How to Repurpose a Dresser Mirror

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Mirrors create a sort of magic in any room. They add appeal and style. They’re also great at making any room look bigger and brighter.

Do you have a mirror that’s begging for a new look? It could be an old mirror that you’re fond of, but don’t use any longer.

Or maybe it’s something you found at a flea market or thrift shop, and just couldn’t get yourself to leave without it.

Either way, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to turn an old mirror into a new and creative addition to your home. Read on for some great DIY ideas on how to repurpose a dresser mirror.

1. Place it on Top of a Table

Place the mirror on top of a table and lean it against the wall. This creates a sophisticated look in your living room or hallway. You can easily secure it with a nail and some picture wire, or use French cleats.

Woman looking at her reflection in a mirror that is leaning against the wall on top of a table

This effortless look will give your room depth. At the same time, it also gives off a casual feel and a sense of coziness.

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The fact that it’s leaning, and not just hanging flat on the wall, gives the mirror a personality of its own.

2. Create Mosaics

Start by cutting the glass mirror into any shape or size you want. Then, you can use these pieces for several creative ideas.

Here are just a few:

  • Cut them into square or round shapes to make mirrored coasters
  • Use them to cover the outside of a jewelry box
  • Create a mosaic tabletop
  • Line them to cover dresser drawers
  • Cut up one piece to make a vanity tray, or use smaller pieces for a mosaic look
  • Tile a flower bed
  • Create a functional, yet decorative, outdoor fountain or table
  • Use them to make a kitchen backsplash

3. Turn it into a Picture Frame

If your dresser mirror is chipped or broken, why not remove the mirror and repurpose only the frame? Pick one piece of artwork that fits within the frame.

You can find vintage paintings in thrift stores or flea markets. Or why not create your own piece of artwork?

Another way to go is to use family pictures. You can glue them on a wooden board that fits into the frame. But if you want to create a changing photo album, then simply tack them on the board. That way, you can alternate between pictures whenever you like.

Painting a repurposed dresser mirror

Add a coat of paint to the frame to give it a fresh and new look. Make sure you pick the right type of paint for the picture frame, based on the material your painting. 

4. Hang it in Your Yard

You can hang the mirror up on a wall or integrate it into your backyard door. You can also put it on the ground and have it lean against a wall with nails and picture wire.

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More than likely, you’ll want to add a coat of paint to the dresser mirror, since it will be outdoors. 

To decorate it:

Now for the mirror, you can:

  • Measure and cut pieces of trim for a Lattice inlay design
  • Use an old window or cut pieces of trim to create a windowpane or grid design
  • Etch or stencil in a message on the mirror to create garden art

There are quite a few perks that come with putting a mirror in your outdoor space, such as:

Mirror placed outside the house right above pots of plants and a chair
  • It turns your mirror into a focal point.
  • It makes the space look bigger.
  • It brightens up the area as the light reflects off of the mirror.
  • It helps turn an empty space into a beautiful work of art.
  • It gives depth to the yard, especially if you put it in one of the corners.

5. Create a Message Board

Turn your old dresser mirror into a message board or communication center. This is a great way for family members to stay up-to-date in each other’s lives.

You can also add hooks or a small tray for your keys, mail, or other important stuff. Make sure you put it in a spot where everyone can easily see it as they walk by. This could be the entryway or kitchen.

There are two ways to do this. You can remove the mirror and place a piece of wood from the back. Then, paint the part where the mirror used to be with chalkboard paint.

If you feel that the mirror itself is intact, just paint over it with chalkboard paint, and you’re all set.

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Woman creating a family calendar with a cardboard, photos, and a marker

You can use it to:

  • Create a family calendar with upcoming events and notices
  • Write down your shopping list
  • Make a to-do list
  • Share inspirational quote


There are so many fantastic ideas out there on how to repurpose a dresser mirror. Upcycling your old favorites is a great way to give them new life and purpose. It’s also a great money saver.

You can also find great bargains by shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, or even garage sales.

With a few simple tools and a couple of creative ideas, you can turn an old mirror to a work of art.

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