How To Locate Rebar In Concrete

Construction workers trying to locate the rebar in their construction

Using radar is preferable for detecting rebar underneath the concrete. Follow this guide to know how to locate rebar in concrete. 

How To Change a Sawzall Blade

Reciprocating saw blade

If you are not familiar with Sawzall blades, you might need a proper guide on how to change a Sawzall blade in their appropriate intervals.

How To Join Two Boards Lengthwise

Stacks of wood laid on the pavement

There would be times where you need to join two boards by length. Go through this guide to get an idea of how to join two boards lengthwise.

How To Use A Drill Press Vise

Heavy duty drill press vise, surrounded by wood shavings

Using the drill press vise demands you to follow specific steps for proficiency. In this article, learn about how to use a drill press vise. 

What Size Drill Bit for a ⅜” Tap?

Person holding a hand drill for tapping metal

If you are new to tapping threads into metal, you might wonder what size drill bit for ⅜” tap. Since it is not an activity often performed in the house, many people are not aware of the technicalities involved in the process. Thus here we are explaining to you every single detail you need to …

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What Size Drill Bit for a #8 Screw

Cordless drill and screws

In most situations, a #8 screw calls for a 1/8” straight drill bit. However, the ideal size of the drill bit can vary depending on the material you’re using, and you’ll need a narrower pilot hole when working with soft materials. How to Figure Out What Size Drill Bit for #8 Screw Figuring out what …

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What Size Drill Bit for a 5/16″ Tap

Selecting what size drill bit for a 5/16 tap

So you’ve got yourself a 5/16″ tap, now what? You need the matching drill bit. More than that, since 5/16″ taps come in two sizes, either an 18 or 24 inch, you need a drill bit that corresponds to the specific size. How do you know what size you need and why the different size …

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What Size Drill Bit for #10 Screw?

A close up shot of a drill bit

Drilling is often performed in households or the industry for multiple purposes. The size of the drill bit plays a critical role in the operation. A wrong bit size may cause damage to the material used. Here, you’ll see what size drill bit is needed for a size 10 screw. What Size Drill Bit for …

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