38 Fun and Simple DIY Piggy Banks to Make

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DIY piggy banks are a great way to jump start your savings without having to spend money. Most of these DIY coin banks below are made from items that you may have around the house or can purchase for the fraction of the price a normal piggy bank costs in stores.

Two people holding a pink piggy bank

Easy Kid Piggy Banks

For kids, these DIY piggy banks are really easy to create and allows them to get some hands on experience with crafting while they are also learning how to save money. All of these craft below can be made with kids, no matter the age, just make sure that adult supervision is present for painting and cutting the coin slots.

1. Clorox Bottle Pig

For this DIY kids craft you will need a Clorox bottle , some paint and any other items that you have on hand to decorate it. Make sure that before you begin you rinse out the Clorox bottle really well so that the bleach smell is gone.

Pink piggy bank

You can also make this for boys too, swap out the pink paint for blue or green.

Take a look at this craft here: www.bernysinspredmuse.com

2. Monster Banks

These monster banks are really easy to make with kids and only require a few crafty items. Pringles cans, baby formula cans and even coffee cans are perfect for the base of these fun monster themed piggy banks.

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​Next you will need some glue, scrapbook paper, scissors and googly eyes to bring it all together.

See this and other crafts here: www.parents.com

3. Fabric Piggy Bank

This picture tutorial shows you the step by step instructions on how to create a cute little fabric coin bank. You will need a trimmed down section of PVC pipe or a sturdy cardboard tube for the body.

Nude pig piggy bank

Next you will want to cut out the fabric into the shapes shown and then adhere them with glue to the round tube. Finally add in details for eyes, ears, a tail and even a cute ribbon around its neck.

See the picture tutorial here: www.howtoinstructions.org

4. Soda Bottle Bank

Plastic bottle piggy bank

Cute and customizable, this piggy bank is made from an empty (and rinsed out) soda bottle and some construction paper. To make this with your little ones, help them decorate and cut out the eyes, nose and ears for the pig.

You will glue or tape them to the bottle, as well as you will need to make a slit in the large piece of construction paper that wraps around its body.

On the other hand, if a can of soda is what you have, you can also use that to make a DIY keychain.

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Look here for the final instructions: www.marthastewart.com

5. Paper Mache Dinosaurs

Sometimes a simple piggy bank just isn’t what’s cool anymore. For those who want a different animal, then you can create something different with a paper mache project.

Paper mache piggy bank

These creative dinosaurs can be made with a little shaping and design. You will also need to have a balloon handy to create the inner hollow shape.

Take a look at the tutorial here: www.redtedart.com

6. Cereal Box

Pig box piggy bank

We love the idea of using an old cereal box to create a quick piggy bank for your family.

You will need construction paper or paint to cover the original artwork on the box to make it your own.

Finally you will need to cut a hole in the top of the box so that you can add your money.

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Check out the details here: www.kixcereal.com

7. Airplane Bottle

For the little pilot in your life, this DIY airplane coin bank is perfect to help them learn how to save.

Airplane piggy bank

For this project, you will need an empty soda bottle, some construction paper (in their choice of color), some tape and a pencil to outline the shapes.

See the finished project here: www.brightnest.com

8. Unicorn Bank

This adorable project utilizes a pre-made wooden bank block, but we suggest using an empty small box or even a round tin to create the main body.

Rainbow unicorn piggy bank

You can paint on or use ​felt paper to create the colorful stripes.

Get your inspiration here: www.fun365.orientaltrading.com

Teen Piggy Banks

9. Starbucks Cup

This may be the cutest bank we have on the list. To create this DIY Starbucks coffee coin bank you will need some modeling clay, paint and an empty plastic Starbucks frappe cup. To get the most out of this craft, we highly suggest that you treat yourself to a frozen treat before making this.

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Starbucks cup piggy bank

To go with your Starbucks Cup Bank, you might want to check out our ideas on DIY coffee tables from pallet wood.

Watch the instructional video here: www.youtube.com

10. Crochet Piggy Bank

This is a great DIY coin bank project for teens and older kids, since they can crochet the cover themselves. For this project they will need an empty tissue box, yarn and a crochet hook. The crochet pattern is fairly easy to make for beginner and intermediate crocheters.

Crochet pig

Take a look at the free pattern here: www.nickishomemadecrafts.com

11. Glittery Piggy Bank

Gltter piggy bank

While the base of this piggy bank is a store bought one, we consider this a DIY upgrade to an old piggy bank, or you could try the glitter upgrade on another project we have listed here.

To make this sparkly coin bank you will need your choice of glitter, spray adhesive, sealer and some sand paper.

Check out this fun project here: www.gretasday.com

12. Self Sorting Piggy Bank

This is a really cool piggy bank that your older kids can make along with an adult in the garage. Due to the use of power tools we do recommend some supervision for younger kids who want to help out. This coin bank will sort your quarters, nickels and dimes into their own chamber.

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Magnetic piggy bank

You’ve got to see this one: www.instructables.com

13. Leather Piggy Bank

Wooden piggy bank

Elevate your standard way to save coins with this DIY leather piggy bank.

The entire body of this coin bank is made from vegetable tanned leather.

It will take a little longer to create this project due to needing to be careful cutting the leather with scissors or an Exacto knife.

You will also need some E6000 adhesive, a leather hole punch and some water to spray the leather as you are molding it into the pig’s shape.

See the full tutorial here: www.lovelyindeed.com

Adult Piggy Banks

Fun crafts to help you save money isn’t just for kids, adults can get in on this action to create fun ways to save for life events, travelling or a much needed day out on the town.

14. Shadow Box

Picture frame piggy bank

This is a great way to see your small savings grow.

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For this DIY piggy bank you will need a shadow box, a dremel tool, an inspiring background and an optional vinyl decal for the glass. 

The best part about a shadow box is that until the coin bank is full, you will be able to see through to the background.

To help yourself save, put in a picture of what you are saving for to help motivate you to get there.

Check out the instructions here: www.amomstake.com

15. Deco Coffee Can

Can piggy bank

Upcycle your old coffee can with this great DIY craft.

All you need is an empty can, some construction paper or paint, adhesive and an Exacto knife to slit a hole in the lid. 

You can opt to create a simple pattern, keep it one color or add an inspiration quote to make it your own.

See the inspiration here: www.cutoutandkeep.net

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16. Pallet Bank

This is a gorgeous way to pick your piggy bank up off of the table and create a chic way to hold loose change. Created from a pallet, the base of this coin bank is wood with a Plexiglas front and a painted back. You can create just one or make one for copper, silver and gold coins to keep them separate.

Geometric piggy bank

Take a look at the design here: www.lovelygreens.com

17. Globe Bank

This money or card bank is exquisite and fairly easy to make. While the instructions are in french for this project, there are plenty of pictures to show you the steps to achieve this DIY globe bank. You will need a globe, some white spray paint, acrylic paint, gold paint, sandpaper, carbon paper and a craft knife.

Globe piggy bank

See the picture instructions here:  www.unbeaujour.fr

18. Indestructible Money Box

This is the piggy bank you need if you cannot save money. Once coins go in, you are going to have to put forth some real effort to get them out. For a coin bank as indestructible as this one you are going to need some power tools as well as steel for the body.

Undestructsable piggy bank

You’ve got to see this one: www.instructables. com

Mason Jar Coin Banks

Creating a piggy bank out of a mason jar is a trendy way to save right now. Not only are mason jars inexpensive, but they also give you a blank canvas base that you can decorate a multitude of ways to make your coin savings bank personalized to you. You will need a coin slot lid for your mason jar banks. You might also need to drill a hole in a mason jar for some of the projects.

19. Quote Jar

Mason jar piggy bank

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Create this fun jar that has something to say. You will need a mason jar, some paint and a cutout of however you want to personalize it.

Adhere the letters to the mason jar and paint over the outside.

Before the paint is fully dry, you will need to peel up the letters, if you wait until the paint has dried then you may accidentally peel up some of the paint as well. 

Take a look here: www.dukeandduchesses.com

20. Superhero Mason Jars

Superhero piggy bank

Help the superhero in your life learn to save with these fun DIY coin banks. For this easy project you will need a mason jar, paint, an Exacto knife and duct tape in the color of your preferred superhero.

Paint the jars, and then cut out the emblem to adhere on the front once the mason jar is completely dried.

Some people also use this same technique to create Superhero themed mason jar lights for decor.

Get the directions here: www.firefliesandmudpies.com

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21. Golden Car

Car piggy bank

This is a perfect coin bank for teens who are saving for their first car.

At first glance the source website is in german however, further down the how to article has been translated into english so that you can follow along. 

This DIY mason jar coin bank is really easy to make, all you need to do is adhere a car to the top of the lid either with a screw or glue. Then paint the entire metal top gold to make it look chic.

Take a look here for more: www.johannarundel.de

22. Minions

Create your own little minion to take charge of your money with these minion mason jar banks. You will need some paint, a few pipe cleaners for the hair, a giant googly eye and a second screw top lid.

Minion piggy bank

Just make sure that the paint is fully dry before you begin with a second coat, this will limit any chipping.

See the finished product here: www.kastyles.co

23. Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and minnie mouse piggy bank

These jars are perfect as DIY his and hers coin banks especially for Disney enthusiasts. The Mickey and Minnie pair are really easy to make and are made from the same colors, so no extra items needed to make two.

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Minnie’s dots are made from a sponge paint brush making circles around the jar, while Mickey’s two buttons are a 3D foam element.

This matching mason jar piggy bank would also be a perfect gift for your girlfriend.

Take a look here for more instructions: www.kimberleymarriott.com

24. Glitter Mason Jars

For this glittery and gold DIY mason jar, the creator uses an already painted gold jar from a craft store. You can easily use a standard mason jar to create the same effect, all you need to do is spray paint it a metallic gold and allow it to dry before you move onto the next steps.

Gold mason jar bank

Check out the rest of the directions here: www.taylorbradford.com

25. Pot O’ Gold

Pot of gold piggy bank

We love how the creator of this craft wants to teach her little ones how to make their own luck and now you can too with this pot of gold DIY mason jar bank.

The rainbow is created with pipe cleaners and for added fun you can even glue a mini leprechaun on the top to guard it.

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See this great DIY idea here: www.playgroundparkbench.com

26. Map Jar

Map mason jar banks

Surprisingly these DIY map coin banks are made with napkins modge podged onto a painted mason jar.

This allows the picture to adhere nicely and dry with a really authentic look.

We also love how the creator cuts the map into strips before adhering it to the jar, this allows you to make sure that there are no bubbles or wrinkles in the finished product.

You’ve got to see this one: www.pillarboxblue.com

Spend, Save and Share Banks

Having a DIY piggy bank is a great way to help your kids start saving their loose change. These 3 in one coin savings systems go a step beyond, teaching the recipient to not only save, but to also have an okay-ed spending allotment and one that they can use to treat someone else.

27. Glass Water Bottles

You can easily reuse glass or plastic water bottles for this great way to start learning more about saving. Pull off any bottle decals and then add vinyl letters that spell out each money bank goal. To keep them all together tie some colorful yarn around each bottle.

Bottled water piggy bank

You can also opt to cut your bottles with a tile saw for the slot.

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Check out this great DIY here: www.itstillworks.com

28. Empty Multi-sized Containers

When you are making DIY coin banks, you can use almost anything that you have around the house to create the base. For this multiple bank project, you are encouraged to use different sizes and shapes that you have laying around. Depending on what you want them to add the most to, then that will be the one that takes the largest container.

3 can piggy banks

Get your inspiration for this project here: www.theclassychapter.com

29. Mason Jar Trio

This is a really simple project that looks nice on display anywhere in the home as a decor or a home improvement project. All you need is to build a simple base to hold mason jars and then add little tags to notate what each jar is for. If you don’t like the tags you can borrow an idea from above and paint or decal each jar to show what it is for.

Take a look here for more: www.homemadeginger.com

30. Totem Pole

This is a great gift for kids or anyone that enjoys decor with a purpose. Once stacked, no one would guess that these three jars hold loose change. Pringles mini cans are a great base since they already come with a plastic lid that you can use as the top, plus they stack well. To keep which one is which you can discreetly write “Spend, Save and Share” on the back of each.

Stacked piggy banks

See the finished product here: www.mermagblog.com

31. Hidden Shoebox

Shoeboxes are great for so many different crafts, and this is one that kids will love since they can stash it under their pallet beds for added protection. Using glass small mason jars or baby food jars gives this mostly cardboard project a little more stability, plus who doesn’t love the clink that jars make when change is dropped in.

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Box piggy bank with slots

Check out this DIY craft here: www.icanteachmychild.com

Wooden Piggy Banks

Crafting things out of wood is a great way to make something that is a little more authentic that will last as well as give the creators time to bond in the garage while putting it all together. We also love the heavier and more durable look of DIY wooden piggy banks.

32. Wood and Acrylic Animals

Assorted piggy bank with acrylic

These wooden bubble bank animals are a great gift for any age and can be customized to fit the person it’s being made for.

The source link provides easy to cut out templates that you can trace onto the wood and then cut out with a scroll saw.

You will need enough acrylic to cover the front and back of the animal’s opening.

See all of the steps here: www.realitydaydream.com

33. Scrap Wood

Similar to the shadow box bank above, this is the same basic concept but you will make the entire shadow box yourself with scrap wood pieces trimmed to size and Plexiglas inserted between the wood. Make sure that you fully clean the Plexiglas on both sides before you finish installing it, because the inside will be sealed shut.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Picture box piggy banks

Take a look here for more: www.100things2do.ca

34. Painted Animals

These DIY piggy banks are much larger than they seem and are a really great large wooden bank that you can make. There are a good amount of steps that you will have to follow as well as you will need some power tools to make the cuts and hollowing out easier.

Animal piggy bank

The finished product is definitely worth all of the effort especially after the bright colored paint dries to create a large 3D cartoon animal.

Check out this DIY here: www.thecreatedhome.com

35. Carved Wood Piggy Bank

Warning in advance, this gorgeous DIY wooden piggy bank is not for the average DIYer. To create this project you will need to have a few skills, some power tools and the want to whittle away at wood.

Pig pggy bank

This is because all of the details are carved into the wood, as well as the shape and contours of the pig’s body. If you are committed to trying then this DIY pig bank will be a gorgeous addition to your home, or as an additional decor project your backyard.

You need to see this one: www.instructables.com

36. Wooden Train

This wooden train coin bank is all wood, even the stopper is a wooden slot cover that is connected to the main body with a screw. For an easy wood coin bank DIY this is a great place to start since it is all done is simple steps.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Train piggy banks

You will cut out the opening, cut out the main train shape around it and then create a slot and emptying hole.

Take a look here for more: www.instructables.com

37. Rolling Coin Bank

Rolling coin piggy bank box

If you like your money saving to come with a little show, then this is a great DIY craft to make.

The wooden slants in the body of the coin bank allow your coins to roll nicely to the bottom.

The real entertainment is to see how far the coins will roll as the bank begins to fill up.

See the instructions here: www.lovelyindeed.com

38. Mechanical Snail

If you enjoy tinkering and seeing how gears work then you need to try out this mechanical wooden snail DIY piggy bank. The inner wooden gears work to push the snail’s head out of the shell to grab a coin and then pull it back in.

Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale
Mechanical piggy bank

Don’t skip this one: www.thekidsshouldseethis.com


No matter what type of DIY piggy bank you choose, having a place to build up a savings is no small feat. Create your coin bank and then start creating your goals for the money. This is great to teach your kids about saving or to help you realize how quick a small homemade money savings bank can add up.

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