31 DIY Wine Racks Ideas, Projects, and Plans

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DIY wine racks are a great way to not only show off your wine bottle collection, but also your crafty skills with these conversational pieces. From simple wine racks to more advanced plans as well as a few eccentric ones (Piano wine rack anyone?), there is something for everyone when it comes to finding the best DIY wine racks, and you won’t need your full toolbox of tools for woodworking.

Upside wine rack

Easy Wine Rack Ideas

If you are a beginner, you may want to start here. These basic wine rack ideas don’t require a lot of skill but you will walk away with a really chic looking creation that can be proudly displayed in your home.

1. Countertop Wine Rack

Not only is this DIY rack easy to make, it is also very stylish which will have your guests asking where you bought this wine holder.

Wooden cross wine rack

To make this geometrical holder for your bottles you will have to measure, cut, square off and then screw together wood dowels. There are super easy to follow step by step instructions so that you get it right the first time. You may also want to use wood glue to give your screwed in pieces that extra strength hold.

Check out the plans here: www.lowes.com

2. A-Frame

Folding wine rack

This super simple yet chic design is perfect for placing your bottles on display whether it is on the table, on the kitchen island or even above the refrigerator.

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You can store up to 6 bottles securely and you don’t have to fuss with extra holding screws, since the plywood cutouts will do all of the work.

You’ll need a high powered drill with a 3-1/5″ drill bit, often known as a hole saw. This is also commonly used for drilling a hole in a door when installing a door knob.

If you want to learn more about doors and how to install or repair pocket doors, visit our article here.

Take a look here: www.diynetwork.com

3. Wooden Wall Wine Rack

Rustic wooden wine rack

Classy on a budget best describes this DIY wine rack. That is because you only need to purchase 3 boards that vary in size.

You can trim the boards down with a miter saw to create the right lengths for the base as well as for the shelves.

This shelf keeps it’s clean look thanks to pocket holes for the screw. Using a pin nailer for this one might also make it easier, if not a handy brad nailer.

This angled way of connecting the boards and shelves allows you to better hide the screws while still maintaining a strong hold, since those bottles are not light.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

See the tutorial here: www.shanty-2-chic.com

4. Unique Wall Rack

This DIY wine rack can be made for almost free if you have the tools on hand to create it as well as a few short board scraps lying around your workspace. You only need three boards, one for the backing and two for holding the wine.

Arrow shaped wine rack

This super simple project makes use of any scrap wood you have lying around, and pretty much everyone has a few 2×4’s in the garage collecting dust these days.

We also love the two tone stain on this wine rack the accentuates the unique zig zag design.

You can look at this project here: www.rogueengineer.com

5. Leather and Wood Wine Rack

Simple wine rack

This is a great freestanding hammock for your wine bottles. It is also really easy to put together and requires minimal tools to get the job done.

You will need to connect the base with the side wall and then screw in the wood dowels that act as the side posts.

Next stitch the leather pieces together and then attach them through the wood dowel posts.

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This unique wine rack idea makes use of more than just wood to give you a fun and creative final product.

Check it out here: www.themerrythought.com

6. Wall Shelf with Metal Accent

Vertical wine holder

This wall mounted shelf shows off your favorite vintages without looking too modern, thanks to the wood stain color.

You can of course paint it any color to match your home and personal style.

We love the different little touches to this DIY shelf. From the little metal pegs that keep the win in place to the longer shelves that extend the length of the bottle, while the shelf backing leaves the area open behind.

See the easy step by step instructions: www.lowes.com

7. Wood Crate

Rustic and so easy to make, this DIY wood crate wine rack is the perfect addition to your home that you didn’t realize you needed. Following along in the DIY pallet wood craze, this project really embraces the do it yourself spirit. 

Wine in a wooden box

To make this project, you will need a wooden crate, a few pieces of plywood that you will trim to fit inside and your choice of paint or wood stain. You can keep it a dark stain to give that rustic look, or add some bright paint to bring a pop of color to your wine holder. If you want to create a much smoother finish, you can also opt to use a wood filler.

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Check out the instructions here: www.thesprucecrafts.com

8. Traditional Countertop Wine Rack

A basic wine holder never goes out of style, and this DIY traditional wine storage solution is sure to be a favorite for many years to come. You can make it for your home or surprise a dear friend or special someone​ with it as a gift.

Basic wine rack

There is a video in the link below to give you a visual of how to make this rack as well as written out step by step instructions. The design of this project requires minimal screws to hold it together, except on the sides. The inside parts fit snugly together via cutouts (so you may need a framing hammer to help get them attached).

Get started here: www.wilkerdos.com

9. Triangle Countertop Wine Holder

Abstract hanging bottle wine rack

Meet your next must-have project with this easy to create triangle wine rack.

It provides a very minimalist design while also being a nice decorative way to display your wine.

You only need two pieces of wood, both of which you will cut to create this wine holder. It is made to sit on the counter, so no wall mounting necessary.

Out of all the easy, beginner projects that made our list, we think this is probably the classiest of them all.

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Take a look at this great design: www.shanty-2-chic.com

Wine Racks for Glasses Too

Having a way to display your bottles is great, but if you like to have a glass or have friends over for wine then you need a fully functional DIY wine bottle holder that will hold your glasses too. This way you have everything you need in one spot.

10. Simple Wine Rack

Wooden shelf rack with glass holder

Sometimes simple is the perfect accent to a home’s decor. This wine rack may be simple in design but it packs a lot of wow thanks to the stem glass storage it adds.

While it may look a little difficult, this wall mounted holder is pretty easy to make. You will need to use a jigsaw to cut out the stemware grooves and then nail all of your boards together. You can leave the wood a nice natural color or paint it to match your decor.

See the instructions here: www.jenwoodhouse.com

11. Wall Mounted Holder

Long shelf rack with glass holder

Super sleek and perfect for small wine bar areas, this wall mounted wine rack will hold it all.

We love the little side ledge for displaying and holding your wine opener so that you don’t spend precious time digging around in drawers for it.

The instructions for the shelf come with loads of pictures, instructions, and cut out diagrams.

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When complete, it can hold 6 bottles and 12 glasses.

This specific project would really benefit from having a table saw. You don’t need a sophisticated one – even the best table saw under $300 will give you a leg up on this project.

Take a look at the plans here: www.diynetwork.com

12. Hexagon Wine Rack

This wine bottle holder is too cool to be put in the corner, unless the corner is the focal point of your home. It has great geometrical shape as well as the ability to hold 5 bottles and four glasses. ​​

​If you want to see more honeycomb shelf ideas, click here.

Hexagon DIY wood project

We also love the metal brackets mixed with the wood design, giving this an industrialized look while still remaining classy. The brackets in this DIY project also give the two separate top and bottom pieces an extra strength hold.

​See the design here: www.rogueengineer.com

13. Plywood Art Wine Holder

Wooden square wine rack

If you are looking for a statement piece that will also hold your wine, then this is the DIY project for you. You can keep it all one wood stained color, or really make it pop by adding in a two tone design.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

It may look intimidating, but with the broken down step by step instructions it’s not as advanced as it looks.

You will start with a piece of plyboard and then create the 3D back design. Once finished, you will add on the wine bottle cut out holders, securing them with screws and some wood glue.

Check out the plans here: www.uglyducklinghouse.com

14. Single Bottle

Old wood wine rack

Sometimes a single bottle of wine is all you need to hold to make a statement.

This low-key design really stands out beautifully as well as the additional wine glass holders make it convenient to open up a bottle and serve it without having to run to the kitchen.

The instructions are easy to follow and once broken down into steps, this wine rack is pretty easy to make as long as you have the tools needed to cut, trim out the stemware holders and ​nails to hold it all together.

Take a look at the step by step instructions here: www.instructables.com

15. Copper and Wood Standing Holder

Elegant, classy, industrial elements this wine rack has it all and then some. It would look great on any countertop or table. The base and top are made from wood that has been painted white to give this wine holder a more modern look.

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Copper and white wine rack

Along with step by step instructions there is also a video and patterns that you are able to print and cut out to help you with measuring and cutting the wood. A good sander will also come in handy for smoothing out your cuts.

See the plans here: www.creativityhero.com

16. Wine Shelf

Farm house wine rack

Made from pallet wood, and a few new pieces, 
this wooden wine shelf is a great way to display your bottles as well as your stemware. It can also act as a serving area thanks to a wide shelf that you can sit an open bottle on.

This DIY wine shelf does take a lot of steps to create and quite a few tools. However, it can be done without a whole lot of DIY knowledge. The creator really broke down the step by step instructions to help you understand and build this project without too much trouble.

We also think this would be a great DIY project to contribute to an outdoor bar. If you entertain outside during the summer months, consider adding this to your backyard.

Take a look here: www.instructables.com

Upcycled Wine Rack Projects

Take an everyday item and then rework it to create something new, that is the idea of upcycling, but what happens when you take something and turn it into a wine rack? Pure magic and a little bit of “Where did you get that amazing piece” happens. Take a look at some of our favorite plans for DIY upcycled wine storage solutions.

17. Wine Cart

Wine rack table with glass holder

While this really neat cart kind of already began as a wine holder, you can easily upcycle a folding table by adding in a strip of wood at the bottom with cutouts to hold the bottles.

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The best part about this table is the accent of a natural wood top ​you can lacquer that is great for displaying and serving.

Check out this great cart: www.thelilypadcottage.com

18. Pallet Wine Racks

Wine rack with glass holder

Two shelves for the price of one come with this pallet design.

While having two wine rack shelves is eye catching, if you only want one then you can use the second shelf as an entryway piece to place bags and coats (just add a few dowel pegs for hanging) or in a kids room to hold books.

Pallets are great for DIY projects thanks to their great natural wood that can easily be pulled off and recreated. 

You will use the main frame for the design and then use a jigsaw to cut the stem glass holes. Altough the scroll saw is often compared to the jigsaw, the former is more appropriate to use for this purpose.

One thought is to build both, and put one of them outside. Entertain outdoors on warm summer evenings under the market lights, and have wine glasses and a few bottles of wine at your disposal.

Take a look at this project here: www.thekurtzcorner.com

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19. Piano Wine Rack

If you want the ultimate in wine storage, then this much just be it. But don’t dive in just yet, this project isn’t for the faint of DIY heart, it takes a lot of time, work and some creative ideas to build a wine rack that will rival all others.

Wine rack piano

The creator states that it took months for this wine storage solution to be completed. You will be taking out all of the pieces of the piano from the keys to the inner strings, after this you will begin the restoration and building of custom pieces such as the wine bottle holders.

You’ve got to see this : www.instructables.com

20. Reclaimed Wood Wine Holder

Basic standing wine rack

This conversation starting piece is great for holding your wine as well as being the main decor in a corner space.

While this wine rack is a larger piece, it is really easy to make and will be a piece that you won’t regret having.

All you need to create this project yourself is some reclaimed wood and dowel pegs. Measure and mark the dowel holes by placing them in a 3/2 pattern all the way down.

After​ cutting the holes, liberally glue the dowels before you insert them. Allow the holder to fully dry before you put any wine on it.

Take a look here: www.hgtv.com

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21. DIY Wine Cabinet

End table wine rack

You know that old end table that you just can’t find the perfect place for, maybe it’s because it isn’t a wine cabinet… yet.

We love this DIY tutorial because it shows you how to make a full end table wine rack from scratch by building the end table first.

You can also skip ahead and see the plans for making and inserting a X section in the bottom if you already have the perfect end table in mind.

Check out this project here: www.addicted2diy.com

22. Converted Wine Rack

Cabinet style wine rack

Almost everyone has a three drawer chest, and if not you can score one at your local consignment store for a good price.

Taking away two drawers and adding in two doors gives this cabinet a chic design whole also allowing you to have hidden storage for wine glasses or other spirits.

See the instructions here: www.addicted2diy.com

23. Sewing Table Wine Rack

A sewing table has never been so cool to own as it would be reimagined for a bottle storage system. The top design (which is a decal) is enough to fall in love with this upcycled sewing table.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Lighted wine rack

Inside there are PVC pipes that have been accentuated with LED lights to really make this sewing wine table really pop.

You’ve got to see this here: www.realitydaydream.com

Nontraditional Wine Racks

These aren’t your momma’s wine racks, and we are glad for it. If you are looking for something that is more eye catching than simple then these are the some great DIY options for you.

24. Twine Rack

Who says all wine bottles holders must be made of wood? This really creative take on wine racks is a play on sheet metal and twine. This is a great idea for a home only storage or as a statement piece for a  wedding.

Clover shaped wine rack

The metal, which is easy to bend and shape, takes the weight and structure load while the twine wraps around the metal to give it that great chic look.

Check out this great idea here: www.homestoriesatoz.com

25. Copper Wine Rack

For an soft industrial look, then this copper wine storage solution is a great option. The leather hammock inside softens the copper body, making this a great piece that can fit in anywhere in your home.

Wine rack with cradles

The hardest part of this DIY project is cutting, bending and connecting the copper pipes. You will want to have a miter saw handy and some pliers to help with the hard stuff.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

Take a look at this project here: www.abubblylife.com

26. Rope Wine Rack

Vertical wine rack

This is a great project for a beach themed home or if you enjoy nautical accents around your home.

It is also a really easy bottle holder to make if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience.

You will need a single board cut down to size with a saw of your choice, about 8 feet of rope and a drill with bits that will be large enough to cut out holes for the rope to feed through. 

Also you will need some hot glue to help secure the ropes as you are feeding them through the board.

Start building this holder here: www.cambriawines.com

27. Vinyl Record Holder

Vinyl wine rack

For the music lover, there is no cooler gift than their own vinyl record wine bottle holder.

This DIY project is so easy to make that you could do it in an afternoon. Plus, you can even ask your kids to help you out.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

The records are strong enough to support a wine bottle without any issue.

One you heat up the record (preferably one that is too scratched up to play) you will then fold the record around a wine bottle and allow it to cool down into that snug rounded shape.

​The records are attached to a wooden board that hangs easily on the wall.

You’ve got to see this cool project : www.recyclart.org

28. Reclaimed Wood and Copper Holder

Simple rustic wine rack

If you love the wood and metal look then this project is perfect for you.

To do this DIY project, you won’t need a lot of tools, just a board cut to size, some screws to anchor in the hooks and some paint.

The chalkboard top design is created on the board, all you need to do is tape off a square (or any shape you want) and then use chalkboard paint over the area.

Hang this inside on a kitchen wall, or outside by your fire pit and patio space.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

Take a look here: www.ipsydiy.com

29. PVC Pipe Rack

If you have done some plumbing work recently and have leftover PVC pipes laying around then this is a free project for you to create.

We love the simplicity of this DIY project that turns out to be a great looking wine holder for your home.

Circle wine rack

All you need are some PVC pipes cut to size (different sizes give this rack a nice designer look), some epoxy glue to hold them together and your choice of spray paint for the finished color.

Check out the plans here: www.craftboxgirls.com

30. Leather Pocket Holder

Suede snap clasp wine rack

This extra long cutting board wine bottle rack is a must have for any large kitchen.

You will use a cutout pattern to make the cutting board shape for the top, which you can also use to create a matching cutting board for use on the counter nearby.

The leather pockets soften the rustic wood look of this holder as well as give it a second texture while being a strong solution for holding your bottles.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

Take a look at the plans here: www.realitydaydream.com

31. Industrial Holder

Pipe wine rack

This may be the coolest looking wine rack that you can make.

Bonus points for this DIY project needing no tools (you may need pliers if the pipes get stubborn in attaching) and only takes about 6 hours to make.

It also has screw mounting brackets at the bottom of the holder, so that if you know you want it to be in a specific place, you can go ahead and screw it into a wood base for added stability.

If not, you can learn about cutting galvanized pipes here.

Check out the tutorial here: www.instructables.com

​How to Build a Wine Rack

No matter which specific project you pick for building a DIY wine rack, there are some general steps to follow.

  1. Pick form or function… or both: ​​​​Is this wine rack going to be front and center, on display in your kitchen? Or, are you building a wine rack for long term wine storage, that doesn’t need to be visible? Answering these questions will help you determine which set of plans you need. ​​​
  2. ​Number of Bottles to Store ​:​ ​How many bottles of wine do you need to store? You can build a rack to store as few as 3 bottles, or a full fledged storage flight to to handle dozens of bottles. You need to know how many bottles you want your rack to hold. ​​​
  3. Pick your plans: The best DIY wine rack plans will satisfy ​both ​your style desires and your storage needs. Pick a set of plans that can handle the number of wine bottles you want to store, while also having the look and feel you prefer. ​​​
  4. Pick a wood: The type of wood you pick for your rack will have implications in how the finished product looks, along with how well it holds up over time. Certain types of wood are better at handling long term humidity, while other types of wood have aesthetic appeal.
  5. Build your wine rack: Get to work! This is the fun part, and with all of the options we’ve provided, there is sure to be a specific rack that suits your fancy.

What Kind of Wood to Use for Your Wine Rack

While this might not be the first thing on your list of considerations, it is important to use the right kind of wood for your rack. A traditional wine cellar is built with specific types of wood, designed to withstand humidity and temperature fluctuation.

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​For a wine rack, you don’t need to worry about a lot of these details. However, you can still borrow a lot of the theories as you’re picking your wood.

If you’re going to be storing nice wine, then redwood, red oak, ash, alder, cherry, pine, mahogany and walnut are the best kinds of wood to use for your wine rack.

Certain types of wood are bad for a wine cellar, such as pine. Pine warps in humidity and temperature fluctuation, so avoid it if you can.

If you’re just looking for a place to store the latest wine you bought (that will soon be opened), then virtually any kind of wood will do​. Pallet wood and 2×4’s are ultra cheap, and can be dressed up with paint or finish to look nice.

What Else Can You Put in a Wine Rack

The great thing about building a rack for all of your wine is that it can double as storage for other things. While you never want to be low on vino, if you find yourself with some extra space, here are a few other things you can store in your wine rack:

  • rolled up towels
  • shoes
  • sewing supplies
  • magazines
  • office supplies
  • water bottles
  • craft pens, markers, and crayons
  • beer bottles
  • succulents
  • kitchen storage (foil, waxed paper, cling wrap)
  • kids school crafts

Get Crafting

Most of these DIY wine racks are fairly easy to make and require little tools. Where you will run into more work and tools needed is if you are planning to recreate a wine bar area or if you are adding in a stem glass holder.

Also, you don’t have to choose just one. These DIY projects are great as a hostess gift, christmas gift or decor project as well as fun to have a few countertop wine racks at your own summer get togethers for wine and other spirits.

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