Best Cabinet Table Saw [2022 Review]

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When it comes to woodworking and cabinetry, enthusiastic hobbyists and professional carpenters know the importance of having a quality cabinet table saw. The ability to cut and shape pieces of hardwood precisely into beautiful finished products makes a cabinet saw invaluable.

Cabinet table saws come with vital features like accident prevention, fencing systems, and dust collection ports. Regardless of your intended use, you’ll find a cabinet saw that fits your budget and needs.

With many options available both to aspiring and experienced woodworkers, picking the right table saw for your workshop can be a difficult task. We’ve reviewed the best cabinet table saw on the market to help you assess your needs and narrow down your choices.

Our Top Cabinet Table Saw Review

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252
Delta 36-L552
Grizzly G0690
SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP,...
5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence
Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife,...
Product Dimensions
85.2 x 33 x 34 inches
40 x 44 x 50 inches
24 x 30 x 43 inches
SawStop PCS31230-TGP252
SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP,...
Product Dimensions
85.2 x 33 x 34 inches
Delta 36-L552
5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence
Product Dimensions
40 x 44 x 50 inches
Grizzly G0690
Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife,...
Product Dimensions
24 x 30 x 43 inches

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP,...

Table saws are among the most hazardous devices in a workshop. Experienced professionals are known to risk a thumb while using a table saw. Sometimes this happens even when they are paying close attention to the material they’re cutting and to the blade.

SawStop has designed the PCS31230-TGP252 3 horsepower Professional Cabinet Saw to mitigate the risk to carpenters. The saw has a unique failsafe for preventing accidents that lead to lost limbs, wages, and time at work. 

This tool comes with safety features such as the 52-inch Professional T-Glide Fence System. The saw fence is built from heavy-gauge steel. This makes the guiding material secure and safe on the working surface. Thus, the user works comfortably without worrying about slipping or rolling of the saw.

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It also has an integrated overarm dust collection system that is built into the saw guard. Sawdust is classified as carcinogenic, so eliminating it from your workplace is essential to protecting your health.  

The dust collection system eliminates 99% of the sawdust generated during the woodcutting process. The safety feature can save you from accidental amputations and severe injuries.

Here is how it functions: The TGP252 blade is charged during operation using an electrical signal. But the body’s natural conductivity usually alters the signal when the blade comes into contact with human skin.

An aluminum brake then slams into the blade immediately to bring the device to a complete stop. The angular momentum of the stopped blade drives it down under the surface of the table to prevent secondary injuries. 

The entire SawStop process occurs within five milliseconds. You may not get a safer professional cabinet saw out there that comes close to the TGP252 saw. This one has a durable cast iron body with 3-1/8 inches depth of cut.

The machine comes with an integrated mobile base and 360 degrees casters for moving the saw around easily. It runs on 3.0 horsepower (220 voltages) while the poly V-ribbed belts transfer power quietly with minimal vibration.

The Sawstop tool is compatible with 8-inch dado sets and 10-inch standard plates. It weighs 525 pounds and measures 2 x 33 x 34 inches. It also has a 4-inch diameter dust port and 2-year warranty.

What We Like

  • Safety system to protect users from coming into contact with the blade while working
  • T-Glide fence to guide and protect materials with minimal risk to the user
  • Large cabinet table measuring 85 inches
  • 99% dust collection
  • Precise
  • Durable
  • Powerful 3.0 horsepower motor

What We Don’t Like

  • Big workshop space needed due to large footprints
  • Weaker extension table
  • Expensive  
SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP,...
  • 52-INCH T-GLIDE FENCE ASSEMBLY: The 52-inch T-Glide Fence & Rail are made of heavy-gauge steel for...
  • SAWSTOP PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: Stops a spinning blade on contact with skin. The blade stops in less...
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: The trunnion and arbor are built for precision, strength and stability. The gas...
  • DUST COLLECTION: 99% dust collection is delivered above the table with the included dust collection...

Delta 36-L552

5-Hp Unisaw with 52' Biesemeyer Fence

The Delta 36-L552 5 horsepower Unisaw is a professional cabinet saw. It is perfect for the carpenter who loves constructing anything from handmade boats to decorative cabinets.

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The single case trunnion design allows the 36-L552 Unisaw to operate consistently with minimal vibration while providing dependable accuracy. It also comes with two large front cranks. These enable you to bevel quickly and accurately, and dial in the blade height.

The bevel dial allows you to fine-tune the blade bevel easily and offers accuracy to within ¼ degree. This enables you to make repeatable ultra-precise angle cuts with ease. The table saw boasts of a 4,300 RPM blade speed and 10-inch blade diameter.

It has an aggressive splitter and blade guard design. This helps prevent kickback or pinching from the kerf on extended cuts as well as accidental contact with the blade. The Unisaw tool base is made from large cast iron to provide solid footing and stability when cutting through tough hardwood.

This table saw is equipped with a 4-inch port bi-directional dust collection system for keeping the air in your workshop free from sawdust. It has a 5-year warranty and provides maximum cut depth at 90 degrees.

The 4-inch dust port features an easy blade change with a push switch arbor lock, 11 preset indents with a miter gauge, a riving knife for preventing kickback, and an optional drawer for storing accessories.

It also has a powerful 5 horsepower/30 amperage motor (240 voltage) to provide excellent performance for a long time. It weighs 661 pounds and measures 40 x 44 x 50 inches.

The 36-L552 Unisaw comes with a large tabletop measuring 31 x 40 inches and a 52-inch Biesemeyer fence system. It has 11/8 inch dado set capacity and 5/8 inch arbor size.

If your goal is to get a cabinet saw with solid dependability, consistency, and stability, this is the saw to acquire. Few other cabinet saws come close to the ease of use, convenience, and safety the Delta machine offers.

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What We like

  • Sturdy front cranks for repeatable and precise angle adjustments and blade height
  • Cast iron base for ensuring stable operation and mitigating vibration
  • Single cast trunnions for providing vibration dampening
  • Easily changed blades 
  • Easy installation
  • Accessory drawer

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy 
  • Can only be mounted on a surface that can support its weight
  • Designed only for stationary jobs
  • Expensive
5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence
  • Powerful 3 horsepower, 220 volt, 60 Hz American Marathon motor designed to handle the most demanding...
  • Legendary Biesemeyer fence system ACCURATE TO 1/64" Designed for precision cuts every time and it...

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe

Jet 708675PK 10' Deluxe XACTA Saw - 3HP, 50' Rip

The JET 708675PK XACTASAW is a high performance saw for complex woodworking jobs. The table saw lives up to the most demanding working conditions. It is an excellent addition to your woodworking shop regardless of whether you’ve been doing the job for years or you are just a beginner.

Both the table and the trunnion are built from heavy-duty cast iron to eliminate vibration while cutting. The table saw has 29 x 42-inch workspace and provides enough room for maneuvering large workpieces.  

The bevel and handwheel controls for blade height are made from heavy-duty cast iron and measures 8 inches in diameter. You can manipulate the controls to the highest degree of accuracy through the spinner handles.

With the steel center locking pins, you can dial for exceptional repeatability in the same cut. This cabinet saw features an integrated miter gauge that allows you to make ultra-precise cuts on tough woodworking materials, 50-inch T-square fence and a left tilting blade.

The XACTASAW Deluxe has you covered regardless of the complexity of your projects. It comes with a 15 amperage three horsepower powerful motor. The motor runs at 4300 RPM of speed using 200 voltages. At such raging power, the work can be done quickly.

The table saw can cut up to 2-1/8 inches at 45 degrees and 3 inches at 90 degrees. It also has a 13/16 inches arbor and weighs 510 pounds. The XACTASAW tool comes with a 5-year warranty and measures 85 x 36 x 38 inches.

What We Like

  • Integrated locking miter gauge for enhanced accuracy when making complex cuts.
  • Left tilting blade for preventing materials from being trapped in the blade when cutting using the fence
  • Lockable fence
  • Easy to operate
  • Built from quality cast iron for durability
  • Powerful motor

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy due to the cast iron components
  • Requires lots of assembly
  • Not portable
Jet 708675PK 10" Deluxe XACTA Saw - 3HP, 50" Rip
  • QUICK-RELEASE RIVING KNIFE Hassle-free riving knife changes.
  • POLY-V DRIVE BELT SYSTEM: Delivers efficient, quiet operation.
  • PUSH-BUTTON ARBOR LOCK: For rapid blade change.
  • SHROUDED BLADE AND 4" DUST COLLECTION PORT: Increases dust collection efficiency.

Shop Fox W1819

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving...

The Shop Fox W1819 is an excellent option for both hobbyists and professional woodworkers. This 10-inch cabinet saw is perfect for making precise cuts along greater length workpieces without kickback or pinching.

The blade is covered by a polycarbonate blade guard that moves back as the material is passed over the blade. In addition, the W1819 saw features a splitter and a riving knife to separate the cut sections of the material. It also prevents the material from trapping the blade while cutting.

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A 4-inch dust collection port prevents sawdust from contaminating your working environment. The table saw also comes with a magnetic control switch for thermal overload protection.

The W1819 cabinet saw is equipped with a miter fence that has a flip stop for producing precisely angled cuts. You can tilt the blade left up to 45 degrees when working with chamfers, compound miters, and bevels for angled cutting.

You can also camlock the fence to keep it stable when making complicated cuts. It has a 12.8 amperage three horsepower motor that uses 220 voltages. The motor runs at 4300 RPM and weighs 457 pounds.

The table saw comes with 29.5 inches rip capacity and 13/16 inches dado capacity. It also boasts of 2-3/16 inches at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees cutting capacity.

It has a 2-year limited warranty and measures 67 x 46.5 x 30 inches. There are a few professional cabinet saws that can be compared to the W1819 when it comes to performance features and power.

What We Like

  • Blade can be angled between 0 to 45 degrees left for chamfer, compound miter, and bevel cuts
  • Sturdy miter fence with a flip stop to enable users work with long workpieces
  • Cast iron base
  • Large trunnions for added stability
  • Magnetic switch for extra protection
  • Easy to operate front wheels
  • Polycarbonate blade guard

What We Don’t Like

  • Loud motor 
  • Small dust collection port
  • No safety stop system
Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving...
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Precision ground and polished cast iron table and wings and massive cast iron trunnions
  • Quick release riving knife, blade guard and splitter assembly
  • Wide span easy glide T-fence system with positive camlock and phenolic face and smooth gliding nylon...

Grizzly G0690

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife,...

The Grizzly G0690 is an ideal cabinet table saw, especially if you’re looking for a tool that has a small footprint without sacrificing performance. This table saw offers high performance in both shaping and hardwood cutting.

This smaller-scale table saw is equipped with a 220 voltage three horsepower motor to split and rip the most robust hardwood with minimal effort. It also has a 4-inch diameter dust collecting port.

The table, angle on the front of the saw, and the control wheels are made from cast iron for durability. The fence is built from heavy-duty steel. Unlike most table saws in its category, the G0690 offers a 90 degree left tilt bevel.

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Therefore, you can lock both the angle and blade height into place for hassle-free repeatable cuts. The fence is cam-locking to keep the table saw stable regardless of the weight of the material or vibration.

The G0690 features trunnions and a cast iron base for eliminating vibration while cutting. It comes with anti-kickback pawls, splitter guard, and tool-free riving knife. It doesn’t take much floor space.

It is an excellent option for the craftsman who wants to conserve space and still have a high-quality cabinet saw in the workshop.  This cabinet saw has a 15 amperage three horsepower motor.

The motor can deliver up to 4300 RPM speed which is enough to handle different woodworking pursuits. The 10 inches G0690 is equipped with 13/16 inches dado capacity.

It makes 2-3/16 inches at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 inches at 90 degree deep cuts. The saw boasts of 29.5 inches rip capacity and 5/8 inches arbor size. It measures 62 x 41 x 40 inches and weighs 530 pounds.

What We Like

  • Smaller footprint is ideal for smaller wood shops and workspace
  • Dust removal system works through the 4 feet opening in the table
  • Tabletop, trunnions, and cast iron base reduce vibration while creating stability
  • Stands three feet off the ground to minimize fatigue
  • Made from sturdy material
  • Compatible with dado blades

What We Don’t Like

  • Metric scale measurements
  • Heavy 
  • 6 feet power cord 
Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife,...
  • Arbor speed: 4 300 RPM • Arbor size: 5/8-Inch; Maximum dado width: 13/16-Inch • Maximum rip...
  • Maximum dado width: 13/16-Inch • Maximum rip capacity: 291/2-Inch
  • Maximum depth of cut @ 90-Degree: 3-1/8-Inch • Maximum depth of cut @ 45-Degree: 2-3/16-Inch
  • Motor: 3 HP 220V single-phase Lesson

Cabinet Table Saw Features and Considerations

A cabinet table saw is suited for high-speed and high-precision woodwork jobs. The saw is efficient and comes with quality blades. It also provides accurate and reliable results. There are some table saw features that are tailored to certain applications.

How you intend to use the saw will play a critical role when making your decision. You may prefer certain features if you do woodworking in a commercial setting than someone who does less woodworking.

Below are features to consider when looking for the best cabinet table saw to cater to your needs.

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Table saw rip fence


One advantage of a heavy stable cabinet saw is its ability to make precise cuts. The cuts should also be predictable because of the powerful motor that is not poorly taxed by thick wood. Moreover, you may be trading some accuracy when you go more portable and lighter.

Apart from that, look for saws that are equipped with the poly-V belt feature for reduced vibrations. 

Vibrations add wear and tear to the machine and also reduce accuracy. Reduced vibrations also result in a quieter operation which is a plus, especially when working with saws.

Cabinet table saws that support precise cuts are a little more. However, spending more for accurate cuts is a good investment.

Motor Horsepower

Most table saws run on a 240-voltage supply. Your saw will need more voltage if the horsepower is high. Table saws that are powered by a 1.5 to 2 horsepower motor can run efficiently on a 120 voltage circuit.

These tools can handle a 2-inch thick board and provide accurate cutting. You should consider a 3 to 5 horsepower cabinet saw for harder or thicker wood. The saw will require a 240 voltage circuit.

The best table saw on the market

T-Fence and Rip Capacity

You should not buy a table saw that does not have the fence because it is an integral part of the saw. It is built from sturdy steel because it deals with a lot of wear and tear. A quality fence should offer minimum deflection and result in accurate cuts with increased precision.

Ensure the fence lockdown is straight and reliable. Most saws come with a standard T-square fence that provides excellent accuracy. Any form of rip cut may be impossible without the fence. 

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However, some high-end table saws do not include a fence. Instead, they offer you the opportunity to customize the installation process.

Another important feature is the rip capacity. To get your rip capacity, measure the distance from the blade and the distance the fence travels. For any job site saw, a rip capacity with more than 24 inches is ideal.

Weight and Size

Cabinet saws are heavy tools that weigh over 500 pounds. Their heavier weight helps dampen excessive vibration. A heavier cabinet saw cuts more precisely.

Larger tables provide enough space for working on the material and may not need an extension. However, they’re heavier in weight. Some tables may require roller stands or extension to process longer boards.

You should have adequate space in your workshop for your cabinet saw. Before buying your table saw, ensure you have enough room to process the size of the wood you plan to work with.

A table saw and cut wood slices sit in a garage

Safety Features

Safety should come first when buying your cabinet saw. A saw that does not have a blade guard is never a good option. The blade guard prevents the blade from kicking the material back to you. 

The saw should also have an emergency stop button that is easily accessible. Consequently, you should be able to hit the button with any free body parts, foot, or knee. The riving knife is another necessary safety precaution.

It is mounted behind the saw blade to prevent kickback. Safety equipment adds to the cabinet saw. However, it is worth it, especially when your limbs or fingers are at stake.

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Cabinet Material

A table saw is a high-speed machine that emits and consumes a lot of power. The design of the saw should be of high-quality to withstand the force of operation and heavy weight.

Generally, table saws are constructed with steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Aluminum provides a lightweight body. However, it is not a good choice while ripping or cutting heavy wooden blocks.

Steel cabinets are stronger compared to the aluminum ones, while cast iron is more durable and resilient. It can last longer than other cabinet materials. However, cast iron cabinets add to the machine’s overall weight and are also relatively expensive.


A quality blade is an important aspect of a cabinet saw. The specification of blades is based on the arbor size, the number of teeth, speed, kerf size, application, material, and diameter. 

The diameter of a standard blade is 10 inches which can give you 3.5 inches cut capacity at 90 degrees. Some blades also come in 12 inch form. The blade is built from carbon, carbide, or diamond-tipped teeth.

Best table saw blades

Blade Assembly

Saw blades require regular change. However, a good blade assembly shouldn’t involve unscrewing anything. The process should also be easy without using any tools.

While experienced woodworkers know their way with blades and tools, you should be careful. Working with blades is dangerous, especially when performing the complicated process of assembling them.

Blade Speed

Just as the motor power, the speed of the blade determines how you can slice easily through the wood. On average, 3600 to 4300 RPM is a good range of blade speed. The speed can provide precise cuts. 

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Dust port

Most quality table saws are equipped with a dust port for sucking away sawdust immediately. It ensures a dust-free working environment and prevents dust from flying into your nose and eyes.

Dust can make it difficult to see clearly the material you are working on. It also poses a danger to your health, especially when working in an enclosed place such as a woodshop.

Miter Gauge

The miter gauge guides and holds material at a certain angle to make accurate cuts. The locking mechanism slides into a miter slot and rotates from 45 to -45 degrees.

Ensure your miter slot is standard to avoid having trouble when fitting accessories like a sled. You should adjust the miter gauge if you want to make compound or clean right-angled cut.

Man using a table saw to cut a piece of wood

Dado capacity

Various cabinet saws can be fitted with a dado blade set. However, you’ll have to check first the specifications of your chosen machine if you want to do this. Ensure the arbor is long enough to fit a dado stack.

Dado sets are useful in the joinery business. They cut wide slots within a single pass. The sets are available in 6, 8, and 10 inch diameters.

Tilt Wheels and Elevation

The elevation handwheel enables you to control the height of the blade. This accommodates various cutting depths. You can turn the wheel to lower or raise the blade.

The tilt wheel is located on the side of the saw while the handwheel on the front. The wheel also rotates to enable you to tilt the saw resulting in bevel or straight cuts. It provides 0 to 45 degrees range from the fence.

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It is very easy to go overboard when getting power machines. Therefore, you should compare the price to performance ratio to help you check the cabinet saw with good performance and appropriate features according.

Sometimes you may find small motors at a higher rate than a heavy-duty table saw. Consider if it meets your needs to help you make wise purchasing decisions.


Table saws are not small machines since they weigh a lot of pounds. The weight is an important aspect that makes the saw to work properly without stability issues. They are designed to stay in a fixed place to allow them to deliver accurate cuts.

Bearing this in mind, you shouldn’t look for the heaviest cabinet table saw. You should instead get one with great weight distribution. 

A man prepping wood pieces with a table saw in his garage


Cabinet saws are usually subjected to long cuts through hard workpieces, force, and heat. This means choosing a tool with a warranty is important.

Full warranties will protect you when something malfunctions during normal use while limited warranties will only protect you from any defects during manufacturing.

If you intend to use your saw heavily and regularly, ensure you get a machine that’s fully protected. You may not need the warranty. However, you should not ignore it.

Wrap Up

A cabinet table saw is one of those tools that require huge investments. So, if you are planning to buy your first cabinet table saw, ensure you have an idea of the features that you are interested in before purchasing one for your woodshop.

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We are confident that any of the five table saws discussed in this review will meet your needs, whether you are an experienced carpenter or a hobbyist. Besides, you can refer to our buying guide to help you make the best choice.

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