22 Homemade DIY Gift Ideas & Projects For Your Girlfriend

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Giving your girlfriend a gift can sometimes seem like a difficult task. You may not know her well enough to find the perfect gift yet, or maybe you are shopping for the woman who already has everything. No matter the hurdle, these DIY gifts for your girlfriend are sure to give her a one of a kind gift that racks up more brownie points because you made it yourself.

Couple on an intimate date

DIY Jewelry Gifts

For girls that love jewelry, these DIY wearable gifts will make her think of you every time she wears them.

1. Book Necklace

Book necklace

If you are dating a bookworm, then you can surprise her by making her favorite book into a necklace.

Such a tiny book makes a perfect statement necklace that allows her to carry her favorite book around her neck so that she can share it with the world. This is really easy to make! A book necklace will only take about an hour or two to finish. It is a great craft to try if you enjoy working with your hands to make something.

Take a look at this adorable book necklace and other creative gift ideas for girlfriends: www.diyprojects.com

2. Clustered Pearl Necklace

This necklace is a winner no matter what type of style your girlfriend has. This adorable necklace is casual enough for her simple attire, but it will also prove fantastic for a date night especially if she’s wearing a deep V dress.

Pearl necklaces

Plus, even though, in fact, it is really easy to make, she won’t believe that you were able to make it yourself!

Get started with DIY gift ideas for your girlfriend here: www.more.com

3. Wire Love Ring

Remind her of how much you love her by creating a ring that says it for you. This neat DIY ring requires only a 24-gauge wire and some pliers – we recommend needle nose pliers for this task. You can also create a matching bangle for her wrist – you will just want to make the letter larger.

Love ring

This ring is so easy to make! You just need to write the word in cursive script and then use the pliers to bend the metal wire to match the words on the paper. If “Love” isn’t the right word for now, then you can choose another one such as “Wish,” “Dream,” or “Inspire.”

Check out the easy tutorial here: www.whydontyoumakeme.com

4. DIY Jewelry Holder

Jewelry holder

For the lady in your life that already has a lot of jewelry, you can instead create a great way for her to store her favorite necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Using corks for this project might also be a good idea if you wish to accentuate some of her accessories by creating textures.

You can personalize this DIY present for your girlfriend to match her style, put her name on it, or keep it in a simple bright color that is sure to stand out (in a good way).

Get the step by step instructions here: www.diys.com

Relaxing Gifts

Instead of just giving your girlfriend a simple gift, surprise her with something extraordinary to have a relaxing experience. Check out some of these creative homemade gifts for your girlfriend that will help her take a load off after a long day.

5. Fizzy Bath Bombs

Lemon bath bomb

Elevate her standard evening bubble bath with a skin-nourishing and fragrant bath bomb.

These trendy items are a must-have for a relaxing soak in the tub that will leave her skin feeling refreshed and super soft.

These one-use bombs are super easy to use, and you can make her a little batch of them so that she can enjoy multiple relaxing evenings.

The main ingredients you will need to make these bath bombs are baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch.

Get fizzing with this recipe here: www.diyprojects.com

6. Energizing Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee scrub in a jar

Really easy to make and great for giving her a morning energy boost, plus this will wow the coffee lover in your life. You can use their favorite coffee to make this shower scrub or opt for a warmer smelling vanilla flavored coffee.

This coffee sugar scrub is also a great addition to a ​gift basket that you can put together with a few other coffee lover items on our list, such as the DIY coffee mugs further down and the warm slipper filled with her favorite pampering things.​ If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try to build her her own coffee table out of pallets.

Find your basic ingredients for cute DIY gifts for your girlfriend here: www.couponsandfreebiesmom.com

7. Stuffed Slippers

Fluffy gift slippers

Set your girlfriend up for a successful relaxing session with a comfy pair of slippers that are filled with some of her favorite products. We love this project because it doesn’t require any DIY skills – instead, you will make this gift yourself by compiling her favorite small items.

Some small gift ideas for a girlfriend to stuff inside include an EOS Lip Balm, a gift card for her kindle, her favorite type of chocolate, a simple face mask or scrub, and fun nail polish.

To make it more meaningful, gift this to her on her graduation day or after a long day’s work,​ so she gets the pampering she deserves.

​See the fun idea here: www.prettyprovidence.com

Gifts for Around the House

Instead of giving her a single-use gift, make something that she can use around the home daily or make something that she can look at and always remember it came from you. Here are some ideas for practical DIY gifts for your girlfriend!

8. DIY Mirror Tray

Mirror tray

Making a mirror tray is a really easy DIY craft that requires fusing together simple items to make a functional piece that she will love showing off.

Mirror trays are fun as small drink/snack serving trays, excellent for laying out jewelry or a special place for her to set lotions and perfumes to make a dresser look fancy.

You should be able to make this great gift in a day’s time. The longest part of the project is waiting for the paint to dry.

Get the plans here: www.diyprojects.com

9. His and Her Coffee Mugs

This is just one of many fun sharpie mug ideas that you can create and give to a coffee or tea lover in your life. You can keep it simple with black on a white mug or really get creative by adding in simple paper crafted shapes to doodle around in a gold sharpie paint pen.

Couple mugs

A few other ideas are to transcribe a few of her favorite quotes onto a set of coffee mugs, whether it be from her favorite movie or book. These mugs are super easy to write on, bake in the oven, and then enjoy as a one of a kind set.

Get a few ideas here: www.abeautifulmess.com

10. Ocean Wind Chime

Take her back to that memorable beach vacation by bringing the sounds of the coast back home with you.

Seashell chime

If you have any seashells collecting dust from your last beach vacation, then you can use those, or if you know you will be visiting the ocean soon, stockpile a few great beach items such as seashells and any driftwood that you can find and paint ​them as you like. To create this great beachy reminder, you will string up the seashells and anchor them onto a small piece of lumber or some driftwood that you found on the beach.

Check out this neat windchime here: www.completely-coastal.com

11. A Homemade Clock

Personalized clock

Personalized gifts that you can make and design yourself are sure to show her that you really put time and thought into a present.

Even if you don’t have a professional-quality picture of the two of you, then you can use a photo of her favorite place or a picturesque landscape that she really enjoys.

This DIY gift takes a little time and some work with a printer, but the finished product is one that she will love for many years to come.

Take a look at this easy tutorial on such personalized DIY gifts for a girlfriend here: www.roseyredbuttons.com

12. Pallet Shelf

Make her a rustic yet very chic shelf for holding her decor or everyday items. This simple and very manly project is a great gift, especially if you already know the place she needs one.

Wooden shelf pallets

Such a gift will prove excellent for bathroom shelving needs, to hold some LED candles while she takes a bath, as a simple living area wall decor holder, in the bedroom to hold trinkets, or in an entryway for fresh flowers in small vases.

See if you can build it here: www.thesawguy.com

13. Stepping Stones

Stone walkway

Almost every home could benefit from some cute and personalized stepping stones.

Whether you are giving her a simple path from the driveway to the front door, or if you are creating a little walkway through the trees, these super easy to make stepping stones for your garden or backyard are sure to be a hit.

As an added touch, you can include some DIY string lights to set the tone and ambiance.

One of the best places to find decorated plates or bright stones to put into the mold are second-hand stores that sell housewares for a low price.

These stepping stones are also a great gift if you have kids that want to be involved in the project since they are super easy to do.

Start creating these here: www.intimateweddings.com

14. Branch Entryway Rack

This is such a great statement piece to any home. She will love this one of a kind hanging rack to put her small accessories like a scarf and even her keys. Just make sure that you choose some sturdy limbs that won’t snap easily.

Branch decor wall

The main color pattern of this natural rack is grey, but we would love to see it shaken up with a brighter color or a more modern white. While it looks a little advanced, this project is really easy to make – you just need to construct a wooden frame and then screw in the branches.

Take a look here for the instructions: www.homedepot.com

15. Kitchen Tablet Holder

If she loves to cook, then this is a chic must-have in the kitchen. With the introduction of so many great video recipes online, she will be able to watch, scroll through and look up how to make certain recipes without having to worry about where she can prop up her tablet.

Chopping board stand

The use of a wood cutting board also makes this a timeless piece for the kitchen whether it is holding a tablet, phone or an already written down recipe. 

This is also another great and simple project for you to craft, (which can also double as a DIY pallet sign, btw) if you already have a good cutting board for the base then you will use a few small pieces of wood or trim to create the backing to hold it up as well as the bottom thin shelf to hold a tablet.

Get the instructions here: www.tiphero.com

Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships

For relationships that have a little more distance between them, then there are a few special DIY gift ideas for your girlfriend that will let her know that you are thinking about her even when you are not there.

16. Open When Cards

Pile of open when cards

Cue the feels with this really special handwritten gift.

These cards are the perfect way to plan for time apart ahead so that you can be there for her emotionally, even when you are unable to be there in person.

It can seem like a big project, so plan ahead to make these and start simple with just a heartfelt message of congratulations for an “open when you get good news” or advice on how she can pick herself back up with an “open when you face a difficult moment.”

See these great cards here: www.onlyamamaknows.com

17. Things I Love About You Picture

Framed sixty things we love about you message as a craft and gift idea

This is a wonderful heartfelt gift for any girl in your life. You can design and print out a picture or really take it up a notch by handwriting the ​number of things that you love about her. This way, she can look at the photo when you aren’t around to draw confidence, feel loved, and remember how you care about her.

Finish this sweet DIY project with a freshly painted photo frame that compliments the colors you put into the list. For the best picture frame paint recommendations, click here.

Take a look at the different templates here: www.thishappymommy.com

Gifts in a Jar

When in doubt about what you can make her or if you are not the best at making DIY gifts, then these gifts in a Mason Jar are sure to be easy to make a winner! All you need is a mason jar and the ability to put a few things inside, personalized to her. It can be, for example, one of the best DIY birthday gifts for your girlfriend!

For these gifts in a jar, we recommend getting wide mouth mason jars – that way, they are easier to reach into. Drilling holes in mason jars is easy too, don’t be daunted!

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18. Everything in a Jar

These are really great gift-in-a-jar ideas that you can really cater to her. You just need to decide whether you want to give her a few sweet items for relaxing or if you want to add in some great snacks to get her through the day.

Candies in a jar

We love this gift because the choice is open and able to be personalized just for her.

Take a look here: www.thegunnysack.com

19. Comical Candy Jar

Comical pun jars

All of those super cheesy puns that you have been holding in now have a place to be used.

Put some of her favorite candy in a jar and then add a note that is sure to make her laugh. 

Plus, you can give her a few different jars since they are so easy to make so that she is covered when she needs a sweet treat and a laugh.

Tickle her sweet tooth and funny bone with this project: www.pinterest.com

20. Date Night Jar

Date night mason jar

This is a really great gift for newer couples as well as couples who love to try new things together.

While there are 100 ideas for you to write down and add to your own jar, there is also no limit to what you can add to your dating bucket list.

We also really love this gift for a long-distance relationship as well to help you pre-plan your next visit or as a traveling bucket list jar that you write down all the places you want to go and pick one out for each vacation.

Start getting adventurous with this gift: www.bigdiyide​​​​​as.com

21. A Gift that Lasts 7 Days

It’s not technically in a jar, but you could opt for a larger daily gift and use mason jars with the days of the week on them.

Pill box gift

This is a super cute way to let her know that you are thinking of her for more than just one day with a 7-day gift. You can fill the daily gifts with sweet notes, chocolates, candy, tiny trinkets or small jewelry like earrings and a simple pendant.

Check out the instructions here: www.thedatingdivas.com

22. Pampering in a Jar

Pamper day jar

Surprise her with a personalized pampering jar full of goodies.

You can use the suggested items that the original creator suggests or pick out a few things that you already know she would love. 

Make sure that you don’t forget a small treat inside – chocolate is always a must when girls are being pampered.

Tip: So the mason jar doesn’t go to waste, you can always transform it into a DIY piggy bank afterwards.

Get inspired here: www.classyclutter.net

It’s the Thought that Counts

When it comes to choosing the best homemade gifts for your girlfriend, you are already racking up brownie points for making her something that is personalized to her and that you spent time and energy on.

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant present, sometimes just a handwritten letter about how much you care for her is more precious than a $50 gift from the store.

If you’re particularly looking for a perfect DIY Christmas gift for your girlfriend, you can check out our holiday-themed scroll saw patterns and packs.

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