The Guide to Picking Band Saw Blades

what is the right bandsaw blade tooth?

Band saws are a staple tool of any workshop, with a unique use for woodworking, lumbering, and metalworking. These versatile tools come in different shapes and sizes, with different types of blades and attachments. Know …

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How to Dry Wood Slices in the Oven

how to dry wood slices

Woodworkers, woodcarvers, furniture makers, and DIY enthusiasts often undertake the task of drying wood slices. While this is not a very difficult or complicated task, there is a certain process that should be followed for …

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How to Measure Band Saw Tires

band saw tire

A band saw uses two wheels in order to operate, and each of those wheels are protected by a tire to prevent damage to the saw blade. The ​tire on your band saw also helps …

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What Size Band Saw Should I Buy?

what size band saw should i buy

Band saws are versatile tools that allow cutting with superb accuracy so you can achieve more intricate cutting designs. While band saws come in a variety of sizes, you might be asking yourself what size …

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What is a Band Saw Good For?

what is a band saw good for

Are you wondering whether you should purchase a band saw for your home woodworking shop? But what is a band saw good for? You’ll find there are many good reasons to consider adding one to …

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