Why Put Smaller Blade on Table Saw?

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No matter the level of expertise you are on as a woodworker, it’s unavoidable that you will shop for a new blade at some point. The saw blade that comes in the box of a new table saw may not be ideal, so you may need to buy a more suitable one.

One of the primary things to consider when doing so is blade protection. A good blade must be safe to use, thus protecting you and the environment you are working in.

Why Put a Smaller Blade on the Table Saw?

A smaller table saw blade is safer to use, has minimal waste with less sawdust, and makes clean and precise cuts. A smaller blade creates less runout, which is what leads to a more accurate cut. It also increases the life expectancy of the table saw and minimizes noise and electricity consumption.

Using a smaller blade does not compromise the quality of the table saw cut. Here, we discuss several other attributes that make it a worthy choice.

Here are some benefits of a smaller saw blade on a table saw:

Man measuring the height of his blades
  • Less noise
  • Minimal waste
  • Superior performance
  • Better cut quality
  • It is safe to use

1. Less Noise

The narrow kerf and slow linear speed make it move less wind and cut less wood, thus reducing table saw noise. These qualities make the smaller saw blade quieter when spinning idly as well as when cutting stock.

2. Minimal Waste

A smaller saw blade has a kerf that is half as wide, reducing waste dust by 50%, meaning you empty the dust collector less often. Less waste also means you are saving on material costs.

3. Superior Performance

Using this blade will bring out a notable improvement to your woodworks. The blade has a small diameter, giving more torque to the tooth, increasing the blade’s leverage as it cuts through the stock.

The small kerf also reduces the work the blade has to do while cutting through wood, thus increasing its overall performance.

4. Better Cut Quality

The cut quality of a smaller blade is better than that of some of the best 10-inch blades in the market. This is because it has a small diameter, meaning less runout and therefore smoother cuts.

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Man trying to check his table saw blades

5. Safer Usage

A smaller blade has a small diameter, which lowers the linear speed at the cutting tips. In the unfortunate occurrence of a kickback, the workpiece will be flying at a much slower speed.

The blade’s narrower teeth have less control over the workpiece to send it flying, thus reducing the projectile’s velocity. This significantly reduces the impact of a kickback.

6. More Affordable

You will realize that the cost of a smaller saw blade is lower than sharpening other blades.

What to Consider When Choosing a Smaller Blade

There are several elements you need to consider when you’re choosing a smaller blade for your saw.

1. Number of Teeth

The more the teeth, the smoother the cut. Crosscut blades have more teeth and make smoother cuts across the material grain. The chips are smaller and fewer per tooth.

2. Tooth Angle

This refers to the angle of the tooth with respect to the centerline of the blade. A small blade with a positive hook angle has teeth leaning forward to a certain degree. A higher positive hook angle means the blade is more aggressive.

3. Gullet

This is the space between each tooth. Choose based on the intended operation, ripping, or cross-cutting. Gullets in a combination blade enable it to handle both ripping and cross-cutting.

Man discussing why it is necessary to put a smaller blade in a table saw

4. Mode of Application

Know beforehand the kind of material the smaller blade will be cutting and get one that is optimized for that particular operation.

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Can You Use Two Blades on Table Saw?

Yes, you can use two blades on a table saw, but you shouldn’t for safety reasons. Instead, use a dado blade or dado stack.

Can You Use 8-Inch Dado Blades on 10-Inch Saws?

You can use an 8″ dado blade on a 10″ table saw. Ensure the diameter of the stacked dado blades set is equal to the arbor of the table saw. The arbor’s length must also be enough for dado blades.

What Makes Dado Blades Illegal?

Dado blades are legal in the USA, but not legal in the UK (EU) on all table saws. Some are banned because to use them, one has to remove both the riving knife as well as the guard, making them very unsafe to use. For this reason, all UK table saws come fitted with a small arbor to hinder their use.


Your blade choice can make all the difference in your woodwork. A good one should add value to the table saw’s output and ensure safety to the table saw operator.

A smaller saw blade is a combination of both. It will give you smooth, precise cuts and lower the risk of injury in case of a kickback. Get a smaller saw blade today and revolutionize your woodworks.

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