Best Table Saw Fence [2021 Review]

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Have you ever wondered how professional woodworkers end up with perfect cuts and angles? Or how hobbyist wood lovers manage to produce such accurate rips so quickly? Well, the answer lies in using a fence.

If you’re a passionate woodworker, chances are you already own a trusty table saw​. However, even the most reputable table saws won’t give you that flawless cut without a reliable table saw fence.

Obviously, you want the best table saw fence out there, but the question is, how do you make a choice? Between all the different models, features, and prices, picking up the right fence for your requirements can be quite a confusing task.

Our Top Table Saw Fence Reviews

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System
Shop Fox W1410
Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence...
Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
Item Dimensions
45 x 6 x 6 inches
49.5 x 15.2 x 8.3 inches
Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System
Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence...
Item Dimensions
45 x 6 x 6 inches
Shop Fox W1410
Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
Item Dimensions
49.5 x 15.2 x 8.3 inches

Best Overall Table Saw Fence: Vega U26 System

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence...

Kicking off our list with a feature-packed fence, the Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System is an extremely reliable system with soaring reviews, rightfully earning our number one spot.

Made of solid steel, the Vega U26 offers a durable construction to last you a long time of use, enduring wear and tear like a champ. It also delivers high precision levels thanks to the micro-adjustment ability which lets you work with incredible accuracy.

As for specifications, this fence bar has a rip capacity of 26 inches when you move it all the way to the right along with 8 inches of rip capacity when fully positioned to the left, for a total rip capacity of 36 inches.

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Moreover, installing the Vega U26 table saw fence is rather a simple task. Designed for speedy mounting, this fence is compatible with table saws sporting predrilled holes 8 or 9 inches away on either side of the blade.

It applies a locking mechanism parallel to the saw blade, allowing you to make fine tweaks thanks to the integrated measuring scales and stable alignment. The Vega U26 also supports Delta Unisaws, contractor saws as well as Powermatic model 66 saws.

If you’re looking for a premium-quality table saw fence to safely produce clean, accurate cuts, the Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System is undoubtedly worth its money.


  • Steel construction
  • 36-inch rip capacity
  • Micro adjustment
  • Uses mounting holes 8″-9″ on either side of the saw blade

What We Like

  • Sturdy build
  • Quick installation
  • Highly accurate
  • Compatible with various saws

What We Don’t Like

  • User instructions can be improved
  • Rail is a bit too short to support side wings
Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence...
  • Table saw fence system fits a variety of saws
  • 36-Inch fence bar (26 inches to right, 8 inches to left of blade); micro adjustment and auxiliary...
  • Steel construction; assembly required
  • Table saw fence system; saw not included

Best Table Saw Fence for the Money: Shop Fox W1410

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

If you’re on the hunt for a trusty fence with amazing value for money, the Shop Fox W1410 Fence is a great middle-ground option that offers all the features you’d need without putting a dent in your wallet.

Starting from its impeccable construction, this table saw fence is made of polished anodized aluminum to guarantee extended periods of service. The body is black in color for a sleek look and comes equipped with knobs for micro adjustment.

These knobs are placed on both sides of the fence bar to allow for fine positioning whether you’re left or right-handle, adding comfort and convenience to your experience.

What makes the Shop Fox W1410 Fence even better is the wide compatibility of the bar. The fact that it’s built to fit 27-inch tables means you can mount this fence on almost any saw out there, including older versions.

Additionally, the installation process of the Shop Fox W1410 is practically a piece of cake. The instructions are simple and easy to follow which makes for an effortless mount in under 30 minutes.

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The accuracy provided by this fence is rather impressive as well since the bar is locked tightly in place on both ends, delivering superb alignment for consistent cutting results. The fence is designed to move on ball-bearing guides which facilitates bar manipulation with a mere push of your fingers.

The Shop Fox W1410 is an ideal choice for those looking to spend decent money without compromising on performance.


  • Polished anodized aluminum body
  • Fits all 27-inch saws
  • 2 Micro adjustment knobs
  • Moves on ball-bearing guides
  • Locks on both sides

What We Like

  • Long-lasting service
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good accuracy
  • Convenient for left and right-handed users

What We Don’t Like

Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
  • Fits saws with 27-inch tables
  • Moves on ball bearing guides
  • Fine positioning knobs on both sides for left or righ-handed use
  • Easy installation and locks on both ends

Best Cheap Table Saw Fence: 43” Uni-t-fence by Peachtree Woodworking

No products found.

Courtesy of Peachtree Woodworking, the Uni-t-fence Table Saw Fence is an excellent choice if you’re a crafts lover on a tight budget. This unique tool offers a lot of handy features at a significantly lower price compared to other candidates on the list.

This fence bar is made out of heavy-duty aluminum, specifically constructed to extend its life and provide you with a long service time as possible. Despite the solid metal build, it’s still lightweight enough to be portable once you need to move your woodworking gear somewhere else.

You should be highly impressed by the consistent performance delivered by the Uni-t-fence thanks to its remarkable strength when dealing with impact forces. It’s also resistant to abrasions, scratches, as well as low temperatures, so you can rest assured that the overall quality will remain intact.

The Uni-t-fence sports quite a distinct design where the body is extruded and shaped like a square, enabling you to attach the fence onto several types of saws or use different jigs and fixtures.

This fence bar has a low coefficient of friction which is the reason behind its smooth movement as you slide it from one position to the next. The integrated self-lubricating mechanism ensures there will be no hitches or unwanted contact between the fence’s body and the table’s surface.

Here, we’re particularly talking about the 43-inch model of the Uni-t-fence which is suitable for larger projects. However, you can also find a 36-inch version of this fence if your work is somewhat lighter.

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Keep in mind that this fence is meant to be mounted on a Delta Unifence that’s sold separately, but you can always use it on your custom made table saw. The Uni-t-fence is one sweet deal where you pay so little but receive much more.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum structure
  • Square extension design
  • Available in both 36 and 43-inch sizes
  • Works on the Delta Unifence

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Slides smoothly
  • Resists low temperatures
  • Anti-abrasion

What We Don’t Like

  • Installation can be tricky

No products found.

Best Table Saw Fence for Precision: Kreg KMS7102 Precision Miter Gauge System

KREG KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge...

If you’re always searching for a way to master those notorious miter cuts, this Precision Miter Gauge System from Kreg may just be the solution to all your angle accuracy dilemmas.

Even right out of the box, this fence delivers tremendous accuracy (0.003 of 6 inches) since the system requires absolutely no calibration whatsoever. This means once the bar is installed, you can jump straight into action producing all sorts of angled cuts pretty easy.

Moreover, the Kreg fence system saves you the excruciating pain and time that usually go into setting up a traditional fence at a certain angle by hand. The built-in miter scale will take care of such a task for you, allowing you to focus your energy on more creative aspects.

The integrated brass pin accommodates positive stops at 0, 10, 22 ½, 30, and 45 degrees, which are the most common angles for miter cuts, allowing you to quickly switch between different angles for the desired cut. The Kreg fence also carries a Vernier scale to boost the precision of your cuts by letting you make 1/10 of a degree angle adjustments.

In fact, this Miter Table Saw Fence takes accuracy one step further, with a practical micro adjuster that you can use to fine-tune angles down to 1/100 of a degree.

The Kreg KMS7102 fence features a Swing Stop which resembles a clamp that slides along the fence body of the Miter Gauge and locks down in place when you turn a designated knob. The precision provided by the Swing Stop as it securely holds everything in position is amplified with the use of the clear lens and its prominent red cursor line.

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Such a well-rounded system works together to give you clean top-notch precise cuts each and every time. The 24″ frame itself is made from rugged anodized aluminum metal to guarantee a dependable performance for many years.


  • Anodized aluminum bar
  • Positive stops at 0, 10, 22 ½, 30, and 45 degrees
  • Vernier scale for 1/10th-degree adjustment
  • 1/100th-degree micro adjuster
  • Swing Stop
  • Precision lens cursor

What We Like

  • Superior accuracy
  • No calibration needed
  • Quick angle adjustment
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Numbers scale lacks waterproofing
KREG KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge...
  • Factory Calibration. Guaranteed out of the box to .003 accuracy of 6-inches
  • Gauge head is CNC machine perfectly square to the bar and table ( no stampings)
  • Vernier scale allows fast, 1/10th-degree angle adjustments. Our extremely straight 24 inch (610mm)...
  • Microadjuster allows additional angle adjustment to 1/100th degree

Best Table Saw Fence for Beginners: Vega U50 System

Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence...

Last but definitely not least, the Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System is a good option for hobbyist woodworkers and handy house owners who are looking to upgrade their table saw to a more professional level.

The Vega U50, or Utility 50, is made in the USA out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, to produce an incredibly rigid yet lightweight construction allowing for better handling.

This table saw fence measure at 36 inches of length, featuring 50 inches of rip capacity when positioned all the way to the right of the blade, and 8 inches to the left side of the saw blade. It also supports micro-adjustment to help you achieve cuts at higher accuracy.

Similar to most Vega fences, the U50 is installed utilizing rail mounting holes which are already drilled on your table. To further secure and level out the fit, this fence is supplied with slotted front brackets as well as jacking plates.


  • Aircraft aluminum body
  • 50″ rip capacity
  • Utilizes mounting holes 8 to 9 inches on both sides of the blade
  • Thumb nut adjusts down to 1/16th of an inch

What We Like

  • Solid design
  • Allows micro adjustments
  • Easy to install

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • The finishing job can be improved
Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence...
  • Table saw fence system fits a variety of saws; 2-1/2-inches fence height
  • 36-inch fence bar (50 inches to right, 8 inches to left of blade); micro adjustment and auxiliary...
  • Steel construction; assembly required
  • Table saw fence system; saw not included

What is a Table Saw Fence?

Remember the good old times when your younger school self used a ruler to draw precise straight lines? Now, take that picture and apply it on woodworking, how can you get the same uniformity operating a much heavier power tool on wood blocks just as easily as you’d drag a pencil across a piece of paper?

Table saw manufacturers, or actually saw makers in general, recognized the issue and so fences came to life. A table saw a fence is a handy gadget that helps you tame your wild tool to achieve nice, clean and symmetric cuts.

A fence is a must-have element of your table saw set if you’re looking for professional-level finishing. Simply, a table saw fence is a solid bar typically made of metal such as steel or aluminum.

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The bar is placed running parallel to the blade of the table saw, with the purpose of guiding you through the cut so that it comes out even and precise in the safest way possible.

A Jet table saw fence sits ready to use

Additionally, a fence isn’t dead fixed in a certain position, in fact, you can adjust the fence to accommodate various widths of cuts. You can also choose from several shape and length options to suit all sorts of cutting styles.

Why Should You Invest in a Table Saw Fence?

When it comes to woodworking, investing in a saw fence is practically invaluable. The benefits of using a table saw fence will leave you wondering how you ever got by without one, these include:


One of the most important advantages of working with a table saw fence is maintaining your own safety. Whether you’re into woodworking for business or pleasure, accidents can happen at any time regardless of how skilled you are, after all, we’re talking about a power tool here.

This is why it’s crucial that you assume every safety measure available – a fence is one of them. A well-tightened fence can protect you against dangerous kickbacks resulting from cutting across a grain or at tricky angles.


Something you’ll definitely notice after you start using a fence with your table saw is how quickly you’re able to finish up projects. That’s because working according to a guide saves a significant amount of time as opposed to the inconvenience of having to do measurements over and over again.

The speed of getting through projects will also allow you to take on more workload and expand your work scale to bigger tasks.

A Sawstop table saw fence

Ease of Use

There should be no doubt that using a fence will take your table saw experience to a whole new level of efficiency.

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The fence itself is a breeze to get accustomed to once installed and aligned. Most brands provide detailed instructions to walk you through the process. After everything is up and ready, you can actually observe how a fence makes it easier for you to operate your table saw and use it to its full potential.

Overall, you’ll be able to smoothly run your table saw since the cutting part is facilitated by a fence, which lets you hold down the wood stock as you perform all sorts of cuts depending on the type you’re purchasing.


Yes, investing in a table saw fence, of any kind, will indeed save you money in the long run. I mean, let’s consider the amounts of ruined lumber that you’re likely to end up with as a result of inaccurate cuts and failed trials.

Such a waste of wood is most definitely going to cost you since you’ll have to pay for more materials to work with. On the other hand, the precision offered by a table saw fence will significantly cut down on the lumber mishaps, keeping your wallet from spending more than it should.

What Are The Types of Table Saw Fences?

Table saw fences are available in a variety of types that differ in their shapes, mechanisms, and purposes. Here, we’ll be discussing ones that you should be familiar with:

Manual vs Electric Fences

Manual fences are ones that you adjust with your own hands, meaning you’ll need to move around the table and personally change the cutting measurement every time it’s required.

Such a system is reliable, cheaper than an electric model, and frankly considered more practical by most woodworkers because there’s no waiting time involved. However, if you’re going to be working with hefty loads of wood, having to constantly readjust the fence probably isn’t the most convenient idea.

This is where an electric fence comes in, offering an automated solution to the hassle of repeated interruptions and hand-made settings. The main idea here is having the fence actually do the adjustment for you, where it’ll start moving right or left to the desired position once you press a certain button.

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Electric fences provide exceptional accuracy for more precise cuts and rips. Newer versions can even save frequently used measurements, allowing you to use them on a production scale.

The biggest issue people encounter with such fences is their somewhat slow movement which can be a bit frustrating if you mind waiting a few extra minutes, although other users would gladly give up those moments if it meant being able to concentrate on creativity instead of altering adjustments.

Rip Table Saw Fence

This type of table saw fences is what you want to use if you’re performing rip cuts where you run the saw blade across the length of the wood plank. It’s considered as a standard table saw fence that slides smoothly into the desired width of your cut.

T-square Table Saw Fence

You should use a T-square fence when you need to produce precise geometrical cuts of squares and rectangles. You can get even more accurate by attaching jigs and fixtures as most of these fences are compatible with such additions.

Sacrificial Fence

Owing up to its name, this fence allows you to nick or chip a part of its structure when you’re working with a particularly small cut that needs to be done quite close to the saw blade.

The “sacrificed” part is located at the face of the fence, usually another piece of wood or some kind of soft material. After being used, you can simply remove this attachment and change it for a fresh one.

Miter Fence

A miter fence, or more specifically, a miter gauge allows you to explore a lot more options when it comes to angles cuts. Besides the conventional square and rectangular cuts, you can use a miter gauge to set a certain angle for your table saw to cut through creating custom shapes.

A table saw fence sits by the blade ready to guide the wood for a rip cut

Features and Considerations

When shopping for the best table saw fence, it’s all about what you need to up your woodworking game. Take into account the following points and make sure that each one meets your table saw system requirements.

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Right off the bat, you should be paying attention to the materials used in building your table saw fence. The construction should be sturdy enough to last you around 2 or 3 years of reliable use. Ideally, you want to invest in solid steel or aluminum construction to deliver a durable body that’ll serve you for extended periods.


Whether or not the fence is compatible with your table saw can make or break your entire woodworking experience. To land a good fit, you need to check for the size of the holes already drilled into your table. You’re most likely going to find these holes located 8 or 9 inches away from the saw blade on each side, which is the general fit of most aftermarket fences.

However, if you got your eyes on a fence that’s not a perfect match for your table saw, you can still drill new holes to accommodate your purchase.

Another thing you should consider is the length of the fence in relation to your table saw. It should be about as long as your table’s width, but not too long that it hangs over the edge after being installed.

Rip Capacity

The capacity or the size of the table saw fence is best determined by the type of work you usually do or the tasks you plan on accomplishing. If you mostly use large pieces of stock, then you should go for a fence size that matches your also large saw, which has typically a 50-inch rip capacity.

On the other hand, if you mainly work with small blocks of wood, a 30-inch rip capacity fence should suit your table saw just fine.


As a rule of thumb, installing a table saw fence should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. This is possible if you choose a model that offers easy mounting options with few or no requirements for extra parts to be added for setup.


As we’ve already established, the grand mission of a table saw fence is to provide you with a higher accuracy level, so when you’re browsing through fence bars, be sure to pick one that offers micro-adjustments.

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Such a fence will make all the difference in fine detailing and finishing touches to present you with a flawless final cut.


If you need a table saw fence to rely on for repeat cuts, then you should opt for one that supports a steady alignment. This means your system will hold itself firmly in place, thus granting you consistency thought out your cuts.

In our list, we’ve made sure to include candidates that are widely praised for their dependable alignment.


If you’re planning to work on more advanced projects at some point in the future, you should definitely. It may not be the top priority at first, but when you’re in need of extra accessories such as jigs and fixtures, a fence design with the ability to accommodate different attachments will come in handy.


Obviously, you can’t ignore the price tag when choosing the best table saw fence. While we do encourage you to set a budget so you don’t break the bank buying a fence bar, we also recommend that you don’t pick the cheapest model just for the sake of saving some cash.

Chances are, you’re going to wound up with a low-quality fence that ruins your woodworking or fails you a couple of weeks in, forcing you to buy another replacement. So try to be sensible about your decision and invest in a reliable fence that gives you good value for money.

Wrap Up

When trying to pick the best table saw fence, construction, accuracy, and ease of installation should be topping your priorities list. That’s why the Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System takes this one home! The sturdy steel body, micro-adjustment feature, as well as the fact it can be mounted without ever having to drill an extra hole, deem the U26 fence bar our best overall choice.

However, if the Vega U26 is too pricey for your budget, we strongly recommend the Shop Fox W1410 Fence as a worthy alternative.   

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