26 DIY Bar Stool Ideas For Your Kitchen, Dining Room, and Outdoor Patio

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Finding the perfect addition to your kitchen, dining room, or outdoor patio can be tricky. Especially if you’re shoping for one online. If you’re looking for s​eating options for your home, then keep on reading below as we’ve got the ultimate list of DIY stools for you.

Rustic wooden barstool

Bar Stool Ideas

​1. Splayed Leg Square Stool

White bar stool

Whether you’re looking to build out a rustic kitchen theme or simply fill up the space with wooden accent pieces, this project might be well suited for you.

In essence, this is a classic kitchen bar stool with a little more style and flair.

Finished with either a good wood stain or a couple coats of lacquer, you’ll be able to finish this multi-use project pretty quickly.

You’ll use a table saw, a router, some clamps for assembling, along with some wood glue and nails for adhering and you’ll be ready to go.

More details on this diy here: woodarchivist.com

2. Simple Circular Stool

Plain wood bar stool with a plant

What, a square bar stool doesn’t tickle your fancy? Not to worry – this bar stool design from Pretty Handy Girl is another variation of the classic design.

Created with much less materials, you’ll only need a mere miter saw and some nails.

This DIY project is a lot easier and much simpler than the first one we mentioned, meaning less work in a shorter amount of time.

Once you’re done constructing the stool, you can paint it or add a clear finish.

This stool can serve as either an impromptu chair for your guests, or as a decor piece in your home.

To learn more about this project, visit: prettyhandygirl.com

3. Classic Round Wooden Stool

Classc brown stool

If none of the first two are as simple and as basic as the one you’re looking for, then Woodworking for Mere Mortals’ take on the modest bar stool might work best.

Made up of solid round wood for the seat, simple legs, and some dowels for support, this tutorial’s requirements are probably one of the least demanding in this list.

It’s design is incredibly nostalgic and versatile, allowing it to work in any space around your home. Create this one with a reliable pin nailer and this DIY stool has never been easier.

You can opt to finish this off in a bright pop of color for contrast, or just apply some stain to prolong its life. Whatever you choose, this stool will look great in any of your living areas.

Take a look at the tutorial here: woodworkingformeremortals.com

4. Basic Rectangular Pallet Stool

Still looking for something a bit simpler and easier to make? Why not give this ultra-cheap, single material bar stool a shot? It’s only made out of purely lumber wood and some glue and nails. An affordable table saw will make cutting the wood for this go much faster. This design is incredibly easy and will only take a few hours to build a full set of stools. Plus, it doesn’t cost more than $6!

The tutorial provides you all the measurements and cuts you need to make on your wood, and it is also coupled with a comprehensive video that’s more than enough to help you out. You’ll only need a chop saw to make this project happen.

Rectangular bar stools

Coated in a dark wood stain, this bar stool is given a chic, modern look that looks best on contemporary homes and spaces.

Check out the full detailed plan on: modernbuilds.com

5. Vintage Inspired Pallet Stool

Vintage bar stool

If vintage intricate details, moulding, and a couple of old school features are what you’re looking for in your perfect DIY bar stool, then you should check this one out from Shanty 2 Chic.

We’ve featured many of their other projects for your home, as they always provide simple and clear instructions. This one’s a definite stepped-up rendition of the timeless design.

In comparison to the first few stools we mentioned, this one’s legs are carefully sculpted and carved to give it that nice, traditional vibe.

But don’t be fooled – the author said they only ordered the legs from a crafting company in their area, and you can totally do the same to get the same vintage appeal minus the effort.

See the full details here: shanty-2-chic.com

6. Slanted Abstract Stool

Abstract bar stool

Looking for a bar stool piece that is a little more architectural and abstract? This design and tutorial from A Beautiful Mess features an asymmetrical design and shape. Regardless, it’s still really simple and easy to make. It just may require a longer time to figure out how it works.

Made from thick plywood, this stool is as simple as sawing the cuts and assembling them like a puzzle piece. The front slab is slanted for what we’re guessing is comfort. On the other hand, a semi-large cut-out is conveniently placed as a foot rest.

You’ll need both a cordless jigsaw and a miter saw (or table saw). Coat it in the finish you prefer and voila! — A modern, take on the bar stool indeed.

For more information, check out: abeautifulmess.com

7. Modern White with Dark Wood Accents

If, on the other hand, a modern stool with a rustic twist is what you’re after, then this could be a good DIY project to consider for your kitchen or dining spaces.

White stool with wooden top

Blending easily with any motif, this block white chair with an accent dark wooden slab for the seat provides an elegant look that can step up any space with its different colors and textures. It’s also relatively simple to make, as you only needing wood, nails, glue, and a couple of basic, beginner woodworking tools.

Create your version at home: howtospecialist.com

8. Minimalist Cement Stool

Exposed piping, cement finishes, whites and neutrals; if all these elements describe your home then this Industrial stool will be the perfect addition to your home’s modern aesthetic.

Cement stool

Don’t be intimidated by this project, it may be cement but it’s incredibly easy and one of the most inexpensive ones to make. For the most part, all you need are your wooden dowels, concrete mix, and a bucket. With minimal effort and time, you can create a stool similar to those that sell for over hundreds of dollars.

Learn more about the details on: homemade-modern.com

9. Assorted Bar Stool Plans

Brown bar stool

This is a great place to start if you just aren’t sure which design is going to work best for your home.

As a visual learner, we can certainly understand when this is the case.

This collection ranges from the most classical looking bar stools to the metal industrial types.

You can also see and choose from different tutorials and plans with various levels of skill and difficulty.

Go ahead and see for yourself: agcmedia.com

10. Cross-Legged High Stool

Dark colored stool round

In this world of fashion and color, it’s hard to find good quality pieces that are raw and organic in their own way.

This stool tutorial from Bitter Root DIY is the perfect match if you’re looking for something authentic.

Really simple and easy, this bar stool may be plain but it’s incredibly purposeful.

From being used to display decor, to seating guests, to holding your potted plants, this stool has got you covered.

Build your own version: woodshopdiaries.com

11. Chic Splayed Leg Stool

If you have a preference for dark wood stained furniture for your home’s interior decor and aesthetic, then this will probably be a good DIY fit for you.

Complete with project renders, illustrations and measurements, this tutorial will guide you every step of the way from preparing the wood down to the finishing touches. This DIY project does require a good double-bevel miter saw, a high quality wood filler, a sander and a couple more tools though.

Wide wooden bar stool

However, the instructions are well laid out making it easy to follow even for the amateur woodworker. This is a great project to incorporate with other homemade DIY projects for around you home.

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For the full list of plans, visit: bitterrootdiy.com

​12. Chunky Stool with Backrest

Chunky bar stool

If you’re a fan of a chunky bar stool that is similar to the ones you see in preschool classrooms, then this project from More Like Home is right up your alley.

Unlike the previous ones we mentioned, this site has tutorials on both backless and backrest designs. This means you can choose the one that fits your comfort preference with minimal work required. This site provides you the lowdown on how to build this chunky stool with measurements and project renders of the process.

Get to building: morelikehome.net

​13. Chiseled Edge Stool

When you’re just starting out a woodworking, chances are you made a lot of mistakes. Not uncommon or unexpected, as you progress you get better. This tutorial from Mr. Lentz is a great guide for those that want very clear, step by step instructions so that they don’t make a mistake.

Chiseled bar stool

Learning from his own mistakes, this tutorial guides you on the step by step process on how to do this project with accuracy. Photos of not only the progress are shown, but also of the exact measurements on his measuring tape and the settings on his woodworking tools. This makes sure you are spot on with the finished product.

More about the tutorial here: mrlentz.com

​14. Beginner’s Bar Stool

Basic square bar stool

No project is made too easy for a beginner woodworker. If you feel like working on a bar stool as your first ever project, then this tutorial is the one.

Trust us when we say that this won’t give you any headaches, but it will still require you to understand the basics so you’re bound to learn and grow from it.

Making use of the barest of materials, this project is mainly composed of three things: the foundation, the seat, and the support.

Simply looking at the progress photos already gives you a hint of how you’re going to do it. With some glue, nails, and some pre-cut wood, you’re ready to take on this DIY project.

Work on your first project here: easypalletideas.com

15. Sheer White and Accent Wood Pallet Stool

Looking for a heavy duty alternative that can last you a long time? In contrast to the previous tutorial we mentioned, this one’s probably more suited to the intermediate and advanced woodworker. So if you think you have the skills to take on this project with ease, then here you go.

Stained bar stools with backrest

While this may take a lot more work, the extra steps on this tutorial will make your stool last a long time. The end result that is finished with a bit of stain looks smooth, sleek and professional. Chances are your guests will think you bought it in from a furniture store.

Click here for the complete tutorial: woodworkingsession.com

16. Metal Plumbing Pipe High Stool

Pipe stool

Using only some metal plumbing pipes and a wooden slab for the seat, this bar stool idea is oddly futuristic and extremely unique.

Whether you’ve got extra pipes laying around in the house or you want to make a show-stopping accent piece, this is a great DIY project for you.

Utilizing the same modern, industrial vibe, this project mostly only needs assembly and some glue in putting the two parts together.

These stools will definitely be a conversation starter in your home.

View the full details on: yogabycandace.com

17. Bright Rectangular Stool with Metal Footrest and Handle

Bright colored stool

A splash of color a surefire way to spruce up a kitchen space full of whites and neutrals.

If you feel like your kitchen or dining area is in need of a refresher, then this bright bar stool will certainly do the trick (and is a lot easier than repainting the entire room).

With a sturdy base tutorial and some added features for design, this do it yourself project isn’t the easiest.

However, a lot of the add ons, such as the footrest, are well worth the extra effort. This could make a great gift for your significant other to display around the kitchen.

Refresh your space: remodelaholic.com

18. Wooden Adjustable Height Stools

Adjustable height stool

Living in a house with kids can become a handful sometimes, especially if they have their own plates, cups, and high chairs. It’s rare to find a common household item both adults and kids can share. With this bar stool idea from Ana White, though, you just might have it.

This stool has an adjustable seat that’s perfect for your little ones – no need to get a separate high chair for eating on the table. Plus, because of its adjustable design, you can move this chair around and it’ll be good seating for any of your tables and desks.

Check out the full tutorial on: ana-white.com

19. PVC Plumbing Pipe Stool

If working with metal for your bar stool isn’t exactly what you want, but you still like the pipe look, then this PVC bar stool should be among your considerations.

This tutorial uses a 16” x 16” square board instead of a wooden slab for the seat. Whichever you prefer, both are completely unique on their own. This project will certainly deliver something different than your average stool.

To see more information, visit: homesteady.com

20. Low Metal Pipe Stool

Pipe stool

Sticking with the pipe theme for projects, this bar stool tutorial also dives into the industrial pipe trend.

​In this specific instance, the stool is a lot shorter, and not nearly as modern in appearance and design.

Because of the height and choice of wood for the seating, it blends a lot easier in the space and serves just as a unique accessory to your desk or kitchen.

If you’re a fan of the previous project’s aesthetic but you don’t like the amount of attention it attracts, then this could be a better alternative for you.

Learn more about this DIY stool: lovegrowswild.com

21. Welded Metal Stool

Thinking about going metal? Go all the way and dive into this bar stool project, which utilizes steel.

Welded metal stool

While working on this project may require a lot of heat and precaution, the welding part is the only thing you need to put this DIY project together. It may seem scary at first but all you need is courage and some paint to turn this from scrap metal into a quirky stool.

For the complete details, check out: instructables.com

22. Basic End Table Stool

Blue end table stool

Looking for a stool that can double as an end table or a decorative piece in your living spaces? If you’re looking for a shorter, simple stool that can simply complement your current space then try out this stool DIY project.

With some great project examples, as well as detailed cutting and assembling instructions, you can finish this stool in no time.

Also on the page are some photo submissions from other people’s finished products, which is a great feature to have that shows the end product from different people.

Take a look at the full plans here: ana-white.com

23. Old Reclaimed Pallet Wood Stool

Reclaimed wooden stool

The completely chic and rustic bar stool will never go out of style.

If you’re looking for a tutorial that merely puts the wood pieces together without sanding them off or applying a finish, then this look could be the one for you.

This project makes uses of reclaimed pallet wood, and this wooden bar stool has so much character on its own because of its unfinished look.

This tutorial even provides variations with a backrest, a footrest, and a bottom shelf so you can totally customized it to your needs.

Should you need, you can always add a coat of paint or two to the unfinished wood to change its look.

Create one at home: 99palletideas.com

24. Wide White Bar Stool

Wide white stool

This 2×4 bar stool is super simple and easy to make. With a good miter saw, you’ll be able to crank it out in very little time. You’ll also make use of pocket screws to hold everything together, which is a lot more sturdy than even the strongest of wood glue or nails and screws.

Overall, this is a bar stool tutorial that requires only a small amount of knowledge and experience to build. It’s still really purposeful for all your in-home needs. Plus, because it’s so easy, you can make a whole set with ease.

Build your own creation: sawdustsisters.com

25. Wooden Square Stool with Support

Are you a fan of the squared off bar stool look but not a fan of the pain and discomfort that they can sometimes off when you’re sitting in them? This tutorial is the perfect solution to your worries.

White scultpred bar stools

This project requires that you use circular saw or table saw for cutting, and then a series of different grit sand paper for finishing.  Just protect yourself with a reliable dust mask to prevent inhaling toxins.

This stool’s seat is made with a smooth indentation to better support your back and buttocks for comfort. It can be finished off with a good coat of lacquer or paint and voila! Comfortable good looking stools for everyone.

Try this project out: lazylizonless.blogspot.com

26. Simple Outdoor Bar Stool

A small and simple bar stool for outside on your patio, this is a great stool to use as outdoor furniture to enjoy 4th of July and summer BBQ’s with.

Two green barstools on a wooden deck

You will have to use a drill, some glue, and some basic wood for this project. While you’re working, you can ask help from your kids in holding the pieces for you as you put them together. To finish it off, coat it in a bold or pastel color that’s easy on the eyes and take it anywhere.

More information on: rogueengineer.com

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