28 Free Scroll Saw Patterns to Print [Beginner and Advanced]

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Perfecting scroll work with your scroll saw is a delicate technique that takes some practice. The good news is that you don't have to look for to find some great free scroll saw patterns that you can use.​

​Our Favorite Free Scroll Saw Patterns

So, you have a top rated scroll saw, but you need some projects to work on.

We've compiled our favorite free scroll saw patterns for you to download, print, and use on your scroll project. 

These scroll patterns for wood allow you to create a variety of useful features, as well as intricate projects, by simply downloading and printing the scroll saw patterns that you select.

We've broken our absolutely free scroll saw patterns into two sections: beginner and advanced. Find the section that suits you best and start scrolling!

Absolutely free scroll saw patterns to use with your saw

​Free Scroll Saw Patterns for Beginners

When we set out to select a range of good scroll saw patterns for beginners, we looked for projects that did not involve too many steps and was pretty easy to complete.

We also tried to avoid intricate, tight turns that are better reserved for someone pretty familiar with their saw.

Lastly, we tried to keep it consistent to one type of wood, so you're not having to change blades during the middle of the

​These are our top picks f​or free scroll saw patterns for beginners. Enjoy!

scroll pattern bird house free template

​​​​Country Bird Feeder House


Add this adorable little bird feeder house to the outside of your home after you have mastered the scroll work necessary for this beginner piece. We liked these scroll saw plans because it really is beginner project that an inexperienced scroll saw user could master with ease.

The scroll saw templates for this bird feeder house are not only free, but the low price makes it worthwhile to try. You’ll be able to download and print these scroll saw patterns easily. A link is sent to your email, and the plans include a materials list, full-color photo, and full-size plans to work from.

autumn leaves coaster scroll saw free template

​Autumn Leaves Coasters


If you are looking for a free scroll saw patterns for beginners, this autumn leaves coaster plan is perfect for you. Not only is this scroll saw pattern easy to follow with step-by-step instructions included but the site offers other free scroll saw patterns to print with a link at the bottom of the page.

These coasters are a great beginner scroll project as there is plenty of details included in the plans that will help guide you through the scroll work process. Plus, this is a completely free scroll plan that you can try without any investment.


There are free scroll saw patterns found along with this welcome sign plan on this site that links directly to the pattern. You’ll have everything you need to get started with your scroll saw as this pattern offers a printable plan to help you along.

This pattern is simple in nature, so it is good for a novice scroll saw user, and it will work well as a gift or proudly displayed in your home. Try these scroll patterns free and be sure to browse this site for even more beginner scroll patterns that will not cost you a dime.

lattice frame scroll saw free template

​Lattice Picture Frame


As you begin to take on additional free scroll saw projects, you might want to give this scroll saw pattern a try. It is a bit more detailed and will take you a bit longer to complete, but it will challenge your skills as a beginner. These are free scroll saw patterns to print. The entire pattern package can be printed as many times as you like by refreshing the page to get a new download code.

This picture frame is 4x6 and prints on standard sized paper. This is a good scroll plan to try if you are looking to gauge your total skill level as a scroll saw user.


This fun sign can spice up your rec room and pay homage to your favorite hobby. You’ll be able to get the scroll saw woodworking patterns for this gone fishing lure sign by simply clicking download for the image. You will be able to print the plans and use them again and again to create multiple versions of the sign.

We liked this scroll saw pattern because it will challenge you but not to a level where you would become frustrated as a beginner scroll saw user. You will also become immensely satisfied as you work on this sign and start to see the results of your hard work. This scroll saw plan is completely free, but the site does ask for donations if you enjoyed using the pattern.


If you are working on a wood piece and you want to add some detail to it, this free scroll saw pattern will come in handy. Mastering this geometric square will allow you to add it to any wood surface you are working on with a scroll saw. This is simple beginner piece that will allow you to practice straight carving with your scroll saw to get the dynamic edges of the square.

This scroll saw plan is completely free and downloadable in three formats. Choose the one that works best for you and print it to get started on your geometric square design right away.


This scroll work project is perfect for the kids to play with. It is the ideal beginner scroll saw pattern that will allow you to practice several different techniques with its design. You can download this plan by simply saving the image to your computer. Make it as big or as small as you like.

There is no right or wrong with this free scroll saw pattern. You’ll have some fun making this one and enjoy it even more as your kids have a blast playing with your handiwork when you are through.

santa claus mobile or template free scroll saw

​Santa Claus Garland or Mobile


Get ready for the holidays with this scroll saw pattern that is simple and quick to make. You’ll be able to easily use your scroll saw to cut the pieces you need to make this holiday-themed garland or mobile. It is a completely free scroll saw pattern that you can master with ease.

Simply download the pattern from the site and get to work making this holiday decoration for your home. You can also print it directly from the site page as well as follow the guided step-by-step instructions and photos provided. It also makes a good gift.


Download this easy to complete bear puzzle scroll saw pattern and get started on a fun project that everyone in your family will enjoy. This scroll saw plan is free and printable. Plus, the site offers step-by-step instructions to complete the project complete with photos.

You’ll have no trouble as a beginner using your scroll saw to complete this puzzle, and you’ll find that you will learn a thing or two along the way.


Everything you need to make your own family sign to hang in your home is available here. You won’t find more detailed instructions on how to complete this scroll saw pattern. This site walks you through the process and includes a variety of photos so you will never feel lost. The plan is available for downloading and printing completely free.

This is a good scroll work plan for beginners because there is so much detailed information provided along with the pattern that you’ll easily be able to refer to it if you have any questions along the way.


Make these useful and unique containers for your home ​with these free scroll saw basket patterns. This pattern is downloadable and printable directly from the site, and it offers four different types of baskets to make. These scroll work plans can be enlarged as needed to make the exact size basket you are looking for.

You’ll improve your scroll work with this pattern that repeats in a circle allowing you to get comfortable with the technique with each basket that you complete.


This chipmunk scroll saw pattern will delight your heart as you work on creating this little woodland creature. You’ll use many different scroll saw techniques to cut and carve this pattern, but you’ll find that it is not as difficult as it looks.

The scroll saw pattern for this wood project is printable but costs a small nominal fee, which is well worth the investment. You’ll have fun with this scroll saw work and enjoy the results of your labor. It is ideal for beginners to try.


If you're looking for scroll saw clock patterns, this is a favorite of ours. A little more on the difficult side, but one that you should definitely try is this tribal clock pattern. This scroll work plan has lots of intricate work that will test your skill level as a beginner. Be patient with this free pattern as you’ll be proud of the work when you are completed.

The scroll saw plan can be downloaded directly from the site and printed as needed. Be sure to find the time to work on this scroll saw design; you’ll be glad you did and improve your scroll saw handiwork immensely.

​Advanced Scroll Saw Patterns

​This next set of patterns that you can download and print are a little trickier. Not only are they more intricate in the kind of scroll work you'll need to do, but many involve several different materials. 

Some look a lot more complicated than they really are, and once you get started, you'll find it isn't too bad. Still, we didn't want to include it on our beginner list of scroll projects.

vintage footstool free scroll saw patterns

​Vintage Footstool


With its designs dating back to the 19th century, this footstool is a great vintage addition to any quirky living room. Simple yet elegant, this footstool is also a good, practical DIY for when you want to start the dive in to scroll saw patterns.

It may look intricate but this pattern is actually very easy to recreate for yourself. We like this because of several layout options and possibilities. The plan is actually very simple and contains detailed instructions which is why we think this is a good beginner’s pattern.

free scroll saw pattern perpetual calendar

​Perpetual Calendar


A perpetual calendar is a manual calendar where you can endlessly adjust the date, month, and time of the year on a daily basis. Most commonly found in offices, the perpetual calendar is a good desk accessory to have to always keep yourself in check.

The plan contains descriptive instructions and a very elegant design, which is why we like this pattern. Not only is it easy to make, but it is also practical and can be used in the office environment.

free scroll saw patterns butterfly magnet

​Butterfly Magnets


Create these cute and innovative magnet designs from basic scraps of wood with your scroll saw. Perfect for the spring time and for any nature lover, these butterfly magnets are easy to make and are a fresh way to spruce up your refrigerator.

This plan makes use of very simple and easy materials, and it contains detailed instructions on how to create them! They are simple and unique, perfect for any beginner. You can even​ invite the kids on this project and turn it into a family affair so they can help out with the painting right after!


Greet your guests with this easy to recreate welcome sign. It is simple yet features an elegant, intricate pattern that any woodworker of any skill level can do. Whether you hang it up on a wall or place it on top of a desk, the sign will do its job of brightening up your guests’ day.

Easy to create and straight to the point, we like this pattern for its design and craftsmanship. It may seem simple but the detail put in to the design is beautiful and can serve its purpose of making anyone feel warm and at home.


This detailed wall shelf design is practical for any home improvement DIY-er and a good practice project for any scroll saw ambitionist. Why purchase when you can recreate your own right? This delicate pattern is beautiful and is a delicate addition to any home.

It’s intricate pattern may be a bit challenging but it will allow you to practice working with your scroll saw ​and blade. The pattern is free and contains detailed instructions on how to recreate the piece and the finished product will be fully reusable for your home while still leaving you in awe.

free scroll saw patterns sheet music rest

​Sheet Music Rest for Grand Piano


Whether or not you use it for your home or you gift it to someone else, crafting this sheet music rest is a wonderful classic addition to your piano at home. The piano’s elegant and timeless design coupled with this sheet music rest’s intricate patterns will not only be a show for your ears but your eyes as well.

This is a free pattern that makes use of a wonderful and elegant design that can easily be recreated by woodworkers of any skill level. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also a great beginner’s piece.

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free scroll saw patterns cabinet fret work panels

​Cabinet Fretwork Panels


Looking for a way to improve the look of your cabinets? Spruce them up with these fretwork panels for cabinets. The designs are beautiful and manageable, no matter what your skill level is.

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We like this pattern because we think it is a practical DIY scroll saw project, and is something that can be really used at home. The vector images also offer different variations of styles so you can choose which one you like best. The design may look intimidating, but is actually not that difficult when you try it out for yourself.

free scroll saw patterns diamond wall clock

​Diamond Fret Wall Clock


Recreate this scroll saw project for yourself and hang it up on the wall of your living room or bedroom as an achievement. It’s pretty and can actually be seen in home designs today, it can even tell you the time!

We like this pattern because if offers two options and its simple yet classy and elegant. It is also just one of the few free scroll saw patterns on the website, and is a really practical DIY when you’re thinking about purchasing a hanging wall clock for your home.


Give your neighbors and guests a cold shiver by creating this wooden skeleton scroll saw pattern. Whether it’s for halloween, a science project, or a simple quirky feature you want to add in to your home, this skeleton is on the easier side and you can do it flawlessly.

We like this pattern because it is a DIY that can be used for home decor. It is also very cheap and good for when on a budget. On the website, it contains additional information on how to assemble the entire thing once you’re done cutting the pieces, plus, you can even invite the kids for a fun activity.


Celebrate our grandmothers and fathers with this beautiful quote engraving. It is really simple and doable and can even be given to your grandparents as a gift or a thank you sign hanging around the house. Put a smile on their faces as they see this beautiful DIY piece by you.

We like this pattern not only because it is touching and sentimental, but also because it is pretty doable just by using a piece of thick wood and carving out the letters and the shape. This project’s a lot more simpler than others and is a great beginner’s design.


Give a little push to those who may need it with this little hope reminder from Sun Catchers Studio. It is a sweet little decor piece that you can have standing on the desk or hanging on the wall and it will serve its purpose of bringing light and hope to anyone’s day. You never know who might need it.

This design is pretty simple and basic, which is why we like it a lot. Despite how easy it is to recreate, it is a nice decor piece to have at home or to gift to someone else. The vector images are downloadable at full size and you can also practice working on your craft with the scroll saw and blade.


Have a place where you can store all your keys, spare change, receipts or anything else you might be holding when you enter the door with this leaf pocket dish. Have it standing by the entrance so you can pick up what you need when you’re about to leave and drop them off when you come in. It’s practical, and can save you money when you’re planning to purchase one for your home.

We know everyone has a lot on their plate, so keeping things in order all the time isn’t practical- we like this pattern because it is present in the common household with busy parents and professionals shuffling to and back from work. This design is simple and easy to recreate, with detailed instructions and images on how to make them.


This 3-piece wooden bamboo design can give off a calming, and relaxing vibe from the spa. You can use it to hang in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your zen themed home.

The pattern contains detailed instructions of how to create them, as well as tips on using the right saw and blade, to make sure you are well-guided in creating this piece. Even today, designs like these are sold in your local home improvement stores so by doing this you can save a lot of money while being able to practice on your scroll saw skills.


Whether you’re in need of a chopping board for your kitchen, or you’re thinking about using one for decorative food presentations, we’ve got what you need for you. This design is pretty straight-forward and we all know how it works. There is no need to engrave designs on to this piece, but there is one if you want to add it in.

We like this pattern because it is perfect for anyone who wishes to practice on their scroll saw skills, and is pretty reusable for at home use. We like that there is room for error on this piece, as it does not require intricate detail to make it work.


Style your books in the study, library, or home office with these creative and quirky book enders. Don’t purchase one from the store, create your own so you can save money and practice with your scroll saw at the same time.

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Downloading this pattern includes several designs of book ends to choose from, so you can opt to create not just one, but all of them! The downloadable pattern also has lots of tips and guides to make sure you know what you’re doing. The designs vary from simple to intricate so you can pick the design you like at the difficulty you can handle.


These scroll work patterns are the best that the internet has to offer. The majority of these designs are completely free while a handful others are only a few dollars but well worth the investment into doing them.

By simply downloading these patterns, you’ll have your own guide to print and work with on your next scroll wood project. ​Most are geared towards beginners, with a few for advanced scrollers.  ​

All are ready for you to begin working on them straight away. So, get to work and have some fun with these scroll work patterns that we have picked just for you.

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