41 DIY Pallet Wood Signs to Make and Create

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Creating a wooden pallet sign is a great way to introduce a chic and rustic hanging into your home. While there are simple designs you can make, such as an inspirational quote on a wood stained background, there are also so many other ways that you can create the perfect DIY pallet sign to personalize your home.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite projects that you can create with little to no DIY experience.

A rustic love pallet sign

Getting Started

These really straightforward and easy to follow DIY projects are a great place to start when you are building your first pallet sign or if you need some clarity on a certain step as you are crafting. Make sure that you start here before you begin your next pallet wood project.

1. Simple DIY Pallet Signs Instructions

This is a really detailed DIY pallet sign that is a great place to start in order to get a full breakdown of how to pull apart the pallet, remove the nails, trim the boards to size and then reattach them to create the sign base. You may also use a stainable wood filler if needed.

​This simple pallet would go great along with your ​gun storage cabinet if you wish to disguise it as something else.

Chestnut club pallet sign

This step by step instruction post also has a bunch of pictures, to show you each step that you will go through in the breakdown and rebuild of the pallet. We also love the section about how the paint will look on the sign if you opt to paint, stain or even leave it natural.

Get started here: www.thediyplaybook.com

2. Long Quote Pallet

This DIY pallet was put into the getting started section to give you some great tips on how to map out and place a longer quote evenly on the board. You can also use these tips for any length quote or freehand design to make sure that you center everything. (Hey, you can even resize one of our scroll saw patterns for your project.)

Quote pallet

The creator uses painters tape to create straight lines on the pallet. This gives a guide to where the letter should sit to fill the entire space as well as to make sure that they stay even and don’t angle up or down unintentionally.

Check out this DIY tutorial: www.theturquoisehome.com

Painted Pallet Sign Designs

Below are some of our favorite DIY pallet signs that are created with painting and decals. Each design offers something a little different, so that if you have a quote already in mind then you can pick a pull some inspiration from the pieces below.

3. Two Toned Quote

We love this two for one painted quote that you can make from a pallet. It gives you a long quote with a shorter one painted a different color in the words to give you a dual message on one sign.

Color blocked text

You can choose any complementing colors to do this project or pick a different saying to do this two color sign in. Don’t worry about wasting your paint – you can always use it for repainting the deck in your backyard.

See the finished product here: www.bloominghomestead.com

4. For Sisters

This DIY pallet sign is a great gift for your sister. The pink wood distressing effect is really easy to do, even if you have never tried to distress before. Paint the wood with the pink matte color first and then, once it is dry, you will paint the entire sign white.

Sister pallet

Once the white layer is fully dried you will use a light grade of sandpaper to rub the wood sign to easily lift the white and show the pink underneath. While you want the distressed look, make sure that you allow both layers of paint to fully dry, because if they are still wet when you begin distressing the paint won’t rub right and instead will chip off in large chunks.

Check out this great sign here: www.ithappensinablink.com

5. Favorite Love Story

Love pallet sign

The included link to this beautiful DIY pallet is for buying, but with the above tutorials we have shown you, then you can easily make this one at home. You will place the broken down and trimmed boards together with the top woodworking tools and equipment then use ​black paint for the first layer.

Follow-up with a thick white coat for the letters, if that is the color you want. Modge podge the letters onto the white background and then paint the entire board grey. Once everything is fully dried, peel up the letters and then use some light sandpaper to distress the top, bottom and sides to reveal the black base coat.

See the inspiration here: www.aimeeweaverdesigns.com

6. Reverse Pallet Sign

Welcome pallet sign

What sets this DIY sign apart from the rest is that the small sideways securing boards that are usually on the back are utilized as part of the front design.

This layout gives your pallet sign a caged look that puts the words between the two securing bars.

Instead of modge podging the single cut out letters on one color of paint while you paint another color over them, this DIY task demands that you keep the natural wood look as the background.

To only paint the letters you can hand paint them after tracing with a light pencil on the wood, or you can use a vinyl stencil.

Check out this great project here: www.u-createcrafts.com

7. Monogram Sign

Personalize your home decor with this striking family name sign. This DIY craft is easier to complete than you would think. All you need is a pallet sign base, printed out paper letters for tracing and some paint.

S pallet sign

Never underestimate the power of being able to lightly trace the design on wood before you freehand paint. These easy to do guidelines give your painted crafts the structure and beautiful design that they need without worrying about making mistakes once you are using paint.

Set this on a table as a decor piece along with some of our homemade DIY mason jar crafts.

See the instructions for this sign here: www.whatsonmyporch.com

8. Snow Inspiration

Get ready for some winter fun with this really cute and Frozen inspired sign to set or hang around your home. The white words on a dark wood design really bring out the rustic beauty of having a wood pallet sign.

Let it snow pallet sign

The design for this cut out stencil was made from a cricket and utilizes freezer paper stencils which is cool to try.

Take a look here for the instructions: www.livelaughrowe.com

Bonus: Take your DIY Christmas decor to the next level with our holiday scroll saw patterns!

9. Hung with Ribbon

There is just something about adding a touch of ribbon to a pallet sign that gives it a softer design element and also makes it easy to hang. Adding in a twine or fabric ribbon is easier that you might think so don’t skip this idea if you like the look.

Laundry hanger pallet sign

You can attach ribbons one of a few ways. Use hot glue to attach the ribbons or twine on the back for a lighter attachment that can hold signs that aren’t too heavy. You can also use a drill bit to make a hole at the top of the pallet for fitting the ribbon through or you can tie ribbon to picture frame loops that are screwed into the backing.

Check out this tutorial here: www.littlebitofpaint.com

10. Chalkboard

We love the color contrast of the black chalkboard paint with the bright turquoise lettering for the days of the week. You can easily achieve this look by painting the turquoise first, modge podging the stencil letters down and then painting the entire sign in chalkboard paint.  

The creator also mentioned a must know seasoning tip to make sure that the first words you place on your chalkboard don’t stay shadowed on there forever. Once the chalkboard paint has fully dried, turn a piece of chalk sideways and color in the entire area. Erase it all away and now the chalkboard is seasoned, repeat this process once every 2-3 months to ensure words don’t stick.

See the instructions here: www.thewoodconnectionblog.com

11. Biking

If you enjoy biking or the chic look that biking pictures bring to a room, then this is a great DIY project for you to try your hand at. We also love all the colors incorporated into the bike picture that really make it pop, and we feel that this would make a great gift to your significant other.

Bike pallet sign

If you don’t have a cricket machine or a stencil maker available then you can still do this craft. You will have to use letter stencils for the words, or freehand write them with a pencil before you paint. You can order this cute bike stencil if you don’t think your freehand drawing is as passable as your letters are.

​You’ve got to see this project here: www.aglimpseinsideblog.com

12. Porch Pallet Sign

Outdoor pallet sign

Instead of taking the pallet apart, instead you can opt to keep it in the original form and paint it.

Large pallet signs are great for outdoors on porches or perched up against the house if you can protect it from the elements there.

Keeping the entire pallet intact also gives you a much larger surface than you would have if you took the pallet apart and trimmed the boards down to a smaller size.

With this large canvas you can choose to paint it or keep it natural​, or you can even use it to warn outsiders of your dogs right next to the wooden fence for your pets.

See the inspiration here: www.remodelaholic.com

13. DIY Wall Art

DIY pallet signs are not always words or quotes. You can create beautiful simplistic artworks instead that give off a rustic yet chic look in your home.

Flower pallet sign

While this stunning piece was created freehand by someone with artistic talent, you can also opt to use a large stencil and some paint. There is also some room to add a smaller quote or maybe the family name at the bottom of this wall art.

Take a look here: www.persialou.com

14. Precious Hands and Feet

Get your little ones in on the pallet sign artwork by creating a forever hands and feet sign. We love how sweet and personalized this sign is for your little one, so that you can always remember how tiny their features were.

Feet love pallet sign

Make sure that you are using non-toxic paint on those precious hands and feet, especially for little ones who are going to have those appendages in their mouths within minutes of this being done.

See this sweet project here: www.inspirationalmomma.com

Single Board Designs

Pallet signs don’t always have to be multiple boards, instead you can create some really great signs with just a single board. These smaller boards are great for making slim signs that fit in shorter spaces life over door frames or above cabinetry and windows.

15. Single Board Dated Sign

Here is a project that is great for getting the most bang out of your single pallet, since it only requires one piece of wood. If you use this basic design you can make multiple pallet signs for around your home or make some gifts with the leftover.

Anniversary date pallet sign

This sign is as easy to make as the title sounds. You just need one board, cut down to the size you want, painted and then personalized with the quote or date that you want to put on it.

Take a look here: www.blesserhouse.com

16. Farmhouse Home Sign

This is a great sign to create for your home or shed that will really pop with an earthy look. We love how simple yet complex this finished design is thanks to a small greenery circlet that is the focal point of this home sign.

Wreath home pallet sign

To make this really easy DIY project you can stencil, freehand or even glue wooden letters onto a single pallet board. However, if you really want the greenery circle to have a full effect then we suggest you use paint for the other letters and skip the additional 3D letters.

If you want to learn how make your own shed from scratch, check out our guides:

See the project here: www.504main.com

17. Interchangeable Howdy

Wreath howdy pallet sign

If you loved the previous project but really wanted something more out of the circle wreath sign then this is the project for you.

The circlet can be designed for different seasons or themes so that you can switch it up to reflect your home’s decor or the current holiday.

The included circlet wreath inspirations cover Christmas​ among other holidays and even seasonal decor such as spring, fall, ​summer and more.​

You can also incorporate ​a wooden soccer ball or other round cutouts with a ribbon behind it for hanging on the board.

More on this DIY: ​theamericanpatriette.com​​​

18. Embroidered Sign

This really neat sign is unexpected when it comes to DIY pallet signs, but can be a really great piece in your home for years to come. It is also fairly easy to make as long as you have a small drill bit and power drill to create the small holes for the yarn.

Threaded hello pallet isgn

You will need to have the word that you want to use printed out on a piece of paper and use a punch awl to poke holes from the letters onto the wood pallet piece. This will be your guide for the drill bit to create the holes. 

Tip: You can print out the letters “USA” to serve as your home’s decor for independence day.

Take a look at the rest of the instructions here: www.mysocalledcraftylife.com

19. Welcome

Vertical welcome pallet sign

Not all signs need to be side to side, and we love this one that hangs vertically by a door or window. This lengthy single board sign is also great for small wall spaces or to help create a straight side for a picture wall that has ​ a lot of different picture frames already.

This DIY sign is really easy to make, all you need is a single pallet wood board, some paint and stencils if you are unable to freehand the letters. You can trace out the letters from paper, modge podge them over a base paint color or lay down a stencil that you can paint over.

Check out this great sign here: www.housebyhoff.com

20. Three Tiered

Just because you use one board doesn’t limit you to only saying one thing. With this great single board pallet sign you can bind each board together with some colorful felt or leather strips to create a saying or to name the people in your family.

Three tiered pallet sign

The ​material you choose is tied onto the ends to secure and hold each board in place. If it feels unstable you can add some hot gun to secure each board. Just because this is a three tiered project doesn’t mean that you are limited, you can use as many single board words as you need for the perfect craft.

Get your inspiration here: www.makingmanzanita.com

21. Vegetable Markers

Vegetable markers

For gardeners, this is a great and easy DIY set of signs that will help you remember what you planted and where. It is also a chic addition to any garden, just make sure that you have them posted where they will still be seen once your plants get big. ​Consider placing these beside your compost bins so you can have one set of plants per bin.

These veggie markers get their dreamlike white design by you painting a single stroke coat across the middle and then going back to paint feathering out strokes that extend from the middle. You can use gold letters, a gold painting pen or gold paint with a stencil to letter your markers. Since this project is really easy to make, you can add this to your list of outdoor projects to work on during the summertime.

Start crafting there here: www.iheartnaptime.net

22. String Art Welcome

String vase and flowers pallet sign

Add a little bouquet of joy with this great DIY string art welcome sign.

Similar to the previous tall and slim welcome sign, you will keep the board straight up and down, setting the letters on top of one another.

The string art design comes in the form of a string art vase that is perfect for holding flowers.

This is also a great season changing welcome sign since you can create small seasonal flower bouquets to fit in the sign.

This will be great to go with some string light decor for a great, intimate ambiance.

Take a look here: www.homedit.com

3D Pallet Sign Ideas

Words are great but sometimes the addition of a 3D element can really elevate your wood pallet sign to a more eye catching or functional piece.

23. Spooning

You can’t look at this sign without feeling joy or giggling just a little which is what makes this one of our favorites on the list.

Spooning pallet sign

The 3D effect of this DIY pallet sign is the spoons as well as the letters. If you don’t want to or have the setup to stencil your quote then you can opt for using pre cut wood letters. These letters can be easily stained or painted and glued onto your pallet sign.

You’ve got to see this design here: www.craftcuts.com

24. Twine and Pallet Sign

Using twine or a thick rope is a really out of the box way to add lettering to your DIY wooden sign without needing a stencil or to paint. Plus, it’s rustic design really matches well with a nice pallet bed that you can build on your own.

Love pallet sign

To make sure that you are outlining the words correctly, you will want to use a pencil or a piece of chalk. Just make sure that your choice of rope or twine is able to bend to the curves that you are making. Once your outline has been made, you simply hot glue and attach the twine little by little until you have created your design.

Get the instructions here: www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

25. Create

If you want a great pallet sign for your crafty space then this is exactly what you need to show off some of your skills. Instead of using a pre-made sign, you can create your own two to three pallet board sign easily with instructions from the first project on this list.

Create pallet sign

For the paint brushes, you can use older ones that have been well loved and painted with or use a few new ones from your overflowing stash. If you have kids, then they can help with creating paint splotches and splashes over the canvas as a fun addition to the creative sign.

See the instructions here: www.homedit.com

26. Spelling it Out

Vertical love pallet sign

This simple yet really neat sign is a great way to show your family and friends that you love them.

It can also be really cheap to make since most of it can be made from scrap pallet material and any leftover wood pieces.

The letters are made from simple shapes such as rectangles, ovals and triangles.

Nailing them into the board with a brad nailer gives this project an easy way to attach the pieces as well as offers a neat industrial tone.

Check out the plans for this project here: www.not2shabbydarling.com

27. Anchor

Anchor pallet sign

For nautical or seaworthy rooms, this anchor sign is a must have. It is a simple design that you can use a decal for or simply trace it from a printed out plan. Scroll saw plans are good too!

Keeping true to summer vibing colors, the blue and white pallet sign is sure to be a calming element to your home this summer to help chase away the cool weather blues.

Take a look here: www.thehappyhousie.com

28. Wood Cutout Family

The multiple color background of this wooden sign makes it one of our top picks on this list due to the simple yet stunning finished design. It is also incredibly easy to make, so you can make one for you and one for a friend, while displaying it beside a creative honeycomb shelf for decor.

Family pallet sign

To create this great sign, you will need to cut a few boards to size and then paint them all different colors. You can pick from the calming blue family like the project shown or brighten up the sign with some pink or coral pastels. 

Get started here: www.dreamingindiy.com

29. Spring Hello

Hello hanging pallet sign

This sign is a balanced blend of chic industrial and bright flowers to help you chase away the rainy spring days to help bring in the beautiful blooms.

This is also a really easy diy project that you can make in just an hour or two.

You can stain or lacquer the wood pallets to a darker color or choose your preferred paint as the base.

Once it dries you will attach your metal letters and then decorate around the letters with little bloom and butterflies.

See the inspiration here: www.twopurplecouches.com

30. Coffee Sign

This sign is perfect for the coffee lover in your life or for yourself. It doubles as a great coffee crate decoration above your brewer as well as a functional holder for cups.

Coffee pallet sign

While this craft has been made from a coffee crate top, you can easily recreate this project by putting three pallet boards together, attaching rustic hinges and using a coffee decal or stencil to make it a coffee company sign. A perfect match for your rustic pallet coffee table.

Take a look at the sign here: www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

31. For Socks

For those socks that get lost in the laundry, this is the pallet sign that you need to help them find their mate. To make this super simple DIY sign, you need some paint, a stencil for the letters and some clothes pins for holding the socks.

If you have a large family and have socks missing frequently then you can create a little pallet sign for each member of the family. Create cute phrases for each family member so that they know which sock rack is theirs.

Check out this cute sign here: www.100things2do.ca

32. Ombre Twine Hearts

Crochet hearts pallet sign

If you have some spare yarn around then this project is a fun afternoon craft that you can make with the kids.

Lightly staining the wood pallet is a great way to give it a soft backlight to the ombre hearts.

To create the yarn hearts all you need to do is wrap the yarn around a cardboard heart cutout. You don’t need to worry about wrapping the heart cutouts neatly, the messier the better with this project.

See this cute project here: www.growingupgabel.com

33. Ampersand

Ampersand pallet sign

Sometimes you don’t need words to convey a message.

The ampersand is a bundle of meanings that all have one true reason, to connect the people, places and words in our lives.

This is one of the simplest DIY pallet signs you can make and is easily one of the most elegant designs that you can add to your walls, and while it may often be confused with scroll saws, the jigsaw would be your best option for cutting the pallets.

With beginner friendly insutrctions, all you need is a basic pallet, some stain to keep it natural looking and a metal ampersand sign that you can nail or glue to the pallet once it is dry.

Take a look here: thecottagemarket.com

34. Functional Kitchen Sign

For a sign that fits in your kitchen, it should have a little function to help you get through the busy mornings, long afternoons and love filled family dinners. This sign has a little bit of it all to give you the rustic reclaimed wood feel with the functionality of a kitchen organizer.

Bakery pallet sign

Once you paint and add the personalized stenciling words of your choice, you can add in hooks or even leftover wine corks to ​hold your utensils or coffee cups. Serving as not only a decor but a pallet rack, you can even make a measuring sign that holds all of your mini measuring cups, so that they are easy to find.

Match this with your own rustic kitchen bar stools for the perfect look.

Find your inspiration here: www.hometalk.com

35. Laundry Rack

Laundry pallet sign

Keeping up with the functional pallet sign design, this wood and industrial piece is going to be your next must have DIY project.

The dual functionality of decor and a place to hang a few items to dry is a great way to help you maximize space in a smaller laundry room, but you might just have to bring out your socket organizer to help you put this together.

After painting and lettering the wooden pallets you will connect some industrial metal pipes to create a hanging rack.

Just make sure that you measure and test the distance with a hanger before you glue or nail the pipes in place. You can also add in some cork ​to the board where you can hang smaller items such as socks or underwear.

You’ve got to check this one out: www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

Modge Podge DIY Pallets

As previously mentioned, you can modge podge letters on these pallet signs in order to secure the simple paper decals while you paint over the area however, you can also use modge podge to adhere pictures and other types of paper to create beautiful pallet signs. Take a look at some of our favorites.

36. 3D Heart

Rustic heart pallet sign

This heart cut out is simple and beautiful, a great addition to any pocket door, wall, room or space in your home. We love the way the small pieces of the heart are put together like a puzzle.

You can paint each piece a different color and modge podge a letter or sheet music on one of the planks to give this heart something to say. You can also name each piece of the heart for the members of your family to make it a more personalized piece.

See the project here: www.scavengerchic.com

37. Map

Old map sign

Have you always craved the rustic and adventurous look that a hanging world map picture gives? Creating your own DIY map out of a pallet board may seem like an impossible feat, especially if you have little to no DIY experience.

This pallet map couldn’t be any easier to make. Once you have measured, cut and you will want to begin adhering your map. The creator really went for a rustic aged map so they cut a non straight line around the map and burned a few holes in it before apply the modge podge.

Get the full directions here: www.theidearoom.com

38. Joy

Great for the holidays and even for all of the seasons to remind you to keep Joy in your home. Depending on how often you want to have this DIY pallet sign up, you can consider different color designs instead of what is in the tutorial.

Joy pallet sign

For the modge podge step, you will want to find some colorful paper or designs that you can trim and apply to the 3D letters. Flip the letter on top of the paper you like and use an Exacto Knife to cut out the shape.

Follow the next steps here: www.surbabansimplicity.com

39. Vintage ​Wallpaper

Wallpaper printed palelt

Putting vintage floral designs from wallpaper onto wooden pallets to create art is one of the most beautiful designs on this list.

You could make it a standalone art piece or put a stencil over the finished design and add in a quote.

For the DIY part of this task, you will want to trim or rough up the wallpaper with a sander before you begin to modge podge it on.

The more ripped and damaged the paper, the more rustic or antiqued the finished project will be.

Find your inspiration here: www.1001pallets.com

40. Family Photo

Family photo on pallet

Instead of framing your next family photo or ordering a large canvas, you should use this trick to transfer the image onto a pallet sign frame. This DIY project is really easy and only requires a few prep steps to make it work.

The family photo needs to be printed out on plain paper and should be flipped so that it is backwards. You won’t be putting it on straight, but instead picture side down onto the wooden frame.

Take a look at the next step here: www.itsalwaysautumn.com

41. Poster

Air balloon painting on pallet

Give your favorite poster the reclaimed wood treatment and trust us you won’t be sorry. This is also a great idea for giving movie posters a rustic and worn look that will have your friends and family wondering how you got such a great movie prop.

For posters you will place the poster down onto a pre-modge podged pallet frame and then add another thick coat on the top.

The real magic of this project is to wait until it is dry to go back over it with an Exacto Knife to carve out the poster material from the space between the boards as well as in any natural wood cracks. 

It takes a little longer, but this extra step will make the poster really melt into the wood. Afterwards, you can coat with an additional sealant for extra protection.

Find your next project here: www.myfancyschmancylife.com

Start Getting Scrappy

So many of these projects can be made with little to no money thanks to the availability of used pallets at local home stores and grocery stores. Just make sure that while you are breaking them apart you clean the pallets to make sure that there is no leftover residue from their previous use.

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