15 DIY Christmas Decorations For Outside

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For most of us, Christmas is one of the most-awaited times of the year. There’s always so much to do before the holidays. One of the best ways to enjoy and celebrate the festive season is to dress the exterior of your home for Christmas.

Here are some collections you will surely love if you are looking for new ways to dress up your outdoor space this holiday season.

Creative Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 

These Christmas decorations are simple, recycled, and creative. Check out this collection to add to your front porch or yard decor.

DIY Starburst Ornament 

The star is an iconic remembrance of Christmas. Its appearance in the sky was to guide the three magi to find baby Jesus. This ornament is not that complex to do. Children can also take pleasure in helping make this, along with other DIY Chirstmas ornaments.

DIY starburst Christmas ornaments

Using spray paints and straws you may have on hand, you can create a whimsical porch and tree starburst decoration. Put the straws together and tie them at the center using a zip tie. Then, pull them out one by one and paint them with the color of your choice. As soon as the paint dries, you can hang your decor on your front porch door or suspend it from a tree.

Get the instructions here: www.listotic.com

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Icy Marbles

Winter days are very cold and short. If you opt for a winter charm this Christmas, you can create colorful ice luminaries. This is super easy and even more fun to do with a group.

Icy marbles Christmas ornaments

These giant circles are nothing more than just colored frozen balls. The water is mixed with food coloring and poured into a balloon. Tie each one off and freeze overnight. Once frozen, untie the balloon. After the tie is cut, you make your own giant marbles for Christmas decorations!

Learn how to make it here: www.grouprecipes.com

Paper Plate Lollipops 

Thrown away paper plates need not end in the garbage bin. They can be perfect additions for a Christmas candy themed-outdoor decoration.  

Paper plate lollipops Christmas ornaments

Once the plates are already designed, you need to wrap them with transparent coverings and lace with ribbons. Finally, attach them to wooden sticks. Paper plate lollies are sweet and beautiful.

Check out the tutorial here: www.smartschoolhouse.com

Rocking Old Tires 

If old wheels are not rolling, they can still rock the holiday with this creative idea. While this tire decor project can demand more attention and energy, it’s a rewarding endeavor, especially after you add the finishing touches.

Rocking old tires Christmas decor

You can also make a decorative layout ranging from vintage to rusty or even feisty. Work with what you like. 

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Get the instructions here: www.addicted2diy.com

Concrete Holiday Gift Box  

Your yard can be spruced up for the holidays through this ‘hollow-block gift box’. It looks glamorous. It also cultivates the spirit of giving rather than the joy of getting.

Concrete holiday gift box ornaments

To create this concrete block craft, you are going to need frog tape. This is to remove the monotonous gray of the blocks. They will be transformed into silver-like presents which have a gorgeous bow.

Learn how to make one here: www.club.chicacircle.com

Colorful Hanging Concrete 

Concrete ornaments show luxury and a classic radiance. You will need concrete materials, big plastic caps, dowels, cutter, pliers, and paint.

Colorful hanging concrete ornaments

Dry the cement in a geometric shape mold. Clean it or gloss it with a sand after it dries. Paint it in any color you want. When the paint is dry, pass a piece of yarn in the hole. Then tie it on your preferred hanging site and then you are done!

Check out the tutorial here: www.ohohdeco.com

​DIY Outdoor Christmas Lighting Decorations

Pallet Christmas Tree

Christmas tree pallets are perfect for your porch or in the yard. They are simple but classy at the same time. Although this project demands a bit of cutting, it is worth it. Got excess pallet? Get your woodworking a notch higher and turn them into pallet coffee tables.

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Pallet Christmas tree decor

In this craft idea, you are going to draw out a triangular-shaped tree on the pallet and then cut it. Apply paint to highlight the cut-out design. Drill some holes where you want your lights to show. 

Get the instructions here: www.jolenescrafting.org

Magical Box

Anyone can be enthralled with huge presents. These concrete boxes glimmer when the lights are on.  

Magical box Christmas ornaments

There are various ways to put them together. You can use just about any material you may have. Get creative and look around to see what to use. 

Learn how to make it here: www.christmaslightsetc.com

Starry-Starry Night Wooden Decorations 

Turning the usual nights into a star-studded occurrence is just gorgeous. These wooden lighted decors don’t break the bank. To achieve this DIY project, you are going to need  a few pine boards, a series of lights, and few other materials. Got lots of scrap wood? Spare more time for more DIY Christmas woodcrafts.

Starry-Starry Night wooden decorations

Trace the stars in a range of sizes to add more dimension to the arrangement. They’re relatively easy to make and are stunning once finished. You can hang them all over the porch or anywhere outdoors.

Get the instructions here: www.dukemanorfarm.com

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Lighted PVC Candy Cane 

A lighted PVC candy cane is an awesome decoration for the cheery holiday season. This decor is a fun and creative way to greet your guests at the front door. 

Lighted pvc candy cane decor

This is also a great option if you want more than just a traditional decoration. It creates a wonderful Christmas curb appeal. This beautiful idea is pretty inexpensive and gets your home exterior ready for Christmas.

Learn how to make it here: www.ehow.com

​​​Quick Christmas Outdoor ​Decorations

Here’s another collection of Christmas decorations that are practical, artsy, eco-friendly, and inexpensive. They will look just as good as the ones you picked up at your favorite department store.

Fun Snowman From Plastic Cups

It’s not uncommon to see plenty of snowmen, especially in places deemed as a winter wonderland. Even in places without snow, use your creativity to make your own snowmen.  

Fun snowman from plastic cups decor

Lighted snowman from plastic cups deserves an A for adorable. Arrange cups one after the other in circles and create a pile for your snowman. Let it shine with light installation and it is just look so dramatic. Not to mention, plastic cups are pretty inexpensive, so that’s the bonus part.

Get the instructions here: www.colorcitos.wordpress.com

Birdseed Ornament 

Birdseed ornaments are fun to create and bring your backyard to life for the holiday season. This is an inexpensive weekend activity for the whole family to enjoy. 

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Birdseed Christmas ornaments

This decoration is especially created for the birds in your neighborhood. They will happily munch on these edible ornaments. After you hang your decor, make sure to monitor it every now and then.

Learn how to make it here: www.thespruce.com

Festive Standing Joy Door Letters 

Standing Joy Door Sign is a great addition to your holiday decor. It can be decorated with several bunches of faux holly leaves with flowers and a Santa hat. Brighten your front door with this holiday decor without having to pay more.

Festive standing joy door letters decor

Check out the tutorial here: www.landeeseelandeedo.com

Colorful Shining Wreaths

Christmas wreaths can make your home more inviting. Why not dress up your front door for the holiday season with this wreath DIY idea? 

Colorful shining wreaths Christmas ornament

Hang the most colorful and shining wreaths to brighten your front door. This colorful wreath will probably only take you about 20 minutes to make. For those who love ornament wreaths for Christmas, this is a great option for you!

See the instructions here: www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

Winter Porch Pots 

Winter porch pots are so easy to build. They can last beyond the holidays. Anyone can make the pots and fill with the famous Christmas trees like Winterberry, Noble Fir, Pine, Cedar and Juniper.

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Winter porch pots Christmas decor

This Christmas porch pot is a lovely way to add greenery. Lights give a little sparkle to your porch this season. Aside from adding a festive feel to your home, it could give a warm and welcoming look for all of your friends and family.

Get the instructions here: www.houseofhawthornes.com


With Christmas decorations going up, it is very crazy how expensive it can be to decorate your home. Ignore the expensive top of the line holiday decorations and craft your own accent to pieces to give your home a more festive feel.

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