20 Simple DIY End Table Projects to Build

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An end table is an expression from the 1850s referring to a small table placed either beside a chair or at the end of a sofa. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having something you made yourself. 

Do it yourself projects let you make use of all available materials you have and create something purposeful. Here are several ideas to help you start your DIY project:

Classic End Tables

Simple Sofa Tables

If you are a coffee lover who prefers to enjoy coffee while on a couch, Heather’s Handmade Life shares this one-of-its-kind DIY end table. The great thing about this is that it can be put over the armrest of your sofa or couch.

White coffee mug on a wooden sofa table

Here are the instructions: www.heathershandmadelife.com

Rustic End Table

Ask your neighbor for that slice of tree stump for this DIY end table. Pair it with hairpin legs to complete that rustic look for your living room or bedroom. It spices up the nature vibe you want for your home.

A tree stump slice end table beside an orange chair

Check it here: www.ehow.com

Natural Tree Stump Table

If you want the easiest way to have an end table with no woodworks, mountings, or attachments with glue, this is the best idea for you. First, grab a tree stump. Either paint it or use some varnish and you’re ready to display that end table you made.

A cozy table setup with a gray chair and tree stump end table

See it here: www.justinecelina.com

Upcycled Wooden Box End Table 

Many would throw those shipping crates away. But, if you see this upcycled wooden box end table by Stephanie, you might also want to keep and even make some wood pallet signs using them. Before that, you might want to remove the dust and cobwebs. Paint it or leave it as it is keeping its original look.

Sofa set with a shipping crate as a center table

Check it here: www.thecozyoldfarmhouse.blogspot.com

Colorful Copper Tubing End Table

This is an easy one to make because you will only need a copper tube, square-shaped material for a tabletop, and paint. This may look like a typical table. But, this is made out of materials you can find in your home.

Colorful square end table with copper tubing stand

See instructions here: www.designsponge.com

Plant Stand End Table 

Legs of this end table used to be a rusty plant stand. When mounted with a wooden tabletop, it becomes a functional end table. Spray paint it if you want and put potted plants on it. Use it either outdoors or indoors depending on what you want it for.

Succulents on a wooden tabletop

Take a look here: www.smileandwave.typepad.com

Stylish End Tables

End Table With Curved Legs 

If you’re stylish enough and into woodworks, this end table is for you. You can be as creative as you want in designing the legs for this end table. Draw, cut, assemble, and you are done. A little bit of furnishing and paint will make this standout from the rest.

Front porch sofa set with an end table with curved legs

See instructions here: www.hertoolbelt.com

End Table with Built-In Ice Bucket 

Want to save time going back and forth the kitchen to get your drinks? The Handy Man’s Daughter gives you an idea of a built-in ice bucket for indoor and outdoor use. This end table is truly a time-saving and space-saving idea. Save even more space with and check out this DIY wine rack.

Bottles of beer in a table with built in ice bucket

Go and check this out here: www.thehandymansdaughter.com

Metal Milk Can End Table

This is an impressive DIY table idea from Etsy which is made from a metal milk can and a round-shaped wooden tabletop. This end table has a rustic look which adds a vintage ambiance to any room where you put it. 

Makeshift end table with metal milk can base

Follow instructions here: https://dreamingofourhomestead.com/

Modern Hexagon End Table

Lindi and Russel of Love Create Celebrate shared this chic DIY project you are looking for. This is perfect for your daughter’s bedroom or even for the living room. Forget those typical-shaped tables and create one of this table with a unique hexagon shape.

Girls bedroom with a gray chair and white side table

Get the instructions here: www.lovecreatecelebrate.com

Copper Pipe Himmeli End Table

Pipes can also be turned into end tables. Home Depot showed that pipes are not only meant to be used for plumbing, they can also be used to create a stylish look for your home. Assemble them in any himmeli shape you like. 

Coffee table setup with a white chair and bronze side table

Get your inspiration here: www.blog.homedepot.com

Wire Bin End Table

Practically anything can be made into something such as this wire bin from Target. Lindsay shared an easy DIY end table you can make in just a few hours. Rush to the nearest local store, grab that wire bin, mount a wooden table top, and it’s all done.

A step by step procedure of how to make a wire bin end table

Find more about this project here: www.seelindsay.com

Leather and Metal End Table

Have you thought of leather and metal going perfectly together?  Check this leather-and-metal end table made by Emily Henderson. The leather is used as a tabletop while the metal is used for its legs. While the black leather matches the copper-colored metal, you can still create your own combination.

A black cat sitting under a metal end table

Take a look at this project here: www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com

DIY Brass End Table

This DIY brass side table shared by Emma of A Beautiful Mess is a solution to a problem we can relate to. They first create this to make space for their plates and cups after dinner while watching their favorite shows. If you want one, check what Emma did.

Blue chair with two brass side tables

Get inspiration here: www.abeautifulmess.com

Budget-friendly End Tables

Rope End Table

This kind of end table is easy to make because the materials needed can also be seen in any household. With just a rope and any cylindrical shape container, like a can or a concrete forming tube, you can have your own rope end table. 

Cozy living room setup with sofa and white round center table

Check it here: www.meetmeinphiladelphia.blogspot.com

Library Card Cabinet End Table 

Even a library card cabinet can be upcycled into both an end table and a storage space. This is perfect for people who like to organize things. If you stumble upon a cabinet like this, you might want to keep it and turn it into an end table too.

Library card table upcycled into a living room end table

Get instructions here: www.thepaintedhive.net

Step Ladder End Table 

Thinking about what to do over the weekend? Your old wooden step ladder can be turned into an end table. Pair it with a piece of glass as the table top and an old license plate tag can complete its look. Show that creativity by making yours now.

Makeshift table made of old

Get full instructions here: www.neeleysknits.blogspot.com

Bar Stool End Table

Turn that old bar stool sitting around your storage house into a classic end table. It is perfect for a clutter-free reading night with a lower shelf at the bar stool’s leg rests.

Bar stool end table with an antique clock resting on top

Check this project here: www.highstylerestyle.com

Repurposed Clock End Table 

Large dysfunctional clocks can serve another purpose such as a table top. You can also use that broken table you are thinking about throwing away. Check out this Repurposed Clock Table by Homeroad. Attach the clock to the base of the broken table. Try making one now.

Side table made of an antique clock

See full instructions here: www.homeroad.net

Shutter Console End Table

Who would have thought that a simple shutter can be used as a table? This shutter console table is a must-have for every home. All you need is a hammer, nails, hinges and screws to assemble this easy project. 

Shutter console end table with baskets sitting on top

Find more of this project here: www.hgtv.com

If you are new in making DIY furniture projects, it may seem that you never know where to start. These ideas from others can inspire you to start. You can start from scratch and build something today, then perhaps move on to making chairs and bar stools that would complement your DIY table.

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