25 DIY Wall Painting Ideas

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Painting your walls can be a way to revamp a room. You can add multiple colors to a room to make it unique or paint images to make it stand out. You can also add patterns and textures to create a one-of-a-kind wall. You have multiple options to create the room you dream of.

Hiring professional painters can be expensive. You do not need to hire painters to do your next paint job. With these DIY wall painting ideas, you can create a masterpiece all by yourself. Read below to get inspired!

Painting a wall or room by hand can take a while. You might want to invest in a top paint sprayer for your interior walls to make things quicker.

Use Different Colors

Colors are a great way to set the tone of the room. If the room is supposed to feel friendly and inviting, you may want brighter colors. If the room is for a child, you may want something unusual or quirky.

Close-up photo of fabric color pallet

Using color is a great way to make your room stand out. Use colors to represent what you love. If you love money, go green! If you love water, try blue. The possibilities are endless when trying new colors.

1. Neon Shades

Neon colors are eccentric and wild. They are not for everybody, but they are for some. The purpose of neon is to shock you. If you have a wildly free personality, they may suit you.

Neon shades wall painting art
(c) nipponpaint.co.in

Details at: nipponpaint.co.in

Try neon orange walls with lime green trim if you were a fan of Nickelodeon as a kid. Or maybe neon yellow if you love highlighters. You can use elements from your personality to create a room that is the perfect fit for you.

This room is a good example of neon being used to make a nostalgic feeling.

2. Bright & Bold Shades

If you have a wild side, but can’t commit to neon colors. Try something bright and bold. Bright and bold colors are great for rooms that need something extra.

Bright and bold shades wall paint
(c) www.bhg.com

Visit this site: www.bhg.com

Red is a great bold color for a room. If you don’t want it to be too much, try painting only half of the wall, this will ease you into it. 

These bright walls are a great way to express your personality.

3. Accent Wall

If painting half of the wall is not your style, only paint one. It is called an accent wall. You can give one wall a bright color but leave the rest basic. This makes the painted wall the centerpiece of the room.

Accent wall style paint interior
(c) truevalue.com

Check out the complete tutorial here: www.truevalue.com

Accent walls can make a room feel bigger while adding something extra. This example of an accent wall makes the room pop without being too much.

4. Dark & Moody Shades

Dark and moody colors are great for rooms that are supposed to feel cozy. If you love daytime naps, but your bedroom is too bright to sleep in. Try painting the room a dark color to lessen the brightness.

Dark and moody shades wall paint
(c) buildingbluebird.com

Visit for aesthetic guides: www.buildingbluebird.com

Maroon walls and dark gray trim are the perfect color combo for this vibe. The darkness allows you to relax and drift off as needed.

Try this color combo for your walls if you feel dark and moody. It is perfect for those who want something a little more mysterious.

5. All White Shades

All-white walls make the room feel larger. Painting a room all white or a shade of white is good if you want to add pops of color with your decor rather than your walls. All white can also be a great base color if you want to add something else later.

All white shades interior wall paint
(c) sawshub.com

All-white walls can be common but also done very artistically. Take a look at these tips and examples.

Use Different Shapes

Shapes can add structure to the room. If you want separation between 2 areas, you can paint shapes, to distinguish the two sides of the wall. Or, you can use shapes to tell a story.

You can also add shapes to add visual effects to enhance the area. Kids love painted shapes on their walls. They allow them to use their imaginations to believe they are somewhere else.

6. Triangle Shapes

Triangles are a great shape to experiment with on your walls. Triangles are easy to make, and they can be of different shapes and sizes. You can make a border with them, or keep them sparingly.

Triangle shapes wall painting interior
(c) audacy.com

Visit DIY projects and wall design inspired: www.audacy.com

Use triangles to make the base shape of pizza slices, Santa hats, or flags. Take a look at these triangle shapes, they are simple and easy to make, even for a beginner.

7. Circle Shapes

Circles are hard to cut, and they are equally hard to paint. But if you use a stencil, they will come out perfect every time. Circles look great looped together or connected. You can leave them hollow or fill them in.

Circle shapes wall painting art
(c) thecarpentersdaughter.co.uk

Check out the complete tutorial here: www.thecarpentersdaughter.co.uk

Circles are great base shapes for cookies, planets, and emojis. These circles come together to make a perfect accent, they are also very easy to create for beginners.

8. Square or Rectangle Shapes

Squares and rectangles are great shapes to use in combination with other shapes. You can use them as a border across the top of the wall or at the bottom. They are great to use with other mediums to create organization.

Squares are great base shapes for robots, books, and vinyl records. The squares painted here would be an easy addition to any wall.

9. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are beautiful additions to walls. They have a relaxing vibe and are great as a centerpiece on the wall. They are best when done large and bold.

Geometric shapes wall painting style
(c) thisoldhouse.com

Check out the complete tutorial here: www.thisoldhouse.com

The geometric patterns here are placed perfectly in any room.

With the use of colors and negative space, it becomes a real work of art.

10. Arrows

Arrows wall painting art style
(c) preparingforpeanut.com

Visit DIY projects: www.preparingforpeanut.com

Arrows can represent so much. You can add arrows to bring your guest’s eyes to something important, such as an exit or bathroom. You can label arrows to give them purpose or use them for decoration only.

These arrows speak for themselves. 

Use Different Images

Images are conversational pieces when painted on your walls. Every room can have a different image and the home can still feel inclusive. Stick with similar styles for each room to keep the walkthrough balanced.

11. Trees

Painted trees are big and beautiful. They can be painted in the center of a wall or off to the side. They can be a silhouette or a full tree with leaves. You can use shelves or hooks placed on the branches to hold keys or candles.

If your mother loves trees, then this is a perfect project for your mother’s room.

Trees wall painting art decor style
(c) addicted2decorating.com

Check out the complete tips here: www.addicted2decorating.com

For example, this tree art could be used in any room. It adds an extra dimension to the space.

12. Characters

Cartoon characters and mascots are perfect for kids’ bedrooms. Painting your child’s favorite character will immerse them into their imaginative state of mind. Enhancing their creativity and joy.

Character art wall painting style
(c) Sarabjeet World. (2018, Jul 24). DIY How to Paint a PERFECT Cartoon Wall Like a Pro (EASY PAINTING) Time Lapse

The characters are painted here to add life to this room.

13. Flowers

Flowers are easy to paint and are a great focal point for your walls. You can paint a single flower or multiple. Add different types of flowers or create a whole landscape. Using your creative mind will enhance your walls.

Flowers wall painting art style
(c) Photo by Thắng Lê www.pexels.com/photo/crop-unrecognizable-girl-with-hands-in-paints-sitting-on-floor-7014498/

These flowers are an easy DIY for your next project. Have your children help you make this a fun family project.

14. Galaxy

Galaxy walls are the best! The mixture of colors and the pop of the stars are great for walls or ceilings. Travel into another dimension with this DIY painting hack.

Galaxy wall painting art style
(c) grayhousestudio.com

Check out the complete tutorial here: www.grayhousestudio.com

The galaxy walls here will make you feel like you are in outer space. You could easily paint a spaceship to make it extra special.

15. Murals

Murals are used to memorialize someone or something valued. A painted mural can fill the whole wall or just part of it. It can have as many or few things that you want. A typical mural will honor a person and have items that they loved and enjoyed.

Mural art wall painting style
Memorial Mural of Sean Price on Bergen Street, close to the Kingston Avenue intersection in Brooklyn. The mural was created by Meres One.

This mural is a great piece of art. It is beautiful and thoughtful. It fulfills a purpose, which is to remember the person involved. 

Use Different Patterns

Patterns are great for walls. A wall painted with a pattern can enhance the theme of the room. A red and green plaid wall will instantly make you think of Christmas. While a checkered pattern may remind you of something else.

16. Plaid

Plaid is a pattern that has vertical and horizontal lines of different colors. You may have black vertical lines, with red horizontal lines, on top of a light gray background. 

Plaid wall painting decor style
(c) projectnursery.com

DIY complete guide: www.projectnursery.com

This plaid wall is ready for any occasion. All it needs is the right decor.

17. Brick

Brick walls are created by using a rectangular sponge. You can use painter’s tape to create negative space between the sponge marks.

Brick wall painting art style
(c) familyhandyman.com

Visit for complete DIY guide: www.familyhandyman.com

Add multiple shades to your sponge to add extra dimension.

Painted faux brick is a cheap alternative to actual brick. Try it yourself like this wall.

18. Checker

A checkered pattern consists of two colors, typically a bright color and a dark color. The colors are painted in squares, within a square. Use painter’s tape to keep the lines straight and even. Examples can be seen here.

Checker wall painting art style
(c) www.sherwin-williams.com

Visit for complete guide: www.sherwin-williams.com

19. Tie-dye

Tie-dye is a unique way to pattern your wall. You can use any color combo when creating a tie-dye wall. If you want it bright, beware of mixing dark colors into it. When colors mix, they can change shade. Experiment with the colors before going straight to the wall.

Tie-dye wall painting art style
(c) homedit.com

Visit for tie-dye wall color guide: www.homedit.com

This color combo is good when mixed, with no extreme dark spots or blobs.

20. Honey Comb

Honeycomb is a fun design for any room. It adds shapes to negative space to give the perception of a honeycomb. If your girlfriend like the honeycomb style, this can be a perfect gift for her.

You can also add some little style like putting a honeycomb shelf to match the patterns.

Honey comb wall painting style
(c) vintagerevivals.com

Visit for the full tutorial: www.vintagerevivals.com

Try this honeycomb combo. Up your game and add some DIY honeycomb shelves as well.

Use Different Textures

Textures help with adding dimension to your walls. Texture variations can make you feel like you want to touch the wall, which can be fun for kids. But if you don’t like your walls touched, this may be something to consider.

21. Denim

The denim texture of your walls can be perfect for anyone. It gives a fresh modern feel. When applying the paint, be sure to add it thick enough. You want to create the texture that you are wanting.

Denim wall painting art style
(c) heatherednest.com

Visit for the full DIY guide: www.heatherednest.com

If you want the best way to add denim-painted walls, check it here, it is a great option. 

22. Drips

The drip-painting method is a fun way to add color and texture to your walls, you will need to pick the color combo you like. Drip it from the top toward the bottom, and admire the art created.

Drips wall painting art style
(c) theinteriordiyer.com

Visit for the complete DIY guide: www.theinteriordiyer.com

The best technique can be found here.

23. Textured Paint

Textured paint is the easiest option for adding texture to your walls. You can create textured paint or you can buy it from the store. The paint is thick and adds dimension to your wall.

Textured wall paint art style
(c) hunker.com

Visit the side: www.hunker.com

This example of a wall painted with textured paint lets you see how it looks when dry.

24. Joint Compound

Joint-compound can be purchased at any hardware store. It is a thick substance used with either a paintbrush or speckling tool. You use the compound to add layers of texture to the wall.

Joint compound wall painting art style
(c) ehow.com

Visit the site for the full tutorial: www.ehow.com

If you want an idea of how to use joint-compound, check it here.

25. Sponge Technique

Using the sponge technique adds a lot of texture. You add your paint to the sponge and dab it onto the wall. You can create a pattern or use it all over. The finished creation will depend on what your vision is for the wall.

Sponge technique wall painting art style
(c) thespruce.com

Visit for the complete guide: www.thespruce.com

These examples of the sponge method will give you an idea of how your wall could look.

Combine A Few Techniques

When you decide to spruce up your walls don’t feel limited to one idea. Use multiple techniques to create a work of art that can be appreciated by you and those who see it.

Allow yourself to think outside of the box and use ideas from your imagination. The greatest thing about paint is that it can be painted over. If you experiment and don’t like it, you can wait until it dries and try again!

Sit Back And Admire Your Work

Once you decide on the perfect techniques for your painting, you can enjoy the benefits. The benefits may be a happy child with a new room or a happy wife with a new kitchen. A freshly painted room can take something old and bring it back to life.

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