually perform a wide range of cuts that span across simple to complicated. Learn how to put your band saw to work with these fun, simple DIY projects that you can tackle today...

​Come see the various things you can build with your bandsaw in our article...

​How to Cut Plexiglass

​Plexiglass is used for a variety of situations, as it is strong, shatter proof, durable, and easy to cut. We walk you through how to cut plexiglass with a variety of different saws, such as the jigsaw, bandsaw, and table saw. You'll learn how to saw through plexiglass in a safe and efficient manner...

​Come learn the best way tot cut through plexiglass with your saw of choice!

cutting plexiglass with jig saw

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