14 DIY Firewood Storage Racks for Outdoors

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In order to make sure that you keep the fire burning all winter, you will want to make sure that your firewood is properly stored in order to keep it dry. We found some of the best DIY firewood storage solutions to help you manage your pile while also creating a stylish holder.

A large DIY storage rack for holding firewood

Basic Firewood Storage Designs

These easy to craft firewood storage holders are a great way to keep your chopped wood off of the ground and in place while you are waiting to use it.

2×4 Firewood Rack

Making a rack for your firewood has never been so easy and straightforward as this. All you need are some 2x4s, measuring tape, a jigsaw to cut them to size and some metal connectors to drill them together.

A storage bench full of firewood

When you are measuring and cutting the boards, you can follow the building plan, or create a custom size of your own. As suggested by the builder, it is wise to use some wood glue along with the nails to connect it. This will give your rack a stronger hold especially considering how much weight you will be putting on it.

Check out the design plans here: ww.ana-white.com

Rolling Storage Cart

If mobility is important to you then you should consider adding wheels to your firewood storage. The cast wheels allow you to be able to move and reposition the wood cart. Just make sure that the wheels you select can handle the weight load of a large stack of logs.

A dark gray firewood storage bench

We love these step by step instructions provided because they take pictures at every step to help you follow along as you create the rolling storage cart. You will need a miter saw as well as a ​really good pin nailer and an air compressor to make this job go smoother.

See the instructions here: www.thewoodgraincottage.com

½ Rick Rack

A bench of firewood

If you buy firewood often then you already know the correct terms and measurements used to classify how much you are paying for.

A half a rick is about the standard when it comes to how much is ordered on average.

This rack shines because it has been created and measured to perfectly hold this specific amount, that way you can always keep track of how much you are getting when you order.

It is also really simple to make and won’t take you longer than a few hours to assemble it.

Take a look here: www.bbq-brethren.com

No Tools Needed Firewood Storage

If you are short on woodworking tools or building supplies but need a quick and easy fix, then this creative solution may be just what you need to store your firewood for the season. All you will need are 4 strong boards, two cement blocks and two landscape timbers (this is for the bottom support).

Firewood bench storage

We love how creative and easy this solution is. Once you know where you are going to set it up, you can have it completed within a few minutes time, no nails or glue needed to create a strong hold.

Check out the plans here: www.instructables.com

Long Firewood Storage

This firewood storage solution makes our list because of its long body as well as the much needed planks across the bottom. Traditional simple firewood holders skip the middle planks since the firewood can suspend itself across the front and back bars.

White bench with logs

The planks are not as needed but they add a nice catching system for logs as the pile dwindles. This is also a very basic design for a firewood holder, just with longer boards and a little more detail put into the finished product.

Follow the step by step instructions here: www.homeroad.net

Multi-Purpose Firewood Storage Ideas

If you are lacking free standing space for firewood or if you are a person that likes their home furnishings to have multiple functions then these DIY firewood storage designs are perfect for your home.

Bench Firewood Storage

This bench around a fireplace is a great design that gives your yard a beautiful landscape while also keeping you from having to get up to add another log to the fire.

Firewood round bench wth underneath storage for firewood

To make this DIY firewood storage bench you will start by landscaping the firepit area and then extending the bottom layer of stones out towards the bench area. Add in the basic parts of the bench and then sprinkle out a nice rock or stone for the firewood to lay on. Using gravel or pebbles is preferred since this won’t allow much water to pond under the wood when it rains.

Take a look at the plans here: www.instructables.com            

Firewood Storage Table

This storage table is a great outdoor statement piece that you can use for decoration, entertaining or even as a workspace. Thanks to its sturdy design, it is still fully functional as a table that you can use while firewood is store in the open bottom.

Table firewood storage

While it may look a little intimidating, this DIY rack is the same design as some of the basic options above. What makes it different is the tabletop added on, which is a sheet of ply board and then a textured rubber mat. You can also use pallets for the table top and simply smooth it down with some stainable wood filler you can paint or stain afterwards.

Get the instructions here: www.bowerpowerblog.com

Greenhouse Wood Storage

Aren’t greenhouse just for plants? Let’s shatter this myth and let you know that greenhouses, while helpful to starting plants are also a great environment for wood. This is due to the fact that  a greenhouse environment will cure and dry your wood.

Greenhouse plan for firewood

You can also use this greenhouse to start seeds in the early spring when you are no longer in need of keeping as much wood in the greenhouse. To create this storage solution you will need framing materials such as wood or metal piping if you prefer. You will also need a plastic tarp to create the greenhouse effect or repurpose a bunch of old windows.

Get your inspiration here: www.myoutdoorplans.com

DIY Wood Shed Plans

Building a wood shed, even a smaller scaled one will be a little more difficult than a simple firewood rack. To complete these designs you will want to have a little more knowledge of building as well as some power tools to make the job a little faster.

Log Storage House

A storage box of firewood

This small house is a great way to still open air display your firewood outside while also keeping it safe from the elements such as rain and snow.

This small shed is also slim enough to fit against a house without it taking up too much yard space.

To build this storage house you will need multiple measurements of wood. If it isn’t precut for you then you will need a saw to cut it.

You will also need clamps, a power drill, a good hammer for the job and a lot of nails.

Find more about this project here: www.littlehouseonthecorner.com

Backyard Firewood Shed

Yellow storage shed beside a tree

The base of this shed is essentially like one of the simple firewood racks above.

The main difference is that there are slats on the bottom and slats on the side to keep the firewood inside of the little shed while also protecting it from the elements.

The roof of the shed is made from ply board, a layer of tar to seal it and then your choice of shingles.

This will give your shed an official look as well as make it a function as a protectant on the top due to the overhang roof and tar sealant.

See the plans here: www.myoutdoorplans.com

Pallet Wood Shed

Building with pallets is an easy way to build a shed without having to start from scratch. The lift off of the ground and the open air flow that a pallet gives is perfect for your firewood. That way if it does get wet from the rain, it won’t gather and puddle.

An empty wooden shed for firewood

As you are building this DIY firewood shed we suggest sealing the top pallets with a piece of ply board, a tar sealant and some shingles. This extra step will keep rain from seeping through the top and soaking your firewood. Opting to paint your pallet wood shed can also add flare to your shed if you prefer.

Have some leftover pallets? Not to worry – a quality dog fence can be built out of pallets.

Take a look at this project here: www.easypalletideas.com

Small Woodshed

If you like the look of a woodshed but don’t have the room in your backyard for one, then this miniature shed is perfect to store on your back porch or in a smaller yard space. This woodshed is also great for smaller cuts as well as kindling since it has a closed slat flooring.

A bench full of logs

This woodshed is a fairly simple design to make, you will measure and cut 2x4s to create the frame. Then you will use small boards to fill in the floor as well as build the sides. Make sure that you do leave some space between the sides as this helps with airflow into the miniature shed.

Check out the instructions here: www.howtospecialist.com

Decorative Firewood Storage Racks

If you want to be a cut above the rest with your firewood storage then these DIY firewood plans for your outdoor gas firepits are just what you need to have a functional yet eye catching piece.

You might want to keep a socket organizer on hand for these projects and we have a complete buying guide for that here.

Spindle Firewood Holder

Petite for smaller spaces but strong enough to hold firewood, this deck spindle based firewood holder is a great option for a more decorative piece on your patio or inside. This is mainly due to its smaller frame design and the ability to paint and finish it for an extra pop of color.

A patio couch beside a rack of firewood

The spindles are strong enough to hold the weight of the firewood, but we do suggest that you utilize some wood glue to help create a stronger seal and bond. If you leave this firewood holder outside then you you will need to seal it first so that the elements don’t waterlog the spindle wood.

Get the instructions here: www.projects.truevalue.com

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

Tall and short firewood log storage

There is just something wonderful about the look of metal and wood together, it gives off a rich industrial look that really shines inside and out. This DIY plumbing pipe holder is great for any space whether you choose a small corner like the creator did or if you want to make it a little larger to fit your space.

You should not need to weld the pipes together, although if they do call for a bonding agent, then you can opt for epoxy glue. Make sure that each element of this project dries before you continue onto the next step.

See the full instructions here: www.thecavenderdiary.com

If you’re short on space, consider using the spot under your deck to store your firewood.


Crafting your own firewood storage solutions can usually be done in a single day, depending on how advanced the creation is and if you have to wait for ​paint, glue​, or other factors to dry.

If you are looking to create a firewood storage for the outdoors, make sure that there is some protection from the elements in case of snow, rain and other wet situations that will get your wood damp.

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