What Is Polymarble? The Definitive Guide

Polymarble is a new building material used in kitchens and bathrooms which is made with a combination of resin and marbledust. Polymarble is a hard, durable, and a very elegant material. When installed, it gives the impression of marble but without the maintenance part. Polymarble is one of the best materials for basins, vanity tops, …

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Can You Stain A Deck In Cold Weather?

Staining and refinishing are important for the deck’s durability. In fact, staining the decks can protect it from damaging elements. That being said, the temperature can play a huge role in the staining of your deck. Normally, it’™s better to always work at moderate temperatures for staining the wood. No one wants to work in …

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Best Gas Pole Saw [2022 Review]

Gas pole saw used to cut a part of tree

Tall tree branches require extra effort, such as climbing up a ladder to prune or trim branches. This can be risky because you can fall off the ladder and sustain serious injuries. So, what can you do to avoid dragging the ladder up the tree? Simple! Look for the best gas pole saw with a …

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5 Best Planer Jointer Combo [2022 Review]

A two-in-one solution might just be what you need in your woodwork station if you’re looking to cut down on space. To get the best out of both worlds, a planer jointer combo will be the perfect way to maximize your woodworking craftsmanship. There’s an overwhelming number of planer jointer combos in the market. Finding …

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Best Cordless Circular Saw [2022 Review]

Circular saw on wood

Many people perceive tools like drills, hammers, and screwdrivers as the necessities of any worker’s collection. However, there’s more to a great tool stock than those things alone. The circular saw is a highly essential part of any tool selection. The corded saw can cut masonry, steel, plywood, granite, and lumber when matched with the right blade selection. Most …

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6 Best Table Saws on the Market [2022 Review]

Sawstop table saw with blade, fence, and riving knife

Many woodworkers, whether amateur or professional, will agree that the centerpiece of any good workshop is its table saw. This style of power saw is both a powerful piece of equipment and a significant investment but can prove essential to anyone who needs to cut wood regularly with power and precision. With that said, the …

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How to Find, Pick, and Prep Your Pallet Wood For A Project

Pallet wood is a popular option for DIY projects. Because of its relative abundance and free availability, it is a great choice for do it yourself projects. However, not all pallet wood is created the same, and its important to learn how to identify and prep your pallets before you start your project.  Where to …

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Best Table Saw for Small Shop [2022 Review]

A man cutting a piece of wood on table saw

It doesn’t matter whether you own a workshop, aspire to own one, or simply enjoy DIY woodwork projects; it’s incredibly advantageous to have a table saw in your vicinity. For small shops, the idea of a table saw can sound a bit confining. In reality, it’s very possible to have a table saw that can …

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How to Build a Solar Charged Remote Control Lawn Mower

Many lawn mowers are battery-operated, and keeping them charged can be a bother. As an alternative, gas powered lawn mowers need gas on hand. Both have their drawbacks, and aren’t great for the environment. We have put together a guide on how to build a solar charged remote control lawn mower. This project helps you …

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Best Wood Router for Beginners [2022 Review]

A man working with wood router

As a beginner in the woodworking world, you’ll quickly learn that having the best tools is the best way to complement your natural skill, and this applies to having the best wood router for beginner carpenters or woodworking enthusiasts! A wood router is one of the best tools that will help you create patterns, cutouts, …

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5 Best Wood Routers Under $100 [2022 Review]

Fixed wood router

Wood routers are one of the most versatile tools in the world. They can cut grooves, profile edges, cut inlays, trim and shape wood, and so much more. Their multi-purpose nature makes them a valuable tool in a woodworker’s shed. Best of all, they’re really not all that expensive. To help you find the tool …

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Best Miter Saw for Beginners [2022 Review]

A guy using miter saw for woodworking

For pros and beginners alike, buying a miter saw can seem like a huge commitment. There are plenty of brands and models out there to pick from, and even more features to consider. Finding the best miter saw for beginners is no easy task. To help you with your selection, we’ve reviewed some of the …

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