21 Easy to Make DIY Photography Backdrops

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Whether you are throwing a birthday party, an office party, a family get together or maybe you as a personal photographer are looking for some new ideas to really make your pictures stand out, these DIY photography backdrops are great for a hands on way to bring more life into your pictures.

A person takes a picture with their camera of a staged DIY backdrop

Simple Party Item Backdrops

These DIY photo backgrounds are simple to make and are created from party supplies that you may already have a surplus of on hand.

1. Streamers

Party streamers are always a bright way to decorate for parties. These bright and simple items are perfect for making a backdrop for the party. Bonus points for matching the color or theme of the party to help tie everything together. This backdrop can look great if you position the people a few feet in front of it and use a 50mm portrait lens with an aperture like f/1.4 to take the photos!

Party streamer backdrop

For this DIY the creator choose multi colors, but you could easily do this with a single color, a striped design or even get creative and make a rainbow. To make this backdrop all you need are the streamers, some masking tape and scissors. You should be able to put up a full backdrop in about an hour or less if you have some help.

Take a look at the project here: www.lovelyindeed.com

2. Balloons

Who knew balloons could be the perfect addition to your photography backdrop? You can opt for a more simple balloon wall that has same sized balloons in various colors, or get really creative with a design like this one.

Balloon backdrop

Make sure that you follow the instructions and use a low temp hot glue gun. This will ensure that the balloons don’t pop as you assemble the backdrop. Putting this background together will be similar to putting together a puzzle since you will be fitting the smaller balloons around the larger ones to create a 3D backdrop.

Check out this backdrop here: www.okayestmoms.com

3. Paper Chains

Easy to make and customizable, using paper chains for your next photo backdrop is a great way insert a neat pop of color. Not only can you choose what colors you want to feature since you create these chains one link at a time, they can also add a nice 3D texture to your photos.

Paper chain bacldrop

It is highly suggested that you have a paper cutter or guillotine to help trim the paper into strips. You will also need your choice of paper color, ​a metal pole and​ of course the glue that will be used to hold the chains like a shower curtain.

See the finished product here: www.bespoke-bride.com

4. Tissue Paper Flowers

Create a space of scattered flowers with this easy to craft backdrop. We love the way that this is reminiscent of a japanese blossom tree, which is fun, bright and can even be romantic for wedding or anniversary photos that you ​can gift your girlfriend.

Scattered flower backdrop

To create this wall of flowers all you need is some tissue paper, tape or glue dots (that won’t harm your wall) and some scissors for cutting the tissue paper. For these flowers, it will take a little hands on molding and shaping for each, so expect to spend a few hours setting this one up.

Get the step by step instructions here: www.lovelyindeed.com

5. Wrapping Paper

This might be one of the easiest DIY backdrops on the list. Wrapping paper is a great themed option for year round parties as well as a really cost effective way to get a fun background for your photo shoots without breaking the piggy bank.

When taking photos of people in front of the wrapping paper, you may need to open up the aperture on your camera to blur the background if the paper is too distracting. Try using a prime lens and setting your aperture to f/1.8 or wider.

Wrapping paper backdrop

To create this background you will want to use some command strips, a curtain holder and your choice or choices of wrapping paper. If you hang the wrapping paper high enough on the wall, then it should lay right. You can also hang two rolls side by side to create a longer photo booth background for parties.

Take a look here: www.mrsbeachbride.com

6. Tinsel

We never knew tinsel could be so versatile, but this DIY photography backdrops is a must try because of the rich metallic color it boasts as well as the soft texture it adds. You can do this with leftover tinsel that you don’t have another use for, or purchase your choice of colors to really make it your own.

Tinsel backdrop

You will need a long pole or dowel to use as the main rod for this projects as well as some thin wire or twine to secure the tinsel to it. If the tinsel isn’t long enough for the look you are going for, you can try to tie two pieces together to add to the length, just make sure that you stagger where you tie the two together so that it isn’t overly bushy in the middle.

When you take photos of people in front of the tinsel, avoid using direct flash. Instead, use an off-camera flash with a diffuser and position it at a 45 degree angle from your subjects. This will reduce the reflectiveness of the tinsel and help to keep everything properly exposed.

See the instructions here: www.lovelyindeed.com

7. Ombre Tissue Paper

While it looks like a lot of work, this tissue paper backdrop couldn’t be any easier, thanks to its secret weapon. Instead of taping or gluing each piece of tissue paper (we estimate almost 200), you will simply grab, twist and tuck each piece of paper into chicken wire.

Ombre tissue paper backdrop

That’s right, this really easy DIY project for beginners is made with chicken wire that is wrapped around a standard pole frame that you can suspend, hang or stand up against a wall. This also allows for you to be able to use this frame based project again with different colors or designs of tissue paper.

Take a look at the step by step instruction here: www.lovelyindeed.com

8. Doilies

These traditional dining table and party decor items can be given new life into a DIY upcycle backdrop for your next photo session. While you can choose any color and design you like, we love the pop of color that this backdrop offers with a mostly white canvas littered with gold doilies here and there.

Doilie backdrop

To create this backdrop you will want to create a base (this makes it easy to transport and reuse) and then glue doilies onto it. Make sure that you are overlapping about halfway over each doily to reduce any white space. Allow it to fully dry before you transport it or touch.

See the great design here: www.sarahhearts.com

Lighted Photography Backdrops

For an added element of wonder to your next photo shoot, try out some of these DIY lighted backdrops. They are easy to make and pose no fire hazards, just as long as you opt for LED string lights since they shine brighter and do not get hot.

9. Lighted Tulle

This fairly inspired backdrop is perfect for a little girl, during prom season and also a must have for weddings. The tulle allows the lights to shine through while softening the light effect so that it doesn’t over brighten the pictures too much.

String lights and tulle backdrop

We also love the easy addition of soft blooms at the top of this backdrop. This is something that you can easily attach by hot gluing your choice of blooms and foliage to the top or on a branch like pole that you can attach to the backdrop with some light wire.

You need to see this here: www.sixcleversisters.com

10. Lighted Curtain

If you don’t want to craft with tulle then using sheet or light curtains is another way to achieve this gorgeous soft glowing photo backdrop. With the curtains you will want to make sure that it is light and thin enough for the lights to still shine through enough to give off a glow.

To help keep the light forward you can use a solid white curtain on the back which will help bounce the glow of the light forward though the sheerer curtain which will be in the front.

String lights and curtain backdrop

Another alternative with a similar effect is hanging some mason jars filled with lights on the curtain, if you also are a fan of the orb-like ​feature this gives off.

Take a look at the instructions here: www.weddingbee.com

Cloth and Canvas Backdrops

If you are looking for something that doesn’t need to be assembled for each use or want a more long term DIY backdrop that you can keep for the next similar event then these option below are a great place to start.

11. Geometric Pattern

Fun shapes and colors are never a bore for photographs. We love how easy it is to do this backdrop and you only need to follow a few steps in order to create it.

Geometric backdrop

We suggest using three comparable colors for this backdrop and decide which one will be the main one used. Allow the other two colors to be pops of color or softer tones of the original color so that it adds to the background without being too bright to steal it. Next you will choose your geometric pattern by attaching painters tape to the entire backdrop, and painting on the wall.

Get the next steps here: www.lovelyindeed.com

12. Song Lyrics

Quote backdrop

Whether you are looking for a meaningful photo backdrop or if you want to create something to hang on the wall, this song lyric canvas backdrop is a must see. This craft was made with a painters backdrop, a paint pen and some primer.

The trick to keeping the words level on the canvas as you are writing is to create lines with a ruler and some white chalk. Just make sure that you draw the guidelines lightly, unless you want to be able to clearly see them after the project is finished.

Check out this great craft here: www.diyfunideas.com

13. Fabric

Fabric baby backdrop

This is a perfect idea for newborns, babies and toddlers​ who have their own cribs since it offers a bright background while also remaining soft and flexible as they wiggle.

This is also a not so expensive way to create your own backdrop since all you will need is the fabric and some masking tape to adhere it into place.

While this DIY backdrop is taped to the wall, you can also opt to loop a longer piece of fabric around a curtain rod or pole to create a hanging backdrop for parties.

See this project here: www.younghouselove.com

14. Shower/Fabric Curtains

Tulle backdrop

This DIY photography backdrop created with two pieces of ply board to create a backdrop as well as a flooring element. ​It can also be made with the same DIY pallet sign project you made to save more money. This idea is perfect for little ones or backdrops that are needed for floor length shots.

For the flooring you can paint it yourself or staple on some bulletin board paper to give it a nice texture.

The second piece of plyboard is to give the fabric curtains a solid background to drape against, this is optional if you don’t need the added bunching and flat surface.

You can also suspend a shower curtain or fabric curtain from a rod to give you a longer backdrop.

Find your inspiration here: www.u-createcrafts.com

15. Messy Paint

Messy paint backdrop

This is a great party game as well as a picture backdrop for a kids summertime party.

First, let all of the kids get a chance to sling, splatter or even draw on a suspended sheet or white curtain.

After ​the paint dries for an hour you can then use it as a polaroid station for all of the kids to be able to take pictures with each other.

A way to age up this idea for an adult party is for all the party guests to write well wishes (wedding or baby shower), resolutions (new years party) or just add sweet quotes.

Take a look here: www.studiodiy.com

Theme Based Backdrops

If you are looking for a more custom themed backdrop or really want to stand out more with a backdrop that no one else will have then these DIY crafts could really set your next round of pictures apart.

16. Records

This might be the coolest DIY backdrop on the list. No records were harmed or damaged in the creation of this backdrop, instead the creator used tiny command hooks that went through the inner hole of each record to secure it to the wall without damaging the grooves.

Vinyl record backdrop

You can choose to keep all of the records in single even lines or stagger the rows so that there is less white space showing. Also try to use a guide as you are hanging to command hooks to make sure all of the records are straight in the line.

You need to see this one: www.lovelyindeed.com

17. Winter Wonderland

Snowy backdrop

For your next holiday photo shoot, this is a must have for friends, family and clients. We love the 3D effects of having little trees on the sides, crumbled tissue paper suspended from the ceiling as well as the tissue paper snow mounds at the bottom.

For the backdrop all you need is a solid color blanket, dark blue is a great choice to really make the white snow pop.

If you prefer a more polished look, you can also stick some dark blue felt paper to plywood. Bonus points to this DIY backdrop if you toss in some paper snow flurries as the camera is taking pictures.

Check out the finished project here: www.lovelyindeed.com

18. Spring Flowers

Shake off the winter blues with this fun spring foliage backdrop that opts for a more natural looking spring look without being overly bloomy. The real trick to creating this earthy backdrop is to work in layers.

VIne backyard

Start with some vines in the very back, the vines should be thin and hang down. You can use these late to tie small pieces of twigs or flowers onto. Next find some muted blooms to add in as well as some thicker vines and a top vine to hide the pole.

Get the next steps here: www.freepeople.com

19. Book Pages

Put your favorite book on permanent display with this DIY book page backdrop. It’s​ perfect for a photoshoot you can give as a gift post-graduation. We suggest hunting for a great used book that may already be well loved so that you can upcycle it into a book whose pages can be seen daily.

Old book pages backdrop

You can trim the pages down, use them whole lined up or even overlap them to create your desired end result. Use a large board or connect some smaller boards together for a large canvas that you can use for photo backgrounds. Modge podge the book pages on and allow it to fully dry.

See the step by step instructions here: www.knickoftime.net

Wedding Inspired Backdrops

For a romantic and wistful wedding background, these can’t miss DIY photo backdrops are sure to be a hit for the bride and groom as well as the whole wedding party.

20. Wax Paper

These delicate downward drooping flower-like cones are created from the same wax paper that your local deli store uses. To create the look all you need to do is trim the paper into circles and string them up one by one.

Hanging flower backdrop

To keep each flower cone in place you will need to tie a small slipknot so that they stay in a staggered place. To add to the texture of the backdrop, suspending the lines of cones from the air and keep the lengths shortened on one side.

​You need to see this one: www.stylemepretty.com

21. Snowing Marshmallows

This really easy and airy backdrop is a must have for any wedding, whether you use it as a photo backdrop or add it to windows or doorways for guests to pose in front of.

Marshmallow backdrop

To make these backdrop garland lines you will use a needle on a string to feed marshmallows through the entire length. To keep the light airy look you will want to keep spacing between each marshmallow (about an inch or two). After ​taking a picture of your guests, you can print out their photo and give it as a mini token afterwards.

​Get your inspiration here: www.hgtv.com


Creating your own backdrops is a great way to save money, be creative and make exactly what you want to create a custom background for your events, parties or even for your own photography business.

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