Why Use a Table Saw Jig?

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One of the benefits of a table saw is that you can use it to make repeat cuts. While a table saw is still very effective when it is used alone, you can make it even more beneficial by using some jigs.

So, why use a table saw jig? The safest way to make repeat cuts on your table saw is by using a jig that will concurrently hold the legs in a vertical position while creating a sliding saddle on top of the fence.

Why Use a Table Saw Jig?

A table saw jig is the safest way to make repeat cuts on your table saw. Using a table saw jig makes your work easier and ensures that you always get accurate, uniform cuts.

Using a table saw without a jig is somewhat unsafe. This is because, whereas it is possible to rip thin workpieces using only a table saw fence, you have to take away the guard and squeeze the workpiece and the push stick through the narrow gap between the fence and the blade.

Man about to cut wood using a table saw

This is dangerous as it can lead to severe harm to your fingers. A table saw jig can help you eliminate this risk.

What’s more, with a table saw jig, you are more likely to get precise and uniform cuts. This is because the jig is used to set the fence for every cut so that the resulting cuts are always of the same dimensions.

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Different Types of Table Saw Jigs

There are many types of table saw jigs. Below are some of them, including:

  • Thin-rip jig
  • Crosscut sled
  • Jointer jig
  • Small-parts jig
  • Sawmill jig

Thin-rip Jig

A thin-rip jig makes ripping thin workpieces safer and easier. The device helps you avoid the need to remove the guard and push your workpiece and the push stick through the riskily narrow space between the fence and the blade. This is usually the case when you are working on thin workpieces using a table saw alone.

Crosscut Sled

A crosscut sled is a type of jig that you are most likely to use in a workshop, and hence, it is a critical component. The primary purpose of a crosscut sled is to you help make right-angled cuts.

You will get more accurate results when you use this type of jig than when you use a miter gauge.

how to make a table saw sled

Jointer Jig

A jointer jig is used to straighten crooked wood as well as to remove excess wood to enable the edge of the piece that you are working to have a straight line.

Using a table saw jointer, you do not have to depend on a real jointer to straighten out wood. One of the key benefits of a jointer jig is that it makes it possible for you make straight identical edges fast.

Small-parts Jig

Using your table saw to cut small sections usually implies dodging small pieces of wood which will be emanating from the blade. The small-parts jig takes care of this problem.

By pushing the jig slowly towards the blade, your small workpiece will be pushed safely down the saw’s ramp away from the rotating blade.  

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Sawmill Jig

One of the advantages of a table saw is that it is versatile. You can use your table saw to turn a piece of log or timber into some valuable pieces of wood, but this is not always a straightforward process.

However, if you work with a sawmill jig, you can convert almost any kind of lumber into flawless square wood pieces that you can use in different kinds of projects. A sawmill jig also makes it easy and safe to handle timber on your contractor table saw.

Using a table saw jig

What Is a Table Saw Jig Used For?

A jig is a very useful tool in workshops, particularly if you are using a table saw. The jig enhances your safety as you work on workpieces of different sizes. It also makes it easier for you to cut pieces of consistent sizes and helps ensure that the pieces are of the desired dimensions.

What Is the Difference Between a Jig and a Fixture?

Whereas a fixture is a support or a device that is used to hold your workpiece in place, a jig not only holds and support your work piece but also helps control the position or motion of your workpiece and the tool that you are using.


You should use a table saw jig because it is one way of enhancing your safety as you use the table saw. A table saw jig also helps improve the consistency of sizes and dimensions of the pieces that you cut and makes it easier to use your cabinet table saw with different workpiece sizes.

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