16 Simple and Easy DIY Portable Fire Pits for Your Outdoor Patio

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Whether you are looking for a portable fire pit to take to your friends house on the weekends or if you are looking for a fire pit that isn’t glued down, then these DIY portable fire pits are right up your alley. Take a look at the different types as well as required skill level to create to find the best way to add some warmth to your summer evenings.

Close up of a burning fire

DIY Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are a top choice for DIY portable fire pits. This is because the bowls are small enough to be carried to different areas or can be loaded up and taken on a camping trip with ease.

Plus, we can’t get enough of the chic look some of these fire bowls give. You can craft these in a weekend, and they make a great gift for the man in your life

1. Really Easy Fire Bowl

If you are looking for a simple yet decorative solution to your portable fire needs, then this is the choice for you. Pretty much all you need to do is assemble the separate parts in order to have a fire bowl that you can use on table tops and other outdoor surfaces.

Blue rocks in a fire pit bowl

We love this option because you may not want to fully DIY a cement bowl. Instead you can use a terracotta bowl and then pour in the fire gel and fire glass to create a statement bowl that will be the talk of your evening.

Get the directions here: www.todayscreativelife.com

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2. Cement Fire Bowl

If you want to make your own fire bowl then this is the DIY project for you. The step by step instructions are easy to follow and give you easy tips to utilize in order to make your first attempt at this hands on project a success.

A cement made fire pit with rocks on the side

While other bowls often feature fire glass, this bowl is comprised of lava rock, which is more outdoor man cave friendly.

Get started here: www.instructables.com

3. $5 Fire Bowl

College kids listen up! This bowl is cheap, easy to make, and very efficient at giving you that summer glow of a fire pit without you racking up anymore debt.

Some charcoal in a portable flower pot fire pit

The DIY part of this project is assembling the different materials to create an effective and safe portable fire bowl that you can take to different places without struggling with a heavy item.

Check it out: www.westerngardens.com

4. Flower Pot Fire Pit

A blue and white stripe portable fire pit

Just because it is a portable furnace doesn’t mean that it has to be bland.

We love this pre-painted flower pot, just make sure that you let the paint fully dry before you begin using it.

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Similar to some of the other bowls in this list, you will assemble the inner materials to turn an ordinary object into a fire friendly bowl that you can place on a table or other outdoor surfaces.

It is also filled with small river rock pebbles as a decorative and protective barrier between the fire can and the flower pot body.

Take a look here: www.theblueeyeddove.com

5. Stone Top Bowl

Another firepit made out of cement and stones

Give your simple bowl some texture with this really great and easy to make portable cement creation.

The ​DIY instructions are very easy to follow ​for beginners and although it looks challenging, it really isn’t.

You will pour your cement into the bowl base, insert a similar sized can into the top middle that will make a large enough indent for a fire can and then place your desired pattern of river rocks around the top.

Let it dry overnight and wow your friends and family with it the next day.

Follow the steps here: www.evansvilleliving.com

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A large fire pit with large flames

When you are short on time, then every minute counts.

Instead of waiting for the cement to dry, try out this really quick DIY trick for your evening outside. A top rated mask might help when working on this, so make sure to secure one before getting started.Included with the step by step instructions is a quick video to show you how you can make this really great fire friendly bowl on the fly.

Quickly set this up ​with your romantic outdoor string lights ​and you’ll be sure to set the mood and ambiance.

Check it out here: www.hometalk.com

DIY On Wheels

When you think of portable fire pits, then you may wonder how you are going to move it. Since most fire pits are made from heavy materials such as cement, then how can you carry them around if they aren’t small fire bowls. Easy, you will roll them with the attached wheels.

7. Wooden Table Pit

Build a rolling encasement for your fire with the best woodworking tools on the market. This is a really great wooden table with wheels on the bottom. The table of this portable pit is all DIY and can be made out of pallets, however, you will need to invest in a metal fire bowl to place inside of it.

A nice table and fire pit

Just know that this is a wooden component to a fire pit, so you can’t have a high fire in it. A smaller fire that uses half a starter log or placing a smaller fire bowl from above inside of it is a good idea.

See more about this table here: www.interiorfrugalista.com

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8. Shopping Cart

Yes it is a shopping cart from a store and yes this really works as a mobile furnace. Now that we have addressed that, let’s dive into why this really is a great portable DIY idea. Not only is it on wheels, but this fire pit is super cheap to make (under $20) and allows you to carry spare firewood underneath.

A shopping cart firepit

No it isn’t classy or chic but just imagine the look on your friends faces when you wheel this baby out to the party. You could be the talk of the town by adding this to your upcoming 4th of July party

You have to see this: www.instructables.com

9. DIY Car Rims Pit

This DIY project is made from wheels, it just doesn’t have them on the bottom. However, these rims are really lightweight and easy to lift and take with you, just as long as there is no fire burning inside of it.

Car wheel fire pit

We love this car rim pit because you don’t need a welder to make it, plus it gets your guests talking about how you were able to DIY with no real fuss and just a few power tools.  

Take a look here: www.instructables.com

Creative DIY Fire Pits

As you begin planning your next DIY project for a fire pit that you can take with you on the go, then sometimes you may want something that is a little out of the box and nontraditional. ​When you need to get a new boiler, these little furnaces below offer a more unique take on the fire pit while still offering you the portability that you are looking for.

10. Washing Machine Drum

A washing machine drum fire pit

We finally have the answer for what you should do with your old washer that doesn’t work anymore. Make a fire pit!

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This ingenious design doesn’t really require too much DIY work and the drum is easy to pick up and carry onto the next location when you are ready to go. 

See the plans here: www.plantcaretoday.com

11. Torch Bottles

Alcohol fire pits

Add a touch of charm with these tiki torch bottles that have been made from your favorite whiskey bottles.

We love how simple these bottles are to make. Just reuse the bottle once you have finished it, add in some torch oil and insert a wick.

The best thing about tiki torches is that some of the fuel has citronella added into it to help keep mosquitos at bay while you are outside.

​If you want to learn how to cut glass bottles, click here for our full-on guide!

Put the bottle to use here: www.sugarandcharm.com

12. Fire Buckets

Three portable fire pits

This trio of portable fire pits is a very light way to give you the ambiance of an open fire without the large size.

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We love these as an idea for birthday parties, brunches and even at weddings as a s’mores bar to sweeten up the guests.

These fire buckets use sand, aluminum foil and decorative rocks as the inner barrier between the fire can and the metal buckets, so that they don’t get too hot when lit.

See the tutorial here: www.bloglovin.com

13. Swedish Torch

A burning log fie pit

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. All you need for this DIY project is a large circular log and a basic inexpensive chainsaw or any other saw you have that can do the job. A mighty jigsaw might also work for this fire pit.

Along with the main log fire burning unit, you will want to have a small stash of some kindling and brush to help get the fire going.

When lit, just make sure that you have it on some gravel or sand so that you don’t catch the yard on fire.

Check out the plans here: www.instructables.com

14. Tin Can Stove

Three sausages on top of a homemade fire pit

Why didn’t we think of this really easy and simple to make tiny stove that is a perfect for camping. All you need to make this project is a tin can, some foil and charcoal. You can also add on a little grill top or leave it uncovered for open roasting over the fire.

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Get cooking here: www.dianthomas.com

15. Glass Frame Personal Furnace

This classy and relaxing piece is just what you need to relax in the evenings after a long day. The glass sides to this project make it high in class but it also lowers the cooking over an open fire functionality that most of the fire pits on this list offer.

A modern firepit DIY

16. Washing Tub Fire Pit

Two small fire pits by the pool

Give new life to an old washing tub with this great DIY idea. Similar to the washing machine idea above, you will be repurposing something that was once used for laundry or holding water.

Make sure that you do add in some nicely cut and even fire brick on the bottom to help with the stability and functionality of this fire pit.

Get the instructions here: www.renewredo.com

Don’t Get Weighed Down

When you are planning to create the perfect DIY portable fire pit then make sure that you know what you will be using it for. If you plan on doing a lot of travelling and camping then skip sand based insides that can create a huge mess if spilled.

Just like you may want to keep in mind the weight of the materials such as a thick and larger cement bowl compared to a flower pot base if you plan on lifting and carrying your fire pit around frequently.

If you prefer something different, you can check out our DIY gas fire pit ideas here.

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