Why Is Silicone Bad as a Saw Table Lubricant?

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A table saw is a fantastic tool that adds great value to a woodworker’s projects, but only when working correctly. Part of taking care of a table saw includes cleaning and changing anything that needs to be changed.

Ensuring proper lubrication makes a table saw run without any hiccups. This means that the woodworker must know which lubricant is suitable for his table saw.

Why Is Silicone Bad as a Saw Table Lubricant?

Silicone spray lubricant is discouraged for table saw use because of the finish problems it creates on wood. Silicon prevents the wood finish from spreading evenly and can cause an orange peel or wrinkled finish.

This will significantly compromise the quality of your woodwork projects. Here a few other reasons why silicone is bad as a table saw lubricant.

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Downsides of a Silicone Lubricant

You cannot use a silicone lubricant on tight joints where dust could cause friction. This is because dust and dirt stick to silicone. It can also not be used if the table saw uses a perfin wax running belt.

Silicone lubricant cannot be used where load-bearing or pressure is involved. You cannot use this lubricant on high loads and speed.

Another downside of using silicone as a lubricant is that it’s very difficult to remove after spraying.  It contaminates floors and walls, making them unpaintable in the future.

Best Table Saw Lubricants

You can restore the optimum performance of your table saw with the right lubricant. Let’s look at a few of the woodworkers’ favorites, which are great alternatives to silicone lubricant.

1. Bostic Blade Cote

Bostic blade cote has dual benefits; it stops friction and prevents the buildup of both pitch and resin. All you need to do is spray a thin coat on the table saw blade and leave it to dry for a few seconds.

To ensure the whole saw is covered, repeat this after every few cuts. It is recommended for daily use, but frequent use is also advised when cutting hard material or doing heavy cutting

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It is highly preferred as a table saw lubricant because:

Man working on his project using a table saw
  • It does not contain any silicone or petroleum oil.
  • Reduces blade heat up to 30%
  • No saw drags when used regularly
  • Works on all types of blades
  • It neither stains wood nor interferes with any other finishes.

2. Bostic Glide Cote

Glide cote usually helps with regular maintenance of a table saw. It significantly reduces friction in all laminate materials, plastic, and metals. Regular application will have your table saw running flawlessly.

Benefits for using this lubricant on a table saw are:

  • It contains no silicone or petroleum oil.
  • Works on all blades, including steel, diamond-tipped, or carbide stellate
  • It does not damage wooden surfaces.
  • No build-up of the lubricant even after numerous applications
  • Prevents hang-ups on the sliding surfaces of the table saw
  • More slippery than paste wax, ensuring better slide

3. Paste Wax

Paste wax is a lubricant used on the table saw top, which helps wood slide smoothly while making cuts. First, you wipe a light coat of paste wax on the surface of the table saw top, covering every part that comes into contact with wood.

Wait for about 10 minutes for the wax to dry. The wax creates a white wax layer on your table saw top. Buff it out with a clean piece of cloth, and your tabletop surface will be as good as new.

Johnsons Paste Wax is particularly popular among woodworkers because it is cheap and lasts a long time.

Dozens of WD 40 silicone lubricant for table saw

Can You Use WD-40 on Wood?

Tools with wooden handles have one main downside; splintering. You can prolong the life of your wood-handled tools by applying a good amount of WD-40 into the wood. It helps protect wood from moisture and other elements that may corrode it.

This keeps the wood smooth and splinter-free, thus increasing its life expectancy. WD-40 is also used to remove crayons from wood furniture.

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Top on a woodworker’s priority is that his machinery works smoothly. Keeping the table saws parts in check should be an essential maintenance practice performed regularly.

Use the right lubricant in your table saw to maintain its efficiency while in operation. This will not only increase its longevity but also create a safe and more productive environment for you.

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