23 DIY Keychain Project Ideas to Make as Gifts for Friends

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DIY keychains are one of the best crafts that you can make to show off your personality. The list we have below show off some great ideas with various materials so that you can find exactly what you are looking for to upgrade your current keychain.

These DIY keychains also make great gifts for your friends and family. These are the perfect little present to give someone just because or add it to a current gift as a little bonus.

Man holding a heart keychain


Using beads are a great way to add color and texture to a keychain. You can opt for a colorful string of beads or add a single bead to another object.

Bead and Tassel

Making these tassels couldn’t be any easier, which makes them perfect for a beginner. You will need a few beads, some embroidery thread (2-3 packs per tassel), gold metallic stringing, a keyring and some white hemp cord to attach it all together.

Blue tassel keychain

You can also add other embellishments like a charm or monogram to personalize this keyring.

Get the instructions here: www.kenarry.com

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Wooden Beads

Bead kaychains

This natural and earthy tones keyring will sure to be a hit, plus it is really simple to make.

First you will paint the natural wood beads with the colors that you choose, to keep the earthy feel of this keyring you will want some nice browns, corals and metallic gold.

See the next instruction here: www.thesweetestoccasion.com

Beads and Shells

Seashell keychains

Nothing says summer like seashells that call you to the beach. Even if you can’t feel the sand between your toes everyday, then you can at least carry around a seashell until you return. You will need a nice dremel tool to make a large enough hole in the seashell to string it up.

Take a look here for the step by step guide: www.marthastewart.com

Wine Cork

Wine cork keychains

You can make so many fun crafts with wine corks, plus did you know they can float. That makes this wine cork keychain a must have for your pool key to rest on.

We also love the cute addition of the bead and charm in the end, giving this keychain a nice pop of color.

If you have a lot of wine bottles at home that you wish to display, check out our article on ideas on how to build the best racks for your bottles.

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Check out the how-to here: www.ladyandtheblog.com

Resin and Dimensional

These great DIY keychains are made with an image that is sealed by either glue or a resin coating so that you can carry it along without damaging the picture. This is great for quotes, sweet memories on paper or even pictures.

Map Cutouts

Map keychain

Resin is fairly easy to work with and only requires a little blowing on the surface to remove any bubbles that come up during the hardening phase.

To make this really cute map keyring you will need your desired picture, scissors, a pendant, adhesive, resin mix and a keyring.

Plus, it would be a great token to give your special someone or a family member.

Get the step by step instructions here: www.resincraftblog.com

Soda Can

Soda keychains

If you or someone that you know loves a certain brand of soda (or pop) then this is a great gift idea, plus it is one of a kind.

The crafter uses dimensional magic from modge podge to create the 3D domed effect over the can cutouts.

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Take a look here for more information: www.craftyladylindsay.com

Coffee Inspired

For the Starbucks coffee lover, this DIY keychain is a must have. You can easily craft the logo based charm from your Starbucks cup or sleeve after you have finished drinking your yummy beverage.

Next you will want to have a metal charm holder base to fit the cut out into before decoupaging it in place.

Starbucks keychain

Coffee lover?  Take a look at our pallet coffee table ideas post and build one yourself.

See the finished product here: www.everydaydishes.com


If you are looking for a custom pop of color then these painted projects are perfect to get your DIY inspiration flowing.


Handprint keychain

This is the perfect keyring for parents and grandparents since it keeps cherished littles ones handprints close by.

You can make these without too much effort, you just need some clear shrinky dink paper, your color choice of paint, a standard size hole punch and an oven to get the magic shrinking happening.

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It’s also a great project to get the kids to work on.

Follow the instructions here: www.greyhouseharbor.com

Animal Keychains

These super easy to make DIY animal keychains are great as party favors. Most of the materials can be purchased at the dollar tree with the exception of the paint and primer, for those it’s best to buy a good brand.

Animal keychain

When you have all the supplies, simply prime, paint and then screw in the eye screw.

See the video instructions here: www.thesorrygirls.com


Fabric is a durable material that you can use to create colorful keychains without having to worry about making a mess with paint. Some sewing required, but these are easy products so it is ok if you are new to sewing.

Two Toned Fobs

Fabric leather strap keychain

These colorful wristlet fobs are great for adding a strap to your keys that makes them easier to find as well as able to be put around your wrist for easy carrying.

For this simple DIY fabric keychain tutorial you will need two long strips of fabric, a middle layer interface, a sewing machine (we don’t recommend hand sewing for this one) and the hardware for a key fob.

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See the instructions here: www.cleverlyinspired.com

Trendy Scraps

If you a a big sewer or know someone that always has extra scraps then you could potentially make this colorful keychain for free. Using the scraps you have, get creative with what you put together.

Button keychain

The main design for this DIY keychain is a round body with a tongue sewn in for attaching the metal ring. The rest of the design is up to you, add a fabric letter or buttons to make it one of a kind.

Find your inspiration here: www.craftinessisnotoptional.com

Chapstick Holder

For those that cannot be without Chapstick, especially in the winter months then this is a must have DIY keychain. The soft fabric pocket holds your standard stick of Chapstick without letting it wiggle out.

Chapstick keychain

This is also a great gift idea for your girlfriend, friends and family, simply make a large batch of these keychains and gift them with a Chapstick already inside.

Take a look here for the step by step instructions: www.makeit-loveit.com

Yarn and String

Crafting with yarn and string is any easy way to create keychains without needing a lot of other tools or experience crafting. However, there is on project on our list that may need a little more skill with crocheting to create, which isn’t too difficult.

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Pom keychains are all the rage lately, but who wan’s to pay the high price of having a few different ones. Plus, when you make your own pom keychains you can choose the colors involved.

Puff keychain

For this easy DIY project you will want to have a Pompom Maker on hand to make the process go a little faster.

See the instructions here: www.madeinaday.com

Sailor’s Knot

When summertime is in full swing then there is nothing as nautical as a sailor’s knot keychain. While this knot may not look easy, thanks to the step by step pictures provided anyone can make it with little to no skill needed.

Knot keychain

We do suggest adding a few dabs of glue to the final knot just to make sure that it stays during while in frequent use.

Get the easy steps here: www.michaelannmade.com


Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting small stuffed animals or dolls. This mini penguin may look like an impossible task at first, especially to someone who has never worked with yarn before, but you can easily learn to crochet in less than 10 minutes.

Crochet penguin keychain

The main trick to making these small stuffed animals is the size of the hook, smaller hook, smaller end project.

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Take a look here for the full instructions and pattern: www.ravelry.com


Using leather for DIY trendy keychains is a great material. It not only looks like a nicer finished product but it will also last longer thanks to the durability of this material.


This DIY leather tassel couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is a strip of leather fringe, some scissors, hot glue and a clasp keychain.

Blue tassel keychan

You will glue and loop the first piece of fringe up and around the keyring, then all you have to do is glue and wrap the reminder in a circle to create a multi-layer tassel. ​Learning to make one of these tassels can assist you when creating your own independence day decor.

See the step by step instructions here: www.diys.com

Colorblock Fob

You will need a few different tools to create this painted leather key fob, but if you have them handy then this DIY project is a cinch. You will need to fold your leather strip over, trim it and then make a hole with a rotary hole puncher.

Colorblocked keychain

Finally you will use a hammer to secure the hardware and then choose your color for painting the tip.

Check out the picture filled guide here: www.thecraftedlife.com

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Painted Leather

This is a great DIY keychain gift for guys. You will need leather strips, a template to outline where you need to cut, some rivets with a gun, glue, and paint.

Leather keychain straps

We suggest a fun metallic paint to really set off the leather color or maybe a basic white that will contrast well.

Take a look at the instructions here: www.sheknows.com

Feathered Leaf

Feather keychain

Blow your friends and family away with this DIY keyring craft. While it looks like an expensive keychain, it is really easy to make and you only need a handful of items.

​To get that great metallic shine you will use gold leaves.

Use glue to adhere these delicate golden foil pieces and trim off the excess once you have the look you want.

Get the full tutorial here: www.creativebug.com


Wood is great and versatile material to work with, you can paint it use modge podge to adhere images or simply leave it natural.

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Book Inspired

Divergent bird keychain

The creator of this chic keychain loved a book series so much that she used it for inspiration for the stenciling of this wood block.

The piece of wood was thin enough to become a keychain but still study enough to uphold daily wear and tear. If coming from a scrap piece of wood, then a table saw you can get for under $300 would work well in getting it to size.

You can choose to stencil a phrase or use an image that reminds you of your favorite book or movie. Just make sure you let the paint dry before using it.

See the instructions here: www.pitterandglink.com


Meet your next must have upcycle project. This creative spin on old board game pieces will have you hunting for some of your very own to craft with. The creator uses modge podge and scrapbook paper to create these one of a kind 3D keychains, which you can easily do too.

Colored jenga keychain

All you need to get started are some Jenga blocks, different papers that you want to use and some modge podge glue. Another alternative would be to use some felt paper to adhere to the wood.

Take a look here for more: www.sarahortega.com


Geometric keychain

Wood scraps and slices are given new life with this geometrical DIY keychain projects. You will need some wood scraps, a drill, paint and some masking tape.

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Use the masking tape to create the straight lines that will form your shape pattern, and then paint with your chosen colors.

You will need a drill to create a hole for either a jump ring or you can use steel wire like the creator does.

Find the completed project here: www.handmadecharlotte.com

Wood Monogram

Create your own monogrammed keychains with this really easy tutorial. You can even use one or two of the above DIYs to add extra texture like the leather tassel or cute yarn poms. For this project you will need some wooden letters, paint and a wood hole puncher like this one.

Monogram keychain

Paint your letters all one color or give them a color block effect with the help of some painters or washi tape.

Get the rest of the steps here: www.damasklove.com


When it comes to finding a keychain that shows off your personality you can’t go wrong with DIY keychains. This allows you to be in full control of the material, shapes, colors and bonus add ons to really make something that can stand out or be personalized for what you need.

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