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9 DIY Gun Safe and Cabinet Ideas to Store Your Firearms

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Looking for a safe way to store your guns but don’t want to shell out a lot of money on an expensive option? These great DIY gun safes and gun racks will allow you to keep some money in your pocket and will also give you some pride in building your own solution.

DIY Gun Safes Ideas

An open gun cabinet from the wall

These safes have a locking mechanism built in so that you can keep your guns secure no matter who is around.

1. Easy Gun Cabinet

We love this really simple gun cabinet that not only is secure but is also pretty straightforward to make.

This makes it a great starter project for DIYers that don’t have a lot of hands on building experience.

Drawing on wooden planks for a project

To make this gun cabinet, the main things you will need are an electric drill, some drill bits, a good saw and plyboard.

You will also need to pick up a simple locking mechanism to install into the door to make sure that your guns stay locked away.

Check out the blueprints here: www.keepgunssafe.com

2. Hidden Cabinet in the Wall

Gun cabinet behind a frame

Skip the traditional gun cabinet and create a hidden cabinet in your wall to hold your guns. Creating this cabinet is just like ​installing a pocket door in the wall, and you’ll appreciate the tips you learn from adding one in your home.

Did we also mention that this behind a mirror DIY gun safe also has a secret keypad that you type through the glass to unlock the door?

While it may seem challenging, this project can be done in about a day if you haven all of the key components.

First you will need to cut a hole in your wall and then you will build a small box to be the gun cabinet out of 1x4s and plyboard. Spackle the area afterwards if needed.

Take a look at the rest of the easy to follow instructions here: www.instructables.com

3. Gun Rack Behind a Mirror

This is the ultimate in a hidden gun rack or secret storage for other important things in your home. While you may need to bust out your socket organizers for this project, ​you can still build it yourself by following the thorough instructions.

Gun cabinet beneath a mirror

The original DIY tutorial didn’t include a secure lock, but the creator has updated the article to include the instructions on how to add in a locking mechanism to make this a locking gun rack.

See the plans for this hidden gun rack here: www.sawdust2stitches.com

Hidden Gun Racks

While these gun racks don’t offer the security of a locked door, they do give you a hidden compartment to store your guns where most people won’t think to look.

4. Picture Frame

Picture frame with gun holder

This may be the coolest way to store your handguns (sorry shotguns and rifles not compatible).

If you have it high enough you can mostly make sure that your firearms stay out of reach from little ones, at least until they start crawling.

This DIY project is really easy to make, even for new DIYers. You will need a nice, painted picture frame, some additional frame pieces to thicken the picture frame (​or you can use a really good and cheap table saw to cut scrap wood) and long metal bars that will be the hinges to lift the picture frame away from the wall.

You’ve got to see this: www.diyeasycrafts.com

5. Floating Gun Shelf

Discreet gun holder

If you were feeling left out because you couldn’t hide your rifle behind a picture frame in the previous DIY project, then here is the perfect idea for you.

This floating shelf has a secret opening that allows you to store your longer guns.

Just like ​those honeycomb type shelving you see nowadays, this shelf is fairly easy to make yourself. 

You will attach the boards to create an open box for the shelf design and then use hinges to attach a long U shaped door that will fit flush with the box to make this floating shelf look like a single piece to the ​amateur eye.

Take a look here: www.diyeasycrafts.com

6. Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

This sleek looking coffee table holds a great secret, the top lifts off to give you storage under the top without being obvious about it’s build. This coffee table is great for hiding your unloaded guns.

A white table with gun storage

The step by step instructions show you ​how to build the coffee table from scratch and what materials you will need. Since there is no locking mechanism we wouldn’t suggest storing loaded guns unless you found a way to add in a locking mechanism for the table.

Check out the tutorial here: www.hertoolbelt.com

Open Rack Storage

While you will want to keep loaded guns under lock and key, some guns just need to be shown off. For your unloaded guns these DIY gun racks are the perfect project for you to try.

7. Simple Gun Rack

Gun display rack

This easy to make gun rack is a simple design that holds three rifle sized guns as well as has storage for smaller handguns or ammunition. You could also hang any swords or other long souvenirs or weapons that you have.

You can cut and build this rack in a single day, as long as you have all of the tools and materials needed. If you wanted a secure element to this gun rack then you could put a hinged locking door over the bottom opening.

Get the instructions here: www.woodworkingcorner.com

​8. Reclaimed Gun Rack

This beautiful gun rack is created with reclaimed wood from a pallet which makes it cheap since you can get wood pallets for little to no money. We love this project because it is really simple to make, but turns out beautiful when it’s finished thanks to the wood staining. (You can also paint the frame if you prefer colored wood.)

A reclaimed wood gun display rack

You will need to take the pallet apart to make this easy DIY gun rack and then trim the reclaimed wood to fit the frame size. Instead of having to cut out wood grooves, you will simple attach metal hooks to hold your guns, and use a framing hammer to attach the wood pieces together.

Check out this easy project here: www.instructables.com

Finding Your Best Gun Safe

If you plan to keep your guns loaded when stored then you will want to find a way to either choose a gun safe project that already has a locking mechanism or get creative and add in a safety lock to one of the other options we have shown.

Keeping your loaded guns under lock and key is a good way to keep a safety barrier between your guns and little ones or visitors in your home. If you store your guns unloaded with the ammo under lock and key then you can be a little more flexible in your storage options.

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