7 Different Cuts Unsafe for a Table Saw

A man prepping wood pieces with a table saw in his garage

A table saw is a workhorse tool. You can use it to rip through a truckload of wood in no time. However, with all that power comes great risk. Table saws can cause serious bodily injuries if you use them for the wrong purpose or in the wrong way. Table saw kickback happens when your …

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Landscape Edging Calculator: How to Measure What You’ll Need

Landscape edging using concrete bollards

There’s no doubt that landscape edging can be a great finishing touch. Depending on the material, it can tie your whole work together. Apart from that, landscape edging is an aesthetically-pleasing way to reduce wood and grass intruding on the flowerbed. But it can be a delicate process. If you make one small mistake in …

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20 Chainsaw Carving Project Ideas for All Skill Levels

Carving wood with a chainsaw can sound like a dangerous undertaking, but it can result in beautiful artwork. Regardless of whether or not you have experience in carving with your chainsaw, you’ll find a multitude of ideas below to get you started and inspire you to create something amazing. The most popular canvas used in …

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What is Rebar?

Known as a critical component of concrete construction, rebar provides strength and reinforcement to concrete slabs for a wide range of commercial and residential projects. Rebar is used widely in the construction industry and is available in different grades and types to provide the right amount of strength and reinforcement. But, what is rebar, exactly? …

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7 Tips to Mowing Your Lawn Like a Professional

A person clearing the grass using a lawn mower

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to maintain your own lawn all year round. And there’s nothing better than freshly cut grass. The problem is, most people don’t realize that to get that perfect looking lawn, you’ll have to know how to mow a lawn professionally.  Learn how to mow a lawn professionally. You …

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What Size Is a Number 7 Drill Bit?

Man picking out a drill bit

If you have recently bought a toolbox, you might observe that there are different sizes and numbers of drill bits present in it. You might wonder what size is a number 7 drill bit, as if you are not familiar with the dimensions, it can be risky to drill holes in the material. What Size …

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How To Locate Rebar In Concrete

Construction workers trying to locate the rebar in their construction

Using radar is preferable for detecting rebar underneath the concrete. Follow this guide to know how to locate rebar in concrete. 

How To Change a Sawzall Blade

Reciprocating saw blade

If you are not familiar with Sawzall blades, you might need a proper guide on how to change a Sawzall blade in their appropriate intervals.

How To Join Two Boards Lengthwise

Stacks of wood laid on the pavement

There would be times where you need to join two boards by length. Go through this guide to get an idea of how to join two boards lengthwise.

How To Use A Drill Press Vise

Heavy duty drill press vise, surrounded by wood shavings

Using the drill press vise demands you to follow specific steps for proficiency. In this article, learn about how to use a drill press vise.