19 Epic DIY Project Ideas for Men

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If you’re feeling inspired to get your hands dirty and start creating something this weekend, then you’ll find a list of ideas below. Men are often the “do it yourself” type and want to build and create things from scratch.

A great DIY project mixes function and beauty. In other words, the final product should be useful while also looking cool. These ideas span projects that don’t require an extensive tool collection to projects that require some specialized equipment — so there’s something for everybody.

1. Bike Rack

If you have a few bikes that you’d like to store in a more organized manner, you can construct a bike rack. This is a great resource for several different DIY methods. You can build one out of PVC pipe and even scrap wood!

DIY bike rack outdoor
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Check more project ideas here: bobvila.com

A bike rack is the perfect DIY project for men and it can be an incredibly useful item to have on hand. It stores bikes more efficiently and keeps them off the ground where they’re in everybody’s way.

2. Garage Shelving

If you find yourself with too many boxes and stray items lying around your garage floor, you probably need a shelving solution. This is a great tutorial for constructing a sturdy wooden shelf for the garage.

DIY garage shelving on work

To learn this project, check the tutorial here.

These shelves take plenty of hands-on work, but the result is well worth it. You can stand back and proudly look at your finished product. Your wife will be thrilled when the garage turns into an easily accessible and organized space.

Add these shelves above your homemade workbench to maximize space and storage!

3. Wooden Slat Wall

If you want to organize your space with a modern twist, try building a slat wall. These can be customized so that they work in the garage or you can easily place one on the wall of your office.

DIY wooden slat wall project
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Check out more project ideas here: bhg.com

Once you collect the necessary supplies, this is a relatively straightforward project to complete. You could start it on a Saturday and have it done that same evening.

Here is an example of a slat wall that works well in a garage. It can hold brooms, rakes, assorted tools, and even a wheelbarrow! This is a great method of organization for any space.

4. Fishing Pole Rack

Many men have multiple fishing poles laying around, sometimes just collecting dust. If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to store your poles when they’re not being used, check out this DIY project.

DIY fishing pole rack
(c) minwax.com

Check out the DIY project idea here: minwax.com

This rack can easily be placed into a corner of the garage, out of the way. When you want to use your poles, just grab them and go. They’re at less risk of becoming damaged due to being stored improperly.

5. Planter Box

If you or your significant other has a green thumb, a wooden planter box is a great item to have around. This can bring some style to your yard, depending on which design you go with.

DIY planter box for project
(c) gardenersworld.com

If you want a planter box that holds more plants, check out this design: gardenersworld.com

This is a great project for a weekend afternoon. After you collect your supplies, you can knock this out in several hours. These raised garden boxes are great for holding flowers or even a fresh herb garden.

You can opt to paint your planter box whatever color would best suit your backyard area. There is a lot of creative freedom with this project.

6. Fire Pit

If your backyard is lacking a fire pit, then you should add one ASAP. A fire pit is a great addition to any yard, especially during the winter season.

DIY fire pit for project

This tutorial is great if you’re on a budget and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.

If you’re looking for an in-ground fire pit, then this is a great resource to follow. This adds a bit more of a design element to your yard and looks more pulled together. You’ll be sitting out back enjoying an evening fire in no time. Don’t forget the hotdogs and s’mores!

Check out our additional guides on building a DIY gas fire pit and a portable fire pit.

7. PVC Pipe Shelf

If you’re looking for a DIY shelf for your garage or even your bedroom, this is a great beginner-friendly project. PVC pipes can be found at any home improvement store – such as The Home Depot or Lowes.

DIY PVC pipe shelf project

A great tutorial for this project can be found here. It walks you through the measuring and constructing phase of building the shelf.

You’ll need PVC pipes, black paint, and some plywood for the shelving. These are easy things to gather and you’ll be working on your shelf in no time. You could easily get this done within a day or two, making this the perfect weekend DIY.

If you’re looking for an even simpler PVC pipe shelf design, this one is meant for holding small planters. This shelf is a great addition to an outdoor garden or balcony area. The pipes are fairly durable to the outdoor elements, allowing this shelf to last for many seasons.

8. Backyard Shed

Constructing a shed can feel like an impossibly large taste – however, once you break it down into step-by-step pieces, it becomes more manageable. Every backyard could use a shelf to store an assortment of lawn items.

You’ll need to draw up the plans and collect the supplies before you lay down the foundation – an important feature of any outdoor shed. From there, you can begin constructing the walls and the roof, making sure they’re nice and sturdy and built to last.

As a bonus, add a ramp to your shed so you can easily move equipment in and out.

This project will require multiple weekends to complete, especially if you’re working alone. It’s best to recruit a few friends to help you get this project completed in an efficient timeframe. This can be a great bonding experience for men and you’ll have a durable storage unit by the end.

9. House Numbers

The standard house number signs are usually small and hard to read. You may have to pass a house a few times before you’re finally able to locate and read what number belongs to it. A simple and easy DIY project for men is to create and cut a new number sign.

DIY house numbers project idea
(c) diyjoy.com

Check out more DIY creative house number ideas here: diyjoy.com

If you have a router, it will make quick work of cutting the letters and numbers.

Depending on the style and exterior of your home, here are a few options. Modern, rustic, and nautical are just a few sources of inspiration for your new address sign.

Your neighbors will ask you where you purchased yours so that they can do the same. Imagine their reaction when you tell them you created it yourself!

10. Table with a Beer Cooler

If you enjoy a few drinks on the weekend and like to entertain guests, this is a great project idea. This unique DIY table allows you to chill your drinks at the table instead of retrieving them from the fridge.

DIY table with beer cooler project

If you want to achieve this unique DIY table, you can check the tutorial here.

This project will leave your guests impressed and maybe even a bit jealous. You can choose to paint or stain the table in whatever color you choose, suiting it to your tastes and preferences.

You may require a couple of weekends to finish this table, as it’s a bit more in-depth of a project. However, it deserves to be on this list because it’s such a suitable project for men.

11. Log Stool

If you’re looking to add a rustic finishing touch to your living area, this stool is a great choice. This DIY stool project for men involves any size chainsaws, fire, and electric tools. These are all of a man’s favorite items to work with.

DIY log stool project

To achieve this project, check out this tutorial.

Another similar stool can be found here. The process and the finished product are a bit different than the one above, but still a great addition to a rustic home. Your wife will be amazed at this piece of furniture you created with your bare hands.

12. Book Shelf

If you’re an avid reader or you like to collect books in your home, you likely need a bookshelf. This is a great video that shows you how to construct one yourself. You have a lot of creative freedom in what type of wood you choose to use and how you finish the exterior.

Any good bookshelf is sturdy and holds plenty of reading material. A small library inside of a living room can be a great conversation starter when you have guests visiting.

13. Firewood Rack

If you frequently have fires or you would like to build up a firewood collection for your newly built fire pit, you’re going to want a firewood storage rack. Why go out and purchase one when you can build it yourself?

DIY firewood rack project
(c) thegardenglove.com

For more DIY project ideas, you can check it here: thegardenglove.com

Stacking firewood is time consuming, so this project will make firewood cutting a lot faster going forward.

You want to keep your firewood off the ground, so it doesn’t get damp or infested with unwanted critters. You can find a multitude of designs for your storage rack, so simply choose the one that best suits your needs and your style preference.

14. Work Bench

If you’re new to DIY projects and don’t yet have a designated workbench, then this could be a great way to start your handiwork journey. Every man needs a workbench in his garage, so he can have a specific space to build and create.

DIY work bench project

This video tutorial shows you how to build a workbench from start to finish. The resulting product is sturdy and easy to maneuver, due to the built-in wheels at the bottom. You’ll be using this frequently, so it must be built to last for a lifetime.

15. Golf Club Organizer

If golf is your hobby of choice, you may want a more suitable way to organize your clubs and other assorted golf-related items. You can consider building a designated golf organization unit for your sporting equipment.

DIY golf bag organizer project

You can achieve this project by checking this tutorial.

This shelf holds bags of golf clubs as well as all of your golfing clothes. Next time you take a trip to the course, just grab what you need and you’ll be out the door in no time at all. Efficient and the design allows it to blend in with most homes.

16. Camp Shower

Camping is a popular pastime for men everywhere. Whether you like to go it alone or go with a group of buddies, you’ll enjoy having this camping shower on hand.

DIY camp shower project

Check this tutorial if you want to achieve this project.

While it doesn’t beat having a scalding hot shower at home, it can ensure you’re cleaned off at the end of a day spent fishing and hiking. Your friends will thank you and you’ll be happy you brought your DIY project along with you on your next trip.

17. Beer Bottle Caddy

You can bring this unique DIY project along with you to your next outdoor BBQ or on a future camping trip. This wooden caddy is meant to carry several beer bottles for easy traveling and handling.

The addition of a metal carrying bar brings the entire project together and is a great finishing touch. You may find yourself making several more caddies to hand out as Christmas gifts.

18. Mailbox

If your house came with an old and slanted mailbox, you may want to consider replacing it. There are many DIY mailbox tutorials to be found on the Internet, depending on your style and the design of your front yard.

DIY mailbox project
(c) thriftdiving.com

Learn to make this DIY project: thriftdiving.com

This step-by-step guide for building and installing your new mailbox can be incredibly helpful. A newly constructed mailbox can add a significant amount of curb appeal to your home, as it’s one of the first things people notice about your property.

19. Outdoor Deck

Most properties can benefit from the addition of a deck. A deck provides you the ability and space to enjoy your backyard to the fullest extent.

A large enough deck can hold a grill and patio furniture and makes the ideal entertaining area for you and your guests. Here is a great guide to get you started on building a small deck.

If you want further inspiration, look here. Decks come in all shapes and sizes, and colors. Finding the perfect one to suit your backyard is important. While the cost of this project may be a bit higher than the others, your home will have increased in value once you’re finished with the deck.

Finishing your deck is important so it lasts. You can opt to paint your deck, as there are a variety of different deck paint ideas. You can also just keep the natural colors and seal your deck for protection from weather and sun. Standard finishers include Olympic Waterguard or Thompson Water Seal.

Once you’re done with your deck, take a look at our Under Deck DIY Projects list to maximize your space!

Now it’s your turn to create something!

There are tons of options when it comes to DIY projects for men. When you want to get your hands dirty and create something helpful for the home, you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

Remember, it’s important to finish what you start. You don’t want multiple half-completed projects lying around collecting dust. Most of these projects can be finished within a weekend, making them great for when you have some free time.

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