9 Free Christmas / Holiday Scroll Saw Patterns to Print And Download

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The holidays are a great time of year to break out your scroll saw and work on a few Christmas woodworking projects. We’ve compiled some of our favorite free​ Christmas scroll saw ​​patterns to print. Use these as a great springboard for your holiday crafts. 

Download your Christmas Ornament patterns here!

On our list are some of the top scroll saw Christmas ornament patterns that are free, along with some other wonderful holiday decorations. In most cases, all you’ll need is the best scroll saw for beginners for the cutting, nothing more. Depending on the type of wood you want to use for the project, you might also need to pick up a few scroll blades

​Christmas and Holiday Scroll Saw ​Templates

Santa Claus mobile or template free scroll saw

Santa Claus Garland, Mobile, & Ornament



​Super simple and quick to make, this holiday scroll saw ​template lets you create a Santa Claus decoration. You can use this as garland, a hanging mobile, or even transition it into a tree ornament. 

If you’ve been looking for a free scroll saw Christmas tree ornament pattern, this is our favorite option. You can download or print this ​template directly from the site and get started right away.

Not only does this make for a great feature around your house, but this is one of those projects that also works great as a gift to family or friends.

Angle candle holder scroll pattern

Angel Candle Holder Table Centerpiece



There’s plenty of Christmas, Hanukkah, or holiday-themed table centerpiece ideas that you can go through the whole holiday season. One for every week and you wouldn’t run out. This angel centerpiece with two slots of candle holders is one that you can add to your rotation this year and every year to come.

It’s different from the usual like the nativity scene but it’s still timely and has a calming effect, especially with candles on and lighted, to go along with the solemnity of the occasion. You can leave this as it is, completely wooden for the rustic vibe, or you can paint it white with black outlines for some dimension.

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Nativity template

Puzzle Pattern Nativity Set



​An easy beginner Christmas scroll saw project, this wooden nativity set is a great upgrade from your standard Christmas creche. Not only will you have a fantastic wood piece to feature on your mantel, but you’ll be able to tell all of your holiday guests about how you made it on your own. 

You can make this nativity set with one large piece of wood. It does involve a couple of sharp curves that you’ll need to cut with your saw, but they aren’t overly difficult. The pieces are large enough to not be a choking hazard for young children.

After you’re done, you could leave the wood unfinished, or add a little bit or paint or stain.


The Jewish game of dreidels has been around for centuries and has been a major source of entertainment during their holiday season of Hanukkah. Dreidels seem to look very simple but they are so vital as to associate them as a centuries-long tradition already.

Just the fact that it’s been around for so long means it’s not bound to be a lost tradition for a long time, making it worthy to create yourself. We’re willing to bet your self-made dreidels will mean more and will be more fun to play with. These dreidel ​templates include two variations: the compound and flat dreidel.


​Wooden lettered signs are very popular right now, and this Hope sign is a wonderful holiday feature to put up in your home. Whether you want to feature it on your mantel, around the tree, or in a different area of your house, this is a wonderfully positive reminder for many during the busy Christmas season. 

You’ll find this design to be pretty simple and basic. All of the letters are connected, so the block of wood stays throughout. We like this a lot, and it makes the project simpler and great for beginners. The alternative is to create the letters individually and then afix them to a wooden base block.

​Sun Catcher Studios makes the vector images downloadable at full size​.

​Learn more about how to use your scroll saw for better precision and accuracy.

Christmas ornament created with scrolling saw

Christmas Ornaments



Christmas ornaments are not the same when they’re bought from the store than when you make them yourself. Your tree instantly gets more character and personality. Not to mention it won’t look anything like other Christmas trees because of the handmade and personalized decor on them.

These scroll saw Christmas ornaments will give variation to your tree because what you have from Christmases past are probably ones made from plastic or metallic materials. These wooden ornaments will add a rustic vibe to the display, breaking up the monotony of your previous decors. Besides, it’s not a complete Christmas tree without some kind of personal touch to it. These are easy to make and look professionally made.


Santa is one of the most popular and universal characters during the Christmas season. Santa is the epitome of the season for kids, which is why it’s also the only thing that can excite them more than any other Christmas decor. ​Not only can you ​use this intarsia for storytelling with the kids, but you can also create this project with them. A great way ​to live in the thrill of believing he’s real.

This intarsia ​template is a face of Santa with a little bit of curves and depth to it. It’s better than your two-dimensional Santa Claus figures that aren’t as realistic as the actual costume. Despite the variations in his appearance because of the details, this pattern is pretty easy to understand and follow if you’d been practicing with the scroll saw for a while.

Christmas tree leaves

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments



On a budget this holiday season? These Christmas tree ​templates of different sizes make a pretty ornament for your bigger Christmas tree. No need to spend on new ornaments that unnecessarily take from what you could spend on your holiday dinner feast instead.

​Ranging from spiral tree and lighted ball ornaments, these trendy and fun ​templates will brighten up your tree, and set yours apart from all of your neighbors and friends.

​Bonus: Spray your new wooden ornaments with a scented essential oil like pine to help bring in the smells of Christmas!

Nativity music box

Nativity Scene Music Box



​This is not a ​template to be tackled by beginners, but if you have some experience working with the scroll saw, this is a fantastic pattern. Set your nativity scene apart from everyone else’s with this wood music box, custom crafted with your scroll saw. 

You can download these instructions for the various pieces that you’ll need to construct. Make sure to utilize the labels that are provided to keep track of everything as you go. The instructions are really detailed and simple to follow, but this project will take some time to complete.


Scroll work is the perfect contribution to the holiday season. The intricacy and delicacy of finished scroll work on Christmas decor makes for the perfect decoration or gift. Whether you choose to use the final product around your house, or to give away to family and friends, you’ll enjoy a great Christmas woodworking project. 

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