43 Fun DIY Band Saw Project Ideas

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If you have a band saw, then chances are you’re looking for some fun band saw projects to get started on. When it comes to ​using your band saw, you will be surprised at the sheer versatility it offers.

Granted, you may need to use other tools for certain tasks the band saw cannot perform, like sanding. But, you should still be able to perform all the necessary cuts for your project with the band saw alone. ​

Fun and Simple Bandsaw Projects

A highly reviewed band saw is an amazingly versatile tool that can accomplish cuts most other saws simply cannot.

For instance, a table saw can make rips and crosscuts, but it will fail miserably with curved cuts. You could always use a jigsaw for curved cuts, but rip, crosscuts, and even longer curved cuts will prove tedious.

That is why we have provided a list of 43 fun band saw projects that you can do right in your home workshop.

1. Jewelry Box

The jewelry box is arguably one of the easier projects that any woodworker can pursue. Of course, as with most woodworking projects, the project’s simplicity or complexity is entirely up to you.

While it is easy enough to make a fairly straightforward jewelry box with only right angles, the ability of a band saw to make sweeping curves definitely provides a fair bit of wiggle room when settling on the initial design.

Take a look here for Jewelry Box plans: www.instructables.com

Wooden box band saw project

2. Retro USB

With technology creeping further and further into our lives, the humble woodworker may feel like a bit of an anachronism, a person out of time. Thankfully, the sheer adaptability of wood as a material can help you wrangle a USB flash drive or other USB dongle device, and give it an old-meets-new feel with a wooden cover.

Any of these cool bandsaw projects out there? Of course!

​See the USB Flash Drive Cover project and plans: www.crafts.tutsplus.com

3. Dinner Table

A dinner table is another one of fun bandsaw project plans that can be made as simple or complex as you desire. A dinner table sounds like a lot of materials, but it is entirely possible to make a simple dinner table very quickly with cabriole legs. This style features long, soft curves that provide the table a more organic look and feel. Also, try adding a burlap table runner on your dining table if you want a rustic vibe!

Follow along on our DIY case study about creating a dining room table. Where the table saw was used, substitute with your band saw​.

Check out the full DIY plans for building a Farmhouse Dining Table.

4. Coat Rack

A coat rack is a really simple project that you can make in a few hours. In essence, all we’re talking about is a backplate, and several hooks attached to the backplate. You just need a budget bandsaw for this project as the cuts are simple.

You can add sophistication by using the band saw patterns, but you really don’t need anything more than a few normal tools and materials for this one. For example, if you’d rather, you could use a circular saw for most of the cuts.

Here are the plans for a Coat Hanger Rack:

Best DIY coat rack

5. Chair

Using a band saw to make a chair is a relatively easy task, and not as daunting as it might sound. There are few tools available to cut curves better than a band saw. One thing to keep in mind, this project will require the use of glue and other tools for some of the finer points and finishing touches.

For instance, you will need a good drill to drill the dowel holes which will ultimately be used to connect the different components of the chair. It is important to note that this design requires a number of difficult cuts, which will require you to cut without a butt guide. 

Start creating your own Dining Chairs today here: www.instructables.com

Chair fun band saw project

6. Address Sign

Similar to the coat rack, an address sign for your house can be nothing more than a backplate with your address numbers screwed into it. This is another one of those easy bandsaw projects, you can crank out in a few hours it doesn’t require a great skill level.

Adding a new DIY address sign out of pallets to your front yard or house can really up to the look and feel of your property.

Another band saw use is to cut a straight, rectangular backplate to house the numbers, or you can get a little more creative and make a unique design. Typically, the letters screw into the wooden backplate, or are glued on.

Find your next Address Sign inspiration here: www.ana-white.com

Address sign band saw woodworking project

7. Night Stand

If you want your nightstand to feature a circular top, you will definitely want to break out the band saw for this task. Keep in mind, unless you are willing to go through the process of bending wood, which can be time-consuming and require numerous clamps, you may have difficulty making a nightstand with a drawer.

Here are the step by step plans for creating a 3 Drawer Night Stand: www.fixthisbuildthat.com

Night stand beside a bed

8. Drawers

Using a band saw to make a set of drawers is similar to using the band saw to make a jewelry box, except the scale is much larger. If you intend to use mostly straight lines and common angles, then your best bet would be to go with the table saw.

Still, older styles of furniture from the 18th and 19th century generally rely on curved lines, and would be best be made using a band saw. Regardless, we recommend this one for people who are looking for a project with an easy skill level suitable for beginners.

Take a look at the video here for creating Instant Drawers: www.wwgoa.com

Closet drawers

9. Candle Holder

Candleholders can be fairly simple, or they can be exquisitely complex. The only potential issue is that certain types of candles may end up dripping wax onto the holder or surface below. That said, most candle holders made with a band saw are designed to hold tea lights which are self-contained.

Check out this Candle Holder project here: www.suncatcherstudio.com

10. Basket

It may seem a bit odd considering what people commonly see when they think of a basket, but a bandsaw blade is perhaps ideally suited for making a basket out of wood. Regardless of the cutting method you choose, which should likely be based on your woodworking skill, you will ultimately glue the joints and the various layers together.

You need to see this Collapsible Wooden Basket project: www.woodarchivist.com

A woven basket with pink flowers

11. Name Plaque

Despite the fact that this is purely decorative in nature, the name plaque may be one of the more difficult band saw projects on this list. Of course, you can always make the project easier by using a drill to start an opening in a needed hole and finish with a router.

See the step by step plans for the Wooden Arrow Name Plaques here: www.realitydaydream.com

12. Scoop

While this project is not especially difficult, it is one of the few on this list that will definitely require a few more additional steps and tools. You will need to either use a drill for a smaller opening or a lathe for a larger one.

A cup, a mug or a scoop featuring a smaller opening, simply drill the opening and use the band saw to cut the shape of the body around it. For a larger opening, you will want to use segmented sides that are then glued together before smoothed with the lathe.

Here are the plans for a simple Scoop: www.fouroakscrafts.com

A wooden scoop

13. Door

If you are trying to make the standard style of rectangular door, your best bet is to use a table saw and a hand planer. If, on the other hand, you want to make a door that features unusual patterns, especially for windows, the band saw can assist greatly in this regard.

This Stikwood Door tutorial is a must see: www.mavistheairstream.com

14. Coffee Table

Like a number of other cool projects for bandsaws on this list, the coffee table can be similar to another one: the dinner table. It is one of the band saw projects that is great to begin with, because you will learn a lot through the process.

Take a look at some of our favorite Coffee Table Plans:

Living room with couches nad coffee table

15. Corbels

Corbels basically function like a buttress for an otherwise free hanging shelving surface. Of course, with the help of the band saw’s curving cuts, you can make the corbels as complex as you desire.

If you want interior openings in your corbels, you will need to drill holes and use either a jigsaw or other tool to cut them out.

See this Detailed Corbel project: www.realitydaydream.com

16. Picture Frame

A picture frame is perhaps one of the easiest projects that any woodworker can take on. It can use any variety of tools, including handheld power tools or hand tools, and be fashioned into numerous shapes or designs.

Make a Picture Frame with these instructions here: www.fixthisbuildthat.com

A wall with picture frames

17. Wall Art

Wall art can take a multitude of forms from an abstract design to a representative figure, and can be either complex or simple in design. An interesting take on wall art is to make a negative image where the absence of wood forms the lines.

Check out the Trendy State Plaque plans here: www.realitydaydream.com

18. Kid’s Toy Airplane

Creating a small wooden toy airplane is a fairly simple DIY idea that doesn’t require a lot of materials. Apart from a band saw you will also need a small drill bit to create dowel holes.

This toy airplane may not be great for tossing but it is a strong and sturdy toy for kids to grasp onto and use their imagination to pilot. 

Here are the instructions for a Wooden Toy Airplane: www.instructables.com

A toy airplane

19. Rocking Horse

A rocking horse is among the greatest bandsaw wood projects to test your mettle with the band saw. Even better, you do not need too many other tools besides the band saw. Apart from it you’ll also need a drill and sander.

Take a look at the DIY Rocking Horse project here: www.doityourselfdivas.com

20. Shelves

Most of the time, a simple shelving project will only need a table saw and whatever you intend to fasten the different component pieces with. Simple honeycomb shelves ​can bring a stylish look to any room. 

Of course, if you are looking to spice up an old theme with a new approach, the band saw can be used to great effect, though you’ll also need other tools.

See the plans for Firewood Floating Shelves: www.fixthisbuildthat.com

Two storage shelves with decor

21. “Paper” Doll

This one is fairly easy as each individual component is made out of a single piece of wood without the need for additional tools or any fastening. Moreover, the small details like hands and hair can even provide an opportunity for intermediate woodworkers to stretch their legs.

Check out these Wooden Paper Dolls here: www.realitydaydream.com

22. Planter

The sheer number of different types of planters you can make with a band saw can be a bit overwhelming. If you use a band saw to construct a planter, you probably are going to make it a bit more ornate than a simple 5-sided open cube.

This is a great and fun band saw idea, because it is so highly functional around your house.

This DIY Succulent Planter is a must see: www.homecrux.com

Planter with colorful flowers

23. Puzzle

This project is a bit difficult to gauge because it will definitely test you. Probably not in the way that you imagined, however. Since the classic puzzle is a 2D plane, the real difficulty with this initiative comes from the endurance test and tedium that making each of the minute cuts required.

Take a look at this 3D Wooden Turtle Puzzle here: www.hgtv.com

24. Bird House

This is often the very first engagement that any beginning woodworker builds while learning the fundamental skills of the craft. One of the more interesting takes on birdhouses involve an open design.

​Take the decor up a notch and add a fabric lining to the roof with a handy upholstery staple gun as a finishing touch. You can also make this your self by starting from dried wood slices or other easy-to-get materials.

Find your inspiration with this Simple Birdhouse design: www.thefamilyhandyman.com

Small wooden brid house

25. Candy Dispenser

This is by far one of the more intricate and complicated projects on our list of bandsaw project ideas, even if its minute size might imply otherwise.

If you construct this candy dispenser, it will provide a quaint and eccentric piece.

Here are the plans for a Jelly Bean Jar Dispenser: www.instructables.com

26. Wine Rack

Because wine racks simply require two openings spaced far enough apart that they can support the size and weight of one or more wine bottles, this is generally seen as one of the easier projects to complete. It is rather easy, but it will require a bit more precision than some of the other beginner level projects on this list.

Here is our list of the Best Wine Rack DIYs

Wine racks with plenty of bottles

27. Lazy Susan

While this is nowhere near one of the more complicated projects on this list, the Lazy Susan does have one caveat that sets it apart from most of the others – it requires hardware.

Though it is not especially difficult, you will need to use a number of different tools, including a drill and sander at least.

You need to see this easy Lazy Susan Turntable: www.leeswoodprojects.com

28. Drawer Organizer

If you have nontraditional sized drawers in your kitchen then it may be easier to build your own drawer organizer instead of combing the aisles trying to find one with the right dimensions to fit.

The band saw comes in handy with creating the curves in the dividers so that you can easily reach in. You will also need a sander and a table saw to make the board cuts.

Take a look here for the Kitchen Drawer Organizer Instructions: www.woodworkingformeremortals.com

29. Bowl

Creating a usable bowl requires steps, but overall it is a fairly easy and straightforward journey. You will need to use a band saw for the cuts and glue to adhere it all together.

The bottom of the bowl is the last step you will do. Once it is sanded smooth, you will attach the flat board bottom and then trim it to fit the bowl.

Check out the plans for Angled Segmented Wooden Bowls here: www.instructables.com

Wooden bowl

30. Travel Mug

While you can use just wood, this travel mug is best made with a stainless steel insert to go into the middle, while the woodwork stays as the decorative and insulating outer shell.

See the step by step instructions for this Wooden Travel Mug: www.wwgoa.com

31. Wooden Cabinet Latches

To complete this DIY idea, you will need your band saw to make the precise length and width cuts as well as some wood glue to attach the tab for locking or unlocking.

Check out these DIY Wooden Cabinet Latches: www.instructables.com

32. Kids Natural Wood Blocks

Making your own traditional wooden blocks for toddlers is a great band saw DIY project for all those scraps of wooden materials that you end up with.

Take a look at the instructions for Natural Wooden Blocks here: www.crafts.tutsplus.com

Kids natural wood blocks

33. Kids Wooden Sword

Building a wooden toy sword with your kids is an easy and fun project that they can help with.

You’ll need plywood, wood glue, a sanding tool, and some paint.

See the full step by step details here: www.artofmanliness.com

34. Toy Car

For toy cars, you will ideally use the layering technique to form the body and wheels. Adhere two pieces of wood together to create a thicker toy and allow the glue to sit overnight before you begin the cuts.

Create your desired car shape by free-handing or tracing the outline onto one side of the wood block. Use your band saw to create the cutout, as well as a cut out the window hole with the preferred hand tool of your choice.

Finish by sanding down the entire body so that there are no sharp edges before you add on the wheels. 

Check out how to make this Toyota Rav4 Wooden Toy Car: www.instructables.com

35. DIY Band Saw Boxes

Band saw boxes are really neat trinket or small jewelry boxes that you can create thanks to the curve cutting ability of the band saw.

Take a look here to see how to make a Eucalyptus Wood Band saw Box: www.rockler.com

Band saw box

36. Wooden Taxidermy Plaque

We recommend this one if your skill level is at least moderate. With your template printed, trace all of the pieces onto your wood and begin making the cuts with your band saw. You’ll also need wood glue and screws.

See the Band saw Taxidermy plans here: www.instructables.com

37. Wooden Salad Servers

These wooden utensils are beautiful and really useful in the kitchen.

Start by using the side shape template on the short side of your wood pieces. You can sand down the piece some after you cut, but it is not needed as you will be cutting again.

Use a drill bit to create the back of the finger holes and then follow up by doing the full cut out with your band saw.

Take a look at this tutorial for the full instructions and template: www.woodworkingformeremortals.com

38. Wooden Reindeer

These DIY band saw Christmas decorations would be perfect for gifting or displaying during the holiday season.

The band saw can make all of the curving cuts for the deer. You will also need a sanding machine to soften all of the edges. To finish, skip painting the deer and leave them in their natural wood state.

Watch the step by step video for how to make Wooden Reindeer here: www.youtube.com

39. Sitting Bench

Creating a garden bench is easier than you may think, all you need is a band saw, a power drill, wood screws, wood glue and a way to sand it.

Using wood glue along with the screws will give your bench an added stability so that it does not have a wobbly frame.

Take a look at the instructions for this Garden Bench here: www.extremehowto.com

Sitting bench

40. Wooden Sunglasses

While this may be one of the coolest DIYs on the list, it is also one of the most difficult to create. You will not only need a band saw to create the cuts, but you will also need special template creating software to figure out the right dimensions and curves that the frame needs to fit pre-ordered lenses.

See more information on how to create these Wooden Sunglasses here: www.instructables.com

41. Pen Box

This box is perfect for holding your favorite pen or storing must have writing utensils on your desk. To create this great box, you will do it in the style of the previous band saw boxes.

Check out this easy DIY Pen Box here: www.fouroakscrafts.com

42. Wooden Vase

Surprisingly similar to making a band saw box, creating a wooden vase requires you to trim out the main outer design, and then hollow out the inside.

See the instructions for this Wooden Vase DYI project: www.thecarmichaelworkshop.com

43. Hedgehog Crayon Holder

This DIY crayon/colored pencil holder is going to be on your next must have list for the kids in your life. We recommend it especially for woodworkers with a little bit of an experience.

Take a look at this cute Hedgehog Colored Pencil Holder design: www.prodigalpieces.com

Hedgehog pencil holder


Regardless of your skill level, there are a host of projects that rely either mostly or wholly on the band saw. Whether you simply want to find a use for leftover scrap wood or have grander projects in mind, the band saw’s ability to cut smoothly and cleanly in a variety of shapes makes it an ideal tool for almost any concept.

While it may not be best suited for every kind of cut, there are few projects that cannot be improved with the use of a band saw.

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