6 Best Budget Bandsaws [2021 Review]

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A bandsaw will quickly become one of the best tools in your workshop in no time. It is able to combine the versatile cut shaping of the jigsaw together with the durability of the table saw, so it seems like this tool is able to do it all.

Many bandsaws are expensive and hard to get because of the cost. With such a significant investment, many choose not to get one. If you have decided that a bandsaw is the perfect addition to your workshop, then finding the best budget bandsaw is the best option for you.

Our Top Budget Bandsaw Reviews

Picking the right budget bandsaw is a decision that you should not take lightly. Even though you want to save some money on this tool does not mean that you want to sacrifice the features and durability of the tool.

There are quite a few options when it comes to picking a bandsaw, even one that is on a budget. We have rated our top choices for cheaper bandsaws. You can also read our review on the best overall bandsaw.

Best Budget Bandsaw: Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw

There are many bandsaw options out there, but not all are going to provide you with a value. Just because you are looking for a budget bandsaw does not mean that you want to go with something that is cheaply made and will not last a long time.

With the Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw, you will be able to get all of the features that you want at an affordable price.

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This bandsaw is going to bring in all of the features that you are looking for. It is a great replacement for a table saw and the 1-horsepower motor is just as robust as many of the table saws that you may choose. This makes it the perfect tool to cut through hardwoods and lumber with ease. It comes with a constant downward thrust on the blade, preventing kickbacks that are common with the table saw.

Overall, this is one of the most capable bandsaw options on our list. It can cuts down a board to size while also creating some of the detailed curves that you need. While it may be a bit higher priced compared to some of the other budget bandsaws on our list, it is an investment that you will be glade you made.


  • A really strong motor
  • A ball-bearing blade guide to provide smooth user
  • Lots of cutting capacity


  • Expensive for a budget bandsaw
  • Does not have a table light

Best Cheap Beginner’s Bandsaw: SKIL 3386-01

The first thing that you will notice with this power bandsaw is that it is a bit smaller than the Grizzly G0555 and some of the other bandsaws on the list.

The SKIL 3386-01 band saw is still an affordable option that will do a great job for those just beginning their hobby of woodworking. It does lack some of the utility of the larger bandsaws, but it does provide a good introduction to using this kind of saw.

The small motor of this bandsaw is going to provide 2.5 amps of power. While it will not win a competition against some of the bigger bandsaws on the list, it is still capable of cutting into irregular shapes or taking softwoods and making into thinner pieces as well.

It also comes with a rack and pinion adjustable table to help you do different heights and angles with any work you would like to do.

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To keep it simple, this bandsaw is a well-priced option for someone who just wants to learn some woodworking skills. It will not work as well for those with a lot of experience, but for a budget option that is a lot of fun to use, this bandsaw will fit the bill.


  • Perfect option for beginners
  • Small enough to stay right on a garage table
  • Affordable price
  • Has a miter gauge, cutting light, and rip fence


  • Does not have enough power like the bigger options
  • Small cutting capacity
  • Does not work for precise cuts

Best Budget Power Bandsaw: WEN 3962 Band Saw

When you are ready to graduate from the SKIL 3386-01 bandsaw to something with a little more power, you are sure to find it with the WEN 3962 band saw.

This one is often going to be chosen as the number one pick because while it is a bit smaller and has less power compared to the Grizzly option, it is also a lot less expensive and has many of the accessories that you are looking for.

The biggest issue that comes with this bandsaw is that the cutting capacity is a bit smaller than the SKIL or the Grizzly options. It comes with four inches less clearance at the throat than the Grizzly option, which means it is only going to be useful if you have a small or a medium job to get done and nothing more.

Outside of the small cutting capacity, there is a lot to love with this bandsaw. The ball-bearing operation will help you get some smooth cuts and the tabletop has all of the things that you need to make some great cuts, including bevel and miter.

This is a great choice for those who want to do some woodworking projects that are smaller, but they still want to have a lot of power behind it.

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  • Lots of power out of the 3.5 amp motor
  • Spacious worktable to make things easier
  • The stand is easy to assemble
  • Lots of accessories.


  • Small cutting capacity
  • Can’t handle some of the bigger sawing jobs

Best Cheap Benchtop Bandsaw: WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp Band Saw

When you are looking for a heavy-duty bandsaw that is still budget-friendly, then the WEN 3939T is one of the best options to use. This bandsaw is designed with an induction motor that can meet a top speed of 2000 RPM. This helps it handle some of the lighter workloads that you want to get done without the traditional complications.

The work surface is going to quickly become one of your favorite parts. It is an aluminum die-cast table that adds a sturdy and spacious work surface without sacrificing how good your work will be when you are done.

There is a stand that you can add to the bandsaw that makes it a bit easier to make adjustments and ensure that the piece works the way that you want.

There are several blade sets that come with this bandsaw, helping you to get any project done that you would like. The thickness of the blades provided range from 1/8 to 3/8 inches. This allows for more versatility, especially when it is time to re-saw and cut the scroll.

The type of release tension that is given on this brand is unique and is designed to make adjustment as straightforward and effortless as possible, even for someone who is a beginner. And all of this is offered to the customer for an affordable price, even compared to a few of the choices on our list.


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  • A very durable model of budget bandsaw
  • The blade is easy to change
  • A 25-inch stand that is easy to put together and use
  • A motor that is high-quality to provide a smooth performance


  • It does not come with a rip fence
  • The tension knob can make things easier, but the design is a little cheap for this company

Best Durable Budget Bandsaw: Rikon 10-305

The Rikon 10-305 is one of the best budget bandsaws that you can choose. If you have been wanting the Rikon 10-345 but were worried about the price, then this is the bandsaw that you need.

Even with it being a smaller size, you will find that this is a durable and long-lasting bandsaw that will stick around for a long time.

There are a lot of things to love about this bandsaw. It has a solid steel housing to keep it safe and the table is cast-iron so it can take a beating, even when you use it a lot. This is a bandsaw that is built to last.

The work surface is really large and planed well so you do not have to worry about not having enough space, even with the bandsaw being a bit smaller. Users will enjoy that this bandsaw makes it easy to handle a lot of cuts with precision and accuracy.

This is just the start of what you can get with this bandsaw. It has an aluminum rip fence and the titling table is able to go from 0 to 45 degrees to give it a bit more versatility. The motor is a bit underwhelming for the price, so you will need to be careful about how much you expect out of it.

Overall, if you want to add a bandsaw for all of the flexible cutting potential, then this is one of the best to go with.


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  • A great price
  • Has an all-steel construction for housing
  • Cast-iron table that stays level
  • Lots of great features


  • The motor is not as powerful as you may wish
  • The maximum capacity is not that high

Best Cheap Bandsaw with Accessories: Ryobi BS904G 9” Bandsaw

When you want a budget-friendly option for your workshop, then the Ryobi BS904G 9” Bandsaw is the perfect one to use. It is less expensive than many of the other options on our list, but still provides plenty of power and features to make it worth your time.

To start, it comes with adjustments for the pinion blade and a blade tracking window to give you the secure and safe cut that you need. Add in the dust collection port to keep things clean and you can slice into the wood without a problem.

This bandsaw has been designed to work with a lot of different options and projects. You will not need more than one tool because this bandsaw will get it all done.

It includes the tools that you need to get the work done including two hex keys, a table lock lever, a washer, a miter gauge, and a saw table. The 2.5 amp motor is not as strong as the Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw, but it still gets the work done.

The smooth cut will be one of your favorite parts of this band saw as well.Another feature that you will like is the tool-free cabinet. This is helpful for any beginner to use the bandsaw. And the rapid set of blade tensioning system can provide you with the best work experience, especially when you first get started.

For the price, this is a great option for you to use to get the work done.


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  • Tool-free cabinet access
  • A built-in dust collection
  • Blade tracking window to make it easier for beginners
  • Reduces the vibration for a smoother cut


  • The table doesn’t always sit square on the machine
  • The instruction manual can be confusing

Budget Bandsaw Features to Consider

When you are looking at some of the budget bandsaws that are on our list, you may see some neat features that can make using the bandsaw a lot of fun. But how are you supposed to choose between all the great options? Some of the things to consider when choosing a budget bandsaw include:

Motor Power

Think about how much motor power you will need when choosing these bandsaws. This will help you figure out how much the tool can support the materials that you want to work with.

Most of these budget bandsaws will have ¾ to 1 horsepower in the motor. Some of the stronger ones can be between 1 ½ to 2 horsepower, though these are going to cost you a little bit more.

Consider what types of bandsaw projects you would like to use to help make a decision on the maximum horsepower you want to use.


Even though we took a look at some of the budget bandsaws, you will still need to shell out some money in order to bring this tool home. Because of the expense, it is important to look at the quality of the machine.

Top bandsaws are going to be made out of steel, cast iron, or aluminum. This helps to tell you whether the bandsaw is durable or not.

There are also two categories of bandsaws that you can choose.

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  1. Benchtop: which means that it has been mounted on a benchtop. These are often smaller in size and designed to hold onto a smaller blade.
  2. Floor standing: these are larger and come with a stand, but it also gives you a larger blade to cut through thicker materials if you would like.

The Blade

This may be one of the most important things to consider when picking out a bandsaw. The performance of your bandsaw will depend on the quality of the blade. Band saw blades are made out of a thin band of steel. There will be grounded teeth on the two ends that can be linked together.

There are a few things that you need to look at to help determine whether the blade is right for you. this can include the teeth per inch, the width, and the thickness of the blade. Some things to remember include:

  1. The thickness of the blade will depend on the dimensions. For a bandsaw that is 14 inches, the thickness is often about 0.025 inches. The thickness of the blade needs to be sufficient enough to handle any wheel forcing.
  2. Choose the blade that is widest for ripping lumber and cutting lines. If you would like to do curves and shapes, the smallest blade is a better decision.
  3. The blade that you use for ripping will have fewer of the teeth per inch. This helps them to work faster and gives a rugged result. The cutting blade is going to have more of the teeth per inch. This can slow it down, but does give a cleaner finish when done.

The Frame

The frame is designed to help provide support to the band saw so make sure to check this out and get something that is strong. Never compromise and get a frame that is cheap.

You get to choose between three types of frames: die-cast, welded steel, and cast iron. While all of these can work well, a cast-iron frame is going to be the most reliable and provides more sturdiness than some of the others.

The Wheels

Another thing to consider is the wheel size. The size of this part is going to impact the performance of the whole bandsaw. For the most part, the bigger the wheel size, the better the bandsaw.

The problem with the smaller wheels is that they tend to bend and the work they can give you will not be as good as you can get with the larger wheels.

These are often referred to as the bandsaw tires as well.

Dust Collector

While this is not a requirement for your bandsaw, it can be a nice feature to have on hand. It will help reduce some of the mess that comes when you work on your project.

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Since your band saw is going to saw through different types of material, you are going to need to worry about dust and other problems as well. A dust port will collect the dust and can help keep your work area clean, making cleanup a bit easier later on.

Band Saw Table

For many of the projects that you would like to use, you need to consider adding on a bandsaw table. This is especially important if you need to work on a big project.

The table will be linked over to the frame using some metal pieces to make life easier. You can then enhance the size of the table to work with what you need to get done.

If you pick a bandsaw that has this table, make sure that it is big enough to get the work done.

The Price

One of the biggest considerations that a lot of people will pay attention to when working with a budget bandsaw is the overall price. You need to look at how much you are willing to spend and which features are important to you.

You can then do some price comparisons to figure out how much you will need to spend to get a high-quality product that will do some of the work that you want along the way.

These bandsaws come in a variety of prices and there are certain companies who will give good deals so take your time to shop around and find the best one for you.

Choosing the Right Bandsaw for Your Workshop

There are many reasons to choose a bandsaw to complete your collection in the workshop. You can use it for a variety of projects and it can save time and space when used correctly. When you want to get started on some good woodworking projects, make sure to look for the right bandsaw for your needs.

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