7 Different Cuts Unsafe for a Table Saw

A man prepping wood pieces with a table saw in his garage

A table saw is a workhorse tool. You can use it to rip through a truckload of wood in no time. However, with all that power comes great risk. Table saws can cause serious bodily injuries if you use them for the wrong purpose or in the wrong way. Table saw kickback happens when your …

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Best Hybrid Table Saw Under $1000 [2022 Review]

Hybrid table saw

The best hybrid saws strike a beautiful balance between power and portability. Generally, this means they should be lightweight or have a built-in cart to make moving them more manageable. However, portability is about more than just weight and wheels. We’ll help you decide which features you need, so you can buy your perfect hybrid …

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Why Does My Table Saw Wobble at Full Speed?

Man holding down the blades explaining why a table saw wobbles at full speed

A table saw is loved by many woodworkers because of its durability. It also cuts straight lines with a very high degree of precision. Getting one is a step towards accomplishing great woodwork projects. Just like any other tool, a slight malfunction, like a wobbling, will affect the efficiency of the table saw. So, why does …

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Why Does My Table Saw Not Cut Straight?

Table saw having trouble cutting wood straight

“Why does my table saw not cut straight?” is common among beginner carpenters from time to time. This issue might originate from two things: mechanical problems in your table saw or your skill level. This article will take you through instances when your table saw might give you uneven cuts and what to do to …

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Table Saw Blade Direction Guide

Person shows which way do the blade teeth go on a table saw

The direction of the teeth of your table saw blade plays a vital role in determining your project’s quality and safety. With the teeth facing the right direction, you will have effective woodworking with plausible results. So, which way do the blade teeth go on a table saw?  You have to set the teeth so …

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How to Safely Clean Your Table Saw Top

Drill on top of an old table saw that needs a clean up

Every woodwork enthusiast or professional should know how to clean an old table saw. If you have an old table saw, you will have to clean it before use. This is because the top of the table saw may have rust or accumulated debris. Environmental factors can also trigger the growth of molds on it. …

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How to Make Raised Panel Doors On a Table Saw

Blue front door with raised panels

Raised panel doors consist of a frame with slots lining its inside and a panel that fits into those slots. A bevel cut is used to ensure the edges of the panel are thin enough to slide easily into place; this process is responsible for the raised pattern of the door.  Table saws have a …

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How to Make Crown Molding With a Table Saw

Crown molding

Crown molding is a decorative trim used to highlight the transition between walls and ceiling. It is commonly installed above cabinets and below the kitchen ceiling. Dining rooms are another popular place for crown molding, but this ornamental wooden trim can be used anywhere in the home.  These terms are typically used to refer to …

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How to Cut a 60 Degree Bevel On a Table Saw

Man using a table saw to cut a piece of wood

Tables saws come in a variety of sizes and the cutting surface can be made from cast iron or aluminum. The blade is embedded in the table, and can be raised or lowered to adjust the depth of your cut. The table saw is a versatile tool that can be used to achieve beveled cuts …

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How to Make Dovetail Joints With a Table Saw

Man using a push block to cut wood with a table saw

There are many different kinds of joinery, each with their own strengths and drawbacks. Dovetail joints are a popular choice for drawer fronts, due to their resistance to pulling force. If cut properly, these strong interlocking joints need no mechanical reinforcement.  In this article we explain how you can make strong and beautiful dovetail joints, …

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How to Clean A Cast Iron Table Saw Top

Table saw top

Most expensive table saws feature cast iron table tops and, as a result, can rust over time. This rust is problematic: not only does it degrade the table top, but it can permanently damage your workpiece. We will show you how to remove rust from your cast iron table saw top to extend its useful …

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