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How Does a Nail Gun Work

Man using a nail gun in his woodworking

A trusty hammer is an important part of the workman’s tool kit, but when you have a large job to do, a nail gun will save time and energy. With the press of a trigger, a nail is rapidly inserted into wood. No need to worry about hammering the top at an odd angle or …

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Cut Off Tool vs Angle Grinder

An angle grinder cutting through metal

Cutting and sharpening metals is certainly a challenge, but it’s the kind of challenge we like. However, for it to be efficient and enjoyable, it needs the right tools. Here’s where it gets tricky; the market is saturated with tools. The abundance of options makes it extra hard to find the one suited for your …

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How to Use a Framing Nailer

Man using a framing nailer in construction work

In woodwork, equipment is everything. They can make or break the project. Their absence can also make your work a nuisance. One of these essential tools is a framing nailer. Framing nailers are nail guns used to fix material together. They’re incredibly handy in several construction projects, including building fences, installing cabinets, and framing a …

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How to Load a Staple Gun

A person using a staple gun

Are you a fan of DIY projects? Or do you like to finish maintenance work on your own? Learning how to load a staple gun is a necessary skill. This is a handheld machine that drives metal staples into wood, cardboard, heavy paper, or thick fabric for various purposes. Staple guns can be manual, electric, …

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Best Torpedo Level [2020 Review]

Yellow torpedo level

A torpedo level is a must-have tool for professionals, enthusiastic DIYers, and homeowners. Whether you want to hang a picture or install a conduit correctly, this tool will get the job done precisely. However, if you are not using a high-quality level, you may be selling yourself short and making your projects more difficult than …

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Best Biscuit Joiner [2020 Review]

A biscuit joiner is an essential tool that will help you join two pieces of wood accurately and quickly. The best biscuit joiner will enable you to join the pieces using less effort and time than it would take you to join them manually. It’s also the perfect tool for professionals and hobbyists that want …

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Best Dovetail Jig [2020 Review]

Close up of a dovetail jig

If you are planning to work on a big woodworking project, chances are it’s going to require creating dovetail joints. These joints are mostly used in cabinetry and furniture to hold wood pieces together at right angles. Although you can create these joints using your hands, it is difficult to get it right. The joints …

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Best Dowel Jig [2020 Review]

Person holding a dowel jig

Doweling is the easiest way to join two pieces of wood together. Yet, the accuracy required in aligning drills for this purpose is not easily attainable. This is where dowel jigs come in handy. These power tools let you drill straight holes perfectly with incredible precision while ensuring you get the perfect fit for your …

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