Best Dovetail Jig [2020 Review]

Close up of a dovetail jig

If you are planning to work on a big woodworking project, chances are it’s going to require creating dovetail joints. These joints are mostly used in cabinetry and furniture to hold wood pieces together at right angles. Although you can create these joints using your hands, it is difficult to get it right. The joints …

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Best Dowel Jig [2020 Review]

Person holding a dowel jig

Doweling is the easiest way to join two pieces of wood together. Yet, the accuracy required in aligning drills for this purpose is not easily attainable. This is where dowel jigs come in handy. These power tools let you drill straight holes perfectly with incredible precision while ensuring you get the perfect fit for your …

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Best Mini Lathe [2020 Review]

Mini lathe being used to turn wood

Wood lathes are essential power tools for woodworkers because they help them produce accurate products. However, a mini lathe is a suitable alternative for turning wood around the home. It delivers the same performance and packs identical features as full-size lathes. They are reasonably priced and perfect for accomplishing a variety of home projects. Considering …

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Best Benchtop Jointer [2020 Review]

A jointer sits in a garage, ready to be used

A quality benchtop jointer will enable you to create polished or even edges on wood. It also helps straighten pieces of wood. However, there are several aspects you have to consider when choosing the right model from the many units available on the market. The type of cutter head and jointer, cutting depth, power, and …

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Best Drill Bits [2020 Review]

A complete drill bit set

Having the best drill bits is important to the outcome of your tasks. This is true for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. The bits come in a range of sizes and shapes. They are made using different coatings and materials to suit different projects. These include cobalt steel, high-speed steel (HSS), carbide, titanium, and …

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Best Plunge Router [2020 Review]

A Dewalt brand plunge style router sits on a piece of wood

A plunge router is a versatile tool that provides a wider range of capabilities, especially when it comes to completing projects. You can use it to achieve deeper routing as well as a fixed router. You will also get additional tasks completed. However, many people do not know how to choose the best plunge router. …

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Best Jointer [2020 Review]

A jointer covered in sawdust sits in a workshop

A jointer is a must-have tool in your woodshop, especially if you are a seasoned woodworker or hobbyist who values saving time by making uneven pieces of wood straight. However, with various options, it can be challenging to pick the right jointer. If you are searching for a quality jointer, our in-depth reviews and guide …

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Best Dremel Tool [2020 Review]

Dremel tool set in a tool box

Dremel tools have replaced the need for investing in various single-use tools. Therefore, you only need to purchase a Dremel tool that comes with numerous accessories if you are a professional contractor, DIYer, or engraver. You will be able to handle various jobs like sanding, engraving, polishing, cutting, and more when you have such a …

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Best Compact Router [2020 Review]

A cheap Bosch compact router for woodworking

A compact router is an excellent choice for hobbyists and woodworkers. If you want a tool that is lightweight, small, and manageable this one is for you. This is especially true for home use or for their small woodshop. However, before picking a router, it is advisable to consider its variable speed and speed range …

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