Best Socket Organizer of 2019 [Comprehensive Review]

Close up of rows of socket organizers

You will never have just one socket, most sets will come with a minimum of 6-8 included sockets that you will need depending on the job, and that is in just one base size.

In order to better care for your tools you should find the best socket organizer that will fit your needs. Below are some of the best organizers on the market that you can choose from.

​Our Top Socket Organizer Reviews

​We’ve reviewed the 7 top socket organizers on the market. Each have different price points and features that they come with.

​Grip 6pc Socket Tray Set

​Plastic, durable and easy to place your sockets in, the ​Grip 6 pc Socket Organizing Tray Set is perfect for cleaning up your toolbox drawers. Each separate tray has socket size labels in the top and the correct size cut out to lay them on the side or stand each up.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • ​Capacity: 80 sockets
  • ​Build: Plastic

These trays have a tab for hanging on the wall however, the sockets are not held tightly in place and can fall out.

​Tekton 3/8-inch Drive Socket Holder and Organizer with 14 Clips

​Simple to use and able to hold up to 14 sockets, the ​TEKTOn Drive Socket Holder and Organizeris a great option for your 3/8-inch driver. Tekton also sells a Side Mount Ratchet and Extension Bar Holder so that you can keep your driver and sockets together.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 3/8"
  • ​Capacity: 14 sockets
  • ​Build: Plastic

This organizer has a patented twist-to-lock design that will secure your sockets and keep them from falling out and getting lost in the bottom of your tool bag. An added keyhole slot will mount to a wall or workbench so that you can keep your tools in easy reach.

While the price is great, the plastic body isn’t as sturdy and is prone to cracks. Also different brands of sockets don’t fit as well on the posts and won’t lock into place.

​Hansen Global 6pc Socket Storage Trays

​Dual rows of posts line this socket storage set. The socket size numbers are located at the top of each post in a clear white etching so that you can quickly find what you are looking for without having to read the metal socket. The ​Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Tray Setis perfect for keeping your tool chest tidy.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • ​Build: Plastic

There is a tab cut out in each tray for wall mounting these trays but the sockets do not have anything holding them locked into position. This also makes your sockets easy to grab and replace without having to use extra pressure.

One slight issue is that the posts can be too thick in places. This will not allow your socket to go all the way down the post no matter which way you try to fit it on the post.

​ML Tools ​Organizer for Sockets

​Two brightly colored trays come in the​ML Tools Socket Organizing Set set. Each tray can hold up to 45 sockets each. Also included at 288 ID stickers that you can place on the black bar to identify which socket belongs on each peg.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • ​Capacity: 45 sockets
  • ​Build: Plastic

This organizer boasts a Twist Lock design, so that you can set your socket down on the peg and twist it to the size to lock it into place. This keeps your sockets where they belong instead of gathering dust at the bottom of your tool bag while you search.

The plastic bodied set is better for tool chest drawers instead of on the go tool bags. With a full set of sockets on the pegs, the weight can make it a little more flimsy and susceptible to breaking or cracks when being moved around.

Olsa Tools 3-Piece Aluminum Organizer for Socket Sets

​The Olsa Tools 3-Piece Aluminum Organizer for Socket Sets set comes with three separate, thin rails that can hold up to 54 sockets. Each rail caters to one specific size (1/4th, 3/8th and 1/2 inch) and has removable clips.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • ​Capacity: 54 sockets
  • ​Build: Aluminum

On each clip is a spring loaded ball bearing that will hold your sockets firm and secure while making it easy to push them down or pull them off. The aluminum body makes this organizer set more durable and able to travel well.

There is no clear mounting hole on the socket rail set. While it will fit well in a drawer or in a tool bag, it is not ideal for hanging on a wall or pegboard.

​Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss

​Three socket organizing rails are included in this set from ​Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss. Included is a tray that the three customizable rails fit and snap into.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • ​Capacity: 45 sockets
  • ​Build: Plastic

For each rail you are able to choose how many twist and lock clips you want to add and then label them using the enclosed ID stickers. There are 15 sockets for each size (1/4th, 3/8th and 1/2 inch) set totaling 45 in all. Ernst also offers affordable socket wrench holding clips that you can substitute on the rails instead of using all sockets.

The body is primarily plastic that has not been reinforced with carbon, so there is limited flexibility in the rails alone when carrying them. However, the added tray offers a more stable portable surface so that you can take this socket organizing set out of the drawer and on the road.

​Tooluxe Universal 80pc Socket Organizing Set

​The ​Tooluxe Universal Socket Holders is made from tough steel and nickel plated steel to give you a heavy duty organizer for your sockets that won’t bend with the weight.

​Essential Product Specs:

  • ​Drive Size Range: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • ​Capacity: 80 sockets
  • ​Build: Steel

The clips are designed to hold the sockets with a tensioned tightness that keeps each socket secure while it is sitting in the drawer or hanging on a wall. A built in and sturdy handle on one end makes mounting this socket organizer to a wall or pegboard very easy. With the large open handle you could also hang it up while in the field.

While this organizing unit boasts an all metal body, it seems to lack strength and many of the pieces break easily. It is also not super compatible with the 1/4-inch sockets.

​Best Overall Socket Organizer

​In our opinion, the ​Olsa Tools 3-Piece Aluminum Socket Organizer proves to be the best socket organizer for at-home use or taking your sockets on the go.

This socket organizing set is made from aluminum, which we’ve found dramatically increases its life span over plastic. It comes with 54 sockets in total across ¼”, ⅜”, and ½” sizes.

​Features to Consider for Your Socket Organizer

​While seemingly pretty simple in design and make, socket organizers can come in all sorts of sizes and construction. We've outlined the features you should look into when you're going to purchase a new set.  These are also the same considerations you should make when ​creating your own organizer for sockets.

​Socket Storage Capacity

​This will really depend on what type of work that you do and what you need around the house. If you are a weekend DIYer, then a simple socket organizer is all you will need. Something more compact and easy to store in the drawer until you need it.

If your work or fixing up hobbies demand more then you will want to choose a socket organizing set that will give you the most versatility and socket holders so that you are not without any size.

Rows of metal sockets on an organized plastic tray


If you don’t have many sockets right now but know that you will begin to grow your collection due to your job or hobbies then it is a good idea to think ahead and choose a storage option that will fit you now and in the future.

​Mounting Ability

​This comes down to your own personal preference. Whether or not you want it stored away in a cabinet, or displayed like a picture frame, some people would rather be able to store or hide tools away while others (typically guys who have their own shop or tool area) would prefer to have their most used sockets out of the drawer and ready to grab.

A mountable socket organizer is one that has the pre-drilled peg holes in them and also features a locking mechanism. Make sure that any organizer that you plan to mount can hold your sockets without them getting loose or being able to slide out easily or you will have a mess on your hands, so you can easily take them while working on your wood project​.

If you are unsure about if you want to mount your sockets, then the best option is to have a smaller organizer for the pegboard and a larger set for your drawer storage. That way you can keep your go-to sized set out in the open for easy access and keep the rest of your sockets neatly organized in the drawer.

​Ability to Hold Sockets

​This is a very important design structure t​o consider. And, it really comes down to how you'll be storing and using your socket set:

  • If your sockets will be primarily sitting still in a drawer, encountering limited movement, then you don’t need the additional socket locking mechanism.
  • If your saws and tools are hanging or traveling with you then this locking mechanism is very important to consider.

You won’t want your sockets to fall off and get lost in the bottom or a tool bag or come off the wall and roll away on the floor. The same could easily happen with router bits when they aren't secured properly.

Top view of red socket set of organizers



​This factor also depends on how mobile you want your ​set of sockets to be. In a drawer, you don’t need to worry about the material as much as you will if you take the socket organizer on the road.

An organizer that is made strictly from plastic is going to have limitations on how durable it can be. Plastic organizers will have some flexibility when the weight of the tools is placed on it, however this simple material is prone to cracks and breaks.

Metal socket organizers have more durability, especially if you are going to take them to work. This type of organizer has a more stable body that doesn't bend too much with the added weight of your sockets

Overall Size

​For drawer storage, you may want to look at the multiple tray options, these trays can come in an array of lengths so that you can fit them around the shape of the drawer. Versus the other socket organizers that can be a uniform length, which can be nice but can leave space on the side of a wide tool drawer for all your tools.

On the go socket organizing is important but do you need the largest option available to carry sockets or can you get your job completed with a limited selection that won’t break the bank or your back with the added weight.

You also don't want to order a set that is too limited. Often, this type of organizer will leave you without all of your sockets, which can be particularly troubling when you're out on the go. However, if you primarily only use one or two sizes then a smaller organizer would work for you.

This also goes back to how much of a socket organizing selection will you need. There is no need to think that the ​top socket set is the largest one. Instead, you should figure out which size will meet your organizing needs.

​Portability and Flexibility

​The trouble with portability is when you load your socket organizer down with all these weighted metal pieces, it isn’t light. Depending on the placement, it won’t be evenly weight on both sides.

When you go to pick it up, there will need to be a flexible element so that your organizer won’t bend to the point of breaking. Plastic based organizers can be a little tricky when it comes to being portable. If you will be out in the field working, then opt for a more metal based organizer or one that offers a buil​t-in tray for added stability out of the bag.

A black socket organizer with tray


Also for portability, you will want to choose an organizer that offers a locking-in or secured holding mechanism. This is so that your sockets are not loose and rolling around your tool bag.


​As you already know, you get what you pay for. If a price seems lower than the average and sounds like a great product then it could be too good to be true.

That said, don’t just buy the most expensive ​one on the market and demand excellence from it. Chances are it could be the same product as the cheaper model with an inflated price... that isn't uncommon (unfortunately) with these types of products. 

​Questions to Answer

​When you are looking ​at socket organizer reviews, you should take the time to ask yourself a few questions first. This will help you narrow down what the right type of organizer is for you.

Will this organizer travel to work or stay in a drawer?
Do I have a lot of sockets that need organizing?
How versatile should it be for wall mounting versus drawer storage?
How much does the price impact my decision?

When you go through this base of questioning, you can see what features are important to what you need the ​organizing unit to do.

Several rows of sockets for a wrench set


​Types of Socket Organizers

​There are a few different types of socket organizers that you can choose from. This category primarily refers to the best way to store and utilize them.

​Pouch Organizer

​This socket holder design is also referred to as a socket roll. With this type of holder, your sockets will fit into tight nylon based loops that will hold them and your other tools securely.  

The pouch type will typically lay flat like an open napkin, this will give you access to see and pull out your sockets and tools. When you are finished you will take the bottom edge and begin to roll this pound up. The pouch will roll into an oblong roll that secures shut and has a handle for ease of portability.

Pouch style organizers are great for holding a lot while being able to roll into a smaller sized organizer. These type of organizers are also great in case a socket does come loose in transition, the rolled up body style should trap the socket in so that it doesn’t fall out.

​Magnetic Holder

​A magnetic socket holder is one that has a magnetic body or just parts that will aid in holding the sockets. Most of the magnetic socket holders will have the sockets slide into a grooved tunnel or be inserted into a half an inch deep hole.

This design allows the magnet to hold the socket in place while a snug fit provides an extra layer to keep the sockets from slipping out. Magnetic holders are a great simple based locking in protectant to keep your sockets from getting lost.

Close up of red magnetic socket holders with covers

​Rail System

​A rail based socket organizer is one that is primarily on a single rail like base. It can be made from plastic but generally needs some type of carbon or metal based blend to keep it flexible yet strong.

These types of organizers will have clips or pre-made socket studs that will anchor and hold the sockets in. With a rail organizer design, you will be seeing more socket posts that have a click to lock or a ball locking mechanism to keep the sockets from falling off it’s simplistically designed body.

The socket holders will easily clip on or off of the body. This allows you to be able to customize how many or how few sockets you want to add onto each rail. Some designs even incorporate a wrench holder clip that can be purchased separately so that you can keep your entire socket tool set together.

Some rail socket holders come with an additional tray to be stored in for additional support when you are carrying the rail set.

​Tray Container

Tray container socket organizers are primarily made for cabinets or drawers due to their lack of holding a tight grip on your sockets. Most trays will offer a plastic bodied base that is fully closed on the bottom with a lip that comes up and around the sides.

In the middle there are posts or small knobs that you will use to place your sockets down onto. These posts do not hold your sockets tightly and if tipped over, none if any sockets would stay in place. That is why this type of organizer is not advised for travel.

​Drawer Insert

​Not to be confused with the similar tray container, a drawer insert socket organizer is a cut out version of the above tray organizer. The drawer inserts will have open cut outs for the shape and size for the various sockets.

The cut outs are not very deep, maybe a quarter of an inch, just enough to secure the socket with still providing you plenty of above ground area to grip and lift.

A large array of sockets in a large red metal tool drawer

These type of organizers were made specifically for drawers and would not do well outside of one. This is because of the shallow cutout space, sockets can fall to the side and out of them if a drawer is rattled or jolted too heavily. Being inside the drawer, the rogue sockets could be quickly gathered and replaced without you needing to search far and wide.


There are many different brands and types of socket organizers on the market for you to pick and choose from. What it all comes down to is how you plan to use your sockets and the container that you use to house them​.