How to Build a Workbench for Along a Garage Wall

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You are just starting up your workshop. Congrats! Finally, you can explore the world of woodworking and create many pieces that will get an appreciation for your skills. This amazing journey should start with a plan and enough braveness.

At its core, the most basic element you now need in your workshop is a workbench.

The following DIY project on​ how to build yourself a workbench just requires some simple tools. It’s super straightforward to use, easily storable along the garage wall, and most importantly, very affordable.

How to Build a Workbench for Along a Garage Wall

You should follow these steps ​in order to make your workbench. ​

Before You Start

There are a few points that would play a main role in the whole DIY process. Make sure to keep them in mind:

  1. Start by determining the measurement of your workbench. It’s always a good idea to have some numbers for length, width, and height.
  2. Ask yourself if you would like the workbench on a certain floor level. If so, you need to check it beforehand. Will you need to sand off the legs of a workbench to make sure it does not wobble much?
  3. Think ahead. The best possible way is to have room for improvement. Consider leaving the shelf planks three to four inches longer than what you plan. This way you’ll be able to correct any error with the extra wood on hand if there is a mistake.
  4. Consider the height. It’s really hard to bend and work on a worktable, especially for long projects. So, a smart way to avoid such future hassle is by considering your own height while making the DIY workbench. This way you’ll be able to hush away backache and similar pains.
  5. Get the right material. Use galvanized decking for the projects. You may also try structural screws.

Find out any problem that might appear due to the workbench fitting along your garage wall in advance. For example, if you have a door beside the space where you plan to put workbench, it’s going to scrape when using your car.

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Make sure the wall is not next to garage door. Find out similar potential issues beforehand and make solutions for the problem now instead of later.

Building the DIY Workbench

Many beginners prefer affordable materials to create basic stuff like a tabletop, and so we’re using your everyday plywood for our garage table. 

  • Using 2x4s and plywood are really a great choice for such a purpose. For the shelves and top, plywood makes a better option.
  • To make a square shape, you need to simply screw the side frames together. After putting the entire frame together, it’s time to focus on workbench’s top. Once you make the top with plywood, simply attach it with frames in place.
  • To easily install the shelves, you should cut notches at corners. A horizontal formation for OSB tops, plywood and shelves will play as a good support. Use 2x4s for making that.
  • Find the spot where legs intersect. Now simply overlap the horizontal board for any deck space. Use some deck screws or nails and simply attach the overlap structure securely.

This way you’ll be able to create a structure with two similar width boards overlapping together. It’s going to join with a tight connection. So that there is no movement or bump when you use the workbench.

One important point to consider is that you should not use 2x2s for making legs and support for the workbench. Some people who ended up doing so later complained the workbench was less solid and wide. This is one of the prime reasons to choose 2x4s in this project.

Wood workbench filled with tools and supplies

Add Additional Table Options

You can always add and customize a DIY according to your needs. You may want some extra storage facilities. Adding a few good-looking drawers is an option.

  • There should be a cross brace in the middle front. You need to use a saw and remove it from the spot. Don’t get rid of the middle brace that usually stays at the rear. This step is important for adding a drawer.
  • Now you need a few short braces of 2x4 inches. Use these to add under front and rear cross braces. The drawers will have support to stay in place.
  • Get some space for the opening of a drawer by cutting the front according to the required size.
  • It’s time to create a box frame for the drawers. Simply assemble pieces and face plates for the drawer. You need to make some side, bottom, front and back pieces for the frame.
  • Once these pieces are ready, make sure they form a square to match the structure. Don’t forget to check whether the sides are parallel with each other. Now to attach these pieces together, simply use wallboard or wood screws.
  • The drawers need to be of accurate sizes. A too wide drawer will bind and make it hard to close. If the drawer becomes extra narrow, there’s going to be too much play.

​Garage Table Considerations

Here are a few additional considerations to take into account as you build your homemade garage DIY table:


  • Do use some paints and coatings to make it safe from humid and rough conditions. Make it durable with affordable choices
  • Do make the height of table in such a way that it reaches top of hand knuckles when you are hanging your arms.
  • ​Do make it yourself with proper research and a pre-made design plan on how you want your workbench to look.
  • Do use casters to make your workbench easily moveable and set instantly.
  • Do add some drawers and shelves to make it multipurpose and flexible for regular use.


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  • ​Don’t waste your money for on expensive coats, as you’ll just end up wanting to dull the glossy finish. This is a DIY version; it won’t last forever
  • Don’t go for any height that feels right to you. You’ll feel uncomfortable while using and bending over it.
  • Don’t make it alone if you are clueless about woodworking and get someone experienced beside to make sure everything’s going smooth and safe.
  • Don’t go for cheap wheels.
  • Don’t exaggerate the design with unnecessary additions and add extra weight that makes this basic tool hard to manage.


There are many ideas online for a DIY workbench. Choose the best plan for you. Just make sure you start the process after understanding each step completely.

A workbench is like the heart of a workshop. It stays with you, witnesses your creations, and supports with rigidity.

One final thing to think about is getting a professional or store version of workbench once you think your beginner phase is over. For high requirement projects and a more defined working result, there’s no match to the steadiness, stability, and durability of a professional tool.

Till then, enjoy the DIY workbench and make lovely projects to raise high. Good Luck!

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