23 Cheap and Easy DIY Pallet Beds You Can Build From Scratch

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Pallets are great for so many projects thanks to their sturdy design as well as the large amount of lumber that you are able to pull off of a pallet and reuse for other DIY builds around your home. Creating a DIY pallet bed is really easy to do and can solve your bed frame needs in only a few hours.

The DIY pallet beds below are a mix of simple pallet frames and more complex reclaimed wood designs. You can mix and match these projects to help you figure out what type of pallet bed you want to make for your home.

Teddy bear beside a pallet bed

DIY Pallet Twin Beds

For single sleepers and little ones, these twin bed pallet frames are a great fit and won’t take up too much room. They are also a great start to learning how to create pallet beds since they are smaller and require less build time.

1. Twin Pallet Bed for Drawers

This really simple twin bed pallet frame is easy to make as functions for some storage as well. The open concept underneath allows you to utilize the frame to place loose items neatly under it or you could make your own small drawers that fit inside of the openings.

Gren blanket over pallet bed

You should be able to make this pallet in a day or two. The longest part of the process is waiting for the paint to dry so that you can add another coat or finish putting everything together. Adding in the drawer pull bottoms gives you a neat and solid space to store things, even if you don’t finish the drawers.

Take a look at the project here: www.instructables.com

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2. Metal Railing

The dark metal end cap rails give this DIY pallet bed project an industrial look and we love it. While the original creators turned this into a pallet day bed, you could easily change the look to an everyday bed by not adding in the extra side pillows.

Pallet ped wtih a lot of pillows

The addition of wheels on the bottom makes this an easy to move bed frame that can travel to a different room or outside on a pretty day. You can opt to add wheels onto almost any pallet bed frame, as long as the frame is sturdy and braced for them, as well as you can leave wheels off if you don’t plan to move it around.

Get started here: www.prettyprudent.com

3. Sunken in Bed

Most of the pallet frames on this list were made for a mattress to sit on top of, this frame however is made for the mattress to sink into. This immersive bed frame gives you great side rails for setting a cup, book or midnight snack on, much like an end table or a stool.

Blue pallet bed frame

You should be able to make this great twin sized frame over a weekend due to the multiple steps and painting that is required. The creator suggests using euro pallets, since they are lighter in design, but only if you can find a few without paying a high cost. With a good old framing hammer and some pallets, you can finish this project in not time

See the instructions here: www.pallet-furniture.com

4. Twin with Room to Grow

White rustic pallet bed

The bed frame being made in this tutorial is large enough for a full size mattress, but the creator opts to use a twin so that they can utilize the extra space on the sides.

This is a great project if you already have a twin and want to upgrade to a full size bed in the future or if you would rather have the side space.

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We love that this DIY tutorial includes an easy to follow video of the bed frame being created.

It gives you a better visual of how pallet beds are put together and a few tricks that can help you along the way.

Check out the step by step instructions here: www.diyeverywhere.com

Full Size Do It Yourself Pallet Beds

For more room to spread out, take a look at these full size bed frame plans that you can create with pallets.

5. Simple Pallet Bed

It doesn’t get any easier than this, simply trim the pallets to fit to size and then attach them. You can use screws and wood glue (for a more securing hold) to connect the pallets together. We also love that this frame comes with an attached headboard that you can further customize to fit your style.

Pallet bed with two people in it

Get started here: www.instructables.com

6. Minimalist Bed

If you want the simple rustic elegance of a pallet bed without any extra additions or headboards, then this is the project for you. The pallet frame sits quietly under a full size mattress and has openings underneath for small items to be stored such as shoes.

Foot of a white pallet bed

This frame can be made with only a few tools, you will need a saw to cut the pallets as well as nails to secure them together. You can skip the paint and simply sand the frame down for a smooth and simple finish.

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Take a look at the plans here: www.thewonderforest.com

7. Pallet Bed on Wheels

Get ready to roll with this DIY pallet bed. Using wheels on the bottoms of pallet frames is a great way to make an easy to maneuver around bed without having to worry about rolling away during the night.

Pallet bed double size

This pallet frame design is really simple to make, all you need to do is secure two pallets together, paint them a fun color and then add wheels onto the bottom.

See the instructions here: www.wikihow.com

8. LED Light Bed

When the overhead lights turn out at bedtime, this bed has the ability to give off a soft glow throughout the night, eliminating the need for a nightlight or hallway light to be left on for a bathroom break.

High pallet bed

We love the idea of having a built in nightlight under your bed and a pallet frame gives you the perfect opportunity to do so, thanks to it’s open concept design on the bottom. Using LED string lights is a must for this DIY bed since these types of lights do not get too hot or overheat when left on for long periods.

​You’ve got to see this one: www.instructables.com

9. Bed with a Headboard and Footboard

We love pallet headboards on beds, just because of the beautiful reclaimed look it gives any bed, whether pallet based or not. That is why we added this one to the list, since it has a built in headboard and a footboard. Did we also mention that is lights up too?

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Pallet bed with print

Despite all of the frills of this pallet based bed, it fairly easy to construct and can be finished in about a day or two, depending on how long you need to wait between coats of paint. The original creator only painted the bottom frame and left the head and footboard a natural wood color.

Take a look at the DIY tutorial here: www.junkmarketstyle.com

10. Bed with Pull Out Drawers

If storage is what you need, then this DIY pallet bed design will give you some extra drawer space for your things, and you can think of it as an extra pallet shelf. The two pull out drawers are a good size to hold clothes, shoes or other items under your bed securely.

Pallet bed with drawers

The frame is built and measured around the size of your current mattress. You can adjust this to fit a full, queen or king sized bed. You will need to take your pallets apart and them use the reclaimed wood from them to do most of the build. Keep a good socket organizer on hand for this project

Get the Material list here: www.homesteadlifestyle.com

And the Step by Step instructions here: www.1o1pallets.com

Queen and King Size Bed Options

These pallet frames are perfect for queen and king sized beds, so that you can enjoy the rustic charm of a reclaimed wood bed.

11. Simple Queen Pallet Frame

This upcycled bed was made from the bottom legs of an old wrought iron IKEA bed and a few wooden pallets. If you don’t have any iron legs then you can still make this simple bed frame with wooden blocks as legs, or you can add castor wheels.

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Pallet bed photo

The frame for this bed is large enough to accommodate a king size bed, as well as a queen with a little extra room on the sides for setting a book or your phone. If you don’t want the extra length for a king then you can adjust the measurements to fit your queen size mattress.

Underneath the frame has been left open and it is high enough off of the floor so that you can easily use it for storage. ​If you have a lot of scraps, you can even use that as additional wood for a pallet coffee table project.

Get the instructions here: www.hodgepodgereel.com

12. Queen Sized Bed

If you want to put together a pallet bed frame in a few hours then this easy DIY pallet bed frame is one you will want to try. No pin nailing, screws, wood glue or even ​sockets needed to get started​.

Pallets used to build a pallet bed

You will need to measure your bed and then lay the four pallets out in a large square. Trim the pallets down with a miter saw or circular saw to fit the measurements and then place them where the bed will go. There are also a lot of really cheap table saw options you can find so  Due to the heaviness of the pallets and this bed frame not being raised, you can save time and skip screwing them together. These pallets won’t move once the mattress is laying on top of them.

Take a look at the project here: www.instructables.com

13. King Pallet Bed

This oversized on the bottom pallet will fit your king sized bed and still give you a small step up on the edges. This is great for kids, pets and you if you want an easier way to get in and out of bed in the mornings.

Pallet bed with red pillows

We also love how the creator added stick on carpet on the top and around the bottom to give this DIY pallet frame a softer and comfier feel. This pallet project is about two full pallets high, so it lifts you off the ground so that you don’t feel like you are sleeping on the floor.

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See the finished project here: www.instructables.com

DIY Pallet Bunks and Lofts

If you are building a bed for two, or have been searching for a sturdy loft to build then these DIY pallet projects will give you the instructions and inspiration that you need to complete the project.

14. Pet Bunk Beds

Pets are part of the family too, and they deserve a really great DIY pallet wood bed other than their outdoor pallet dog house. We love the various different types of beds that are offered with plans, so that you can find the perfect fit for your home and your pets.

Dog pallet bunk beds

This is also a great starter project if you want to build large bunk beds for your kids or yourself. You can try your hand at creating these smaller bunk beds for your pets to see how they could hold up at a larger scale. ​

You’ve got to see these here: www.diyprojects.com

15. Tree House Bunk Bed

This bunk bed slash playhouse is way too cool to be able to be built yourself, right? Despite the different features it has going on, this bunk bed is moderately easy for you to create yourself. It just may take a little longer, but we are sure that your kids will think it is worth the wait.

You will need to disassemble your pallets and trim the wood to size with your tools. A jigsaw would be a better candidate for this rather than a scroll saw as the latter is better for intricate cuts. Create the outer frames for this bunk first and then you will begin to slowly fill it in. The tree house door or is a separate piece that will attach with hinges, making the top area easier to access while building, think of it as an inverted pocket door.

Take a look here: www.woodpalletsfurniture.com

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16. Loft Bed

Kid climbing pallet bed loft

We love the idea of adding small steps to a loft bed, making it easier for kids and adults to step up to a closer height to finish the climb into bed or just to tuck the little ones in.

This loft is a simple build, not requiring much in the way of a fancy design.

While this build may require some larger pieces of lumber and plyboard, you can still cut the price to make it down by using the reclaimed wood from left over pallets you used to create a dog fence. ​

The excess material to build the stairs, the standing platform, the bottom frame and the railing.

Get the full instructions here: www.ana-white.com

17. Bed with Bookshelf Ladder

Pallet bed with space underneath

This is the ultimate loft bedding for a college student or for the kid that likes to keep his books close by. One side of the ladder is a full bookcase while there are also plans for a second bookcase next to the bed with a hidden desk that pulls out of the lower bookcase.

The DIY pallet loft is created to look like a floating bed that attaches to the wall. Taking apart your pallets with some quality woodworking equipment, you will have plenty of wood to trim down and use for the bookshelves as well as the side ladder.

Check out the project here: www.instructables.com

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Surprising Pallet Bed Projects

These pallet beds are non-traditional but make excellent additions inside of your home and outside in the sun.  

18. Moon Crib

Pallet moon crib

This may be the cutest reclaimed wood bed that we have seen. It has been created with the wood from three pallets and seems pretty easy to do once you get the measurements for the frame.

Each board will need to be measured (twice for accuracy) and then cut to the right length. Since the lengths vary with the crescent shape, it may take a little longer to make, but this pallet based baby crib is sure to be a hit and will last for years to come.

You’ve got to see this one: www.apartmenttherapy.com

19. Toddler Bed

Smaller than a twin size bed, this toddler bed is the perfect fit for your little one. It also features a smooth stained reclaimed wood side rail to make sure that they don’t roll out of bed during the night.

Toddler pallet bed

Sadly, there are not anymore step by step instructions for this project, but with the pictures provided you should be able to piece together a good idea of how to build this toddler bed. The bottom uses 1.5 pallets for the base. The headboard, footboard and side railing are all pieces of wood attached to a longboard.

See the design here: www.handimania.com

20. Multi-Kid Bed

This extra wide bed is a great idea for a large family or multiple kids that sleep in the same bed, and can be considered a good indoor project. It is perfect for a vacation house or as a guest room bed if you have large families that come to see you.

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Three pallet beds

The creator uses euro pallets which are a rectangle shape versus the standard square shape of regular pallets. You can use either type of pallet to create this bed, you may just need to trim standard pallets to create the fit.

Take a look at this project here: www.99palletideas.com

21. Outdoor Bed Pallet Swing

Skip the hammock under a tree that has a high chance of flipping and isn’t always comfy to lie in. This DIY pallet swing fits perfectly under two trees or on a metal frame to give you the perfect spot for a summer nap in the warm breeze, perfect project to do in your backyard.

Outdoor pallet bed

The best way to measure this pallet swing is to go by the pillows or cushions that you will be using. It should take about two pallets, secured together by screws to create the base. A pin nailer can also do the job. You will need a few 2x4s to give the pallet base a good stability since it will be off the ground.

See the instructions here: www.themerrythought.com

22. Front Porch Pallet Swing

If you are looking for a large comfy front porch swing, then this pallet bed swing is going to be your next favorite project. The pallets screw together to create the bottom. You will need an extra pallet or two to create the back and side railing.

Pallet bed swing

Make sure that you use a stain or paint to finish off this DIY swing to make it front porch ready. Since it will be exposed to the elements you will want to make sure that the wood is protected.

Check out this great swing here: www.grillo-designs.com

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23. Dual Twin Sectional

These two twin beds convert to a simple sectional and then can be wheeled into place when company comes. We love this idea for a guest bedroom that is still functional when company isn’t coming.

Couch like pallet bed sectional

The two bed are created with a simple DIY pallet frame that is placed on wheels. The wheels are needed so that you can easily move the beds into place as well as put them back as a comfy couch to lounge on.

Take a look here: www.projectnursery.com

Before You Build

There are so many different ways that you can utilize pallets. Their pre made frame alone is sturdy enough to be a great base, while you can also take them apart to create additions to the bed or make a frame of your own design.

Most home improvement stores will give away or sell their used pallets for a low price so that you can make these beds for little to nothing.

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