27 Fun DIY Bandsaw Projects You Can Start Today

picture frames diy band saw projects

​If you have a band saw, then chances are you're looking for some fun bandsaw projects to get started on. When it comes to ​using your band saw, you will be surprised at the sheer versatility the band saw offers. Granted, you may need to use other tools for certain tasks the band saw cannot perform, like sanding. But, you should still be able to perform all the necessary cuts for your project with the band saw alone. ​

Fun and Simple Bandsaw Projects

​A great band saw is an amazingly versatile tool that can accomplish cuts most other saws simply cannot.

For instance, a table saw can make rips and crosscuts, but it will fail miserably with curved cuts. You could always use a jigsaw for curved cuts, but rip, crosscuts, and even longer curved cuts will prove tedious.

That is why we have provided a list of 27 fun band saw projects that you can do right in your home workshop.

1. Jewelry Box

The Jewelry box is arguably one of the easier projects that any woodworker can pursue. Of course, as with most woodworking projects, the simplicity or complexity of the project is entirely up to you. You can make fantastically complex jewelry boxes simply by using a bandsaw and little else. As with most of the projects on this list, the point that will truly determine the complexity of the jewelry box is the lines used.

While it is easy enough to make a fairly straightforward jewelry box with only right angles, the ability of a band saw to make sweeping curves definitely provides a fair bit of wiggle room when settling on the initial design. Keep in mind, multi-drawer and curved frame jewelry boxes will increase the difficulty of the project far more than with many other types of projects.

Jewelry Box Plans: Click Here

wooden box band saw project

2. Retro USB

With technology creeping further and further into our lives, the humble woodworker may feel like a bit of an anachronism, a person out of time. Thankfully, the sheer adaptability of wood as a material can help you wrangle a USB flash drive or other USB dongle device, and give it an old-meets-new feel with a wooden cover. Even better, this is a fairly easy project that requires no additional tools.

You will only need two-three pieces of wood to complete this project. This is an excellent use for any smaller pieces of scrap wood you have laying around that otherwise likely would not get used. One thing to keep in mind is that this project requires gluing the USB drive to the wood, so it is a permanent project.

USB Flash Drive Cover Project and Plans: Click Here

3. Dinner Table

A dinner table is another fun band saw project that can be made as simple or complex as you desire. A dinner table sounds like a huge project, and some of the more complex designs out there can be. However, it is entirely possible to make a simple dinner table very quickly.

Basically, a table is just a rectangular plane set atop four posts. The ability to cut long sweeping curves allows you and your band saw to spice things up and give your dinner table an elegant look more commonly associated with Victorian Era projects.

The easiest way to accomplish this is with cabriole legs. This style of leg features long, soft curves that provide the table a more organic look and feel. It is important to note the rough cut can be accomplished with just the band saw. If you want a smooth circular finish, you will need to sand the edges. This can take a bit of time, though is not difficult.

Follow along on our DIY case study about building a dining room table. Where the table saw was used, substitute with your band saw: How To Build a DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table

modern farmhouse table

4. Coat Rack

A coat rack is a really simple project that you can make in a few hours. In essence, all we're talking about is a backplate, and several hooks attached to the backplate.

The backplate can be nothing more than a piece of wood, cut to a specific dimension that your space specifies. Rectangular is the easiest design, and quite simple to cut on the band saw. If you want, the band saw is also capable of more elegant, curved cuts. This would add some sophistication to your backplate, but isn't necessary. You can also sand the edgest to make a more rounded edge to your backplate's piece of wood.

The hooks can be nothing more than round wooden pegs, or you can make them more of a sophisticated hook. Make sure to space the hooks at least 6 inches a part so that the coats have space to hang. 

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As we mentioned, you can add sophistication by using the bandsaw, but you really don't need anything more than a few normal tools for this project.

Here's a really fun and unique set of designs for building your own coat rack that we love!

best DIY coat rack

​5. Chair

Using a band saw to make a chair is a relatively easy task, and not as daunting as it might sound. You can build chairs to add to your DIY dining room table, or for a table you already have.

This is in a large part because many chairs will feature armrests with at least some degree of curvature to make them more comfortable. There are few tools available to cut curves better than a band saw. One thing to keep in mind, this project will require the use of glue and other tools for some of the finer points and finishing touches.

For instance, you will need a drill to drill the dowel holes which will ultimately be used to connect the different components of the chair. It is important to note that this project requires a number of difficult cuts, which will require you to cut without a butt guide. Of course, you can provide some stability with a bracing piece of wood, but a full brace will be difficult to come by.

chair fun band saw project

6. Address Sign

Similar to the coat rack, and address sign for your house can be nothing more than a backplate with your address numbers screwed into it. This is another wonderful beginner band saw project, as you can crank this out in a few hours.

Adding a new DIY address sign to your front yard or house can really up to the look and feel of your property. So many people just have their address numbers bolted to their home, and you can add a lot of charm and uniqueness by making your own address sign.

You can use a band saw to cut a straight, rectangular backplate to house the numbers, or you can get a little more creative and make a unique design. Your address numbers can usually be picked up at a local hardware store, or you can find some more unique options on Etsy. Typically, the letters screw into the wooden backplate, or are glued on.

If your address sign will be exposed to the elements, make sure to add a coat or stain or polyurethane to the wood backplate to protect it. This will also allow you to add some color to the wood, if you prefer.

address sign band saw woodworking project


7. Night Stand

A simple night stand could be nothing more than a smaller, simpler version of the dining room table we referenced above. You can easily take the same set of plans, and just modify them for the dimensions you want for your night stand. That wouldn’t be making the most of your band saw, though, because you can add a lot of curves to the legs or top with this aw.

If you want your nightstand to feature a circular top, you will definitely want to break out the band saw for this task. Keep in mind, unless you are willing to go through the process of bending wood, which can be time-consuming and require numerous clamps, you may have difficulty making a nightstand with a drawer.

night stand fun band saw project

8. Drawers

Using a band saw to make a set of drawers is similar to using the band saw to make a jewelry box, except the scale is much larger. In this respect, making a large set of drawers for clothing can follow some of the same general principles of making a table or nightstand. If you intend to use mostly straight lines and common angles, then your best bet would be to go with the table saw.

Still, older styles of furniture from the 18th and 19th century generally rely on curved lines, and would be best be made using a band saw. This principle goes one step further when you consider the legs or feet of the drawers are often curved, even if the main body is not. Regardless, this project should not be one of the more difficult ones, unless you desire it to be.

drawers fun bandsaw project

9. Candle Holder

Candle holders can be fairly simple, or they can be exquisitely complex. However, most of the time you will want to use a drill to bore a hole to hold the candle. Of course, there are a couple ways around this. You could have a candle holder with the opening not closed in completely.

Another workaround is to simply have a flat base on top, which is where you place the candle. The only potential issue is that certain types of candles may end up dripping wax onto the holder or surface below. That said, most candle holders made with a band saw are designed to hold tea lights which are self-contained.

10. Basket

It may seem a bit odd considering what people commonly see when they think of a basket, but a band saw is perhaps ideally suited for making a basket out of wood. However, a basket made out of wood will not feature the gentle sloping bucket you may imagine. Instead, a basket made out of wood will feature numerous layers of the same general shape, cut into smaller and smaller sizes.

This is accomplished by either cutting each individual piece separately, or by employing a more advanced technique where you cut all of the pieces at once using a spiral cut. Regardless of the cutting method you choose, which should likely be based on your woodworking skill, you will ultimately glue the joints and the various layers together.

basket fun bandsaw projects

11. Name Plaque

Despite the fact that this is purely decorative in nature, the name plaque may be one of the more difficult bandsaw projects on this list. This is in a large part due to the fact that a name plaque will generally require a series of incredibly precise cuts with numerous points. You will have to cut into the name and then later go back to glue the kerf line shut. That said, there are not numerous pieces associated with a name plaque.

Technically, due to the precision and planning required but the absence of additional pieces and jointing techniques, the name plaque is most appropriately understood as an intermediate level project. Of course, you can always make the project easier by using a drill to start an opening in a needed hole and finish with a router.

12. Cup or Scoop

While this project is not especially difficult, it is one of the few on this list that will definitely require a few more additional steps and tools. Despite its versatility, a band saw alone cannot make an appropriate opening out of a single piece of wood designed to hold a liquid or grains. As such, you will need to either use a drill for a smaller opening or a lathe for a larger one.

With a cup, mug, or scoop featuring a smaller opening, simply drill the opening and use the bandsaw to cut the shape of the body around it. Then, sand it smooth. For a larger opening, you will want to use segmented sides that are then glued together before smoothed with the lathe.

coffee scoop bandsaw projects

13. Door

If you are trying to make the standard style of rectangular door, your better bet is to use a table saw and a hand planer. If, on the other hand, you want to make a door that features unusual patterns, especially for windows, the band saw can assist greatly in this regard. More modern styles fit this mold nicely, especially in the Art Deco style.

In this instance, you will still want to use a table saw to make the longer rips of the door’s outer framing pieces. Then, you will want to use one of a number tools to cut out the window opening. Thankfully, the various window pieces to fashion the art deco style as well as fastening them is fairly easy.

14. Coffee Table

Like a number of other projects on this list, the coffee table can be similar to another suggested project: the dinner table. Coffee tables are just as often used as a centerpiece as they are for their utilitarian purpose. Moreover, the smaller size of a coffee table lends itself better to a band saw than some dinner table designs. It is one of the bandsaw projects that is great to begin with, because you will learn a lot through the process.

Regardless, it is a good idea to take advantage of the band saw’s ability to cut intricate designs to make the coffee table more elaborate than perhaps your everyday dinner table. In this case, you could easily make a coffee table top or legs that are complex with various sweeping curves.

coffee table band saw project

15. Corbels

Corbels basically function like a buttress for an otherwise free hanging shelving surface. Of course, with the help of the band saw’s curving cuts, you can make the corbels as complex as you desire. You can go so far as mimicking the gothic style for which buttresses were made famous. Keep in mind, making general corbels is not that difficult, but the degree to which you include intricate lines can increase the difficulty.

That said, once you have your corbel frame pieces completed, putting the different pieces together into a completed corbel is fairly easy. If you want interior openings in your corbels, like more complex designs, you will need to drill holes and use either a jigsaw or other tool to cut them out.

16. Picture Frame

A picture frame is perhaps one of the easiest projects that any woodworker can take on. It can use any variety of tools, including handheld power tools or hand tools, and be fashioned into numerous shapes or designs. Moreover, this project can span skill levels from beginner to intermediate.

If you are looking to use your band saw to make a picture frame and frame the picture in a circular shape, you can either use a drill to cut out the opening or glue the kerf line shut if you just want to use the band saw.

picture frames diy band saw projects

17. Wall Art

Wall art can take a multitude of forms from an abstract design to a representative figure, and can be either complex or simple in design. An interesting take on wall art is to make a negative image where the absence of wood forms the lines. This generally is a bit more difficult and will require additional tools for the empty space.

One of the best qualities of wall art is that it only needs to be made out of a single piece of wood, though you can certainly layer the art in numerous pieces. Wall art can also be made into a large piece that spans multiple feet or simply a small decoration.

18. Boy’s Toys

Young boys are a rambunctious and precocious lot, and their playtime reflects this general attitude and energy level as well. If you use a band saw to make woodworking toys for boys, your best bet will be either the toy soldier, toy airplane, or toy car. The toy soldier can be either simple or complex, depending on your skill level, but toy cars will generally require additional tools.

For toy cars, you will ideally use the layering technique to form the body and wheels. Then you will need to drill a hole for the axel and fasten it for the wheels to turn.

These are fun band saw projects because, even if you make a mistake or two, chances are your boys will still love the toy!

boys wood toys fun band saw projects

19. Rocking Horse

While simple toy soldiers and cars are easy enough to accomplish even by beginner woodworkers using a band saw, some children’s toys require significantly more skill to complete. A rocking horse is an excellent project to test your mettle with the band saw. Even better, you do not need too many other tools besides the bandsaw.

Due to the organic shape of the rocking horse and the necessary curved rockers, the band saw is perhaps the most well-suited tool for the job. Once you have cut the various project components, a drill and sander are all that are required for the finishing touches.

20. Shelves

Most of the time, a simple shelving project will only need a table saw and whatever you intend to fasten the different component pieces with. Of course, if you are looking to spice up an old theme with a new approach, the band saw can be used to great effect. With sweeping curves or tight swirls, the band saw can provide an organic shelving unit that is truly unique.

Keep in mind, you will still need to fasten it in some way. Whether you use one of various types of joints or hardware, this will ultimately require you to rely on additional tools.

wood shelves fun bandsaw projects

21. “Paper” Doll

While rocking horses are unisex, they are generally limited to younger children, and toy soldiers or cars are often seen as the purview of young boys. However, that does not mean there are no suitable woodworking projects for young girls. Drawing back to a tradition that spans centuries, “paper” dolls have been a mainstay in young female playtime.

This project is fairly easy as each individual component is made out of a single piece of wood without the need for additional tools or any fastening. Moreover, the small details like hands and hair can even provide an opportunity for intermediate woodworkers to stretch their legs.

22. Planter

The sheer number of different types of planters you can make with a band saw can be a bit overwhelming. If you use a band saw to construct a planter, you probably are going to make it a bit more ornate than a simple 5-sided open cube.

One of the more interesting uses of a band saw for planters involves the hanging planter. Because a hanging planter generally has some type of hollow opening along its vertical axis, this provides the band saw an opportunity to work with both the organic curved lines that complement a living organism as well as open work.

Again, this is a great and fun band saw project, because it is so highly functional around your house.

planter boxes fun diy bandsaw project

23. Puzzle

This project is a bit difficult to gauge because it will definitely test you. Probably not in the way that you imagined, however. Since the classic puzzle is a 2D plane, the real difficulty with this project comes from the endurance test and tedium that making each of the minute cuts require.

Keep in mind, the high degree of precision means that there is no getting around the sheer attention to detail required to successfully complete this project. Aside from patience, the most important thing to remember is that you should keep a traceable blueprint of the finished puzzle in case you need to recut a piece.

24. Bird House

This is often the very first project that any beginning woodworker builds while learning the fundamental skills of the craft. However, there is no reason you have to end your experiments with birdhouse building in the basic trapezoidal design. One of the more interesting takes on birdhouses involve an open design.

The open design does not include a complete floor and instead offers a half-open floor. One of the best qualities about birdhouses is that they are so easy, they serve as an excellent introduction for younger family members who may show an interest in woodworking.

handmade wooden birdhouse fun bandsaw projects


25. Candy Dispenser

This is by far one of the more intricate and complicated projects on our list, even if its minute size might imply otherwise. Aside from the fact that this project involves a number of different component pieces as well as a moving mechanism, it will also require more tools than most of the other projects on this list as well.

If you construct this candy dispenser, it will provide a quaint and eccentric piece. Using fine stains and soft finishes makes it a piece that can be passed down through generations. Just remember to glue the top of the mason jar and not the jar itself to the project.

26. Wine Rack

Because wine racks simply require two openings spaced far enough apart that they can support the size and weight of one or more wine bottles, this is generally seen as one of the easier projects to complete. That said, even if you use plans which feature unclosed openings for the wine bottles, you will still need to make a number of cuts.

As such, this project may not necessarily be difficult or require various tools, but it will require a bit more precision than some of the other beginner level projects on this list. Still, with only three necessary components, this is a good project for beginners looking to test their skills.

diy wooden wine rack fun bandsaw project

27. Lazy Susan

While this is nowhere near one of the more complicated projects on this list, the Lazy Susan does have one caveat that sets it apart from most of the others. It requires hardware. In order to build a Lazy Susan that can easily and smoothly spin in any direction, you will need to fasten a bearing system to the top which connects to the base.

Depending on how traditional you want to go, this project can be fastened with either hardware or dowels. Though it is not especially difficult, you will need to use a number of different tools, including a drill and sander at least.


Regardless your skill level, there are a host of bandsaw projects that rely either mostly or wholly on the band saw. Whether you simply want to find a use for leftover scrap wood or have grander projects in mind, the band saw’s ability to cut smoothly and cleanly in a variety of shapes makes it an ideal tool for almost any project. While it may not be best suited for every kind of cut, there are few projects that cannot be improved with the use of a band saw.

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