50 Small Wood Projects That Are Simple and Easy

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​We’ve put together 50 different simple home wood projects ​for you to tackle today. These small wood projects might surprise you with how doable they are with the simplest of tools, making them easy to follow and make (even for beginners).

Small Wood Projects

Brownies on a wooden board

1. Wooden Cup Holder Sofa Sleeve

This wood cup holder goes perfectly on your sofa’s arm and is where your cup can sit perfectly on.

From appearance alone, it’s not that difficult to figure out. This tutorial makes it more understandable with easy-to-follow instructions.

Cup holder

Check out the tutorial here: ​abeautifulmess.com

2. Five-Candle Holder

If you’re already into woodworking but have yet to polish your skills, this five-candle holder small DIY project will give some of your leftover chunks of wood a new lease on life. Not only that, everything it’s made of are essentially excess.

Wooden tealight candle

More about this DIY project here: ​simplycountrylife.com

3. Tealight Candle Holder

Regardless of how small this little candle decoration is, it makes all the difference when its mood lighting covers a large part of the room, if not the entirety of it. This is especially cozy on a gloomy day or at night.

Candle holder

​Learn more about this DIY:​ instructables.com

4. Wooden Business Card Holder

Just as you give all your other cards a home in your wallet or card holder, your business cards deserve a place of their own considering they open up connections and expand your circles.

Comprising of only seven steps, this tutorial is not that hard to understand. The same goes for application. Make sure to allot at least an hour for the whole process.

Wooden business card holder
(c) instructables.com​​​

​Make this at home:​ instructables.com

5. Address Number Plaque and Wall Planter

Here’s a small DIY project for the exterior of your house. An address number display on the outside may soon be irrelevant. We never know what technology can whip out next, but for now it’s a luxurious décor that adds to the little details that make your house unique.

If you want to save more money, you can even use some used pallets to create this sign. This address number plaque looks simple enough for a beginner but don’t underestimate the work to be done or tools to be used.

Address number planter
(c) ​​shanty-2-chic.com

Full tutorial on:​ shanty-2-chic.com

6. Small Arrow Yard Signs

This project is another one for the exterior of your house, and not just outside your door but actually on your front lawn. This project makes woodworking so accessible to beginners because you don’t have to worry about making a mistake in the process.

This can be used as a legitimate arrow to point to your house as an added detail to your house décor. You can also hang it from your wooden fence out of pallets.

Details at: simplycountorerylife.com​​​

Arrow with labels
(c) simplycountrylife.com

7. Wooden Flash Drive

However, with that covered, you scan create its housing, which makes up the other half of it, using wood. Still, it would look as if it’s been bought from a store and not handmade.

This tutorial details how to do that with the littlest tools that can be easily available to anyone.


Details and instructions found here:​ instructables.com​​​

8. Magazine Organizer

A magazine holder definitely needs to be bigger than most of the projects we’ve tackled so far, but it’s almost as easy as nailing a frame on the wall.

Other than marking and cutting the wood, nailing them together is what would complete the whole process.

Magazine rack
​​(c) familyhandman.com

For a detailed view, visit:​​ familyhandman.com

9. Small X-shaped Magazine Holder

This x-shaped magazine holder, however, is more modern and complementary to trending industrial tastes.

This tutorial will debunk those myths and show exactly how easy this is to make. To start with, it doesn’t require that many materials. The only advanced tool would be the laser wood saw.

X magazine holder
(c) homedit.com

To see the layout, visit:​​ ​homedit.com

10. Floating Wine Bottle Holder

With this floating wine bottle holder, your first question is probably “how.” Not about how to make it exactly but how it works.

This wine bottle holder has the ability to draw a lot of amazement and compliments from people who see it. It’s also a good conversation starter.

Wine holder

​Full details of the plans on:​​ instructables.com

11. Modern Wine Rack

After that wine bottle holder, no other piece of its kind might bring the same awe out of you. However, the number of wine bottles this wine rack could hold might just make it a contender.

Apart from being able to store more bottles of wine, this DIY wine rack is also easier to make with less tools and materials and even less steps to complete.

Modern wine holder
(c) kj.com

​Create your own version: ​​​kj.com

12. Wooden Bottle Opener

We know just what would go beside your wine rack and wine bottle holders: this wooden bottle opener. Iconic wine opening experiences are the ones that don’t need this tool, but some wine bottles can only be opened with it.

Bottle opener

Make this one at home:​​ ​​manmadediy.com

​This one doesn’t take so much time and materials from you at all because it can be done in 15 minutes with scrap materials that’s just an excess to you.

13. Wooden Ring

Woodworking skills can also come in handy if you’re interested in fashion. The two might be far from being related, but they can overlap when you make wooden accessories like this wooden ring.

For how little it is, this project might take you 2 hours at most and waiting time that could take 2 days.

Wooden circle
(c) instructables.com

Learn more about this DIY:​​ ​instructables.com

14. Wooden Hoop Earrings

One type of earrings is particularly trendy nowadays. It’s the hoop earrings.

Wooden hoop earrings
(c) themerrythought.com

Get to crafting: ​​themerrythought.com

This is one of those woodworking projects that will only take up 10 minutes of your time and about four materials but it will result in what could possibly be a part of your daily accessory rotation.

15. Wooden Bangles

Take it from Gucci who’s already made a signature out of their wooden bag handles.

Wooden bangles
​(c) alisaburke.blogspot.com

For the detailed plans, visit​: ​alisaburke.blogspot.com

In less than 10 minutes, this project gives you something to add to your collection of arm candy that can stand through the constantly changing fashion seasons.

16. Small Wood Bookends

From the photo alone, these bookends might look like they came out of a fancy home and interior design store. In reality though, they’re a product of a do-it-yourself woodworking project and thrifted ornaments or Christmas scroll saw decor pieces combined.


Check out ​how it’s made: ​build-basic.com

​These L-shaped wood pieces make up the entirety of the woodworking aspect of this project. To make that, it would only take you half an hour. It’s really the geese that is most attractive.

17. Wooden Ladder Storage

In recent years, you’ve probably seen a wooden ladder being used for indoor décor and as an appealing storage solution. As opposed to the ladder’s almunium and fiberglass counterparts, this wooden take on it can be seen all over interior blogs and Pinterest boards.

Instead of buying a standard-looking one, this tutorial gives you steps on how to make it on your own and even tells how you can customize it according to your space and to the appearance you want.

Wooden ladder
​(c) blog.jennasuedesign.com

Check out the full plans on: blog.jennasuedesign.com

18. Wooden Valance

There are certain ways you can improve the look of your home without doing a full makeover. This wooden valance, for instance, can upgrade your bathroom if you put it over your tub or shower area as this tutorial demonstrates.

Since this is purely for decorative purposes only, it’s not hard to put it anywhere like your bedroom, a nook, or narrow entryway.

Essentially, it’s just a piece of wood with fancy curves, so it would only take you about 30 minutes to make the bare minimum.

Wooden valance
​​(c) blog.jennasuedesign.com

For a detailed view, visit: ​blog.jennasuedesign.com

19. Wooden Batch Caddy

This bath caddy provides space for things like that and more. Not only that, it adds to the cozy and rustic vibe.

If you also made the valance and ladder for the bathroom, this will go well with those especially if you have a plain white bathroom that badly needs some accents. Compared to the first two projects, this one would require even less materials and even less time.

Wooden caddy
​​(c) blog.jennasuedesign.com

Visit this website for project plans: ​blog.jennasuedesign.com

20. State Cutout Decor

National flags have become a design aspect across many things from clothes to interior décor. In a similar way, show some state pride!

This cutout décor in the shape of your home as it appears on the map is an easily achievable DIY woodworking project that can do the same.

Wooden state decor
(c) agirlandagluegun.com

Make it at home: ​agirlandagluegun.com

21. Twig Monogram

This woodworking project doesn’t even require any power drills or the like. It’s so easy that elementary students can do this in 30 undisturbed minutes or less.

You just need to collect some good old twigs and use them to form your letter of choice, whether it’s your or a loved one’s initial. As a bonus, you get some exercise out of this project too as you go outdoors and hunt for discarded or fallen twigs.

Wooden monogram
(c) thehappyhousie.porch.com

Learn how to make it yourself:​​ thehappyhousie.porch.com

22. Twig Jewelry Board

Just like the monogram twig, this jewelry board is another easy DIY project that wouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to build. This one uses a drill though, but it’s still not that advanced of a tool than other woodworking projects would require.

It even beats those fake wooden décor that claims to give a rustic feel. This one is the real thing.

Jewelry hanger
​(c) ​rebeccasdiy.blogspot.com​​​

Get to ​painting:​​ ​rebeccasdiy.blogspot.com

23. Small Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are not the hardest to make, and this simple project takes all of 20 minutes.

Having this DIY project in the backyard of your home​ can have a huge bearing on the life of birds who will benefit from it.

Bird feeder

Details and plans over at:​​ 100things2do.ca

24. Pencil Holder

They say a clean space helps in clearing up your head for any kind of work. This pencil holder doesn’t only clear up your workspace by keeping your writing tools organized, it doubles as a source of motivation as well.

This pencil holder is handy for anyone regardless of the nature of their job and finishing it only takes about 20 minutes.

Pencil holder diy
(c) cherishedbliss.com

Check out the full tutorial ​on​ cherishedbliss.com

25. Makeup Brush Holder

Using the same concept as to creating the pencil holder, this makeup brush holder is basically the same thing, only specified for your makeup tools instead of your writing tools.

There are many methods to how you can store your makeup brushes but the most advisable of all that many professional makeup artists would swear by is keeping them upright at all times if possible.

Make up brush holder DIY
(c) natalme.com

Take a look at the measurements and instructions here:​​ natalme.com

26. Wooden Picture Holder Cubes

Displaying printed photos are still one of the best ways to decorate your space. Propping them up on an equally special décor piece like this DIY wooden picture holder cube is personalization at its best. Both you and anyone who visits your place will most likely appreciate.

Picture holder DIY
(c) passionshake.com

Full tutorial over at:​​ passionshake.com

27. Wooden Photo Display

That picture holder requires the most minimal work on your part. The result is nothing short of beautiful, but if you’re up for something a little more hands-on, this wooden photo display takes you on a real creative challenge.

Laser printed wooden rounds
(c) apartmenttherapy.com

Learn to make this DIY: apartmenttherapy.com

28. Small Minimalist Frame Holder

This wooden frame holder is a little bit different than frames you’re familiar with. Since the wooden part is only a fraction of the whole piece, this would be easy to finish in just 10 minutes or less.

Glass holder wood
(c) thethingsshemakes.blogspot.com

Check out the complete tutorial here: thethingsshemakes.blogspot.com

29. Plywood Quote Artwork​

​This plywood artwork provides a large enough display that will attract your attention and that you can immediately see upon entering the room it’s in. Put your favorite quote on it that you’re sure will instantly lift your spirits up.

Wooden quote rounds
(c) realitydaydream.com

For the steps and measurements, go to​​: realitydaydream.com

30. Scrabble Tile Wall Decor

​Scrabble letters are easy to make and these enlarged versions for wall hanging are even easier because the larger wood pieces are in convenient shapes and they provide a large canvas for the letters.

Giant wooden scrabble letters
(c) thekimsixfix.com

Make your own version for the home​​: thekimsixfix.com

31. Thin Birch Slice Coasters

These dipped birch slice coasters are not only functional coasters, they’re also a sight to behold. Birch is a glorious kind of wood that looks clean and elegant when polished.

Just cutting down a branch into pieces will already give you a set, but dipping them on different paints will give them an extra play on textures and colors.

Birch tree coasters
(c) danslelakehouse.com

To make this, visit: danslelakehouse.com

32. Bungee Wall Organizer

This wall organizer uses a bungee cord, which can make this storage solution appealing for both men and women’s interior tastes. The possibilities are endless with what you can put on this wall hanging piece.

Organizer DIY
(c) brit.co

Learn to make this yourself​​: ​​brit.co

33. Driftwood Necklace Holder

This driftwood holds a lot more than necklaces when put up in a room. It holds a lot of personality in itself and reflects your quirky taste for décor in the process.

Necklace hanger DIY
(c) visiblymoved.blogspot.com

For the full detailed view, check out​​: visiblymoved.blogspot.com

​34. Wooden Wall Clock

This tutorial teaches you how to make a wooden clock in just about 30 minutes to an hour. Unlike the mass-produced wall clocks you’ll find everywhere, this one tells the story along with the time.

It’s better to make your own with wood, specifically a raw slice from a log or a tree branch.

Wooden clock

Check out the tutorial here​​: designsponge.com

35. Wooden Painted Place Mats

​This tutorial copies the quirkiness of fabric or plastic place mats and turns the unfinished wood into something of the same kind with just paint. This project also breaks the record as it requires the least amount of materials.

Wooden painted mat
​(c) abubblylife.com

Take a look at the full tutorial on​​: abubblylife.com

36. Hexagonal Tray

This wooden tray can be used for serving drinks and plates of food and you don’t have to worry about round wet stains on your tables or food crumbs and particles scattered invisibly everywhere.

Wooden tray
(c) mylove2create.com

More details over at​​: mylove2create.com

37. Phone or Tablet Stand

Nothing beats a standard phone and tablet stand. You can make a wooden one on your own with this tutorial in about an hour or two.

It’s still less than the time and money you’ll spend buying one and the best part is you’ll be sure of its quality.

Phone stand
(c) wwgoa.com

Make this at home​​: wwgoa.com

38. Wooden Smartphone Speaker

Here’s another “stand” that can do more than just hold your phone upright. This project is an example of how people can use their smarts to level up everyone’s quality of life with the littlest possible loss.

Phone speaker DIY
(c) manmadediy.com

​Play music at home: manmadediy.com

39. Wooden Tablet Dock

While the previous gadget stand can be used for both phones and tablets, this project is more suitable for tablets. This dock does the same thing of holding your tablet upright while you read or watch on the device.

However, this one is easier to make. You can also make several versions of it for every slanted position you want your tablet to stand.

Tablet holder
​(c) instructables.com

Create your own version​​: instructables.com

40. Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder steadies the roll so that it’s easy to get a couple pieces using just one hand. What we love about this DIY version is it includes everything you need to know about how to make it in a very easy and understandable visual instruction.

This will guide you into making one of the most professional-looking woodworking pieces you might’ve ever done on your own.

Napkin holder
(c) wwgoa.com

Build it yourself: wwgoa.com

41. Napkin Holder

If you need the paper towel holder in the kitchen, there should be an alternative for it that’s more appropriate for the dining area. This napkin holder looks much better to be put on the dining table.

It’s really the white script lettering that reads napkins against the dark wooden background is what really makes this aesthetic complete.

Napkin holder
(c) theinspiredhive.com

Make one for your kitchen: theinspiredhive.com

42. Utensil Organizer

​It’s not only paper towels and table napkins that need a home in the kitchen and dining area. Your utensils could also use a permanent home if they don’t already have one.

Utensil caddy DIY
(c) abeautifulmess.com

Check out the tutorial here​​: abeautifulmess.com

43. Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards can come expensive especially when it carries a big brand name. This project is very easy to make and finish in one afternoon.

Wooden chopping board

Check out the tutorial here​​:​​ tosimplyinspire.com

44. Magnetic Wall Rack

We’re sure you’ve seen those magnetic knife racks on home inspiration boards on Pinterest or some apartment tours on Youtube.

The wood rack’s size will depend on how many kitchen tools you’d like to store on it, but in general, the shape of the rack and the method to create this project is relatively easy to get done in less than an hour.

Hanging knife DIY
​(c) e-how.com

Create this for the kitchen​​: e-how.com

45. Small Monogrammed Tags

This particular project is something of that nature. It’s a little monogrammed wooden keychain wherein the letter is formed by burning the wood according to its outline.

Wooden name tag
​(c) anikasdiylife.com

This is an easy last minute gift because of how fast you can make it – about 15 minutes if you’re already crafty in the first place.

Check out the tutorial here​​:​ anikasdiylife.com

46. Wooden Guitar Picks

Unless you’re really awaiting to cop a certain star’s collectible guitar pick, there’s no sense in buying what you can do on your own in five steps and about 15 minutes.

DIy guitar pick
(c) instructables.com

Play a tune​​:​ instructables.com

What’s better is you can even customize it to your own preference, whether it’s the size, color, design, thickness, shape, or however else you can personalize a guitar pick.

47. Wooden Rulers

Since rulers are simply a long piece of wood with measurements along its length, it’s pretty easy to understand how to make them. This won’t take any time at all, especially if you know how to work the tools, which are easy to learn for beginners too.


Check out the ​details here​​:​ ​sawdustgirl.com

48. Oversized Wooden Dice

​This DIY tutorial on this project details the very easy process of creating an oversized dice. It only takes three items so you can make plenty of this in one go.

DIY Dice
(c) thriftyandchic.com

Craft some for your space​​:​ ​thriftyandchic.com

49. Small Scroll Saw Lantern

Scroll saws are one of the most common tools that can be used by beginners and experts alike. This wooden lantern made using a scroll saw is something a beginner can take on.

You have the option to make your own pattern or use another that would make this easier for you to make.


Light up your ​place:​ justthewoods.com

50. Small Floral Centerpiece

Essentially, it’s just another vase centerpiece but it’s actually different from what you usually see.

Floral centerpiece DIY
(c) infarrantlycreative.net

Enchant your guests with this centerpiece​​: ​infarrantlycreative.net

​Instead of the typical vase, either it’s glass or clay in different shapes and colors, this one uses a wooden square base and mini test tubes for each individual flower.


With all these projects that are appropriate for beginners, you can really tell that it’s easy and fun to get into woodworking projects if you pick the right ones you can get a lot of use out of and extract much fun from.

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