Best Staple Gun for Upholstery [2022 Review]

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Upholstery repair or modification work doesn’t need to be difficult or frustrating. Instead of hammering in tedious nails or trying to manually staple everything with a hand stapler, why not rely on an efficient staple gun?

Staple guns come in several different types, and all of them will improve your productivity and efficiency. You’ll be able to save your energy and complete all of your upholstery work in less time than if you relied on a traditional stapler.

Don’t know which staple gun to choose? Don’t worry. We are here to help.

In this guide, we’ll go through the top five staple guns for upholstery work. We’ll also explain what to look for in the ideal staple gun depending on your needs. Let’s get to it.

Best Upholstery Staple Gun Reviews

Each of these staple guns is excellent for upholstery work and each has a specific niche or specialty that might be perfect for your tasks.

Porter Cable Upholstery Stapler
​Freeman Professional Fine Wire Stapler
Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun
PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler, C-Crown, 1/4-Inch...
Freeman PFWS Pneumatic 20-Gauge 9/16" Fine Wire...
Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Cable Tacker
Staple Size
​1/4 - 5/8 inch
​1/4 - 9/16 inch
1/4 - 9/16 inch​
Porter Cable Upholstery Stapler
PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler, C-Crown, 1/4-Inch...
Staple Size
​1/4 - 5/8 inch
​Freeman Professional Fine Wire Stapler
Freeman PFWS Pneumatic 20-Gauge 9/16" Fine Wire...
Staple Size
​1/4 - 9/16 inch
Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun
Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Cable Tacker
Staple Size
1/4 - 9/16 inch​

Porter-Cable US58 Upholstery Stapler

PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler, C-Crown, 1/4-Inch...

​This Porter-Cable US58 is arguably the best staple gun for upholstery. It’s small and lightweight so lifting it above your head or in difficult positions is no trouble. There’s also a short 1-inch nose extension. 

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  • This helps your line of sight remain unobstructed as you make fixes or adjustments to your best upholstery.
  • ​The top cap is made of steel. This allows you to place significant pressure on the staple gun if you need to really dig a certain staple in deep. The cap isn’t in danger of buckling beneath your pressure.
  • ​This staple gun is a pneumatic type with a pretty high upper psi level of 120. This ensures that you’ll be able to punch staples through nearly all wooden or plaster surfaces without issue.
  • There’s also a rear exhaust port. This channels air and oil away from your hands, limiting cleanup during your work.

The magazine is also extremely generous, capable of holding up to 185 staples at once. This minimizes the number of reloads during a project. A driver-guide is in place with the magazine.  

The Porter-Cable US58 upholstery stapler lets you easily clear jams that may occasionally occur by simply opening your magazine.

Overall, the staple gun is built to ensure ease of use and smooth operation. In addition to these aspects, it’s quite durable and powerful and is one of the most heavy-duty pneumatic staple guns you’ll find. 

However, the handle is not very ergonomic and can make your hand fatigued if you go a long period of time without resting. You have to squeeze the staple gun very firmly to ensure stability as you punch staples through a surface. 

Even so, these minor cons aren’t enough to overwhelm the multitude of benefits. This is easily one of the best overall staple guns you’ll find, particularly for the best upholstery heavy-duty jobs. 

​Specs and Features
  • Type: Pneumatic (70-120 psi)
  • Staple Size: ¼ 5/8-inch
  • Magazine Size: 185
  • Contains exhaust port channels for air and oil
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 1-inch long nose extension
PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler, C-Crown, 1/4-Inch...
  • Uses 22 Ga. 3/8" crown staples from 1/4" to 5/8" long
  • Small and lightweight for ease of operation
  • 1" nose extension for limited clearance fastening
  • Steel top cap for durability

Freeman ​Professional Fine Wire Staples Gun

Freeman PFWS Pneumatic 20-Gauge 9/16' Fine Wire...

This is another best pneumatic staple gun for upholstery. It has slightly less of a maximum psi range than our best overall model.

The Freeman Professional Fine Wire ​Staples Gun has a lightweight and durable aluminium body. This makes it easy to carry and manoeuvre even if you aren’t a very strong individual. 

  • ​You can even allow teenagers to safely use the Freeman ​Professional Fine Wire Staples Gun provided they keep the psi at a lower level.
  • ​There’s an ergonomic handle, which solves the hand fatigue issue mentioned above. This allows you to get the job done while you maintain stability and accuracy even during a long upholstery mending session.
  • ​The exhaust, which also expels air and oil away from the user’s hand, can be rotated 360°.

This adjustability is a great feature that ensures user safety and cleanliness while you get the job done, no matter which hand you are naturally better with.

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The tip of Freeman ​Professional Fine Wire Staples Gun is constructed so that it doesn’t mark any surface. This allows you to press the staple gun firmly into any upholstery surface without having to worry about leaving a mark afterwards. 

Even sensitive surfaces like fine wood can be safely stapled thanks to this tip.

​Finally, the aluminium cylinder and magazine have both been anodized, meaning they are rust-resistant and will last for years to come.​

  • Affordable staple gun
  • ​The biggest downsides are its average staple magazine capacity and its slightly lower upper psi limit. The magazine size isn’t much of an issue since 100 staples are enough for the best upholstery jobs already.
  • ​The lower psi limit does mean that you should avoid using this staple gun on tougher wooden services.

Still, being an entry level staple gun means that these flaws are not deal-breakers. Yet it is a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank for a great tool.

​Specs and Features
  • Type: Pneumatic (60-100 psi)
  • Staple Size: ¼-9/16 inch
  • Magazine Size: 100
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anodized parts
  • No-scratch tip
  • Adjustable exhaust
Freeman PFWS Pneumatic 20-Gauge 9/16" Fine Wire...
  • Nailed It: This pneumatic fine wire stapler features a lightweight and durable aluminum body,...
  • Many Applications: This stapler is perfect for a wide variety of home and professional applications...
  • The Right Tool for the Job: We're committed to providing outstanding value, top tier customer...
  • Tough and Dependable: We make an array of durable construction tools and accessories, including...

Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Cable Tacker

This is a manual-style staple gun for your best upholstery. It’s also incredibly affordable.

Since the Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun is a manual staple gun, you have to squeeze firmly on the tool’s handle each time you want to impress a staple onto a service. It is a little more fatiguing than automatic or pneumatic upholstery staple guns. 

However, the handle is made to be ergonomic. This reduces your potential hand fatigue by a decent amount.

  • ​The staple gun is made from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum. This is one of the lightest yet most durable tool materials you can find. It ensures longevity and durability even throughout many jobs.
  • ​There is an adjustable high or low power lever. This allows you to modify how much pressure you need to exert for a given staple. The high power setting is for harder materials and the low one is better for softer materials.
  • ​An anti-jam mechanism is present. This reduces the incidence of jammed staples inside your magazine or the firing chamber. However, jams do sometimes occur. This requires you to dig them out manually one at a time. This can be frustrating although it’s not a dealbreaker.
  • The magazine is easily loaded. The sliding tray can be extended and closed shut with a minimum of effort. Be careful when loading the magazine to prevent excess jams.
  • There’s also a handle lock that you can initialize to prevent the stapler from being used accidentally. It’s a perfect safety mechanism to prevent kids from injuring themselves or ruining your best upholstery job.

The downsides to this staple gun are its tendency to jam and its reliance on manual power. However, those who appreciate precision will not find much of a problem with needing to squeeze the gun each time to staple.

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Given how incredibly affordable the staple gun is, you get a lot of value and durability.

Specs and Features
  • Type: Manual
  • Staple Size: ¼-9/16 inch
  • Magazine Size: Variable
  • Staple gunlock
  • ​Durable housing
  • Easy-slide magazine
  • Anti-jam mechanism
  • Fully manual (no battery)
  • Adjustable power settings
Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Cable Tacker
  • Heavy-duty steel construction fastens low-Voltage wires or cables up to 1/4-Inch diameter
  • Cushioned grip and convenient handle lock deliver safety and comfort
  • Wire guide ensures fast, sure placement of staples. Curved driver protects wire from damage
  • All steel construction. Uses 3/8-Inch- 9/16-Inch Stanley CT100 series or Arrow T-25 cable staples

Surebonder 9600B ​Heavy Duty

FPC (Surebonder) 9600B 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty...

While this Surebonder 9600B Heavy Duty Standard T50 Staples Guns for upholstery​ does not reach the maximum of 120 psi that the Porter-Cable US58 boasted, it still manages an upper psi limit of 100. When combined with its super durable housing and wide handle, this is the ultimate in terms of heavy-duty upholstery staplers.

  • There’s an adjustable air exhaust like we’ve seen on other staple guns. This keeps air from the pneumatic force and tool oil and spilling onto your hand or making a mess.
  • ​The handle is much better than the Porter-Cable US58. It’s comfortable to use and wide enough to get a good amount of pressure onto the gun as you fire. This allows you to dig staples in deeply and securely.
  • ​The handle is also made of comfortable black rubber. Even if you sweat you should not have trouble keeping a solid grip on the staple.
  • The magazine can hold up to 100 T50 staples. It also has an easy drop-in loading design. This allows you to keep working efficiently and smoothly even if you need to reload in the middle of the task. There’s a view window so you can see how long you have before you need to reload.
  • A childproof safety mechanism is also installed near the handle and trigger. This safety mechanism prevents you from accidentally firing.

To sweeten the deal, a high-impact carrying case is included with your purchase. This adds to the overall durable appearance in the feel to the staple gun. 

When carried in the case, the tool is not likely to be damaged even if accidentally dropped from a significant height. You also get a small bottle of tool oil and an allen wrench as extra accessories.

The only major downside is that the back cap where you might place your hand to increase pressure isn’t very durable. 

This is in opposition to the rest of the gun. We’d recommend only putting excess pressure on the handle to ensure tool use for extended jobs.

Overall, it’s still one of the better choices of staple guns for upholstery if you have a heavy-duty upholstery task that needs stapling. It’s also considered to be the best stapler for upholstery extended projects among others. It’s so comfortable to use and the trigger does not require a lot of finger pressure to make a staple fire.

​Specs and Features
  • Type: Pneumatic (60-100 psi)
  • Staple Size: ¼-9/16 inch
  • Magazine Size: 100
  • Ergonomic handle and trigger
  • ​Adjustable exhaust
  • ​Easy-slide magazine
  • Magazine window
  • Safety mechanism
FPC (Surebonder) 9600B 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty...
  • Air-operated stapler
  • Uses Surebonder #4 staples or Arrow T50 type staples
  • Highly recommended for upholstery projects
  • Adjustable air exhaust

Fasco 11081F Duo-Fast Series

Fasco 11081F DUOFAST 50 SERIES F1B 50-16 1/4'-5/8'...

The Fasco 11081F Duo-Fast Series Upholstery​ Staple Gun has a typical psi range of 60 to 100 and a slightly higher magazine size than the standard. It holds about 110 staples instead of 100. This European staple gun is built with trademark European craftsmanship that helps ensure user comfort and tool longevity.

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The handle is ergonomic and comfortable. It comes wrapped in a soft material that prevents your hand from feeling fatigued even after long project sessions. 

The gun only fires one staple at a time. This lends itself to slow yet precise work. The ergonomic handle is a great bonus since it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time with this gun on one job or row of staples.

The magazine opens with one finger touching the release latch. Reloading is quick and smooth and is done from the bottom up. This reduces the incidence of jams when reloading. You can also change the sizes of staples quite easily due to the top-down magazine design.

The reversible bumper is attached to the bottom of the staple gun. This keeps it durable even through a lot of use. It also allows you to put a lot of pressure on the staple gun if it is held at an even level.

The narrow and long nose of this staple gun is in the traditional European style. This improves staple visibility and makes sure that your staple is in the perfect spot for your repair or modification work.

As you can see, this is a tool for precision work. The places where it fails are related to fast jobs or heavy-duty tasks. It’s not very quick and it lacks some of the other innovations we saw in the above staple guns. 

You should consider this staple gun if you are primarily going to make minor modifications or repairs. If you want to use a ton of staples or have a big job you’ll be better off with one of the other models above.

Specs and Features
  • Type: Pneumatic (60-100 psi)
  • Staple Size: ¼-5/8 inch
  • Magazine Size: 110
  • Easy-open magazine release
  • ​Magazine design limits jamming
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Thin, long nose for precision work
  • Reversible bumper
Fasco 11081F DUOFAST 50 SERIES F1B 50-16 1/4"-5/8"...
  • Single shot stapler
  • Accepts staples similar to Duo Fast 50 series
  • Single length magazine
  • 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch leg length staples

Arrow Fastener T50 Staples Gun

Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Chrome

If you like simple and reliable staple guns, the Arrow Fastener T50 staples gun is a great option. Although it’s an entry-level tool, it provides a lot of possibilities.

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Apart from being easy to use, it also boasts of a durable chrome finish and a jam-resistant design. Built with steel while the chrome finish adds durability and makes it appealing aesthetically.

Simple projects like stapling soft or hardwood are a walk in the park for this tool. However, it’s not great for large-scale projects as you may stumble upon performance issues.

When it comes to design, you will notice the durability and sturdiness of steel. It only weighs 2 pounds despite being made of steel. The worries about pain and fatigue are non-existent, and you can work for an extended period without the need to take a break. 

Although the handle is not as soft as some other models, it is not stiff. You may have to look for another model if you have any medical conditions that would make this a problem for you, like arthritis. 

One remarkable feature of this staple gun is that even though it doesn’t come with an anti-jam feature, it prevents jamming thanks to its unique design. Should you experience any jamming, you will only have to pull out the magazine and put it back in.

The Fastener T50 staples are a perfect solution for smaller DIY projects and homeowners that perform occasional repairs.

One major drawback is the lack of safety. While it may not be a big issue to some users, you shouldn’t ignore this. Overall, the performance of this tool exceeds its flaws, which makes it a product worth checking out. 

Specs and Features
  • Type: Electric
  • Staple Size: ¼-9/16-inch  
  • Magazine Size: Variable
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use
  • Fully manual (no battery)
  • Durable construction
  • Jam-resistant design
  • Perfect for general repairs
Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Chrome
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY: This stapler is great for professional or household projects like installing...
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT STAPLES: This tool works best with Arrow T50 staples in 1/4-Inch, 5/16-Inch,...
  • EFFICIENCY AND VISIBILITY: The rear-load magazine with jam-resistant mechanism provides a smooth...
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: Featuring a chromed-steel body, this tool has the strength for any...

Upholstery Staple Gun Characteristics and Considerations

Before making your final decision, let’s go over the key aspects to keep in mind as you look for the ideal staple gun for your upholstery jobs.

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The type of staple gun you choose will drastically affect many variables, such as ease of use. We’ll walk you through the three most common types.


Manual staple guns are among the most common and can be found in most hardware stores. They are also often quite affordable due to their relative simplicity. 

  • ​A manual ​staple gun relies on using mechanical parts to fire staples into a surface each time you pull the trigger. This requires a little more manual force on your part than the other options.

Due to their simplicity, manual staple guns are extremely easy to use and reload. They also typically offer the widest variety of staple sizes accepted in their firing chambers. 

  • ​You are more likely to find a manual upholstery staple gun that accepts an obscure staple size than the others.

​The few advantages of manual staple guns are quietness and lightweight. They are ideal for mobile stapling. A manual model might be the best choice for you as they are the most portable.

A stapler gun laid on its side


Electric staple guns, of course, don’t have a trigger at all. Instead, they use a pressure pad on the tip of their nozzle to determine when it is time to fire a staple. 

  • ​You only need to press the upholstery staple gun to the surface that you want to be stapled and watch the results.
  • ​This makes electric staple guns extremely easy to use and not user-intensive.
  • ​They are best for longer jobs or for tasks that require a lot of staples in a short amount of time. However, electric staple guns are often more expensive than other options.

​You also need to account for the possibility of firing a staple too deeply into a material. This can cause damage to upholstery, for instance.

Electric staple guns often have a lot of extra power compared to manual ones. They can compete with pneumatic staple guns in terms of actual force delivered from the gun to the staple.

Make sure to read our upholstery staple gun review of the best electric staple gun for upholstery if this is the direction you want to go.

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Finally, pneumatic staple guns are also extremely common. However, they require the use of air compressors. An air compressor is typically quite expensive. You need to take this into account when determining the overall amount of using a pneumatic upholstery staple gun with an air compressor. 

  • ​Pneumatic staple guns with an air compressor are typically versatile and lightweight. They manage to provide a lot of power since they rely on compressed air to provide their force. This allows them to deliver quite a punch without having to be heavy.
  • ​Most pneumatic staple guns can be adjusted through a range of psi settings. You can customize your staple experience based on material or job.

In addition, most pneumatic upholstery staplers can accommodate a wide variety of staple sizes. However, keep in mind that pneumatic staple guns can be loud compared to electric or manual ones.

Pneumatic staple guns require an air compressor, so they are not very portable. So, it makes them an ideal choice for those who work entirely at home.

Accepted Staples

Another critical factor to keep in mind is the accepted staple sizes by each particular staple gun.

  • Take a look at the accepted staple sizes that each gun has to offer. Better upholstery staplers will have a wider range of accepted staple sizes.
  • ​However, most staple guns will usually work fine with the standard range of around ¼ 5/8-inch, with some variation in the middle.
  • ​In general, smaller staples have an easier time becoming clogged or jammed. This is because smaller staples are more easily jostled around in the magazine and set up improperly before being fired.

What really determines the ideal size is the material that you will be stapling the upholstery to.

  • ​For softer surfaces, smaller staples are ideal so long as they are large enough to punch through every layer beneath.
  • ​For harder surfaces, find bigger staples. Larger staples will be able to punch through more layers of material before bending or breaking. This can help with heavier-duty jobs or for pinning upholstery that is thicker than average.

Safety Features

Some upholstery staple guns come with safety measures built into their design. This can include anti-jamming features or locks that prevent the upholstery staple gun from firing when initialized. Both of these are excellent additions to any upholstery staple gun and drastically improve overall value.

  • ​You should always look for some kind of antijamming feature so that you don’t run into roadblocks throughout your work. Some upholstery staple guns have magazines that are particularly designed to prevent frequent jamming.
  • ​Others will have a tool or mechanism in the firing cylinder that catches jammed staples before they emerge from the barrel.

​If you have children around your workspace frequently, you should prioritize upholstery staple guns that come with trigger locks. This will prevent your kids from accidentally stapling their fingers or the upholstery since both of these outcomes can ruin your day.


Many excellent upholstery staple guns come with a manufacturer warranty. These can extend from as long as a few months for years to a lifetime warranty, which is often the most valuable. 

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  • ​Warranties are great because they provide you with peace of mind and let you replace or repair your upholstery staple gun.

Keep in mind that the exact definition of a lifetime warranty can vary. Some manufacturers define a lifetime warranty as your entire lifespan, while others will have an arbitrary date of around 20 years or so.

Close up of an inside look with a staple gun

Warranty is best thought of as a tiebreaker aspect. Check to see what each potential upholstery staple gun has in terms of the warranty, which can be a good determining factor to differentiate between the best staple guns.


Staple guns come in different sizes and shapes. If you are handling a small job, then ease of use won’t be a big issue because you will only use the tool for a short period. 

However, people that plan to use their tools for a long duration should go for a comfortable and ergonomically designed gun with a good handle. Some models come with rubberized grips to make sure they remain stable in sweaty hands.

Handle size is also important. Wider handles are easier to use to forcefully press down on an upholstery staple. Thinner handles will contribute to a lighter overall upholstery staple gun. Since arm and hand fatigue is a big issue with some models, keep this in mind while shopping. 

To deal with this problem, look for a lightweight tool equipped with extended handles to give you a comfortable grip when using it with both hands.

Power Source

Although this might seem obvious, it’s important that you find a gun with an adequate power source to penetrate the staples effortlessly. There are three sources of power for upholstery staple guns: air, electricity, and manual. The right source will depend on the size of the jobs you intend to work on. 

For instance, electric and manual guns are your safest bet if you are a DIY enthusiast with some small-sized projects. On the other hand, air-powered models are an excellent choice for large projects as they require consistency and more power.

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Manual upholstery staple guns are the most affordable models. However, they require more effort and power to operate them, conditions that some people may find difficult to fulfill. We recommend electric models for such people. 

Air-powered guns are the ultimate tool. With them, you can handle a wide range of projects. However, they’re the most complex tools to use and also expensive. They require users to have some safety awareness, knowledge, and experience to be able to use them.


This factor is directly related to features like the shape of the upholstery staple gun, the weight and the grip as well as comfort, all of which can affect the balance of your tool.

For example, some tools only weigh a few pounds while others weigh more. The best thing to do would be to go for compact and lightweight guns because it will be easier to balance them in your hands while working.

Tools with enough space on the handle are a great choice as you can place both your hands. The handle can also give you a better balance because it will make the tool more controllable. 

You should also ensure the weight of the gun is distributed well on both sides. A well-balanced tool will enable you to achieve precision in your projects and have professional-looking results.

Project Size

It does not matter whether you are looking for a tool to handle one or several projects. The size of those projects is what matters. If you are planning to handle a large project involving furniture redesigns or renovation, consider investing in a high-end upholstery staple gun. 

Magazine Length

The magazine length of your tool is a major convenience to consider as it is the place that holds the staples. So, if the magazine is long, you will be able to work for a long time without worrying about making a replacement. As such, your best upholstery stapler with a larger magazine will be ideal for a big project to ensure reduced downtime while working on your project.

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A versatile upholstery staple gun is useful as it will allow you to handle different types of projects. To determine an upholstery stapler’s versatility check whether it provides depth drive adjustments, can drive staples from other brands, and if it can drive nails and staples.


A product that breaks down after use is not worth investing in. One way of ensuring you are not ripped off while shopping for your new tool is to check the materials used for its construction. If the tool is assembled well, it will be able to handle heavy-duty projects and also serve you a long time. 

All the products we have reviewed are constructed with durable materials to give you an enjoyable working experience.

Extra Features

There are other essential features you should check while looking for your staple gun. Most users aren’t familiar with which features they should look out for, so they end up with a product that does not meet their needs.

To help you avoid such scenarios, here are the features you should consider before purchasing your tool:

Nail Depth Adjustments

Although adjusting the depth penetration may sound irrelevant to DIY enthusiasts, it is quite important. Setting up the right depth is crucial for people that deal with upholstery as it will determine the outcome of the project. Inconsistent penetration can break the wood or damage your material. 

Fortunately, most guns provide various adjustments to allow you to adjust the depth. However, it is all about accuracy since a rotating knob on the tool won’t be of any use if it is not working properly.

Man holding onto an orange staple gun

Nail Size Adjustments

Most staple guns only use one or two sizes of nails, which can be a burden especially if you intend to use your tool for a long time. If you will be using different sizes of nails, the best thing to do would be to look for a tool that accepts a wide range of nail sizes. 

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However, you can ignore this if you are looking for a gun to tackle your occasional DIY tasks. If you are a professional, opt for products that offer versatility.

Swivel Tube/Nose Extensions

Swivel tube applies to air-powered staple guns. It is an important feature that prevents issues with the tubes and connector as well as tangling. The swivel tube also comes in handy when you want to access difficult-to-reach areas. 

Like the swivel tube, a nose extension will also allow you to handle a stapling job in a tight spot. It will allow you to apply staples in places where your hands may not be able to reach.


The market is flooded with many staple guns from different companies, and each company claims that its product is the best. However, you should first conduct research on the company you intend to purchase its product. 

They will serve you for a long time and also come with excellent warranties to cover any defects or malfunctioning. Customer support is equally important. Reputable brands will help you by providing some alternatives through their staff. 

That said, the companies you should avoid making a purchase from are those that avoid answering customer’s questions or making a replacement in case of a breakdown. 


Upholstery is really particular because while it can have some durability, it also has some fragility in it. It’s a very delicate balance and you need a high-quality staple gun for upholstery that can tack your upholstery firmly into place, resist everyday wear and abuse, and help you stay safe and productive.

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