How Long Does Primer Take to Dry

repairman treats wall with primer using roller

​​Skipping the primer​​ shouldn’t be an option. This important base coat is not only useful when you are going from dark to light but also helps your new paint of any color adhere to the surface better, especially for textured materials like a faux brick wall or your deck in the patio. You certainly want …

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Oil vs Water Based Polyurethane

Flooring that has an oil based polyurethane

Polyurethane is a common protectant to use on wood floors. You can use water and oil-based polyurethane to give your floors a shiny, glossy look. Polyurethane creates a protective coating that reduces damage like scratches, scuffs, and dents, so your floors don’t show wear and tear signs. It can also help waterproof your foundations, so …

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Epoxy vs Polyurethane

Person applying polyurethane on the floor

Epoxy and polyurethane are high-performance resins used for coating concrete and metal. Polyurethane and epoxy are resins that form a durable, waterproof coating. Although they both create a glossy look, they are not the same. In this article, we compare epoxy vs polyurethane, the different types, and uses. Epoxy Coatings and Finishes Epoxy is surface …

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How to Remove Lacquer From Wood

Man removing lacquer from wood

Do you want to remove lacquer finish from a piece of wood so you can repair, restore or refinish it? We prepared this guide just for you. We did some research and came up with several reliable methods on how to remove lacquer from wood. How to Remove Lacquer From Wood We will look at …

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Lacquer vs Varnish

Dining table

When doing woodwork, you want to put a protective finish on the top. Many people prefer a clear topcoat that protects the wood and gives it a high-gloss look. Varnish and lacquer are two common finishes that give your wood a shiny, glossy finish. When applied, it can be difficult to determine between the two, …

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